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Dado is usually provided in
dinning halls
bath rooms
living rooms
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Manohar said:   7 years ago
Whether the dadooing is to be done continuously over the groove (generally provided vertically between wall and column) or dadooing is discontinued at the groove.

Tipu Sultan said:   7 years ago
Dado is type of joint.

A dado joint is frequently used when constructing bookshelves or cabinets.

Iyyappan said:   7 years ago
Dado tile size and thick.

Gulrej said:   7 years ago
Dado used for prevent of water seepage and good appears because size of dado is rectangular shape.

SUMIT said:   7 years ago
The tile in between bottom of wall and flooring is called as:

a) Dado
b) Skirting
c) Both a & b
d) None

Please give the answer.

Ganapathy mohan said:   7 years ago
Whether dado tile is fixed from top to floor or from floor to lintel height?

Srinivasu said:   7 years ago
Thanks for describing it.

Shubham Umak said:   8 years ago
If the tiles are placed vertically in between window sill and floor of bathroom and w.c. And in kitchen then it is term as Dado.

Imaya said:   8 years ago
Dado mainly used to last finishing work of bathroom.

Nagesh k s said:   8 years ago
Dado are mainly used to aviod effects on bathroom.

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