Religion should not be mixed with politics

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Soham Jadhav said: (Aug 7, 2021)  
Yes, religion and politics must be separated. religion is meant to unite people with similar beliefs into a moral community.

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Sohan said: (Mar 6, 2021)  
Yes, religion should not be mixed with politics. It only gives rise to communalism in the country. Politics should respect all religion. A country like India where a lot of religion are there if any politicians support any particular religion it creates violence in the country and it cannot treat the people of different religion equal it become get biased which can create a sense of fear among the all other religion and it can also cause a riot in the country it hinders the growth of the country. So, at last, religion should not be mixed with politics.

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Shruti Ahire said: (Nov 1, 2020)  
"Religion and politics must keep be separate. Religion is meant to unite people with similar beliefs into a moral community. Politics, on the other hand, is meant to unite all people of a region into a single community, regardless of personal beliefs and practices. Thus, when the two are mixed, the results are bound to be disastrous".

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Anjani said: (Jul 10, 2020)  
I strongly support that "Religion should not be mixed with politics".

I can explain it in two ways:

1. If religions are mixed with politics.
2. If religions are not mixed with politics.


Then a lot of crimes are manipulated as religious crimes and the main suspect escape form crime. Also a lot of injustice happens due to mixing of religions and politics and many politicians will escape form crime.


Then we can solve a lot of problems which are unable to solve when religions are mixed with politics. For example "threebulthalak"&"ram Madir".

Cases are solved irrespective of religions.

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Sofia Katara said: (May 30, 2020)  
Good Afternoon everyone.

My name is Sofia Katara and today I would like to express my views on the topic "Religion should not be mixed with politics".

We all know that India is a religiously diverse country. There are so many religions and cultures and everyone has the right to choose their religion. Politicians should not discriminate peoples on behalf of religions.

All the policies and rules regulations should be the same for all people.

If they do so, then people will become more aggressive and there will be riots everywhere.

As we see that many politicians take the help of religion to win the election but they don't know that by doing this they are just provoking the spark of anger and it will cause great problems in future.

So, in my opinion, Religion should not be mixed with politics.

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Ajay Yadav said: (Apr 22, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay kumar, today my topic is "religion should not be mixed with politics ".

I think in my point of view, it is absolutely correct that religion should not be mixed with politics. In reality, both have different aspect but the majority of the politician use religion to win the election which is not fare. If it is mixed with each other then brotherhood among the community will be broken and creates a lot of problems among the people and the perspective of the people will get change and by this, it is not a good sign for the country. So, politics should not have mixed with religion for the welfare of society. By this, it also unites the people of the country.

Thank you.

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Nicholaus Abeid said: (Apr 11, 2020)  
Politics should not be mixed with religion because religious leaders will fail to spread real word to their people and they will lie people, so for benefit of Indian peace we should differentiate them.

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S. Sristy said: (Apr 8, 2020)  
As we know that, our country is secular and democratic of the world. The meaning of democracy is a system in which the government of the country is elected by the people. According to the Indian constitution, the people have rights to raise their voice fever and against the government. Let's come to the topic. If religion mixes with politics how a country be called democratic. It will create an unbalanced situation in our country.

So I think religion shouldn't be mixed with politics.

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Yuvraj Singh Chiral said: (Feb 3, 2020)  

Politics and religions should not mix, as politics need to reflect a common opinion and have to make all decisions keeping in view the mutual benefit of all the people.

If you simply go by the laws in India which is a secular country then definitely as per it the two things should not mix with each other.

If both the elements are mixed then people will become more biased towards their own religion.

Whenever politics and religions are mixed then the voting decisions of people have been affected.

Politics is about power and religion is about faith. Faith can influence power but when power influences faith it can become a disaster. Faith always leads to principles and values.

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Priyanka said: (Jan 4, 2020)  
According to me, religion should not be mixed with politics because both have different significant values and India is a secular country as a citizen we vote for the responsible candidate not a religious candidate so those who are in responsible position should serve the people with a pure heart.

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Suprem Barman said: (Nov 8, 2019)  
Religion can mixed with politics in the sense that religion means peace, love kindness, sympathy for each other and believe, faith to GOD. On the other hand, politics means welfare for the people, protect every individual life, granting their rights and maintaining fraternity among the people. For instance, we surrendered our RIGHTS to the state because to protect us, to save us and in order to live peacefully.

ON THE CONTRARY, religion can never be mixed with politics in the sense that the way of our politician used the powers, playing game for vote bank in the name of religion, the maximum leaders used politics as business, discrimination, etc and besides the politician, the people following their religion in the formed of opium, alcohol and they thinking superiority to each others.

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Jatin Lalit said: (Nov 4, 2019)  
I totally agree that religion should not be mixed with politics. Be politics. But nowadays, it has become a fashion to include religion into politics. Politicians are using religion as a vote bank, not for their welfare. It should be stopped. Every party or politician should think about the welfare of the countrymen because of whom they have reached their position in politics.

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Pallavi said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
Secularism means separating the state from religion if we mix the politics with religion India won't be a secular country. As the government wants to bring uniform civil law so its very important to separate these tow entities. It's not just about our country but also all around the world countries are trying to bring equality among all the religion without hurting any so that the maximum riots around the globe which are happening because of religion can be stopped.

