Reservations in the Private Sector

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Manjari said: (Wed, Apr 16, 2014 09:02:43 PM)    
I do not think that reservation should be based on caste because we all are equal. If someone belongs to SC/ST or OBC that does not mean that he is undeveloped, uneducated or poor. There are many people belonging to general category, are poor and their condition is so bad.

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Brk said: (Tue, Apr 15, 2014 11:35:38 AM)    
Reservations in private sector is like digging our own grave yard, it is an obstruction for nations development. If the government wants to bring up the poor government can provide loans for their education strictly for BPL (below poverty line) families and ask them to compete with others, giving free education and free job is meaning less, people taking reservation facility are not helping government in any manner, instead they are expecting more benefits from government shamelessly. Unfortunately governments are using reservations as vote bank which is clear cut negative indication for nations development.

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Rattan said: (Mon, Apr 14, 2014 06:19:58 PM)    
There is need to abolish caste system, then the question of reservation should be thinked upon. Caste system is shameful, dirty and bad for hindu system of living. Everybody is equal and was differentiated as per their work. Till caste system is there, reservation in govt as well as private institutions should be there. Why upper castes are taking reservations of castes of their forefathers. Nobody should be allowed to write the business/caste of their forefathers with their names and they should designate themselves with their present work/business/caste. The caste was originally the work of person/community which he/that did.

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Dhamm Kirti Vikram said: (Mon, Apr 14, 2014 02:39:33 AM)    
Reservation is necessary in all sectors. Because there are some marginalized sections of society who were kept out of their fundamental rights basic needs like education, medical, self respect etc and the most interesting point was that the discrimination was solely on the basis of CASTE not economic health of a person.

Hence these oppressed classes need empowerment as whole on the basis of caste. It is our policy failure that even after 63 years of Independence we failed to empower these sections of society upto satisfactory level as expected by our fathers of constitution who insert the provision of reservation in constitution.

If our reservation policy were fail and we were also fail to give there rights over there resources then there will be two consequences of the same. Here I just want to mention the fact that the real native dwellers are those who are getting reservation that is SC/ST and those who exploited SC/ST are the aryans (upper caste) came from abroad hence logically the share of resources must be higher for SC/ST but scene is exactly opposite.

Now the first consequence will be the same as in USA and AUSTRALIA where the tribal (native dwellers) are still living in forest and living lives traditionally and the govt doesn't treat them as a citizen and never thought about them and still marching the way of development. And the second consequence is revolt like Naxalism which is a big threat to national security is also a result of our failure to protect them from exploitation.

Ultimately I want to say that to insure collective development we have to implement reservation policy effectively and at every stage as needed.

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Mukesh said: (Fri, Apr 11, 2014 02:06:58 PM)    
Today many caste take reservation but no effect in change in life only reservations profit rich person not a poor man. Only political view this is take a reservation in sc, , st, obc etc. Reservations is create a problem in many community.

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Deepshikha said: (Thu, Apr 10, 2014 04:15:39 PM)    
Hello friends, I don't think that reservation should be provided in private sectors as its not helping in the development of our country, its not helping poor. Many of the reserved category people are already developed and are rich enough but still they are prioritized over the poor and needy people who belong to general category. So, in my opinion reservation should be provided to poor and needy people to develop our country and not to SC/ST/OBC.

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Jitendra said: (Mon, Apr 7, 2014 06:17:38 PM)    
I do not agree with reservation system in anywhere in the world. As its simply showing talent hunting. Due to which our all public sector companies are dancing like ship in the sea, not progressive since so many years. One more example. Look your colleges, technical schools where in the entrance examination 90% obtained person not get chance but to full the reservation quota any one can with pass marking only. It's simply showing talent hunting.

In private sector if reservation will come then that will a disaster day for India as per my opinion.

For Example :: Taking IT sector in India. In today date we are best in world just because of outsourcing the talent and getting lots of revenue in foreign currency. Are you Agree ?

If private sector has reservation. Then talent hunting in private sector also. Resulted we'll week in the talent that means loss of project result loss of revenue. We offshores countries will not truant on our talents as there is no process to filter out talents. In simple disaster day for all.

This one example. We can take much more than that. In Manufacturing, In marketing etc. There is lot of example we can think.

What we can do for the lower side people to grow;

- Free education for needed till they want take.
- Job oriented educations where they can sustain easily.
- Food for needed people only.
- Home for needed one only.
- Health care for all categories.

- etc. Which help people to become self-dependent instead of reservation dependent (Handicapped walkers - Crutch).

It's simply increasing distance between communities of India. Its result will be again a home war or Division like Pakistan.

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Swapnil Singh said: (Sat, Apr 5, 2014 08:01:53 PM)    
Hi friends according to my view government has started to giving the reservation by saying that a particular "CASTE" is backward, it means they have lack of facilities, opportunities and equality. So my question is that by merely giving a reservation and not solving the root cause will never solve the problem.

You will give them basic facilities like health care, ensure education so they will compete globally. If You are very hungry and I will give you money not food, will not fulfill your hunger. In the same way give the facilities which needy people are deprived off to ensure equal opportunities to them which in true sense is helping them.

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Anil Jain said: (Fri, Apr 4, 2014 10:59:37 PM)    
Yes I do agree that as social responsibility there should be reservation in private sector. But the person once got the reservation, his next two generation shall not be allowed any reservation benefit. This rule should also be applicable to public sector, so that the benefit of reservation should reach to all.

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Vaibhavi said: (Fri, Apr 4, 2014 03:03:05 PM)    
To all my brother and sister I have to share my opinion that development doesn't mean to development of rich and upper caste people it is all about development of poor and lower caste people if we develop our country in that way then our country will develop in true manner. So there will be reservation to those people who needed it much more in private sector. Because now the condition is that rich becomes richer and poor becomes more poor. Thank you.

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Shruti said: (Thu, Apr 3, 2014 08:52:48 PM)    
In private sector if there are two candidate for same post having same talent and knowledge but there is only 1 vacancy then what you consider for the jobs. Of Course they will give prefer to caste and you will give upper caste candidate priority first for jobs because mentality is that they are more talented than lower caste. First we have to change that mentality. If they consider jobs on the basis of caste. Therefore there must be reservation for lower caste.

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Raghunanda said: (Thu, Apr 3, 2014 01:31:31 PM)    

Before debating on reservation system in private sector. We should first try to know what percent of reservation is proposed for private sector and proportion of that percentage to different categories like SC/ST/OBC. Also, we need to have a sample survey data of number of Employees Working in Private Sector and their respective categories they belong.

