Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Pooja Thakur said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
TRUE LOVE does not exist Nowadays, everything is about money and physical attraction, and I have seen many cases in my circle. 80% of LOVE marriage are failed.

True LOVE is very rare (5/100).

So, girls think 1000 times before getting into a relationship with some random guy. Always do marriage in the known family.

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Ankita said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
People are saying LOVE marriage is very good, But truth is that LOVE does not exist nowadays its very rare.

Todays LOVE is all about MONEY and physical attraction.

So I do not believe in LOVE marriage at all.

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Ankit Suman Sharma said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
What I saw in life make me feel that the arranged marriage are more successful than the love marriage. But according to my personal thinking love marriages may be more fruitful than arrange marriages, because it is very important to know our partner whom we want to spend the whole life with, which is not possible many times in arranging marriages. In love marriage, we met people first met as a friend and get time and opportunity to know like and dislike of his/her. But in arrange marriage most of the time we don't come across the others idea effectively and the life becomes boredom also many times a lifetime contract.

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Himanshi said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
I think arranged marriage is better than love marriage. Nowadays no true love exists basically I love you word become a mathematical equation where I love is constant and you is variable.

I think our parents choose the best person for us. Nowadays Love only for a physical relationship.

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Nisha said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
To all whether you are doing LOVE or ARRANGED MARRIAGE do in a known family. Nowadays there are many cases of harassment in both LOVE and ARRANGE Marriages.

LOVE marriage is very very risky nowadays. My one of a friend had LOVE marriage 1 year back, after marriage her husband asked for DOWRY of 15 lakhs. She was in a huge depression and finally she suicided.

There are many such cases in LOVE marriages.REAL LOVE does not exist. So stay away from LOVE marriages.

At least ARRANGE Marriages done in the known family are successful.

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Anshika said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
From my point of view, both the love and the arrange marriage will only be successful if both the person are honest and trustworthy to each other and if both gives equal respect to each other.

A marriage is a beautiful bond that is created by god. It's a changing point of every person's life. A pure relationship which was sometimes broken by dowry or some misunderstanding or by any other complications.

In arranged marriage, your parents simply choose your life partner and in love marriage you choose your life partner by yourself. But both requires HONEST, RESPECT, TRUTH, ASSURANCE.

Whether it is love or arranged, a marriage will only be successful if both the person become loyal to each other.

Thank You.

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Neha said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
It's not just about love marriage or arrange marriage. It's only thing required for a successful companionship is "trust". True lovers do exist. Though rare.

Not necessarily all arrange marriages come with a tag of being successful even they don't have a tag. So for me better knowing your partner is important either love or arranged.

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Naga Kamesh said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
Hai friends. I've observed your ideas. Friends let me tell you one thing. People say 80% of love marriages are getting divorced. Why you can't say 20% of love marriages are successful. It seems like many of you are negative minded. Well, I support love marriages. Because it is the only way one can get a complete understanding on another. So that he/she is true, loyal, respectful, critic, funny to their partner. Another point is love is not a lust. It is a great feeling. Love gives the courage. So whether it is intercaste or anything you can convince the parents and you can say that he/she is the right (not perfect) partner of mine. Your parents also feel relaxed because you already found a partner. So there are no more worries. Thank you.

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Pankaj said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Nowadays before ARRANGE MARRIAGE you have enough time to understand each other. So technically there is no difference between LOVE and ARRANGE Marriage.

Todays LOVE is about physical attraction, that's the main reason of the failure of marriage whether LOVE or ARRANGED Marriage.

If TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT is the base of marriage any kind of marriage will be successful.

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Nisha said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Some people is saying that do not do ARRANGE MARRIAGE with the person choose by your parents because they will die one day and go for LOVE marriage.

See the mindset of MODERN GENERATION, Today's LOVE is only for a physical attraction.

According to me, LOVE is trust and honesty with your life partner, whether it is LOVE or ARRANGE MARRIAGE.

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Sunil said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Modern generation thinks that they have been with some person for 2 years, so this is LOVE. This is just an attraction and this is natural. Are you 100% sure that person is not pretending in front of you?

He is real, No 80% of person do not show their actual face because they want to impress you.

True LOVE is Trust, Honesty, Respect.

It does not matter LOVE or ARRANGE MARRIAGE.

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Arun said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Some people are saying that LOVE marriage is very good because you know likes/dislikes with each other .

Nowadays you have at least 1 year for arranging a marriage before marriage you will know with each other, so there is no difference.


MODERN Generation definition of love : Only physical attraction

TRUE LOVE Is respect, trust, it does not matter whether LOVE or ARRANGE Marriage.

Some people are telling that in LOVE marriage people are very compatible with each other. But it's not true.

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Prashant said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Some people are saying ARRANGE marriage people stay together because of social pressure its true, because marriage is all about ARRANGEMENT, COMMITMENT, TRUST. If you do not have social pressure, we will see 60-70% divorce cases.

Today LOVE is about physical factors only, See around you how many LOVE Marriage is successful.

Because there is no social pressure in case of LOVE marriage hence 80% Love marriage are fail.

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Ravidu said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than Arranged marriage definitely there is no argument about it! Arranged marriages in India becomes successful due to social and cultural pressure, however the times of such pressure of society has come to slowly die since men and women have started to stand up for their rights to choose, those who say arranged marriages are great are the people who are either lazy to get a partner or simply spineless.

And with the right understanding and the commitment I think love marriage could be very successful even if it out of religion or caste or the boundaries what matter is the commitment to understand to work things out, Love can really win when you become humble enough to understand, however when it comes to two religions it is important to accept each other's faith and respect and make sure the children's religions are decided. Love should be used as an element of strength in a relationship that the key to the success of many interracial and inter-religious success marriages.

And people who show stats saying that arranged marriage is successful are saying the truth but the truth behind that fact is that religious pressure and cultural pressure forces men and women to be together however in case of love marriages since society demotes them they are highly demotivated and end up losing hope on each other, which is the sad reality.

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Yash said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
I have seen some of the answers here and most of the people here seem to be like having no mind of their own. So let me clear something up first.