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Khushi said: (Aug 31, 2019)  
If it is mixed then politicians will treat their religion superior with other religions and in this will create inequality among people.

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Anmol said: (Aug 27, 2019)  
India is a secular state where all the religions have equal rights and no religion is preferred over the other.

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Shashank Tyagi said: (Aug 25, 2019)  
The fact is they are inseparable, they can't be separated by our will.

And looking for development there is no development possible by politics without proper principles and guidelines given by religion.

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Ruchi said: (Aug 22, 2019)  
If relegion teaches ethics and need to get mixed with politics than which religion and ethics should be mixed with politics.

As there will a situation arise which will say about loss of others ethics and religion. This will create a mess only.

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Avantika said: (Aug 18, 2019)  
Religion and politics are 2 different things if we mix them then it will turn into a gigantic mess.

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Vaishnavi Gonge said: (Aug 11, 2019)  
I agree with most of you. But if we take religion totally out of politics then there will a formation of corrupt world because following any religion teaches you to be trustworthy to be ethical, it teaches you morality. And if this is taken out of our politics then our political leaders will automatically show there real sides that is selfishness, Greediness, corrupt mindset and all. And this is all because as they are not following any religion so they don't have any fear from within that doing wrong with others will ultimately lead to my problems which is all taught in any religion. Guys, I agree with you that religion should not be mixed with politics but I don't agree totally and I will stick to my viilew point because I'm not saying that only one religion should be mixed. I am saying that religion should be mixed with politics but every religion should be mixed with flexibility that is people should be free to accept and follow religion of there wish. Thanks that's it.

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Amit said: (Aug 2, 2019)  
In reality, if we truly understand the meaning of religion then it will never become a part of politics. Religion stands for love towards god. God has provided us with everything that is necessary for our livelihood. Even animals are also provided but we the human being can only understand this and show our love for whatever we have been given.

Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh. All of them have different ways but the purpose is same i.e. love towards god. Since God has multiple names, fames, power, forms etc that is why he is a god.

If these facts will get clear to everyone then they might not collapse with each other under the conspiracy of poor politicians who for personal greed makes religion a part of politics.

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Kavya said: (Jul 30, 2019)  
I think religion and politics should be mixed.

Religion is a small part of who they are - a part of the total person. Many a times religion and politics have cross over into each other every day as they should.

There is absolutely no way to separate them and so we should accept it with respect.

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Kavya said: (Jul 30, 2019)  
I think religion and politics should be mixed as they are inseparable though they create conflicts whenever they are together if religion and politics come together without any problems then it will lead to the great welfare of the human society.

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Madhurita Deb said: (Jul 29, 2019)  
I think religion and politics should not be mixed. Because it will create an unbalanced situation in the value system of our society.

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Godha said: (Jul 25, 2019)  
I think religion and politics should not be mixed because both are two different things.

1. In our country there is so many religion, taking one will only lead to conflict, as taking one means only that religion is superior.

2. Today a lot of Riots are happening around our country just because of religion, they think there religion is better than each other which is not correct every religion is equal.

3. For every person, his or her religion is the think on which he or she has their pride whereas politics is a thing which is done for all the people of the country not for only a single person for their welfare so both are very different we should not mix both.

4. India is a secular country and by that, we should know that no religion is superior and no religion is down.

So, l think religion and politics should not be mixed ever.

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Mf Vasmi said: (Jul 24, 2019)  
First, what is politics?,

It is a mix of policies and power and, religion it is faith. Politics includes everything, so it includes religion too, but politics should not be religious. Just as others said our country is democratic and if religion and politics are mixed it may become a major issue. As one religious group may dominate the other which we do not need. It is not wise to have favour on one religion as when our leaders have tried it has created a communal issue.

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Srinithi said: (Jul 24, 2019)  
Religion should not be mixed. According to me, mixing of religion and politics may lead to inequality among people.

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Aditya said: (Jul 24, 2019)  
Religion should be mixed with politics because every religion teach the same thing that is truthfulness, respecting others etc. As there is a lack of all these values in our society.

If politics is not mixed with religion there will not be teachings like this which will eventually lead to a corrupt society. But the religion must be refined because the religion which is taught to us today is not the religion it is the rules which are made by people like us.

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Vinny Bhakta said: (Jul 19, 2019)  
I think Politics should subserve religion.

But this is first if we redefine what is religion. In the history of India, people have stood for Truth. Without politics able to take interest in Truth without being blamed for being non- secular, this country that has always lead in truth has now been an obstacle by this secular argument which considers religion for a way of living a life on earth rather than knowing the Truth. The quality of religion is being destroyed and the argument is becoming about the rights of each religion rather than live in the Truth that there is only one religion, one god and so merge all the religions as one, there is only one history, we don't have to follow blind faith but excel in this knowledge, but not allowing religion in the arena is making people only interested in money and politics, so politics serve the economy and capitalism only, that is the disaster and religion is used for gains too but not for what it really is.

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Tejas said: (Jul 17, 2019)  
Religion should not be mixed with politics, If we will mix it, it will create a crazy situation in our country.

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Agraj said: (Jul 15, 2019)  
We live in a country full of diversity.