After getting the primary data of Employees Already Working in the Private Sector who falls under categories like SC/ST/OBC and the proposed percentage of reservation, we can think further on this matter. If already employed people belonging to backward category exceeds the proposed percentage of reservation, then there is already auto implementation of the reservation policy in private sector.

Thank you.

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Parag said: (Mon, Mar 31, 2014 05:18:36 PM)    
In private colleges there is no reservation but there is management quota, similarly in private industries they have the power to recruit anybody their own related people, no rules, nobody talks about that. In that case no one watch their talent its just about money. Most of thee Upper cast people have the power of money so they can get job easily and admission. But people with lower cast and financial weak people have to face many problems. Talented doesn't means they are honest. Most of doctors are upper cast it is not only because they are talented but also they have money from their generations for education fees. And financial weak people don't have enough money for higher education. Everybody knows that there is more money in private industries than govt sector. To make financial strong to these people there must be some reservation in private industries.

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Ashish Sutar said: (Fri, Mar 28, 2014 12:22:13 AM)    
Everyone has spoken about the negative effects of implementation of reservation system by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, I too agree with you all, I would like to add one misuse of reservation system which is in politics, I mean the candidate who stands for election if he is an obc/sc/st or even lower caste candidate he is prefered for election rather than the one who is open/general candidate, here again the caste difference is preferred instead the person's capability is ignored, how the person who is an obc/sc/st be able to solved the local problems of the people? likewise many more questions remained unanswered due the commencement of the reservation system, so according to me there should be a complete ban on the reservation system which will greatly help for the progress of the country.

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M Ravi said: (Thu, Mar 27, 2014 05:09:02 PM)    
Reservation and secularism are being used by political parties to divert the public attention from major issues like corruption, black money and price rise. These two are very sensitive so that people forget about the 3 major areas. In education and employment sectors, govts. Ruled so far have not done anything remarkably. The condition is same when Indian population was 30 crores. Now it is 120 crores nearly four fold increase. Political parties will never implement reservation in allocation of parliamentary seats. For instance in tamilnadu out of 40 seats only one was allotted to SC party. After great struggle they got one more. The demands like retirement age for sc/st as 65, reservation in promotions, reservation in judiciary, defence and sports are in the pipeline. Some of the political parties are not interested in upliftment of backward people but they see that the unreserved category should not come up at any cost.

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Rohit Kaim said: (Thu, Mar 27, 2014 11:56:40 AM)    
Till the time based prejudice lives, our countrymen have to bear the baggage of reservation. Just an FYI, representation of marginalized society is minimal in media, sports, film industry etc. (less than .01%) because there is no reservation but nevertheless, there are talented people in all societies and castes so why there is negligible representation over there? Truth is caste based profiling by current incumbents in these industries. We live in a country where in merit comes after your surname, so branded surname are always preferred in any sphere of our social lives.

I am not in favor of reservation in any form, but if you study the social makeup of of Indian society, it discriminates on the basis of caste. Pennsylvania university carried out a research with Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, and found out that in corporate india, there exists caste based discrimination in hiring. So if someone is ostracized on the basis of caste, what option do we have to bring her/him, in the mainstream?

Guys just ponder over this!

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S.P. Tripathi said: (Wed, Mar 26, 2014 06:18:38 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my opinion reservation in private sector will make inequality among the candidates and make the unfortunate to the candidates who are talented but belongs from the upper caste.

Further private sectors are providing jobs only to those candidate who are highly qualified, talented and good personality irrespective of their caste.

This step also will make lower caste people lazy in their preparation for job hence will result in low level of efficiency.

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Shivangi said: (Wed, Mar 26, 2014 04:46:58 PM)    
There should not be any reservation in private sector.

Reservation leads to discrimination among different castes. If a person desires to be in a job or service then he/she must work hard for the position.

Candidates who have good grades, have high efficiency are struggling and are not able to find jobs because of high competition. On top of it if reservation will also appear in private jobs it will only lead to downfall. If we want development then the people who qualify their test interviews should be given jobs. There should not be any question regarding their castes.

If a person deserves it then he/she should have it irrespective of the caste he/she belongs.

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Vidya said: (Tue, Mar 25, 2014 10:02:00 PM)    
We are only reinforcing caste thru all these schemes! First of all, there should not be reservation in Jobs. We have reservation in Education. In Tamil Nadu its arnd 69%. It makes sense to some extent. If they have the talent they should study properly and get a good job. These kind of systems will only make young Indians lazy and make them dependent on these kinda schemes rather than talent. It is overall bad for our country. Also if at all they bring these it should be based on the economic situation of the family and not caste. Strongly condemn these kinda stupid proposals!

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Dsr said: (Tue, Mar 25, 2014 08:57:43 PM)    
Why India is not developed because this is one of the reason reservation.

Most of talented person in higher caste they can't do anything because source are not available for them.

For ex.

By reservation lower caste person got doctor job in govt then what about the patient?

By observing in public and private. In private companies higher caste people only there because there is no reservation. In public sector most of lower caste people are there because there is reservation with high percentage.

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Diya said: (Sat, Mar 22, 2014 09:10:55 PM)    
Those people who have talking that lower caste people should not get reservation because they are developed they don't need it or reservation divides India. Why those people do intercaste marriage to lower caste people. If you want unity then this is best option also it will help to lower down reservation otherwise for god sake don't talk about unity.

In private sector like media there is no reservation there is "TALENT" and they are working for"TRUTH" and "HUMANITY"then why they cover only news related to the Upper caste problem not cover news related to lower caste violence. When it about shopping, eating then you want international brand not Indian. Should these Indian having no talent. So don't talk rubbish that you care about India. First change yourself and then talk about India. So reservation is needed in private sector also it should be for economically backward class in upper caste. Because everyone having rights to "RISE".

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Akshta said: (Sat, Mar 22, 2014 08:19:23 PM)    
If you are talking about talent and merit then there is also no reservation in sports and film industry then why we don't get olympic medal and oscar. Is these people don't having talent or merit? lower caste people get only reservation but upper caste people owns that college. Just like our sportsmen are not equal to compete to foreigners because they didn't get needed training and equipment similarly lower caste people have to face this problem in education.

If upper caste people opposing the reservation then they must donate their lands and property to government that they get from their old generations and then have oppose to reservations and talking about merits. In almost every field upper caste is at the top position in govt or private so why India is still poor and corrupt ? so don't talk rubbish that reservation is the reason behind corruption. There are some people who are economically backward in upper caste they should also get reservation in private and government also lower caste people will also get reservation in private sector.

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Vivek said: (Fri, Mar 21, 2014 12:25:53 PM)    
Reservation in private sector is not needed. Because already we have seen what happened in govt sector due to reservation. Highly corrupted system and no jobs for upper caste people. Of course Dr ambedkar started this to create equality in society.