Yes, parents are important. They give us everything. They give us our childhood. However, as you progress in life, you become wise enough to decide what's suitable for you. That's the whole point of growing up. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT A PERSON WHO SAYS THEY'RE GOING TO GO WITH THEIR PARENTS' DECISION OF ARRANGE MARRIAGE. Why? Simple. Because you're refusing to stand up for yourself. You're refusing to speak up for your right to be happy, just so that you don't offend them. In other words, you're a coward. You don't respect yourself. Living your life means you have to be brave enough to make certain choices which may do you good but others may not be pleased. It's a part of growing up.

Also, consider this, your parents won't live forever. Eventually, they'll die and then you'll be stuck with the life partner they chose for you. What if that person turns out to be the wrong one? Obviously, in the majority of cases of arrange marriage, people don't know each other. They get married, they sleep together and then have a child. In most cases, there's no love. How would there be? You don't know the simplest things about your partner. You don't know what they like, you don't know what they dislike etc. People stick together just because of societal pressure so many times. My mother is a prime example of this.

And then, in the end, you end up hating yourself for not having the guts to speak up. Regret is all that's left.

However, I won't bash arrange marriages entirely, because plenty of them are also successful. Still like I said, in a traditional Indian society, the majority of arranged marriage couples stay together just because of the societal pressure and ostracization of windows. There's no denying it.

Love marriages on the other hand, by the definition of love of the current generation, are bound to failures. Physical attraction and popularity are considered the chief factors to marry someone by many immature and unwise youngsters. The mistake lust for love, hence it doesn't work.

To summarize it, what people need to do is to set their priorities and speak up for their rights. Trying to keep everyone around you happy only ends up with you being the saddest one. So, take a stand.

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Prashant said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Both ARRANGE and LOVE Marriage are risky nowadays. In my friend circle, most of my friends had love marriages, out of 50% are divorced in the 4-5 year after marriage.

Now-a-days LOVE is about physical factors

Same case with Arrange marriage, Dowry is main cause of failure in ARRANGE marriage.

Better Choice is to be SINGLE.

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Nisha said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Modern generation answer LOVE (attraction/lust) marriage is better because you know each other's likes/dislikes.

Likes/dislikes are not a base for marriage TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT is the base of marriage, whether it is LOVE or ARRANGE marriage.

We cannot say which one is better LOVE or ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

In the US 99 % of marriages are LOVE marriages and 80% people take divorce in a 5-7 year, the same case in INDIA 80% love marriage are a failure.

ARRANGE marriage is also failure due to dowry issue.

SO better choice is that marry in a relative circle, whether LOVE or ARRANGED.

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Prabhakar Sarvepalli said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Hey guys, most of you people are sticky on only one side of the discussion. Let me figure out PROBLEMS (not advantages) with both kind of marriages.

Love Marriage:

Frankly speaking most of we guys about 70% in this modern era, doesn't know how to choose the correct partner by expressing LOVE.

Definitely, most of us start loving, by perceiving physical factors of the partner. You have to realize on this point.

Say straight from your heart, the above point is wrong, you never. Many cases, first love starts from persons physical attractions.

Why we people are thinking like that. Here is the challenge let me pose you. Look your surroundings and friends, and observe boys are discussing girls - hey I have got my girlfriend who is so beautiful,

And from girls side - hey he so beautiful and from a rich background, 75% of statements are you getting like this. NO DOUBT on this point.

It is hard to find people who are getting love with the partners who doesn't look fair. I am not saying this is VALID in all the cases, but in all major cases this is the actual situation, keep on discussing the topic will not yet to complete, let me wrap up this.

Final conclusion over the Love marriage : Girls don't fell in love if you fell don't leave and betray boys. Most of the boys are wandering as mad because of LOVE FAILURE. For you girls, this situation will never happen.


The first and foremost point here I am bringing is WHY parents are searching for partners to their boy/girl from their own caste or religion.

It is hard to arrange marriages who mix up two religions by making a marriage. An example can you people spot out a Hindu family can make a marriage with a Muslim, never. This kind of STEREOTYPES should be popped out from our mindsets.

And the second one, why parents from girls side have to give money for boys side. Is marriage is a business proposal that you have to fix up it within COFEEDAY.

Keep on saying the points will go on, let me wrap up this.

Final conclusion: if you find arranged marriages that are never asking DOWRY, you can proceed. Else don't be stuck on this side.

Hope you all get the clarity.

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Pooja said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Modern generation answer LOVE (attraction/lust) marriage is better because you know each other's likes/dislikes.

Likes/dislikes are not a base for marriage TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT is the base of marriage, whether it is LOVE or ARRANGE marriage.

Some people are saying that if your parents are not ready run away with your lover. For 1-2 year of the relationship, you will break your 25-year relationship. Peoples who can break the 25-year relationship with parents, how they can be loyal to their life partner?

Do not hurt your parents, they always try to do best for their children.

You can know each other likes/dislikes after marriage also, marriage is about adjustment, commitment.

Nowadays LOVE is about the physical ability.

So I do not believe in LOVE marriage.

I will do marriage where my parents will decide because they are my life.

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Akash said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
In my opinion, marriage is a stage where a new life begins, we should remember one thing, people must know about the two marriage, if you choose an arranged marriage, you are not bothered about any girl/boy around you for love or any physical attraction, you should see him /her as a friend, when your marriage comes your parents will decide and take a decision and find a partner for you, so you are happy for the marriage, but after the marriage he /she show the real face to you, maybe it is good or bad, you don't know what kind of a partner you have got, maybe you are not happy with him/her, love exist only when your partner feels you happy and respect and behavior, if this is not getting from him /her you are in a big trouble, that is the problem of arrange marriage, but if you choose love marriage, you and you are loved will know each other, there will create a happiness and respect, behavior, should be trustful for each other, only a loved couple know's the real feel of love, let me say it some kind of MADNESS, it only ends when you marry, At the time when your parents are searching for a partner, you must tell them you find a perfect partner, and he/she is better for you, and also tell them, you will be always happy when you marry your loved partner, this is my opinion about marriage.

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Ayushi said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
In my view love as well as arrange marriages both are equally good provided you move ahead in your life with a complete sense of trust and faith on your partner. In my view couples who move ahead on the path of love, marriages should firstly let their parents know about their decision and should move ahead only after their blessings, because blessings of parents are very important for a happy married life.

