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Dado is usually provided in
dinning halls
bath rooms
living rooms
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D. K. Keshri. said:   8 years ago
Skirt, you know the dress of girls. Like skirt when the lower part of a wall is dressed differently to achieve one or more objectives it is called skirting. Generally provided in bedrooms, living rooms etc.

Dado, is a protective and decorative coating again on the lower part of a wall with comparatively more height than skirting. Generally provided in the spaces having frequent splashes of water.

Prasanth said:   8 years ago
Dado tiles or wall tiles are ceramic tiles, ceramic tile nature water repellent helps bathroom wall no seepage. Most Important before laying these tiles they must be soaked in water at least 4 hours in order get perfect bonding with slurry.

Er Meghanada said:   7 years ago
Dado are used along the sides of the wall of a bathrooms to avoid damage in walls due to w,
f the tiles are placed vertically in between window sill and floor of bathroom and w.c. And in kitchen then it is term as Dado.

Er Meghanada said:   7 years ago
Dado usually provides in bathrooms because to prevent water seepage while baths and its height 6-7'. Dado required in bathrooms to protect the the wall seepage by the soaking of bathwater.

Shubham soni said:   1 decade ago
Dado are provide in the bathrooms to prevent the wall from the water showering like we apply the water on the wall for every day then its effect is show at the opposite side of the wall.

Daphine said:   5 years ago
Dados are rails that are mostly put in the sitting room to prevent direct contact of the couches with the wall. In other words, they prevent the couch/chair from damaging the wall.

Bibhuti mohapatro said:   9 years ago
Dado is most important part of wall;

It provides the wall from moisture; and it helmet protect to the wall. So it require not only bath room; but for every room.

Manohar said:   7 years ago
Whether the dadooing is to be done continuously over the groove (generally provided vertically between wall and column) or dadooing is discontinued at the groove.

R.k said:   6 years ago
Dado may be applied as the properly finished surface of the bathroom walls and for a look, good appearance means fixing the tiles that is called Dado.

Ubaid ur Rehman said:   9 years ago
For seepage controlling material called border or scatting and stone retain wall pointing who has 1" or 1 1/2" thickness is called dado pointing.

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