And even he himself mentioned in constitution that reservation would valid for a decade oly. The private sectors are running due to talent not the bull sheet caste. OK let the govt give them good coaching, financial assistance. And of course caste system has to be abolished in the same way reservation too.

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Jitendra said: (Thu, Mar 20, 2014 08:48:58 PM)    
Implementing the reservation will remove the lobbying system from the private industries.

Now a days we all know Industry owners are recruiting their own cast HRD people and the HRD in turn recruits their own candidate.

So as reservation is governed by constitutional laws I think this will help in forming a better society and a better country.

Jai ho !

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Shantanu Ghosal said: (Mon, Mar 3, 2014 12:35:13 AM)    
Private sector is a highly competitive field and profit driven. The companies out there in the private sector have to continuously evolve and keep updating themselves so as to stay afloat in the market.

For companies which are involved in such a sector, it can be very dangerous to compromise with their talent pool just to satisfy the political aspirations of some people. Its a talent driven sector which recruits talented people to whichever caste or creed they may belong.

Moreover seeing the role the private sector is going to play in future in the development of India inc, it will be very inimical for our country to have the sector compromised like our public sector by introducing baseless reservation laws into it. Talent should be worshiped and that's it !

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Mallika said: (Mon, Feb 17, 2014 02:37:52 PM)    
No, reservation in the private sector is not at all needed. If so what will happen to the ones who does not have reservation. Then they will become backward classes. Then after some period of time, they should be given reservation. So better to stop even reservation now. Because according to the constitution reservation was valid only for 10 years. But it was six times the time given. So at least now the reservations should abolish in the mighty India.

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Bhagat said: (Fri, Feb 14, 2014 12:47:11 AM)    
The question arises every time in my mind that when Dr. B. R. Ambedkar started the reservation system in our country for 10 years then, why it is needed now? Did 10 years were not enough to eliminate the disparity that we have in our society? And this term 'Reservation' has become the deep rooted problem in this society that every youth and people of this country are getting frustrated out of it. First, we need to understand the society. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar started reservation to upgrade the backward people socially and economically.

In 10 years we have not able to eliminate the difference, therefore the government extended the reservation for several more years. In OBC category we have accomplished to create an equality with a general category people thus, the government has reduced the seats for them in public sectors and in many institutions as well. But for SC/ST we have the reservations. As far as I am concerned about the reservations, out of 100% seats 60% of seats are fixed for the general category & the remaining 40% seats are given to the reservation.

Out of those 40% seats 30% are distributed between the SC and ST & the remaining 10% seats are given to the OBCs, knowing that thousands of people fight for those seats. Still people have problem in this. Those people whose previous generations have never seen educations in their lives or never get the equal opportunities are getting those benefits just to get some hard core education background so that they may able to prepare themselves to educate their next generations. Reservation in the education for 2 generations will be enough to create an equality with respect to social, economical and educational in the society.

Thank you :).

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Binu said: (Sat, Feb 1, 2014 01:53:48 PM)    

Reservation is nowadays have become a problem to the youths and is very much responsible for every evil resisting in our society.

Reservation itself is not letting people to be united.

Rather it is creating unbalance in the society.

We youths are sitting, eating and doing everything with our colleagues, friends and no one hardly bothers about their caste.

We all are Indians, this is the only thing we should remember.



This is not the fault of those are being benefitted in spite of BIG BANK BALANCE, if anyone would be at that place they would definitely do the same.


Its we people who have to say a big no to this reservation.

If their inner conscience is telling them that they have much facilities and are not discriminated on their caste.

Rather to leave it for the needy ones. It would be a much big step from our side.



Thank you.

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Alia Rai said: (Fri, Jan 31, 2014 11:11:56 AM)    

According to my opinion, the solo motto of a private sector is to make profit. Nowadays if they are asked how they are able to make so its because just of their work culture, workers ability, and their ability to move fast. Reservation in private sector would lead some seats for the less qualified student, who won't be able to match with the surrounding, and that would lead to a less profit.

As they are enjoying the fruit of reservation from childhood anywhere in education, public sector, this private sector should be kept apart. Dr B. R Ambedkar started of this reservation system with a thinking that all the people should be treated equally, as in those times they were not allowed to Enter schools, temples, houses etc. It was for a certain period of time and for the backward class people, and then the political leader Just to enjoy the increasing no of seats they have lead this system to move on.

They are not able to make out that now they are creating a barrier between the minorities and general.

How long we should endure it?students with good results are not able to get admission because of reservation, students with high qualification are not able to get a seat in public sector because of this system. Its time to raise our voice and stop all this difference. Government should think on it, and should bring some changes as for an example - whenever a family of (SC, ST, OBC) have a single earning person working in government sector, their children's should not get any reservation in job sector at least.

Time to think!

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Tagore said: (Wed, Jan 22, 2014 01:14:58 AM)    
I oppose this idea. I can't even imagine the reservation system in private sector. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar want to give an opportunity to the people who are socially and economically backward. It was only for 10 years after constitution. But later on, it has been extended by political parties for vote bank. I do not oppose this system but how long this reservation system will be? The major motto of this system is to give opportunity to backward people. Suppose there is a person who was well settled in his life due to reservation. His son will also applicable for reservation policy. My question is that if his father was not economically backward then what is the need to give reservation seat to him?

What I mean to say is that how many generations will eat the fruits of reservation? This topic need to be discussed. We have to stop reservation system for every backward family after 2 generations at most.

Specially in education sector, there should be no reservation for any one. If anyone can not study due to financial problem, government can provide him financially help. So that we can produce a good quality of people who help in our economic and social growth.

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Ritu Pandey said: (Mon, Jan 20, 2014 01:52:24 PM)    
As we all know that Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has introduced this reservation system with an intention of eliminating the injustice done to the scheduled caste people. But it was only for a specific time period. And it was applicable to only one generation of backward class people. But our very great politicians have started using reservation as a deadly weapon for increasing their vote bank. But these politicians failed to realize that by doing so they are just creating disunity among Indian youth. Instead they should concentrate on boosting the unity of youth so that they can work together in harmony and invent new ideas. And change India from a developing nation to a well developed nation like the US, where there is no RESERVATION.

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Kothuri Ramesh said: (Sat, Nov 30, 2013 11:55:04 PM)    
Today we need reservation in private sector, why because on order of world Bank & etc. The Government had not taken any movement to create employment in Government sector. Meanwhile the Government allotting and giving LAND, WATER, ELECTRICITY BANK LOAN etc. These are public property, IF the Government not give any opportunity to testable company and factory so what.

