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Dado is usually provided in
dinning halls
bath rooms
living rooms
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Syed Naveed Hussain Shah said:   3 years ago
It is resist against the water.

Shivam Yavatkar said:   3 years ago
If tiles are provided to wall above 30cm height. Then it is called as dados.

Ruttik said:   3 years ago
Yes, Dado is used in Bathroom.

Deepak said:   4 years ago
What is the difference between dado, cladding and wall tiles?

Rupesh kajal said:   5 years ago
Dado is provided in bathroom. Because is it seepage of water.

Daphine said:   5 years ago
Dados are rails that are mostly put in the sitting room to prevent direct contact of the couches with the wall. In other words, they prevent the couch/chair from damaging the wall.

Mohan Kumar K U said:   5 years ago
It's a small track to avoid seepage and or holds bathrooms Self's to keep washings.

Mainly it acts like a water seepage controller.

R.k said:   6 years ago
Dado may be applied as the properly finished surface of the bathroom walls and for a look, good appearance means fixing the tiles that is called Dado.

Er Meghanada said:   7 years ago
Dado are used along the sides of the wall of a bathrooms to avoid damage in walls due to w,
f the tiles are placed vertically in between window sill and floor of bathroom and w.c. And in kitchen then it is term as Dado.

Er Meghanada said:   7 years ago
Dado usually provides in bathrooms because to prevent water seepage while baths and its height 6-7'. Dado required in bathrooms to protect the the wall seepage by the soaking of bathwater.

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