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Arun Mano said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
I support for love marriage.

Somehow after marriage the girl leaves her home and joins the groom family where they spend rest of their lives. If they had loved each other the girl can feel the grooms home as hers and be happy.

In love marriage you know the person and what he is capable of. If you love someone and your family says no. Please don't worry about them go on continue to marry your loved one. They are your family and they will accept after they see both of you spend your lives happily.

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Karthik Karthii said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
In my opinion, both love marriages and arranged marriages are good. It depends upon the situations which to choose. Mainly parental bond, the personality of the partner we have chosen or our person, etc as said above. But the main thing we have to keep in mind is that we should not hurt our parents. They are the reason for what we are now today and also remember that we will be parents someday. So those who love their parents can only keep their partners happy.

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Arun said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Nowadays Marriage is very risky.

Nowadays LOVE is about a physical ability , and you can not predict person in your 1-2 year of the relationship, he/she will not show his/her actual face because they want to impress you.

If you know some person from 5-6 year only then go for LOVE marriage.

My 6 friends had love marriages, out of that 3 already divorced within 3 years of marriage, any they had paid 5-10 Lakh as compensation to the girl, so think properly before going for any kind of marriage.

Otherwise do ARRANGE marriage, but not outside your relative circle.

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Royal said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Hello, boys and girls.

I prefer for love marriage because in that case there is one reason in arrange marriage you never know with whom you have to marry, afterward, problems starts in that case you prefer for love than you know his likes/or unlike. When a person in love then he will never hide (any problem etc).

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Avnish Kumar Sharma said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
I think love marriage is best when it Become arrange marriage.

Because when we fall in love we don't see his/her cast or family background etc. But we love only him/her.

We want to spend our whole life with her. But this love can't be successful without trust and honesty.

Nowadays in many cases boys or girls don't think about their parent's respect. But get marry with his/her love against for their families. It is really bad because if we can't make happy our parents then how can make happy that person who come in our life before some time.

Actually, in love marriage, we already know each other and care. But the real love does not exist now a day.


I think to arrange marriage is best because our family is with us in all conditions.

Our family searches the best life partner for us.

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Khushbu Bharti said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, love marriages and arrange marriages both are good and risky. Because it depends on our luck and nature of human beings.

I think love means trust, honesty, and respect towards yours life pattern either it's love marriage or arrange marriage because sometimes some people fall in love or marrying with his/her only for because she/he is beautiful/handsome and sexy but then what happen marriage is not successful because he/she will not show his/her actual face.

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Gourav said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
I think love marriage is the best because a girl and boy we know very well to each other and his/her family also.

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Ankita said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
Both LOVE (Attraction) and ARRANGE marriage are same, you have to adjust with your life partner after marriage.

So there is no difference.

Understand each other, respect each other, trust each other, love will happen automatically whether it is love or arrange marriage.

Today's generation thinks that I have been with this person for 1 or 2 years, I am in love, that does not love that is just an attraction, happens at a young age, its natural addiction.

So become financially stable before thinking about this nonsense (LOVE), because if you are financially not stable marriage is like hell, you will fight on small things and finally, divorce.

True Love is respecting each others feeling, trust each other. If you follow this no one breaks your marriage.

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Sxaqina said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
Love each other than you'll get the happiness as you wish whether it's a love marriage or arrange marriage. Actually, I am only 18 years girl. And I don't have any problem towards and arrange marriage and love marriage.

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Sneha said: (Aug 13, 2016)  
Nowadays arrange and love marriage both are same. In arrange marriage nowadays so have enough time to understand each other before marriage.

If you marrying someone because she is very beautiful and sexy then marriage will not be successful.

Whether it is love or arrange marriage you both should be financially good before going into a relationship, Because in this world without money you are nothing, you even can not afford food.

There is the difference between real life and movies. Love is not going to give free food, the basic requirement of life.

REAL LOVE is trust, honesty, and respect toward your life partner.

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Achira said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
I really don't have much knowledge in the percentile of failure or success of the love or arrange marriage. As per my feelings, I believe that the marriage may be love or arranged, its successful continuity mainly based on the trust, respect, and love for the partner.

I am quite in tune with the others who have said that in arrange marriage basically the payslip, looks, family background rules the main factor, but these things are not going to work for having a partner who truly loves you and Love marriage also don't portray a positive background if the partner is chosen based on the looks and personality. We all live on earth and under earth we can't get the absolute security in the worldly measure. Suppose some accident may happen and your partner may lose his job, the assets in worse cases he may lose his physical ability. Then if our starting based on this thing like money, looks, security then the whole relationship will surely face a big question. But if it will be based on love and respect on each other it will last. So I believe that whether it may a love or arrange marriage you both should be financially sound before going into a relation and should be in love with the person's all kind of feelings not with the thought of loving him.

Start the journey with the respect, come with love, and continue it with trust. I think this will be the only key to have a successful marriage. Whether it is arranged or loved.

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Shivani Thummar said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
Love marriage is better because he/she know that which things are he/she likes, they know everything about each other.

In love marriage person has enough time to understand each other.

I believe in love marriage because after marriage girls move to other families, at least she knows that one person whom she trusts will surely support in any conditions.

As per my view love marriage is best.

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Jayanth said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
As per my opinion both love and arrange marriages are Good.

Because we have to understand our coming life partner. We should not see that love or arrange. We have to understand.

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Neha said: (Aug 10, 2016)  
Both LOVE and ARRANGE are risky nowadays. Both depend on upon luck.

You cannot know the person in 1-2 person in a love relationship, he/she will not show his/her actual face. You will come to know their face after marriage. Please do not compare the physical appearance with LOVE.

The Same case is with ARRANGE Marriage.

After marriage both marriages are same. You have to adjust with your partner.

So do not marry outside your relatives circles whether it is LOVE or arranged marriage. You can not.

Predict someone in a 1-2 year.

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Nandhu said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
I thought Indian parents especially mothers fight with the girl that they found for their boy. Is that really necessary if the girl they found for their boy was perfect? This happens in 90% of the family.