We also know that our constitution has described the country to be secular and democratic. The two terms politics and religion may be different but in the modern world, everyone has their own problems. What, I mean to say is that politics, if looked on the brighter side can be a very good way of overcoming the problems in India. People of different religions have their own problem to solve and to help the fact, politics can be proved a very good method to represent different problems in parliament. Moreover, a feeling of equal representation can be achieved. Think about it.

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Sania said: (Jul 14, 2019)  
In my opinion, religion should not be mixed with politics.

I think Religious life and political life is totally different from each other. I think in our country India religious fanaticism is going practising and that people are doing. We should not do this and move on with the world. Therefore no religion with politics.

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Raghavendra said: (Jul 14, 2019)  
Religion should not be mixed with politics because in my views, religion and politics are completely different from each other. If it is mixed then there will be discriminated religious people who are not getting the benefits of the policies made by some govt and it leads to so many drastic things which will affect all the society. In Sri Lanka, there was a differentiation between social and religious groups which lead to majoritarianism. In India, there is no particular religion which should be followed by all, which is in the preamble but still, political leaders are using the religion as the best way to politics.

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Ameya said: (Jul 10, 2019)  
In my opinion, RELIGION AND POLITICS SHOULD NEVER BE MIXED because as an ideal world politics should have nothing to do with citizen's private life if RELIGION comes over politics the specific religion will follow specific rules which may be destruction for others.

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Shreya Sikdar said: (Jul 7, 2019)  
In my opinion, I still believe that religion and politics should never be mixed. In a country like ours where people of innumerable religious beliefs sustain together, it will not be a wise decision to favour a certain religion. Whenever our political leaders have tried to favour one religion over the others, it has only led to communal violence. This vote-bank politics is also a major reason for the hatred between Hindus and Muslims in India. November 2018 saw devastating consequences in Nigeria due to the mixing of religion and politics during their elections. Taking the values of religion to administer a nation is always a good decision, but mixing people's faith with politics is threatening to the world.

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Narendra Vignesh said: (Jul 5, 2019)  
Everybody knows that our country is a secular country and also democratic. In our country all the people have rights to raise their voices, speech and expression according to the country and the government. Ok!let's come to the topic. If religion mixes with politics how an country be called has secular. It will lead to a big problem for a country. For example mainly during elections if one representative or a politician of a party gives wrong speech about his opposition or blames him it leads to a big problem. So, now let's put a religious representative or politician, the same will happen one representative will blame on another religion their will be conflicts between the religions. Of course, the whole country will become a war arena because of the fights and conflicts between the religions. In my opinion, religion and politics should not be mixed.

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Dhruv said: (Jul 4, 2019)  
I think everything has two aspects positive or negative. Just see the positive sight if religion mixed with politics it will be a great help for lower caste people who have left aside like garbage but after mixing many laws will be implemented which will give them equal rights like others.

Also, in Christians, if any person changes its own religion to Christian they promise them to provide them food money shelter which is the best thing for living a good life.

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Pallavi Rajput said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
Religion should not be mixed with politics because if it will it creates many conflicts among peoples. Religion and Politics are two different aspects In recent Scenario we see many politicians try to mix them and try to create conflicts between societies who have different religion especially between Hindu and Muslim and it happens mostly during election session. Nowadays we see many incidents happen between Hindu and Muslims because our politician mixes their politics with this sensitive thing and want to complete their personal agenda. Many Politician plays with people's sentiments and mind and wants to create an aggressive situation between two religion.

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Priyanshu Rawat said: (Jun 9, 2019)  
I think religion and politics should not be mixed because both are two different things.

1. In our country there are so many religion, taking one will only lead to conflict, as taking one means only that religion is superior.

2. Today a lot of Riots are happening around our country just because of religion, they think there religion is better than each other which is not corret every religion is equal.

3. For every person his or her religion is the think on which he or she have their pride whereas politics is a think which is done for all the people of the country not for only a single person for their welfare so both are very different we should not mixed both.

4. India is a secular country and by that we should know that no religion is superior and no religion is down.

So, l think religion and politics should not be mixed ever.

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Steffy Joseph said: (Jun 6, 2019)  
I would say religion and politics are two completely different aspects. But nowadays religion is being used for politics.

There are too many Hindu Muslim and Christian fights. Why?

If a politician thinks that he could do good for the nation using his capabilities then he shouldn't use the religion factor.

And because of this mixing of religion with politics people go with their religion ignoring the capabilities or skills of the political leader.

I completely agree with the fact that religion should never be a part of politics because it just eliminates the factor of politics there. There are only communal fights and wars.

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Nancy Rao said: (May 20, 2019)  
Religion and politics shouldn't be mixed because both of them are a different thing. If religion is mixed with politics it will cause disturbances into the country. Politicians will make wrong use of religion into politics.

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Shikha said: (May 12, 2019)  
I think it should be. If we look at countries like India, which consist of such a large diversity, it should be mixed for the sake of the country's real majority. When politicians mix religion with the politics, intentionally or unintentionally they enhance the societal system and encourage the social life of an individual. I am not talking about the welfare of discrimination but the acknowledgement for the thinking of people who are really in a minority.