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Venkateswarao said: (Sun, Nov 3, 2013 11:05:55 AM)    
The fundamental reason behind Open Reservations is helping hand for needy poor people who are Socially/Economically backward people who were being suppressed/exploited because most selfish, cruel human animals by their Secret/Hidden Reservation Policy.

Now it has become too much the reservation Policy in government Jobs only, jobs reducing due to privatisation.

Now many qualified people in Bc/Sc/St/Minorities struggle to get job in Private organisation also, but the companies ownership/manpower only changed from Government & Government Employees, the contracts, lands, bank loans, mines, infracture, subsidies etc. All are government Provided mean all people provided but maximum jobs they are giving to their own people by secret/hidden reservation Policy, now this hi tech way of cheating & injustice they are doing.

Now this is the time, very urgently on priority we have to fight for Reservation Policy private sector & every sector to help the exploited /suppresed people in this more corrupted/casteist/racist Country India.

Jai Bheem.

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Princy Batra said: (Tue, Oct 22, 2013 10:17:21 PM)    
I think that reservation should be there but it should follow in a better way. As we can see in institution or schools they have a reservations for quotes students. They get admission through donation. Every people have equal rights either in education on in private sectors.

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Pramod said: (Mon, Sep 16, 2013 08:37:46 PM)    
Reservation but why ? don't you think that reservation in the present century leads to differences among the people. If you think that the backward people should be given a boost in order to survive in the society just ask for money but not reservation. Why reservation when it ruins the life of merit OPEN CATEGORY people. Can't you study and work hard to get a merit certificate. Instead of working hard you wanna grab the seats of the merit people with a so called bullshit RESERVATION. And instead of removing it you want reservation in other sectors too shame on you people shame on reservation.

Try to earn it not grab it like thieves with a mask called reservation. If you want to prove that you are the same. You will not use reservation but you do use it proving that you are different than us.

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Sabana said: (Mon, Sep 16, 2013 05:22:29 PM)    
India has faced a lot of controversies for the existence of the caste system. This has been a fundamental part of the Indian culture for a very long time and its still present in every day life. To better the situation of the lower castes the Government of India introduced caste based reservation in government jobs & educational institution. But the question is remain whether this has been beneficial or if it is further enhancing the difference may be an income based reservation scheme is a better option.

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Gude.Vineela,D/O Srinivasarao. said: (Tue, Aug 27, 2013 09:10:26 AM)    
Hi to everyone.

At the time of Ambedkar nobody allow backward people into schools, their houses, temples. So he wanted to treat every human being equal. That's why he included reservation in constitution.

But now the circumstances changes. Everyone is treated equally. Everybody earning their own money. With reservations only backward caste people having the opportunity. But not all backward people. Though some people belongs to high cast and having talent, they don't have enough money to study.

I think reservation is the only process to develop the backward people that may be in cash or money. But it should be limited. The government give opportunity to those people in schools, colleges. They provide good platform to study. But why they provide reservation in jobs. All people studied in same college. So everybody have same quality of education. But in giving jobs why they apply reservation. That means they don't have enough talent to get jog?


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Rattan said: (Sun, Aug 25, 2013 11:39:37 PM)    
First abolish the caste system from the society then talk about the reservation. Caste loses the self confidence in lower castes, because a person do job as per his present status but his identity is still with him as per works of his forefather/community.

This is not good. System should be changed in Hindu society for giving equal status to all Hindus. Does anybody know that there is no sur- name of Hindu Devtas (Ram, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Narad, Krishna, Bhim etc-etc. ) So, we should learn lesson from our gods. If they were of higher castes then they might have given surnames with them. Till caste system is there, reservation should be there.

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Swathi. said: (Sun, Aug 18, 2013 04:50:47 PM)    
Reservation was initially started with good idea, but now it has been misused by people. Its better to give reservation to people who are at BPL or below BPL. There is need to remove reservation on caste basis.

One idea can be implement to remove reservation on caste basis is that to remove the column of caste/religion from all education and employment application form.

Its better to include only nationality as INDIAN.

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Ravi said: (Fri, Aug 16, 2013 06:00:25 PM)    
The governments claim that reservations helps the backward class which they have been telling for past so many decades. What help? If we look around, there are still so many beggars and downtrodden. The rural people still have NO opportunity. Why doesn't the government put some hard work and ensure that the real needy gets primary education and good health care. Then only with a healthy mind and body they can complete for the jobs. The governments simply wash their hands without putting/implementing what is really needed and they suddenly come back with some reservation policy which has no BASIS whatsoever (The Mandal Commission report was itself based on the 1931 census and NO state has ever taken any pains to actually list who are the real needy people).

Also, if they put some reservation in private sector and companies go into loss, will government come and help these companies? I highly doubt. The government still would be levying their income taxes and increasing the size of their treasuries. I suggest the government use this money to actually put some effective (and definitely accountable) measures to help the poor, rural and needy people based on their economic, social and educational condition rather on some caste basis.

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Neha Thakur said: (Tue, Jul 30, 2013 04:07:49 PM)    
Reservation was started with a very good initiative, to secure the subordinate class from exploitation. But now it has become the reason of division within self country.

In my opinion reservation on the basis of caste and religion should go down. Whereas on the basis of gender should be 50% so as to treat men and women with equal opportunities.

*people of subordinate class should be made aware of what all rights are provided by the government. So the right one (needy) can get *.

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Alok said: (Thu, May 2, 2013 10:00:01 AM)    
SC/ST can never get developed due to this reservation policy. In current Scenario merely 1% or 2% enjoys Whole share of reservation & leader don't want them to get developed for sake of their Vote Bank politics in fact So called Dalit leader who lives luxury life and let common dalits suffer. In my Village not a single dalit is getting job due to reservation how can they get if they are not eligible for jobs & most of their children go to school not to learn just for Mid Day Meal & Scholarship. How can they compete in the world of globalization. If reservation implemented then private sector will suffer a lot.

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Vineet said: (Mon, Apr 15, 2013 11:13:50 PM)    
Hello friends,

According to me reservation in private sector is not a good option, but it will generate a enormous dissatisfaction in general category. And instead of making a unity among youth so that they could work together and explore new ideas, our politicians are still searching their interests in it by increasing their vote bank. The thought of reservation was implemented in our constitution just to aware indians right to equality, freedom. Do you think reserving seats in private sector would give any sort of equality?,

Yes lower caste were tortured in the past but scenario has changed a lot these days. And when it comes to private sector, why they would not search skill in candidate than searching whether he is general or sc or st?

The much skilled people will be there in firms, the greater will be increase in economy, and the greater extent will be employement produced. Reservation in my perspective is a strategy by political parties to widen the gap between common people so that they could remain longer in system.