Also, I don't know why people say people who do love marriage only go for the physical appearance like in arranged marriage looks don't matter at all.

In arrange marriage, it is Looks + money + parents support where money and parents support has more importance.

In love marriage, looks + personality (depends on the person) and no parents support and possibly no money. So love marriage eventually fall.

Still arranged marriage is just about luck. If you're lucky you will get person perfect for you. If you are unlucky then you won't.

Which girl/boy would want an ugly person as their mate even before knowing their personality?

Anyway, it's all about your luck.

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Neha Singh said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
True love is respected each others feeling, trust each other. So marriage based on this is 100% successful.

Today's Love is based on physical appearance. So the failure of LOVE marriage is high.

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Pooja said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
Today's love is based on physical appearance. So marriage based on this will fail 100%. Hardly 1-2 cases out of 10 are genuine. That's why LOVE marriage is the biggest failure.

ARRANGE marriage also failure is there but not that much. People are telling that you do not have enough time to understand each other, nowadays in arrange marriage also you have enough time to understand each other at least 1 year before marriage.

You will not get 100% compatible person whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage.

So for a successful marriage, you need to adjust with each other, trust each other.

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Ajay said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
Some jokers are telling that LOVE marriage is very good as compare to ARRANGE Marriage.

Marriage is about adjustment, commitment, respect.

People are saying arrange marriages happen in the rural area only. Go check the fact first, 90% of marriage are still arranged in India. Still, 60-70% of marriage in an urban area is also arranged.

Can anyone define LOVE?

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Prashant Singh said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
People who are saying 80% gets a divorce in LOVE marriage I have few things to say.

1. You accept it or not people who do arrange marriages are mostly from Rural (no proper education) area and most of them helpless and cannot stand against their husband who is exploiting or torturing them.

2. These women do not have much knowledge of divorce who ends up staying with his husband unwillingly or kill herself if she can\'t tolerate.

3. The women in the rural area also do not have any option if she is leaving her husband's house that is either because of the society or because of the habit of being dependent on her husband for food.

4. They are many women in arrange marriage who is staying with his husband unwillingly so that the life of their children are not off the track.

5. These are the few things which are the main reason why people (arrange marriage) hesitate to go for divorce and due to which the divorce rate is low in case of arrange marriage.

I had already given my below Thought in Favor of LOVE Marriage.

1. There are many advantages in love marriage like the couples know each other well in advance, they are familiar with their likes and dislikes which help them in adjusting to each other in the long run.

2. People do not do love, it happens automatically. Love does not see caste, religion or race which helps them in learning one another's culture or religion.

3. There are more chances of asking Dowry in arrange marriage. If not dowry they called it a gift, which is we can say is 0 in the case of love marriage. In rural areas (also some part of urban) an unborn daughter is killed because of the fear of dowry in future.

4. It is always better to blame oneself rather than blaming one's parents in case of failure of marriage, which serve the purpose of love marriage.

5. Another advantage is already given above by the people like Trust, compatibility, etc.

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Prityush Raj said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
In my opinion, marriage is all about love, care, respect. It depends on the couple, if the couple truly loves each other then both the marriage is considered better. But at the end of the day, I would strongly favour love marriage because considering the merits love marriage has more merits. The partners personally know each other their small things what they like and what they dislike. So accordingly they try to adjust to each other. Keeping aside all merits and demerits and just fully focusing on love which acts as a force which binds the couple before marriage in case of love marriage. But in arrange marriage it could be that the couple may not love each other and have to stay in the relationship just becaue they are married.

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Tamana said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is better because your parents won't choose a wrong person for yourself and both of them would get time to know each other before their marriage also.

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A Kid said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
It's always better to try to have a "loved arranged marriage" rather than a love marriage or arranged marriage. Before falling in love someone, thoroughly check their background including cast, financial condition etc.

If you think your family won't accept a girl or boy from other casts never try to fall in love with the person.

Also, you should have a clear concept about a girl or boy you love. Don't just love someone because of their looks but if you are bothered with the looks try to get the person with right personality and looks. There are lots of girls who friend zone guys just because they think that they are not their type. Consider what happens if that girl marries the type guy like that. She will be stuck with him for their rest of their life. Also for people who tells divorce rates are high in America and not in India its only because of our society. Most couples just don't divorce because thinking of their children and it will be solved with time and help from people who are close to us but in America, they just divorce and marry a new person. Instead of trying to solve the problem.

If you go for arranged marriage, although you will only get to know the personality and financial condition but it doesn't mean that the person is perfect for you. If you think every boy in the world is perfect for every girl then you are pretty stupid. Honestly, I don't like some of the girl's characters that I meet in real life. And I can assume most of the girls would not like the type of a guy like me too.

If I am a guy with average looks, the normal character the chance of a girl that will like me is just 50% in an arranged marriage. That means only 1 girl out of 2 girls can be happy at having me. If I marry the other girl she will end up being sad. But with time nearly all of the arranged marriage will only end up being good because when someone is made to spend time with another person for a long time they will eventually start to like each other. This what that keep arranged marriage being successful. But if the girl or boy meet with some other guy which was perfect they start liking the other person. It takes a lot of time and by the time you will miss all of your love life.

No parent will say no to a love marriage if they are ok with the financial condition and cast. But it's extremely hard to find a person like that with all of this religion BS. We have three religions and this religion is again divided into numerous sub-caste so you have to choose from 5-10 girl/boy from every 100 girls/boys. Also, you have to find someone perfect for you and that person have to love you also.

Even if that happens there are only a few guys have sensed what their future would be. If they don't work well during their studies they will end up losing them because of their financial condition.

In a nutshell. Love marriage is always good as long as you don't hurt your parents or yourself. If you want to make your life happy then find someone which you think both of the families are ok with. Then all the guy have to do is work hard, get a good job and request her parents for marrying her to you and it will be all fine.

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Suraj Mitra said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
In love marriage both of them know that what his/her partner likes to do, what to eat, and many other things and a big thing is that if in future they both get divorced then it's not their fault of their parents or elders fault and if there the fault would be of their parents like in arrange marriage they will say that for their parents their Lyf became hell and we don't see us just see others mistake but in love marriage it's fault of yours, not your parents or elders and you will regret that and it's better.