As in India politicians mainly fight with the perception regarding Hindu and Muslim but the truth is, Muslim are not real minority there are many states in which Muslims are in majority.

And religion is the basic factor of social occasions practised by any individual and hence if mixing religion with politics can benefit one"s social practice then why not it shouldn't.

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Keerthik said: (May 1, 2019)  
Of couse, religion shouldn't be mixed with politics but what's the use of it in our country. I say that there are also some politicians who just wanted the power to encourage their own religion and also some politicians implement schemes for their religion and you can also check that in india20 churches were burnt just in a night but I haven't seen that temples were burnt anytime any where. And even politicians don't look into this matter.

So, I conclude that instead of saying religion and politics should not mixed they can name thier party as Christian or hindu because the name of a party is just a cover. There's nothing like Romanticism of country in politics and moreover its a power play.

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Keerthi said: (May 1, 2019)  
Of couse, religion shouldn't be mixed with politics but what's the use of it in our country. I say that there are also some politicians who just wanted the power to encourage their own religion and also some politicians implement schemes for their religion and you can also check that in India 20 churches were burnt just in a night but I haven't seen that temples were burnt anytime anywhere And even politicians don't look into this matter.

So, I conclude that instead of saying religion and politics should not be mixed they can name their party as Christian or Hindu because the name of a party is just a cover. There's nothing like Romanticism of the country in politics and moreover its a power play.

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Cheshta said: (Jan 9, 2019)  
In my views, the two should not be mixed. But I think there is no fault of the politicians in mixining the two it's we who are doing that, it's we who have allowed these things to be done in our country, it we who gave the politicians religion as a tool too play with. India is considered as a mother of religions but I guess this diversity in religion which should have been used to actually stand upon the famous line of "unity in diversity" is not being implemented rather we take pride in calling ourselves Muslim, sikh, dalits etc instead of being called as Indians. That's why politicians choose to favour that religion which has majority or whose maximum people support their incentives cause they think that using religion is atleast bearing them fruits to get in power in our country. Definitely who would not like to stay in power. This is not to offend any particular party but if some Muslim political leader would say that Hanuman was a Muslim and give all those long explanations for it definitely Muslims would support him. We have created a wall in human race breaking it into religions.

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Daniel said: (Nov 15, 2018)  
Some questions many tend to ask is;

1) Should the two be mixed?

2) And if they are mixed, would it be like manna falling from heaven or a powerful poison which destroyed everything it touches?

Religion and politics must be kept separate. Religion is meant to unite people with similar beliefs into a moral community. Politics, on the other hand, is meant to unite all people of a region into a single community, regardless of personal beliefs and practices. Thus, when the two are mixed, the results are bound to be disastrous.

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Nikita Malviya said: (Oct 19, 2018)  
I think including or even mixing religion with caste is a very cheap way of getting votes from a majority of people. Since politicians look for their benefit rather than the benefit of the people, casteism and forming religion based party is a common way which may help them get votes and access power.

Mixing religion and politics makes people of certain religion which exist as minority in the country, feel alienated and discriminated.

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Theja said: (Oct 10, 2018)  
In my view, Yes, religion is not mixed with politics because religion is not at all matter for the politician. If the political leader is free from any religion then only leadership qualities is to be taken out correct manner. Some of the people make group themselves and opt for there religion one leader. This type of politics is not enough for our country or state. The things are going in natural is better than artificial. It may leafs problems to our society and very poor people. They make religion as fashion and do bad things.

Finally, I conclude that this is not good politicians mix with their religion only.

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Alok Panday said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
Hello, everyone!

We all know very well India is the country of lot of religions.

We live all-together with harmony. But some zealots does not want peace they always search a chance to make fight among religions. India is secular country every one should understands it. Every religion has some fault but its not shown by other religions. Like triple talaq it's not good for women even women belongs Hindu or Muslim it does not matter. We only talk about is it right or not under law?

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Nisha Gupta said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
Yes, Religion should not be mixed with politics because its discriminates between the peoples, their religion their culture and also their feelings. Many politicians do for his own sake, and does not even realize that they divided our country.

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Alok said: (Sep 13, 2018)  
In my point of view politics and religion are two different things. There are records that political parties always used religion as there vote-bank. If any dispute arises between two religion that matter should be analyzed by the court, not by any political parties. Politics should be always secular. If we mix politics with religion that will not make any good to society.

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Anand said: (Aug 22, 2018)  
Politics is directly related with the people so it cannot be independent of the origin of people. According to me, political parties should have the respect for every religion by making religion as their main perspective. They should be concerned with development, human rights, law and order, justice, education, health, economic growth etc. Instead of showing privilege to any certain community. If any religious belief violating the constitution they must take strong action without thinking their vote bank benefits.

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Romery said: (Jul 22, 2018)  
I agreed to the opinion of my friends. Religion is not need to mix up with politics. Religion is based on the belief of creation and existence. Politics is based on way of thinking, it's for the betterness of country. If religion based politics is existing, what will happen to atheists. Does they need to leave the country? Or need to sacrifice their lives? I don't think so. Because right to belief is fundamental.

