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Dado is usually provided in
dinning halls
bath rooms
living rooms
Answer: Option
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Shivam Yavatkar said:   3 years ago
If tiles are provided to wall above 30cm height. Then it is called as dados.

Deepak said:   4 years ago
What is the difference between dado, cladding and wall tiles?

Rupesh kajal said:   5 years ago
Dado is provided in bathroom. Because is it seepage of water.

SUMIT said:   7 years ago
The tile in between bottom of wall and flooring is called as:

a) Dado
b) Skirting
c) Both a & b
d) None

Please give the answer.

Manohar said:   7 years ago
Whether the dadooing is to be done continuously over the groove (generally provided vertically between wall and column) or dadooing is discontinued at the groove.

D. K. Keshri. said:   8 years ago
Skirt, you know the dress of girls. Like skirt when the lower part of a wall is dressed differently to achieve one or more objectives it is called skirting. Generally provided in bedrooms, living rooms etc.

Dado, is a protective and decorative coating again on the lower part of a wall with comparatively more height than skirting. Generally provided in the spaces having frequent splashes of water.

Nagesh k s said:   8 years ago
Dado are mainly used to aviod effects on bathroom.

Imaya said:   8 years ago
Dado mainly used to last finishing work of bathroom.

Shubham Umak said:   8 years ago
If the tiles are placed vertically in between window sill and floor of bathroom and w.c. And in kitchen then it is term as Dado.

Srinivasu said:   7 years ago
Thanks for describing it.

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