The many have different opinion but it's better to regret your mistake then your parents mistake, and even the I respect both arrange and love marriage but if do you do something for your partner then she will be happy because you know what does she really wants and what make their partner happy and they will do that. So its better but if in arrange marriage if you do something to impress her then also something get missed even what you brought he/she doesn't like that so better to know that and ups and downs are there in every relationship in arranging and even in love but we should not leave our partner and marriage is a meeting of two souls so better ko keep happy your partner either it may be love or arrange.

Thank you.

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Maneesha said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
Hai everyone.

In my point of view, both have same values. We cannot say directly and firmly this is the best one. Because it depends on love. As we are seeing many cases in news channels. Recently the issue had come that was about Madhurima who is one of the popular folk singer I think you might be heard about her. We cannot say this is good or this is bad. Every relationship bond with love only. When there is a love then there is a strong relationship. First of all, there should be love between them. It's not only matter whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage.

Rate this: +4 -1

Ankita said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
I request everyone do not support LOVE marriages in India, Because of this western culture divorce cases are very high in India, 90% of love marriage are the failure in the India. You see around you hardly 2 cases out of 10 are successful or very successful.

ARRANGE marriage is not gambled as some people are saying in this discussion if you choose your partner inside your relative circle Because it is very important to know the background of boy/girl and his family before marriage.

In your 1-2 year of your love (Lust nowadays) relationship, you cannot know the background of boy/girl or his family, that's why LOVE marriage are the failure in India, because in India so have to adjust with boys family.

For some idiots who is saying love marriage are very good, In USA, UK, Europe 99% marriages are LOVE marriage and 80 % ends up in divorce in a maximum 5-7 year. The bitter truth of LOVE marriage.

If you still want to go for LOVE marriage it's your wish.

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Pooja said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
In my point of view, arranged marriages better than love marriages. In love marriages they are trying to impress each other, so you can not see his/her original face. That is the reason behind the failure of LOVE marriage in the world. Hardly 1-2 love marriage out of 10 are genuine, remaining is sex or lust based.

After arranged marriage, they have full time to understand and fall in love each other. Arranged marriage is best because our parents choose our partner after checking the background of boy/girl.

That is must thing for Marriage.

Modern generation says I am in love with boy/girl from 1-2 year. Are you 100 % sure that person is good for you when you are attracted towards someone you are not able to judge him? So stop saying this nonsense that LOVE marriage is good.

Marriage is Adjustment, arrangement commitment.

Real Love : Respect your partner, listen to him/her.

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Neha said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
In my point of view, arranged marriage is better than love marriages. In love marriages they are trying to impress each other, so you can not see their original face. So LOVE marriage is a failure. In my friend circle, almost every second love marriage has been failed.

After arranged marriage, they have a full time to understand and fall in love each other. Arranged marriage is best because a parent decides best for us after checking the background of his/her family.

Are you 100 % sure that person you has to choose yourself is best for you, because when you are attracted toward somebody, you are not in a position to judge him/her, you will try to impress him/her?

So my suggestion does not do marriage outside your relatives circle because you cannot know the nature.

And the background of boy and girl.

Modern generation says I love with that boy or girl from 2 years. How can you understand someone in the 1-2 year, if you are not able to understand your parents in the 20-25 year?

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Nikki said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
I prefer a love marriage reason why is because I can't imagine having my family choose a husband for me I respect their opinions but I want to marry the man I love not the man I just met. I want to grow more in love with my husband not just have the fondness for him and become comfortable in settling. At the end of the day arrange marriages are a gamble if you get paired up with the right man your lucky but if you're not so lucky all I can say to you is be ready to be miserable.

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Sai said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
In my point of view, arranged marriages better than love marriages. In love marriages they are trying to impress each other. After arranged marriage they have full time to understand and fall in love each other. Arranged marriage is best.

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Rakhi Rawat said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Love marriage is batter than arranged marriage because in love marriage when a girl and boy lives each other without any condition and are ready to spend whole life together. Love is a beautiful filling parent don't talk about dowry. Most love affairs starts with friendship.

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Nikhil said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
As my point of view, Marriage is important in our life. In arrange marriage. People search for a better person. Well educated, Beauty, Good or bad, etc. We are searching for a better future. It's a business thing. But in love, we understand each other well. The way of living.

True love makes life happier than a business life. That too, true love should be on both sides. It's not like one is having true love. And the another one is blindly going on. It won't work.

So. Love someone who makes uh complete person. By this. Values. I support love marriage. That too true love on both sides.

Thank you.

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Suparna Kushwaha said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
In my opinion, both marriages are best whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage. They both have their own merits and demerits. A relationship only works when there is the mutual understanding among couples. They do support, love, care, respect each other. These are the basic ingredient of marriage. A healthy relationship only exists when there is communication between them. Communicate to know their likes dislikes, hobbies, what they want from each other because marriage is not for some time it for the life time. There is someone who always be with you, to support, to care for you. There is an old saying that behind every successful men there is a woman so it be reverse behind every successful woman there is a man. Then marriage gonna worth it.

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Nidhi said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
In love marriage, people know each other from at least a year in which they know their fault's and are ready to marry them with those fault and stay happy.

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Dileep said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
Hi friends,

My name is Dileep from Karimnagar.

I would you like to share some knowledge on arranged marriages-vs-love marriages.

According to my point of view, both marriages are very good.

This kind of marriages mutual understanding is place a big important role in a love marriages couples or arranged marriages couples.

If there understanding good they can lives very good with the complete family.

Some {lovers} people think like this parent are not supports for love marriages, my point of view every parent always support their children's at one stage.

Lovers went outside from the house, getting to ready their love marriages before to do that think a one minute about your parents. Thank you.

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Harinathreddy C said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
As per my thought, Arranged marriages are good and also the love marriages better sometimes.