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Vivek Sapate said: (Jul 16, 2018)  
Religion introduced in politics is not bad but Politician used for there on purpose is Bad or Misuse for there own purpose is absolutely Bad. This thing create conflict in people. Religion actual meaning is to connect us for good purpose and create Peace and love for everyone.

But some people think that there religion is better than any other that create problem.

If religion used in politics for good purpose then No one think that it is bad.

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Anirudh Naithani said: (Jul 8, 2018)  
Well friends.

I strongly believe that religion should not be mixed with politics because;

1. We are seeing lots of terrorist activities happening around the world just because of religion, they think their religion is better and above than any other in the world, and taking religion in politics will be more devastating.

2. India is having a lot of religion in itself taking one will only lead to conflict, as taking one means the one is superior.

3. We need to understand that religion is for people welfare and pure whereas politics is a dirty game we should not be mixed both.

4. Gandhiji said religious should be mixed with politics but by that, he didn't point out on any one religion and India is having numerous religions.

5. India is a secular country and by that, we should know that no religion is superior to any other.

Thus I want to conclude by saying this its good to take some ideas, keeping some point from the religion but mixing religion is not a better option both are different things.

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Ravindra Singh said: (Jun 28, 2018)  
Yes, I too think so as religion is the only room politicians use for earning votes. This kind of mixture should strongly be avoided for the betterment of our country.

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Papai said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
If there is no religion in politics then people will raise their voice why unemployment, price of oil increases day by day. Means people will conscious about their rights but if there is religion in politics only few people will raise their voice against such issue, leaders can easily ignore their voice just by marking them as a enemy of religion.

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Deeya said: (May 1, 2018)  
According to my point of view, religion is very clear and people have faith on religion but if it also gets involved into politics which is a dirty pool of mud then religion will also get dirty and manipulated. Politicians use religion for their use only they don't care of anyone as they know that no of Hindus in India is high that is why they use Hindu religion to get votes from the people and if the people don't understand then no one can help them.

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Rajnesh said: (Apr 27, 2018)  
I think Politics and religion are 2 different things. Religion is a faith in people. But another politics is a business. Leaders are playing with people's faith. They use religion with politics only 4 himself benefits. Nowadays, it's created a very major issue. Because they used the religion 4 himself benefits but it divides the country. Polytechnics destroyed that country and one day it blessed.

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Vasu said: (Apr 25, 2018)  
Yes, I totally agree with this statement. Politicians can do anything for their party benefits. They just want vote. Religion is the most easy way to manipulate the mind of public. They just pretend themselves that they are with us but they never do that thing from where they are not getting anything. Someone said that none business is bigger than politics in the world.

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Twink24 said: (Apr 5, 2018)  
Yes, I strongly believe that religion should not be mixed with politics. Politics is a dirty game that plays with people emotions. In our country everyone is possessed with his religion getting votes in the sake of religion makes them to vote without thinking right and wrong. A person should vote not for the candidate who is of the same caste but to the person who has the capability to do the task perfectly. There should some laws or amendments that lesser the religion involvement in farming country. Politics makes our country represent our county and that representation can't be done on the basis of a particular religion or community. It should be a mixture of all.

Thank you.

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Ron said: (Mar 24, 2018)  
In my opinion, religion should not be mixed with politics. But our present government wants to mix religion with politics.

They are against eating beef it's a political issue for them. 1. They hates Muslims 2. They want to please the Hindus because the maximum number of Hindu live in India. If all Hindu support them then there will not have any problem in a political career.

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Helpingbuddy said: (Mar 23, 2018)  
As per my point of view, religion and politics should not be mixed. We have spend a lot in our education now what we are up to we judge one with its religion. Is it right? We are blindly giving the vote to a politician on their religious background thinking of that if he is from our religion then he will benefit us. Think of if, next time from other religion is elected then he will also benefit for their own people and this keep on going we are heading nowhere development of nation seizes because we only working for benefit of one kind then why our country motto is unity and diversity. Unnecessary riots and lots of mishappening is occurring due to this. I think politics means work for the nation not rule the nation.

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Helly said: (Mar 15, 2018)  

According to me, I believe that religion is something that helps you or guides you towards the path of eternal peace and serenity.

We live in a country like India should be thankful to its religious diversity.

According to me, every religion in this world focuses on one thing that is life is a give and take relationship. The way you behave with others is the same that you should expect from others.

Politics in India nowadays have started using religion as one of their manifestations.

Which is not at all good for the future of this country cause it acts as a barrier towards the growth of intellectuality in oneself.

The leading political figures of our country should not indulge the religious sentiments in politics in order satisfy one's greed rather they should focus in inculcating the values highlighted by the religions into their day to day life in order to achieve success, this will not only help them side by side it will also make this country a good place to live in.


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Pratibha said: (Mar 1, 2018)  
I think it's the current scenario of our country that it is heading towards a political religionism i.e. There is a mix of religion in politics. Which cause rift in the ideological thinking. And leads to communalism and later it can also turn into a mild cold war. When our nation was built with the motive of democracy and social welfare but now it has turned into religionist global politics. I this condemn the thought that politics and religion should be mixed!