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Kashif said: (Tue, Mar 26, 2013 10:49:34 AM)    
I do not agree at all with reservation in Jobs. Jobs should be based on individuals qualification and merit. So if there is a demand of reservation, there should be reservation only in the field of education. There should be a system where every body can get free education till 10th and beyond that it should be based on individual merit & focus. I believe that 10th is the baseline of all education system and also of an individual. Currently parties are only talking for their own vote bank without having the vision of a stronger INDIA. Article 16 of Indian Constitution guarantees equal opportunities in public employment then why there is reservation that too on that basis of caste.

We have leaders based on caste. Now the need has arisen of a leader who can think beyond this and can make our Country Stronger then ever before.

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Rishabh Rps said: (Sun, Mar 24, 2013 10:28:12 PM)    
I appreciate to Mr. Rizwan and want to add up my view. If the private organisation becomes to big than it can be think about reservation because we know our Indian system every organisation generally saves taxes, bills and many thing for their own profits. But our country development are more important than organisation that's why reservation gives opportunity to minor Cast peoples.

If organisation are small or developing than reservation is not necessary.

But for Govt sector its necessary.

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Jayant Layek said: (Thu, Mar 7, 2013 09:30:17 PM)    
Reservation should be there in the private sector too, because as due to liberalization most of the market is been privatized and the marginalized people are not getting equal opportunities in the private sector. Many public sector have been privatized, like Maruti, and due to this the marginalized people who are already working in the firms are now not getting the facilities. They are been discriminated in the private firms and as there is no reservation policy in the private sector their rights are been violated.

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Shashi Ranjan said: (Sun, Feb 17, 2013 04:21:48 PM)    
Reservation in private sector is not good for the development of any industries because we know that reservation is given on the base of knowledge of the person and cast if a unreserved person have 180 marks and a reserved person have 50 marks and with the help of reservation the person got selected then what will be the future of company you should think yourself so there is no need of reservation in any field private or government. If the reservation removed from India then I think the development rate of India will increase.

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Priya said: (Sat, Feb 9, 2013 12:38:42 AM)    
I think this reservation is not that much required because there are developed minority caste people. Related to private sectors jobs must be given based on their skills not by reservation because there may not be skilled and efficient people. So that the firm can't be developed which in turn effects the country.

Government should provide reservations to economically backward people and people who are skilled but poor. So that the people who are poor can also get good future besides his/her caste.

Also the caste system should be removed in India. All are equal besides their caste. These days also we can see people showing caste feelings which is absolutely wrong even the educated people. If this is removed first then all will be fine.


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Ankush Pawar said: (Sat, Feb 2, 2013 10:22:17 AM)    
Reservation is only useful of cast person. When we are educational related because we are studying the free of cost as well as government is given by extra money of this cast related person. The reservation system started by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar for giving a chance to backward classes to participate in development of India. It was only for 10-20 years not for whole life. But politics person is not change for this law because this is depends on this cast persons vote. All cast person is present into high post.

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Aliya Sharma said: (Wed, Jan 30, 2013 03:55:18 PM)    
Now-days the waves of the status quality is waving towards the private sectors such as private schools. The upper caste students are easily getting admission in private school rather they are not too bright, and then what about the deserving students who can't pay donations. So from my views the each and every students should get equal change to study.

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Rahul said: (Mon, Dec 10, 2012 10:23:58 PM)    
Lets Understand the fact that there has been a discrimination for 1000 of years, why do you think it gets equalized by giving a 100 year reservation. The lower caste still are discriminated in every walk of life. Why do upper caste only marry upper caste, why at all the caste is discussed among us. It is because upper castes want to maintain the status as it is. And please do not give a logic of efficiency. We all know how many politicians and public servants belong to higher caste, has it ever eliminated corruption or is India among the most progressive nation. Do an inner check and lets do not keep discrimination, which again will continue the conflict.

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Ankit Agrawal said: (Wed, Nov 28, 2012 06:50:58 PM)    
Hi friends, as per my views is that reservation should not be there in job as well as in our professional life because at the time of education all of them get equal opportunity, while people from backward class also get an chance to study in renowned colleges so where are the difference between in both general as well as other backward class so in my point of view reservation not be allowed in private as well as public. For eg if in case of healthcare most of the would prefer private hospitals rather than public hospitals, so we can simply said that reservation should not be allowed in professionalism so in my point of view if there is reservation there is no competition so improve competition and remove reservation.

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Sandeep Dwivedi said: (Tue, Sep 11, 2012 06:29:33 PM)    
I think think that reservation system are not good becouse in this system are not help of gernal katagiris so becouse suppose any boy are poor but he is intrest in study but cast is gernal so the gaverment did not give this facility. The main resion is that when the goverment is change and he will change the reservaton seat to his cast student and other student are no then the profic for this facility. So it is bed only my thinking.

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Sandeep said: (Sat, Sep 8, 2012 01:47:05 AM)    
Reservation in all types of jobs either in govt. or private(excluding in education) is completely a curse for India because still we are discriminating people of India on the basis of their caste. No matter to debate on this topic as the thing which is wrong; will always be wrong. At least youth of India should understand the vote bank play of politicians. The society getting benefit from the reservation will ofcourse search reasons to prove it right.But. tell me why we underestimate ourselves and also why we need reserved seats in jobs.

It is very true that in the past so called lower caste people have suffered too much by so called upper caste people, thats why after independence reservation sstem is launched for few years.But the aim of reducing the gap between these twos gas not fulfilled even now a more wide gap has been created. this is not rigt to apply this system as a revange of past. Equal oppportunities must be given to all castes because the young generation seriously are very apart from the mean thought of caste base discrimination like untouchability etc. The aim of Dr,Bhimr R. A mbedhar was to give equal (not extra)opprtunity to so caled lower caste people and they raise a fine step also but misuse of it has led to another type of discrimination which might be very dangerous to the growth of our nation.

Hard work ,ability and honesty is the only key to get success and now the previous blocked opprtunities are obviously opened to so called lower caste people strongly so there is no need to get extra support or reservation.

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Nikhil said: (Tue, Sep 4, 2012 09:49:58 PM)    
I am from Bhagat famiy(megh), i think first we shall have to try finish casteism in india because it is thinking of all the schedule caste people in india that if the reservation ends then they will not get fair job interviews because of casteism as most of upper caste people hate schedule caste and it is truth because i personally experienced it they gave me 14 marks out of 15 in my viva but after told them my name nikhil bhagat they infront of me convert my marks 14 to 6 and laugh at me i can't express the feeling i am through first finish this dirty thinking and then finish all the reservation in jobs i am with u.