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Deepak Khattana said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
The one and only thing which makes the marriage successful is that a person who decides to marry is an earning person. And the second thing is that he has the power and capability to make his partner happy. Now nothing is matter either it is love or arranged marriage. My elder brother married in 1998 with his lover through court marriage. My parents also accepted both of them. But today we facing a problem from the side of our community. They people refuses us they ignore me and my sisters for marriage. So now I completely decide to go for love marriage. If this is our culture then I don't care. Go for love marriage. East to west only love marriage is best.

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Pooja said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
I believe in ARRANGE Marriage because marriage is kind of arrangement/commitment only.

Some people will say this is old fashion, but I am OK with that.

Some people says in arrange marriage we do not have enough time to understand each other, fell in love with each other, do not worry you have the full life to understand and love each other.

Respect each other, understand each other, try to solve problems together, you will fall in love with each other forever. This is real love.

Once you are following above things, no one can break your marriage.

Sex is part of life, do not compare it with Real Love.

Today's LOVE is sex and lust, once this over your LOVE marriage is over. Because 90% of cases boy/girl attracted towards physical appearance, not toward his character. Hence failure rate of love marriage is above 80% in India.

So girls once think before taking some big step.

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Roshan said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
Hello friends,

In love marriage is understanding feelings of each other, that's life going to better in love marriage.

Love marriage didn't mean of attraction which means of belive in each other..

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Shanaya said: (Jul 29, 2016)  
Both the marriages will go wrong all will base upon our fate which is written by god. So don't worry love marriage or arranged. One day we will get married that's all be cool. God will know which is best for us.

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Sonu said: (Jul 29, 2016)  
Hi. In my point of view arrange marriages are more successful because in Arrange marriage we are happily blessed from our parents and relatives. And I think without blessings there is not anything that will success in our life. So parents blessings are most important as they are our god. So whether its love or arrange doesn't matter. Just the point is parents should not hurt by their children. If we will hurt our parent's god is also there to tell us what is right or wrong.

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Azad said: (Jul 28, 2016)  
Hello, all my dear friends.

I am here to share my view on both of marriages. According to me both are best and not good because both marriages have own merits and demerits. So in love marriage we know better that person with whom we spend our time. And some people canspeak easily love marriage is not good it is against with our culture, traditional and whatever. But who's fall in truth love. We called to them they are blind they cannot see their future it's happen only intercast or not equal in wealth with other. If Love marriage fail then there is only one reason and reason is misunderstanding and we cannot think for some time to take decision then we immediately take wrong decision and after some time we remorse. And comes to arrange marriage we can happly do it we increase our parents repect in our home, society, city, state, and whole world.

I think both marriages are good if there is an understanding among the couple.

Thanking you.

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Kunal Das said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
In my point of view, arrange marriage is better than love marriage because our parents know who is the best partner and good one.

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Juhi said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Some people are telling that,

In arranged marriages, the parents see the payslip, height, family background, and their house. They never try to find out that about their likes and dislikes, their hobbies. But these are the things that matter most.

Like/dislike, hobbies are not going to help you in your life, bitter truth is Money is everything. Without money, you can not survive a day. Love (attraction) is not going to make your money. So parents check the payslip, family background. Because this is India and you have to adjust with boys family.

Like/dislike can be changed but if you do not have money you are ZERO. Hence LOVE marriage is the biggest failure in the world, because LOVE is 20% part of your married life, For everything you need money. Love cannot buy even simple food.

So I believe in arrange marriage (Culture of my INDIA).

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Shilpi said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Don't make India like western countries. Because of this western culture, divorce cases are increasing in India.

Sex and attraction before marriage are not LOVE.

There is nothing like love marriage.

Marriage is agreement (Arrangement), commitment between two people. So both should be committed toward each other, only then marriage can be successful.

Love happens when you respect each others feeling, ignore small issues.

You know who is behind the failure of marriage in India, western culture (sex, lust).

I request everyone do not support concept of LOVE marriage in India.

Most of the people do not know that in USA, Europe 99% marriages are love marriage, and 80 % end up in divorce in 5-10 year. This is bitter truth of LOVE marriages.

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Pooja said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
I don't know why people are saying love marriage is better than arranged marriage, because you know the person from 2-3 year, Are you sure that that person is not pretending in front of you?

This happens in love marriage, person will show his original face after marriage, hence divorce cases are very high in LOVE marriage, 80% failure in India.

On Other hands, if marriage is done in relation circle within the good family is more successful, known as ARRANGE marriage (90% success).

Bitter truth is that Money is everything, you can not survive on LOVE, hence girls parents will ask about your earning and they check the family background.

You met some guy/girl in your college and to attract him/her you will not show your original character because 90% of cases people concentrate of physical look, not on his character. Even you can not know his actual face because he will fake himself/herself to impress you.

Hence divorce case is very high in LOVE marriage.

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Sweta said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
It should be love come arranged marriage as in your parents must be a part of it. Once you decide your life partner, you should ask for your parent's opinion and instead of just trying to convince them, should listen to their arguments also. And, if they have some valid points apart from caste and financial status, then you must agree with them because,

- They have more experience.

- They are your parents. You owe them.

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Megha said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
I think Love marriage is better than arranged marriage because:

1. It promotes gender equality. As the girl also has the same right to choose her partner unlike arranged marriages, where girls are not generally very much involved.

2. There are more chances of asking Dowry in arrange marriage. If not dowry they called it gift, which is we can say is 0 in case of love marriage.

3. Love marriage is generally intercaste. So the individual qualities of a person like their personality, education, sense of humor get more preference than cast and religion.

4. While doing the shopping for their marriage, people do so much inquiry as in they visit at least six or seven shops. And when it comes to choosing your life partner, then how can you decide by just meeting them once, that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

5. In arranged marriages, the parents see the payslip, height, family background, and their house. They never try to find out that about their likes and dislikes, their hobbies. But these are the things that matter most.

6. I think the most important thing in marriage is love and trust. They take some time to develop. It's not like that today you meet that person, tomorrow you get married and you just hand over your trust to him or her. It isn't possible because trust is earned.

In love marriage, the marriage is the last step, first, you get to know that person, gain their trust and love. So, chances of failure are less. But in the case of arranged marriage, first, you marry and then will try to gain their trust. So, chances of failure are more. What if after marriage, you find out that your partner has no interest in books and you are an avid reader. Or he likes loud music and you just enjoy the peace. What if your interests are totally different. Then, there is nothing left to talk about you two and all you have are just complaints. And you just try to change them or to yourself. And both of these things are not good. Because that would be a compromise and you won't be yourself. So, you can't be happy. And you'll just blame your parents for choosing the person for you.