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Sufiyan said: (Feb 18, 2018)  
We should not mixed religion with politics, this are two different factors. Religion teaches us to how to live a life. How to care one another. How to be good with everyone. But politics discriminate people on the basis of caste, religion. The oppose people on the basis of religion. For ths the country will not grow. It is a secular country we should live in our sociey as brotherhood. Thank you.

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Seersak Joshi said: (Feb 17, 2018)  
In my opinion, religion should not be mixed with the politics because religion is something that deals with people's belief and religion shouldnot be a part of politics, sorry to say I don't mean to hurt someone's feelings but there are certain leaders who have raised their voice against the attack made by terrorists who stated that only a particular community of them have died among the Indian army but he didnot mentioned that crpf jawans and other army officials also lost their lives fighting for the country, so there is nothing like hindus ad muslims in india, everyone should be treated equal.

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Vishal Dubey said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
Yes, it is true That religion should not be mixed with politics as unlike gender differences religion differences are often expressed in the field of politics As Gandhi Ji believed that politics must be guided by ethics dawn from the religion.

But by this he did not mean that the particular religion. So there are many challenges that the politics is faced by the religion. And many differences occur between them so religion should not mix with politics.

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Arjun said: (Jan 29, 2018)  
I think religion and politics should go hand in hand. We as Indians live our daily lives according to our religion then why should we separate it when it comes to politics. Politics is a part of our life and when the rest of our lives are based on religion then politics should also involve religion. Religion teaches us honesty, sincerity and good against evil. If politics will not have religion it means that it won't have these teachings which will further lead to more coorrupt political system.

And practically you can't keep them apart. Religion and politics cross over each other everday. We need acccept it that there is absolutely no way to 100% separte them.

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Riya said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
I agree that religion should not mix with the politics. As we know that many of the issues or problems are because of religious discrimination, and we know that religion is one of cause for terrissiom and many other problems in India, so how can we mix the religion with politics. Every individual has there own religion so a politician must select on basis of their humanity irrespective of their gender or caste or religion.

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Pranit said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
Religion is sacred to every individual, and hence should not be made an issue. Religion & politics both should be kept away. Politicians should not exploit this weakness which otherwise is a defining trait of our country.

Such diplomacy is dividing our societies and resulting in a rise in fear & rage among people.

People should now the power of democracy & that there is no use of religion in governing a country. They should know that the person who is dividing us by the name of religion is not worthy of our votes. Religion, caste, colour, etc. Are worth nothing to the development of a nation. "Jai Hind".

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Divyani Jain said: (Jan 11, 2018)  

Religion was born to give us the way of life. Different groups formed different modus operandi for their devotees. While politics is to manage the communities. Though both are supposed to be non-discriminatory and non-judgemental, corruption has taken over both. Today, both of these have become a way of serving one's own ends.

One with other or without other, the situation would still be same. Although I do believe that alone they are less disastrous than put together!

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Naman Chugh said: (Jan 11, 2018)  
There should be only one religion in politics that is humility.

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Anubhav Mathur said: (Jan 9, 2018)  

I think nobody would have any doubts regarding the fact that religion should be kept away from politics but somehow the relationship between the two just doesn't seem to be inseparable. Religion is mixed with politics and is used by political parties to form vote banks thus at times becoming unjust to the deserving leader.

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Vikrant Singh said: (Jan 4, 2018)  
I think that religion and politics are two different things and should be kept apart because of following region-.

According to me, if religion will be mixed with politics than it will give priority to the particular region and that is not good for a developing country. And also mostly political parties misguide religious peoples and want to take advantage of this so both should be apart.

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Vikas Beniwal said: (Jan 2, 2018)  
Hi friends, in my opinion, I think persons with religious thoughts and mind should not come to politics I think they should give hole contribution towards their gods. The people who thinks of humanity and for the people and about country first should participate in politics so that we lead towards healthy developed environment.

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Jessica said: (Dec 14, 2017)  
According to me, religion should not be mixed with politics. They are opposite poles and they cannot be compared. Our country India is a religion-free nation. All caste and religions are respected. There is a heavy competition in politics between two people not between there religions. Religions is just a way to recognise them. But we as a Indians are all brothers and sisters. So please do not indulge religion in politics. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Sachin Kumar said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
I don't feel good of indulging religion with politics. I completely condemn it.

Cast equalization in politics is getting prevelant thesedays. Politicians understand it completely that's why they convince us that they provide all benefits and rights if people elect them of same community. In contrary people is reason behind it. Politicians persuade us during election campaign and make us believe if they win, will provide better life to those community but repurcussion happens just opposite.

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Sakshi said: (Sep 30, 2017)  
Politicians who actually care for nations devalopment talk of nations progress and those who just care of power and glory talk of religion which actually must be kept apart from politics. This is reality that if we keep on allowing others to play with our sentiments then they will leave no stone unturned in order to achieve their aim. It is our duty moremost to ignore such people. Not much to say I think we all are are awarded with a good nice conscience.

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Vignesh Yv said: (Sep 20, 2017)  
Yes, I completely agree with the statement. Nowadays, most of our politicians making this as their habit. They beg the votes in the name of religion. These are the main causes for communalism and other related discriminations. My conclusion is that the politicians in future at least can concentrate on improving the REGIONS rather than RELIGION.

