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While compacting the concrete by a mechanical vibrator, the slump should not exceed
2.5 cm
5.0 cm
7.5 cm
10 cm
15 cm
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Gurjant Singh said:   4 years ago
I think the answer is 10-25mm for vibration.

SHUBHAM SIDDHARTH NAYAK said:   4 years ago
Low workability- (25mm-50mm) slump- light reinforcement requires mechanically operated vibrator.

Medium workability- (50mm-100mm) slump- standard reinforcement requires hand-operated vibrator.

Bibhuti Baishya said:   4 years ago
The mechanical vibrator is powered by a motor. Whereas normal vibration is carried out by a human using rods of suitable dia.

Relna said:   4 years ago
What is the difference between a mechanical vibrator and a normal vibrator?

Koushik das said:   5 years ago
25 - 50 mm = mechanical vibrator.

Surykant Chaudhary said:   5 years ago
Vibrated concrete 12 to 25.

Ref: Punmia.

Apurva said:   5 years ago
Slump value less than 25 mm -> power driven.
Slump value - 25 - 50 mm -> hand driven.
Slump value - 50 mm -> Mechanical vibrator.
Slump value - 100 mm -> Normal vibrator.

Ashu said:   6 years ago
10;-25 vibrated concrete as per MS Sheety book.

Uttam said:   6 years ago
What is the slump value for heavy section without using vibrator.

Garry said:   6 years ago
Right answer @Shiva.

It should be less than 25 mm for power driven vibrators.

And 25-50 mm for hand driven vibrators.

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