7. Better Co-ordination: It is discovered out that the couple having love marriages enjoy better understanding as they are familiar with each other. They value each other and have awareness with each other's habits. They try to compensate with each other's routine and have a clear idea about their partner's nature.

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Bunty Rathod said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Friends looking into current issues in India about love or arrange marriages only one thing responsible for divorces is that misunderstanding for the person.

In love cases don't be afraid just look back what promises you have done might be if you love someone more than your life then one small misunderstanding can't lead divorced.

Person hopefully desires to keep promises you have done in past and before love marriage only you and your love together and you happy I think before promises tell the whole truth. Love the person by heart not only physical attraction most cases divorce find they don't having by Heart love only they have physical attraction and before marriage without any permission like marriage, they did sex. For sex promises done to a married person after such cases divorced happy ends because that's not true love.

True love is the heart not physical.

If you love person really then why you require sex before marriage. Take permission from parents to marry and tell them about our love she/he is unique to make me happy.

Love cases moreover people don't take permission from people and they marry after that parents will dissatisfy with expectations.

One thing that naturally grow in love cases is the expectation. You love more automatically your expectation will high from the person in love cases. So don't expect love the person as it is we know the person.

Arrange cases it very difficult to find persons require our expectation our mindset different before arrange marriage might be she/he love someone thinking from both side one thing we miss is that trust. Trust the person you married. Be honest with the person.

Be honest. Be unique. Handle small misunderstanding n forget such misunderstanding will give you tension. After that, you know it's only yours thanks.

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Chinni Sudheer Kumar said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
We cannot say which one is best.

Some people are facing problems and some people are happy in both type of marriages.

The happiness or sad is based on the mutual understanding between couple.

But, not on the type of marriage.

These both are just ways to get married.

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Pooja said: (Jul 23, 2016)  
Most of the people are saying that LOVE marriage is good because you know some person from 1-2 years.

Are you 100% confirm person is not taking himself/herself in front of you? This happens in LOVE marriage because people want to impress you.

And 80 % love marriage are a failure in India, I have seen people around me 5-6 marriage out of 10 ending up in divorce in a 3-5 year.

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Alok Tripathi said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Everyone thinking is different. Everyone will favor one another but in the end, the question is whether or not you are happy and can you make the person with you happy that is the major concern. I love my country and respect its tradition but I like if people were allowed to choose whom they will marry because parents may be experienced but in the end, it's your life, you have to live it nor your dad or your mom. Any marriage form requires a level of involvement, commitment, and loyalty towards each other. Even our lord shiva and Parvati had a love marriage. So, in the end, I will say it's your life you have to decide what you want or not you have grown up so stop looking towards your parent to take every decision for you. That's ironical people want to spread the love but not by promoting love marriages.

Thank you for your time.

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Steffi said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
I think both are equally valuable but should satisfy these things Two people should be bounded with Love Respect and care.

Sacrifices, adjustment, sad and happiness, trust n honest. Your own Mind is always better than others.

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Rishabh Chauhan said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
My point of view, arrange is good because we get the respect in the eyes of our partner. And she respects our family members too. This marriage both trust to each other.

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Smruti said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
Hi, all.

As my point of view, love marriage is better from arrange marriage because in love marriage there is nothing any caste discrimination, dowry problems, any feelings about rich or poor. Fair or unfair etc. There is only trust, care, like handle, belief, mutual understanding etc. Which are generally absent in arranged marriage. It happens really you just think about it how could it possible within a short period of time like 2 months or maximum 6 months. It impossible to know about an unknown person. Then misunderstanding, divorce, disturbances in married life so many problems will arise. That's why love marriage should be 1st choice for both the girls and boys.

That's it.

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Aalfa said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
Whether it is love marriage or arranged, the success of life depends on upon our attitude, adjustment, etc. Love and care is the best way for success.

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Praveenkumar said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
Hi, Friends.

In my point of view love, marriage is best as that of arranged marriage because we do know about that new person or girl and what their character and attitude. Suppose after marriage whether they drink or smoke what we'll do. But in love marriage, we know everything about our partner and their character. We can understand each other. So I think love marriage is best to understand everything in your life.

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Neha said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
Don't make India like western countries. Because of this western culture, divorce cases are increasing in India.

There is nothing like love or arrange marriage.

Marriage is agreement, commitment between two people. So both should be committed toward each other, only then marriage can be successful.

Sex and attraction before marriage are not LOVE.

Love happens when you respect each others feeling, ignore small issues.

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Meenal Jadhav said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
In either of the marriages, trust and respect from within for your partner is what matters. Also, life is never the same at all times; so one need to stay together even in hard times. Irrespective of parent's support mutual understanding is what leads to a happy married love.

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Rupa Soni said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
Hello, dear friends.

I think arrange marriage is the best because in arranged marriage my mom dad will proud of me and my life will become for marvelous therefore I can't decide to which type of my life partner such as thinking living personality simplicity etc. But my parents automatically can decide it moreover they are already full experience about different types of person and after arranged marriage very happiness become our life.

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Archana said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
Hello, friends, myself Archana.

In my point of view either arranged marriage or love marriage is not matter. It depends on understandings.

Understanding is very important to our relationships. In love marriages take divorce and arrange marriages also take divorce because they are not understanding to each other. In love marriages, if our parents accept our love it's better otherwise it's not good. If after marriage we will face any problem then our parents support us. In arranged marriages dowry is the major problem if it is scrap by our Govt then arrange marriage is also better. So marriage depends on our trust on each other.

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Mala Kannan said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
Hi, friends I think love marriage is good. It broke the caste system.

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Pradeep said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Love is something which one cannot live without it. So we should marry whom we love as we know everything about him. There will be better understanding and they can do a good future planning.

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Sayali said: (Jul 12, 2016)  
It depends on your partner. Both the marriages are their own status. If your partner is good then you will become happy in your life. If both the families agree with your relationship then it's good for your life.