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Amit Rai said: (Sun, Sep 2, 2012 08:42:11 PM)    
The government should stop interfering with private sector in regards to reservation. I am totally against reservations in private sectors. Private sectors are performing better because of their autonomous decision making ability with respect to recruitment of their workforce. Disrupting that balance will turn them like huge loss making public sector companies. Reservation in itself is a very flawed concept. It conflicts with the very basic concept of equality and equal treatment. Nevertheless as being a people's government, government has allowed reservation in public sector for certain categories. This should be limited to only those areas and shouldn't enter the private sector. Reservation is like a virus which will change the efficiency of the system. Also forceful imposition of reservation in private sector can act as repellant for foreign players which are trying to establish their business in India.

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Yeshwant Singh said: (Fri, Aug 31, 2012 04:30:37 PM)    
I admit that the reservation system should be there, but at the same time needs to be implemented properly with justice. Reservation system was brought to remove the discrimination between various levels of our society, but today its a matter of vote bank and a political issue. Reservation system should be for a determined time interval till a particular caste or community improves its social status.

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Komal said: (Wed, Aug 29, 2012 05:54:35 PM)    
I am in favour of reservation of minority in educational as well as in jobs I know that I am little bit wrong but this is beneficial for lower class if government wants to put his voice forward so why we are making them let down, instead of giving them a helpful hand. I know we all want our life too successful and we have potential to make it but some of the people have this chance also to live a better life so my all friends now this is the time to raise new thoughts in your mind instead of letting down to anyone. Thankyou.

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Moonmoon said: (Tue, Aug 28, 2012 11:56:42 PM)    
I totally agree with the reservation system in India as the reservation was allotted for the lower classes, such that they can enhanced their social as well as their educational status and it has been also assured that it will remains in India until it takes the equal positions to the other communities. And when no one (belongs to lower classes) will be exploited in the society by the other community people then on that day onwards the reservation should be removed from India and equal rights should be given to all the people belongs any community.

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Vijay said: (Sun, Aug 26, 2012 05:28:17 PM)    
Reservation is something that should should be on the hitlist to abolish in India.There are so many deserving people out there who presently sit unemployed because of this system.Each and every single person should work his/her way up by hard work and not by some unfair advantages granted by a system.

What i feel is that this classification,instead of being made according to one's caste,can be made according to one's economic status,which will give each person what he/she rightfully deserves.

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Rattan Lal Khullar said: (Fri, Aug 24, 2012 10:58:07 PM)    
There should be reservation in jobs and education on caste based, as peoples were discriminated on the basis of lower caste even in the modern days. I. E, reservation should be there until caste system is there or abolish caste system in Hindu mythology. Which is shame on Hinduism and took the population of Hindu from majority to minority and one day will come when there will be no Hindu in Hindustan and all the lower castes will switch over to other religions. So every so called upper caste Hindus (Thekedars of Hinduism) has to think about the caste system and abolish it, Caste system is like a designation was given to any post and this has become caste. If a peon was designated and it remained peon with his name and discriminated on the name of peon and no upper class designation did not allow him to uplift him.

Hence reservation must be given to lower castes or otherwise ancient India will come again and high profile castes will again let the India slave. Slave system may come in India. People talk about the qualification, then why India was got slave and not keep the country free as there were no SC/ST peoples in the government/jobs and they were slave. India is becoming super power due to lower caste peoples as they are most hard working and honest and they have to prove their identity at every corner of the life. I strongly in the favor of reservation to SC/ST castes in each and every corner. Why not India become super power when there was 100% reservation to upper castes. Can any body reply for this. No, because all the peoples in jobs were corrupt and ineligible at that time and introduce caste system to save themselves by gunda raj. Every body know the history of Eklabia who was one of the biggest shooter in the world at that time and he was discriminated by the upper caste guru, as he was competitor of Arjuna. Why Eklabia award is not nominated in India as he was valuable asset to India. If he could be of higher caste, he must be honored.

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Aprajita said: (Fri, Aug 24, 2012 01:55:15 PM)    
Hi friends. As per my opinion reservation is not at all necessary in private sector as our government sectors are already though with all best facilities and investment lagging behind due to lack of quality people we don't need reservation for any category what we need is the effort to boost up our mind and realisation of our talent. Taking the example of Dr. B. Are. Ambedkar who was one of the great mind behind our constitution.

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Pawan said: (Thu, Jul 26, 2012 10:20:00 PM)    
Hello friends. I agree with opinions of some of you. Actually reservation in private sector is not necessary, because all (lower and upper class or any category people) has the same brain if they are creative & talented enough then they could be able to join a private company. Govt giving them (to lower class people) scholarship until their education is completed is fair enough now after completing education if they want to join a private firm then its their responsibility or it is on their favor to get it, no reservation is necessary I think so.

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Bismark said: (Thu, Jul 26, 2012 01:10:02 PM)    
Burn the constitution which had injected the poison of cast based reservation into the society there by created the categories - general and reserved. Reservation was intended to alleviate caste based discrimination and upliftment of the downtrodden. But, unfortunately, the system was mis-utilized for political gains, the end result was a society with more caste based divide. Its high-time the supreme court intervene and end this injustice and provide provision to compensate for the lost of job opportunities by the so called general category. Affirmative actions if given should be based on economic status of the deserving, rather than on caste.

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Upasana said: (Thu, Jul 5, 2012 12:08:21 AM)    
I am completely against giving reservation on the name of caste in present time. Its good to provide financial help to poor person whatever category to which it belongs. This will give equal chances to everyone but our government see reservation as vote bank policy. They are increasing reservation quota to increase their vote in that caste.

And you know the worst thing is that we are providing reservation in medical stream also. Now just imagine those who got entry in MBBS via reservation and serving in best govt hospitals on basis of it will be able to save the patients.

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Monika Sethi said: (Mon, Jul 2, 2012 04:18:53 PM)    
Hello friends, reservations is biggest issue in our society. But I would like to emphasize on other type of reservations. Whenever we heard the RESERVATION, only 1 type of reservation comes in our mind why we not see the other type of reservation like reservation for handicap in railways, reservation women in city buses, reservation for players, for soldiers families etc.

This are the reservations which have no need to removed from the society.

And its true that reservation in education system is not worthwhile but here is discussion about total reservation. So we need to see every perspective of this.

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Satvinder said: (Sat, Jun 23, 2012 03:55:44 PM)    
Reservation to the sc/st was introduced on India Independence for the upliftment of the backward classed at the time they were socially, exploited and there condition were apathy. But Now days when they have acquired 52% Govt Job not only on talent basis but also on reservation basis ; means to say we have only 48% + who are good sense of their duties toward the nation and balance are resulted in the corruption.