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Shivani Rana said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
I don't think is there any way of a single positive aspect of indulging politics with religion, religion and talks about it are very sensitive matter to people, they get annoyed easily if something bad is said about their culture and it's a normal human tendency, so what are politicians doing for the sake of votes is very disappointing, not only religion they have even divided us on basis of castes I'm, and the present scenario of reservation will surely increase the gap between people, there would be no sense of nationalism in them, they would just define them according to their religion, state, caste, social status, and these differences won't help us in any sense.

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Archana said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
Yess! I agree with the thing that religion and politics should not be mixed together. As of now that we are living in a democratic country that probably makes sense. But usually people finding the way to separate themselves such PEOPLE don't want better India. If we mixed politics and religion together then work according to that category and the other party not even getting a chance. Then it is like okay one party members system. We need multi-party member system in our country. It could not happen what the country begins.

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Aakash said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Religion should not be mixed with politics. As politics must comprise young leaders as they possess youth and advanced thinking which is very necessary for our country, Senior leaders as they have a lot of experiences in different aspects/stages of life. Both age group is necessary. Politics should not be religion biased. As it might hamper the growth of the economy, there might be cultural differences among people, might be nepotism and hatred among people. It may hurt the slogan of Unity in diversity.

So, religion should not be mixed with politics, the need should be Education and necessary qualification.

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Krishna said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
Yes. Religion should not be mixed with Politics. Nowadays, most of the politicians are asking for votes in the name of religion or caste which should not be encouraged by the people. Voting should be done on the basis of effectiveness and character of the leader but not on religion/caste. People should change by not accepting money from the leaders as they are going to collect double or triple the money he spent on us if we choose him. First, We must change to change our country or else, we should die to watch all the magics done by our politicians.

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Shishir said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
India is a land of many religion but politics is making it the weak point of India.

Use of religion in politics for personal interest is not a new thing.

Many time religion is mixed And general people have to suffer so it should not be mixed with politics.

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Amit said: (Aug 7, 2017)  
In our country, peoples of different religion live together in a society. Political parties should not prefer any religion in making any decision. If they do so, it may lead to violence among the peoples of different religions. As a developing country, there should not be any discrimination between different religions. Political leaders should treat a religion as small, they should always make a decision in favour of all religions.

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Pj_19 said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
I completely agree with the statement, as mixing religion with the politics creates a tiff between different religions. Political parties refer a particular religion as their vote bank and try to work in favour of them which create in differences among masses and their consequences are even worst.

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Ashish said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
As we know in India, there are many religions exist till from many years ago according to people faith, but the most importantly we must have to think that is it right if religion is mixed with politics.

I think that religion should not be mixed with politics.

I want to mention here that if religion is mixed with politics, violence among people increase and there is no harmony exist.

People use religion not for their help but as a weapon (as divide and rule) to increase their votes.

If mentality of the politician get changed that mixing of religion is not the right way to run the country, the image of our country will be more different.

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Ilayaraja said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
India is a secularism economy where is available various religion people. But some politicians create a religion political party for their own purpose of giving a vote from people. It will create a discrimination among the people as well as communal violence. The politician should not be mixed with politics. If the politicians mix with religion, the government should abolish political party.

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Anup Kumar Thakur said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
India is democretic countery it does not mean politician has privilege to raise their voice against anything for sake of vote bank or making special protection appearance to the people.

I absolutely agree that religion should not be included into the politician. It creates lot of adverse effect to the country. Some I am mentioning first it creates the bad sentiments to the people, it initiates the people to be indulge into the terrorism activity which creates violence to the country.

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Pankaj said: (Jul 16, 2017)  
I totally agree that religion should not be mixed with politics. Bpolitics. But nowadays, it has become a fashion to include religion into the politics. Politicians are using religion as a vote bank, not for their welfare. It should be stopped. Every party or politician should think about welfare of the countrymen because of whom they have reached to their position in politics.

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Prachi said: (Jul 6, 2017)  
I also agree with the statement. In India, there are such politicians which apply the methodology of divide and rule as early the Britishers do with us for their benefits. But I m quite surprise, that this religion phenomenon also applies our education system. There are caste which has some reservation they have an ability to paid the fees but they can't. They always take benefits from this reservation. And many more factors on this which I want to discuss that apart from the education system, this also applicable at the time of jobs. The promotions also made on the basis of religion and reservation category. Apart from all this there are people having different religion love in India with happiness I appreciate that. There are more than 100 languages are only in India but still, we love and respect each other. I m proud of it.

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Abhilash said: (Jun 19, 2017)  
A religious person who is righteous and loving will definitely care for the welfare of the whole population and hence become a true politician. True politicians can only be righteous and loving. They cannot be anything but religious.

The problem arises when religious leaders restrict the freedom of people to follow their dharma. If such religious leaders gain political power, they ostracize members of other religions. This should not happen. When leaders allow religion to become all encompassing with full freedom to pray and worship in any manner as long as it does not interfere with others, it will bring righteousness and peace to people and will be suitable for any society. Then there will be no cause to fear such leaders. Indeed, such leaders are the need of the time.

Today both religion and politics need a change. Religionists should be tolerant to allow freedom to everyone to follow the religion of their choice. And politicians should be trained in the basic principles of dharma. If leaders are righteous and spiritual, the whole society can flourish and be uplifted.