Understanding and caring are important in the relationship.

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Kumar Shubham said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
Arranged marriage is more better than love marriage because our parents well know about that girl and her family and our parents take care our life. Parents have experience about marriage and they know situation after marriage. And we also try to love that girl nowadays every boy talk with his future wife and understanding her.

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Bhavana said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
Hii friends,

In my point of view, both arrange marriages and love marriages are good. Mutual understanding is the main important in a couple. If the understanding is good so that they can live happy either in arrange or in love marriages.

Rate this: +10 -2

Vignesh Thamilalagan said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
In marriage there is should be mutual understanding between both the couple. If there is no understanding, It will spoil your life entirely. First I want to tell all of you that you are going to live your life, not your mom, dad, bro, sis. Since you both are going to start a life so the main important thing is your acceptance and understanding. Some people say here that in arranged I have my family and relatives' full support. Ok now I come to my point you have full support but if you are not happy with that marriage, why did you get married. Marriage is to live happily.

Then In arranged marriage you are going to understand a girl/boy within 2 to 3 months before marriage or less than that time, is it possible to understand them completely. Definitely not. Then how would you know, whether she is adjustable with you, whether she pacifies you? when are you angry? whether she really cares you? etc etc. But in love marriage, if you properly select a girl who suits you, understands you, adjust you, then your life will be happier than ever. But in some of love marriage why the couple got separated is only because they did not understand each other and they actually did not what is love and what is life.

If you can correctly understand the love and life, definitely the love marriage is going to make your life happy always. Today many parents accept love marriages, so get a good job and find your exact partner and love her and marry her. Arranged marriage is arranged by your parents without knowing if she suits you or not. But love marriage is arranged by you and accepted by your parents if she perfectly suits you and It will make your life meaningful.

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Priyanka said: (Jul 9, 2016)  
So many people here advocating arrange marriage saying that our parents are the best to decide our partner. I just want to say that marriage is an important responsibility too and if you are not in a state to decide about your partner by yourself, then please do nor marry. How would then you take care of running a home, caring for a baby?

No doubt love marriage is the best form of marriage. Even talking about giving respect to spouse's parents- in love marriage, people treat each other's parents with respect. I see how partially girl's parents are treated in arrange marriage.

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Rohit said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
I think arrange is best because our parent better know us rather than others.

Rate this: +5 -4

Prashant Singh said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
Hi, I would go with the love marriage. Below are the few points which I would highlight in favor of love marriage.

1. There are many advantages in love marriage like the couples know each other well in advance, they are familiar with their likes and dislikes which help them in adjusting to each other in the long run.

2. People do not do love, it happens automatically. Love does not see caste, religion or race which helps them in learning one another's culture or religion.

3. There are more chances of asking Dowry in arrange marriage. If not dowry they called it gift, which is we can say is 0 in case of love marriage. In rural areas (also some part of urban) an unborn daughter is killed because of the fear of dowry in future.

4. It is always better to blame oneself rather than blaming one's parents in case of failure of marriage, which serve the purpose of love marriage.

5. Another advantage is already given above by the people like Trust, compatibility, etc.

Rate this: +91 -22

Sanjana said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
The main fact is, either it may be a love or arranged, real love makes the pair successfully.

A humble request to all friends. Please don't imagine an attraction as love.

Real love is trusting your partner, giving respect to them, being honest.

And don't get cheated by others.

Thank you.

Rate this: +56 -19

Shubham said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Love marriage is the best way to understand to someone who loves you and who take care of you. Love marriage is the best.

Rate this: +14 -18

Niveditha said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Hai friends. Myself Niveditha. In my point of view, it's not a matter of marriage. Whether it is a love marriage or arranged. In both marriages, real love is the key to getting a successful life.

In this modern generation, mostly youth are attracting towards love marriages. But it's an attraction. How can a person confirm that his partner is good with one look (first site of love)?

Real love is trusting his partner, respecting them, honest.

MY REQUEST: please don't change the meaning of love & marriage.

Thank you.

Rate this: +31 -8

Chanchal Nagar said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
In my opinion, arrange marriages are the best because our parents are always support us.

Rate this: +22 -14

Raja Man Singh said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
I think love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in case of love marriage boys and girls know very well each other.

Rate this: +6 -9

Snethi said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
In my point of view, marriage which are done by our parents are the best! because they are the good decision makers in our lives.

Rate this: +31 -23

Prasanna said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Hi, friends!

In my point of view, arranged marriage is best. In arranged marriage, we have so many relations and we need relations. In this world 'I' is the worst word if we got love marriage we told only I. In arranged marriage we have parents support if we have any problems they solve that problem. In love marriage before marriage both girl and boy understand each other In arranged marriage after marriage they understand each other this is the difference between love marriage and arranged marriage.

Rate this: +26 -15

Abhi Raj Pal said: (Jul 2, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

First of all the questions become what is marriage? Marriage is the understanding and misunderstanding of a couple! After that, I say that I think love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in love marriage the couple is well known by each other and this is the real mean of marriage when to they have a good understanding. There is no tension of divorce and the life is getting on simply. And by arranging marriage the life of couple are going in burden because they don't know about each other so that the misunderstanding bears from here and they always saw suspiciously each other. And I think the parents have also no problem with us by love marriage. But When? When our life partner is thinking about them then parents have no problem with love marriage and by this, our whole life depends on our partner. And there is no problem of Dowry. Dowry is also the main cause of Our country's development.

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Haritha said: (Jul 2, 2016)  
HI, Guys in my opinion arranged marriages are better than loved marriages what is the reason behind my opinion is our parents are our well-wishers. They always think about our future. They want to increase good social relationship with bridegroom parents. If the couple faces any problem in their life the parents and their relatives always with them and gives solution to their problem. Parents gave birth to you. So give the chance to parents about your life partner. Nowadays youth can't control their attractions. They easily fell in love and can't understand properly about their life partner. First, they were anxiety about their marriage next they can't survive with her. But some are well educated and they fell in love. It's better to do like that especially for girls if they face any problem they can stand their own.

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Hansraj said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
Arranged marriages better the love marriages because after some time money problem in love marriage.

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Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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