Country has made tremendousness progress have introduced various law and rule for the upliftment of the backward classes like, Right to Education, Food Security Bill, MNREGA, Pension Scheme etc. : Now the time has come to Analise is the reservation on caste basis or on poor section basis that only be financially aid and not to get the admission in school and in job. Let the opportunities who have the actually guts to serve the nation better.

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Arun said: (Thu, Jun 21, 2012 11:53:52 PM)    
I am totally satisfy with the others. But according to me now this is the high time to stop this reservation. I am agree that at the time of independence the reservation is necessary for those schedule cast/schedule tribe people but now a days government is providing the same education to everybody but because of reservation the casts other than schedule cast/schedule tribe, other backward classes facing this problems.

For example around 400-500 thousands students are appearing for the all India Pre-medical test but only 36 got selected as a student in All India Institute of Medical Science out of which 25 are under reservation and if any reservation category student got good rank then he will occupy the seats of general, he will not occupy the seat of their category so because of that other students of other category lag behind.

So I think the Indian government is creating a discrimination among castes so that is the only reason why our country is developing not properly developed till after 64 year of independence.

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Anupam Sharma said: (Sun, Jun 10, 2012 01:06:14 PM)    
Reservation System was required when India just got independence as there were different social peculiarities like discrimination on the grounds of caste, caste system so on. And people are trying to abolish the caste system but, caste system is kept alive in the society due to the reservation system. Reservation system is just fortifying the caste system.

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V.Lakshmi Narayana said: (Tue, Mar 20, 2012 12:58:35 AM)    
In India getting education also depends on the family background like number of educated individuals. So if we look into the history of India these general category people enjoyed the right to education and got a very good education and naturally a high status in the society people. But sc/st people or what we call as untouchables were betrayed of education and anyone from this category hardly learned in those days. So reservation is a better idea to uplift those kind of people. Government is not picking anyone randomly and giving him the opportunities but the best among the category or the individual who deserve it is given the chance which may be through a common entrance examination etc. So I strongly support that reservation system should be continued in India for some more years.

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Kishore said: (Sun, Jan 29, 2012 06:33:41 PM)    
All those who talk of quality / merit and reservation can once just for sake of imagination think of a situation whereby 100% resevation and opprtunities to progress are given only to backward class persons in all educations/ jobs of society ( and the rest are not allowed infact punished if they attempt to learn anything or progress by themselves) from Junior KG onwards and in all Jobs except the sweeper and alike jobs only for next 50 years NOT 5000 as has been the case otherwise, and then put the argument of merits and quality after these 50 years how fair that would be !

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Himadri Tanaya said: (Sat, Jan 28, 2012 04:10:12 PM)    
"I belong to the backward class yet i completely defy the "job reservation plan". The government ought to recognize the competition for jobs in the market. When such a huge population sits unemployed at home,it is just a shame to discuss about giving priority to low caste.Even, one must know that, today, there is no more violation regarding caste and getting job depends purely on one's potential, personality and of course the tough competition. The government should better focus on helping the poor, irrespective of there caste and stop making such plans which will arouse conflicts."

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Vikkie said: (Thu, Jan 19, 2012 06:15:36 PM)    
Miss Richa, with due respect i think what you just wrote is totally rubbish. How do you know that a student of lower caste won't be able to perform well, how can anyone say that getting in good college would get him in depression. Well if you have examples in your explanations then keep it with you. And your thoughts to create separate institutes to help the students of lower caste, then you sound to me like a heartless person of the past who used to discriminate people on the basis of their caste. Can anybody tell me that why in school we have uniforms, so that all of the kids look alike, but i guess some people here still have that old mentality . Grow up people.

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Jubs said: (Wed, Jan 18, 2012 08:39:39 PM)    
Reservation was given for the betterment of the backward classes. but, nowadays, it is being miss used. coz, some people who belong to backward classes also holds a good position and earns ahandsome salary. so, in that case, reservation should be given only interms of financial condition.

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Sushant said: (Tue, Jan 3, 2012 10:46:19 AM)    
Reservation is given for the people so that they can grow up at economic and social level in the society. This is an step which is governed by government in our country. Reservation was a good step but now a days it became an path for success. This resulted in continuous degradation in quality of government jobs but there is also a good increment for the government job seekers.

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Nikita Gupta said: (Mon, Dec 19, 2011 07:45:49 PM)    
Reservation is not at all required in the present India. It was meant to raise the status of the SC'S and ST'S etc. but now this facility is misused.

If the basic school education is given to the children of every poor family free of cost not on the basis of caste but on the basis of financial conditions, then there will be no need of reservtaion at higher levels.

If they are primarily educated then they will be at the same status as of the general category and they will be able to compete at the higher levels also.

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Nikhil,Mumbai said: (Thu, Nov 10, 2011 11:25:38 PM)    
Reservation is very much needed in Private organization and Conglomerates for upliftment of the individuals belonging to backward castes.The people who have replied/commented here in this forum have replied in ENGLISH which means most of you belong to Tier1,2 or 3 cities,but what about the else.The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer as they belong to backward communities.You all only for the sake of commenting say that we should help poorer/backward people but when it comes to giving a helping hand everyone is on a better back foot.Private org reservation is must to get every individual on the same page

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Sankalp said: (Fri, Oct 21, 2011 08:13:14 PM)    
Well friends reservation is not all necessary as per the academic and jobs matter are concern. If at all it's being provided looking on backward cast economical and financial situation that should be in form their finance term so that they could spend that money in the right way and reach to the race of today market moreover that's the basic principle behind reservation. In the point of view it should not be based on cost and religious rather it should be open to all looking on their economical as well financial condition.

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Sankalp said: (Fri, Oct 21, 2011 08:09:42 PM)    
Well friends reservation is not all necessary as per the academic and jobs matter are concern. If at all it's being provided looking on backward cast economical and financial situation that should be in form their finance term so that they could spend that money in the right way and reach to the race of today market moreover that's the basic principle behind reservation. In the point of view it should not be based on cost and religious rather it should be open to all looking on their economical as well financial condition.

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Amrit K Mohanty said: (Thu, Oct 13, 2011 09:26:07 PM)    
Look friends reservation in govt sector too is absolutely a counter productive idea. If we support reservation in pvt sector I think we are all going in wrong direction. Look our economy is highly dependent on pvt sector production/ services. This is the only private MNC and domestic companies for which our economy growth is constantly maintained. Hence a little deviation in PVT sector out put will shake the whole economy. Pvt sectors demand high skilled people for their growth, for thier very exhistance and quality enhencement they always require dynamic/quality resourcefull manpower. By reserving seats in pvt sectors we will cease their developement as more and more unproductive/undeserving men/women will join them. So in private sectors no reservation should be entitled.