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John Bosco said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
Religion should never be separated from politics, if the rulers are serious about their/our life. Religion is not what we do in religious places. It is much deeper and involves life and death matter. I believe that firstly every God says 'love your fellow human beings' " this is accepted even by the non-believers. Secondly, God is our Father and we are his children, who expects us to treat everyone as brothers and sisters. Finally, we are accountable to nature and to one another as brothers and sisters. This brings us to the conclusion that Religion is the way we live our faith that is, we are the children of the God of LOVE, who wants us to treat one another equally in every way.

Politics is the way we help this religion of LOVE coming to reality. Politicians are expected to facilitate this ideal of fraternity, which is in the Indian Constitution -the Preamble.

To make it simple, religion is the real communism - in the positive sense- in which God is the head, love is his path and brotherhood is the motto or final goal.

Unfortunately, capitalistic principles do not go with this line of thinking, as SELF GLORY is their motto and domination is their path, which is questioned by the Religion of LOVE, which does not allow the rulers to get richer. By the way, minister means servant and not a ruler. Their core self is questioned by the true Religion. Therefore, they separated it has been unable to satisfy their conscience. If we are serious about establishing a true society, Religion of LOVE should be the base for all our life - Economic, Social and political. If we are cowards and do not have the courage to be servants of people - whatever the walk of life we are in, we may separate religion from politics. For your information, in earlier societies, ETHICS was taught in one class, which included morality and politics as they could not be separated.

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Pawan said: (Jun 2, 2017)  
The statement is 100% true.

In Indian govt, all the leaders came in politics and they are ruling us just based on their caste. India never develops until this caste filling is live in the people of India.

The people of India first change their mind set that the caste came into the picture just from their occupation s in olden days. Politics cannot be mixed with politics. The voting can be done based on best leader not based on candidates caste.

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Anand said: (Apr 6, 2017)  
The world in which we are living today it is harsh reality that religion has been mixed with politics as far as my opinion one should not be mixed it with each other it is just like two banks of river nowadays we are seeing that many politicians are polarising votes by dividing into religions the thing on which one should concentrate like development, skill, lifestyle, facilities, medical treatments etc. Are not discussing the main reason is that at the grassroots level people are not understating what is right for them as educated people nowadays understood that no religion is greater than man and no man is greater than country so they are boycotting those who are mixing it with each other. We should not propagate the kind of thing which they are saying they (politicians) should be isolated if they try to mix it with religion.

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Yogesh Choudhary said: (Mar 21, 2017)  
Religion should not be mixed with politics both are different things like two banks of river they never meet to each other religion is faith but politics is power. Power should not be interfere in faith it may become disaster. And another point is that religion means a particular group of people if we consider this in politics means we biased to that particular group of people which breaks our unity and it is helpful for foreign to rule in our country. And political parties does not work properly because they easily win and they misuse their power which are responsible for our falling down. And one last thing is that reservation they promise that we provide reservation that group of people from that another group of people can come in strike the result of this so many loss of our country. So the conclusion is that religion should not be mixed with politics.

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Rajendra said: (Mar 8, 2017)  
Ideally yes, religion and faith should not be mixed with politics. Before we begin to condemn the malpractices, let us understand that post independence we have chosen to be a democratic government. In a scenario where the majority of the population was rural, uneducated with this new concept of democracy. No resources and programs were introduced with this respect to supplant the feudalistic mind in many strata with democracy. Sufficient education of the new system and its contrasts with the old system were not explained to the population. Only the England educated class had an idea of the democratic process with its pros and cons.

The soup of politics, religious faith, we are seeing now is a consequence of the mistakes we have committed. We are trying to be democratic with a feudalistic mindset.

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Raone said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
It's obvious that that politician will demand votes on the name religion, but who to be blamed, the politician or ourselves, it's a way votes are earned by corrupt, illiterate politician but if s/he request us to vote on religion name then don't for vote them and this will be our answer to them who want to divide us religion name, remember friends we are the voters we are the one who can decide what to do whether to encourage them, or reply back with our power, this will be the message of the people of secular Indian citizen to greedy and mean politics played by them on us we are ready put end to dirty politics.

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Anonymous said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
No religion greater than human; No human greater than country.

We are known as secular country.

But when politicians like owaisi talk unwanted things and target Hindu religion then secular close their eyes and ear that's today's reality; and those sold media who support anti-national wide in the name of freedom of speech are another side of secular India. The MIM and congress and their followers who support terrorist and talk that we are biggest victims. But the reality is that when that terrorist kill or carry out bomb blast he did not kill or execute the victims because they are Hindu or Muslim or Sikh they execute because we are INDIANS. After the blackout (bomb blast) the blood shed on the floor didn't speak that this blood is related with Hindu or Muslim. That bloodshed speaks that INDIANS are the real victims. So there is no place for communalism and the one who support communalism.

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Akhtar Husain said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
No. Religion should not be mixed with politics and whoever asks for vote in the name of religion, boycott that leader as we are living in a secular country in which leader chosen by us is responsible for the development of a country and its people, not a single religion. And whoever does so they are dangerous for our unity and integrity.

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Religion should not be mixed with politics

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