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Anjali said: (Mon, Sep 12, 2011 01:37:52 PM)    
Reservation system is a incurable disease to society. Where it waz intorduced for betterment of SC, OBC classes now it is being misused. Now India don't need reservation system where we have grown in every aspects this resevation is being loophole to society. The idea dnt have ny problem. But due to this resevation system deserving are being neglected. Deserving will get what he deserve, need is of boostup not of sympathy. The conclusion is India don't need resevation system nymore.

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Anil Kumar Mundhra said: (Thu, Sep 1, 2011 01:58:16 AM)    
I do not agree the reservation system like in India. The reservation system started by Dr. B. Are. Ambedkar for giving a chance to backward classes to participate in development of India. It was only for 10-20 years not for whole life. But, Now a days, it is only for politics issue for collecting more and more votes. Now a days reservation should be based on economic not on the cast system.

Specially in education sector, there should be no reservation for any one. If anyone can not study due to financial problem, government can provide him financially help. So that we can produce a good quality of people who help in our economic and social growth.

But as we know that India is a democratic country. If system wants to change this reservation strategy, the people (who come under reservation category) will come down road. So system is also helpless.

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Anubhav Sharma said: (Thu, Feb 17, 2011 08:29:39 AM)    
I totally oppose the reservation in private sectors because we can all see how these reservation hampering the progress of India and talented people belong to general category, if there is a reservation in private sector also then how the young talent people belomg to general category would come forward, theu would loose every oppurtunties, like they have been missing from the years whn reservation started. Although upliftment of socially backward classes is good but giving all to only one category suppressing other category is not good at all. There should be some competttive level in private sector, because if not then it will greatly effect the growth of private sectors.

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Vinod said: (Tue, Dec 28, 2010 02:08:44 PM)    
Resevation is needed for the social upliftment of social and economic backward class people. Corporate responsibility dictate that private sector also has a big role to play in social re-engineering. Country can said to be develped only when all the stake holders in the democracy has truly prospered.The argument aganist reservation is that many who are not eligible are reaping benefit out of this social upliftment policy. I like to mention that there are many who hide their money and not pay the income tax. But that does not mean that income tax has to be abolished. Hence my take is for the reservation and by due deligence we can bring down the cases where ineligible candidate has been given the job.

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Richa said: (Wed, Dec 22, 2010 01:42:45 AM)    
Reservations are steps taken by the Government of India for the promotion of backward peoples.But do these people really get the benefit of these reservation.We take a example if a student of backward society get admission in a reputed government engineering college, will he be able to survive there?
Answer is: NO
The responsibility of government will end as he get the admission in college, but now he suffer because he is not that qualified and he under go depression. in my opinion government should provide fundamental education by opening more number of school and colleges for such student so that they may become self-dependent and they should not depend on these reservations. For this government can open more number of colleges and schools especially for backward students and provide scholarships to them.

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Niteesh Mittal said: (Wed, Oct 27, 2010 01:59:38 PM)    
Reservation is meant for the development of minorities, or the people who have lesser resources. Those who cannot grow by themselves are helped by the government to do more.

But, is it the real development process in which one category is developed suppressing the opportunities of other? It is not. It is like that, you are giving someone's prize to another.

Moreover, reservation has lead to the corruption in public sector. As we can see, we can hardly find any general category person in the government offices today and these are most corrupted sectors.

One more point is that, reservation in the higher studies is enough for anybody to grow well and boost his potential to a competition level. Then why to reserve seats in jobs. At least, jobs must have some competitive level of their own.

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Kamaljeet Singh said: (Thu, Sep 16, 2010 02:39:52 PM)    
Well there is nothing wrong in giving reservations but not in Jobs or in private sector but reservations should be given to people for enhancing their knowledge and becoming independent, So that they can be more competitive like other's who are not getting reservation. But today with the changing scenario, reservation has become a part of politics and not a matter of right to secure social solidarity. Political leaders just in the greed of votes and stability are using this sensitive issue as a weapon.

If each and every caste will demand reservation then there will be nothing like a general class and everyone will be in a reserved class which in turn will abolish reservation or just join hands together to curb red tapism and corruption existing in the present system and work hard to show your abilities in such a manner that in spite of reservation one may stand in a distinct position because even the reservation is not reaching to the one who really need reservation.

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Kamaljeet Singh said: (Wed, Sep 15, 2010 01:03:23 PM)    
Consequences of the Reservation system in Private sectors.

1. Proliferation of forged certificates may arise and the number of cases relating to it will be on the increase.

2. Rich people from backward classes will also be benefited from this system whereas the genuine intention was to benefit the poor in the backward classes. Hence this will affect the the needy and deserved people at the appropriate time.

3. Private companies will find its recruitment process tedious and betrayal and violation of the prescribed rules might become customary.

4. Reservation in private sector is an interference in the free working of market.

5. Lower qualifications hamper productivity and efficiency.

6. How we can compete with other countries as the only way to compete is by having people with talent and more competition and also people who can absorb stress.

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Kapil Rathore said: (Sat, Aug 28, 2010 04:45:48 AM)    
Reservation is given for the people so that they can grow up at economic and social level in the society. This is an step which is governed by government in our country. Reservation was a good step but now a days it became an path for success.This resulted in continuous degradation in quality of government jobs but there is also a good increment for the government job seekers.

Reservation in private sector will result in same and private sector's main motive is nothing else except money and for that they need quality but reservation may not satisfy the quality they want. So i disagree with the implementation of reservation in private sector.

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Vjjjj said: (Mon, Aug 23, 2010 03:16:44 PM)    
Actually reservation was given for the betterment of the socially backward peoples of the country and if we see the condition of india then it is little in better condition in some areas like LEH, KINNOUR-KAZA. People still living without electricity/water supply. In the Govt.. sector reservation give them chance to come forward.

But some really very corrupted people taking advantage of this reservation with enjoying each facility with royal lifestyle and that's why I'm talking about those people but in today's world the Govt.. sector may not be enough for these rural people. So i think we should give them chance with the help of reservation fot their betterment.

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Rizwan Ahmad said: (Tue, Jul 6, 2010 05:07:15 AM)    
I do not agree about the reservation in private sectors because a pravate is lead by the individual and it demands some skill hands do more development for his oragniztion. It has his own money so he has authorised to give pemission for the soft skill always.

All the profit and loss depends on the worker of that dat organization so it wud be definite require about the confidence mind.

Govt has the only take a pride of chance of this reservation but they only open for the talent dat if u have u come, otherwise .......

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