Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Unknown said: (Tue, Apr 26, 2016 06:50:02 PM)    
Love marriage and arrange marriage both are better. It's all depends on the partners. In love marriage if the partners have best bonding and understanding then they are together along. In arrange marriage if partners have supportive family and parents then its always helpful for them. Arrange marriage, it's all about trust each other and it grows day by day.

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Aditya Shrivastava said: (Fri, Apr 22, 2016 08:51:52 PM)    
Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages:


My point of love marriage and arranged marriage both are good depend on your own respect and values. But my side love marriage is better than arranged marriage. Actually, I feel every time love is memorable things because arranged marriage is the business of two family is not good things of our society. So I respect and support love marriage.

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Aditi said: (Fri, Apr 22, 2016 07:22:13 PM)    
Most of the peoples viewing that love marriage are better. Why? because we get to choose our partner ourselves so the relationship will bloom.

My question is, Did we choose our parents? Or our brothers or sisters? Or did we opt to be born in India? NO.

But we still love them all. By arranged marriage we don't mean those Hindi movies sort of marriages where the person is forced to marry the person of his/her parents choice. The person has a say in arranged marriages as well. Agreed it takes the time to understand a person but sometimes even a lifetime is not enough to understand a person. It depends on a bit on your luck. But at the end what matters the most is your adaptability and how you make the correct decision in that short span of time by judging the person.

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Jsonu said: (Fri, Apr 22, 2016 06:12:51 PM)    
Marriage is an agreement and commitment on between each other. Everyone must be given the respect to the marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing in our life. But marriages are dividing two types that are love and arrange. Love marriage is very bright in someone's life and also arrange marriage. If you are loving someone if in case he get married to you after he changed. Then if you have confidence you have changed his behaviour with your love. Then you are good partner to your partner and that is the power of love.

Arrange marriage means love creates between each other after marriage that is also called love but difference between two marriages.

Marriage is a good thing forever because it gives the new relation to us.

Don't misuse this any problem and everything is solved with your patient and livingness. Because you are the creator of your marriage life.

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Shital Srivastava said: (Tue, Apr 19, 2016 12:10:52 PM)    
Hello, everone.

Today's topic is love marriage vs arranged marriage.

According to me, they both have their own value in their own respect. Now a day love marriage is common in our society. In love marriage trust is the biggest thing. Couples make sure that they have trust in each other. They know each other they have to understand. In every couple'life, they have ups nd down. So I think love marriage is much better than arrange marriage.

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Unknown said: (Sat, Apr 16, 2016 11:56:50 PM)    

Love marriages are beneficial because people are able to bond together. However nowadays marriage is all about money, some people even pretend to love another just so they can get their hands on gold. This is result causes countless grief and hurt to their partner. Arranged marriages are also beneficial because the partner is supported by family and your parents. If you personally dislike them you can say no but in my opinion arranged marriages are better as you can gain true trust and love from each other.

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Hariom said: (Fri, Apr 15, 2016 12:35:20 AM)    
In arrange marriage love is grown as you go along.

In love marriage it goes away as you go along.

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Hariom said: (Fri, Apr 15, 2016 12:29:30 AM)    
I think Arrange marriage is much better the love marriage. Because in love marriage people keep a lot of expectation from an own partner. Mostly they don't get what they want. Because in today scenario definition of love is changed. Now definition of love = money.

So in arrange marriage at least you will not keep much of expectation from your partner. So it will not hurt you,


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Randeep Deb Sharma said: (Thu, Apr 7, 2016 08:21:21 PM)    
Marriage is a god gift it is believed that relationship is made by god only he is only the creator he only decides who will be your life partner not we, we just obey his decision what he decide that is why many peoples fall in love because god does not make him/her for him/her. So according to me leave it to the god. Love marriage is also better but arranges marriage is far better than love marriage because families are concerned. But if your find one is excepted by your parents then it is better than both because it is said as love arrange marriage.


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Akash said: (Sun, Apr 3, 2016 12:26:35 PM)    
I feel love marriage is the best thing because arranged marriage in the business of two family is not a good thing. So I support love marriage.

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Himanshu Sharma said: (Sat, Apr 2, 2016 01:05:22 AM)    
In my opinion, love marriage is much far better than arranged.

Citation: In love marriage couples knew each and everything about their partner after that they are ready to marry each other but the understanding in live marriage should be very strong without it the marriage will not turn in the way of happy ending.

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Ankit Kumar said: (Tue, Mar 29, 2016 12:14:49 AM)    
Do whatever you want & like whether its a arranged or love marriage. They both have merits & demerits of itself. But things you gonna nagged in last is its personal suitability with yourself. Do think about yourself first then about society, family's etc. Do Take time to think about the most important decision of your life which will play multiplayer mode in future. Thank you!

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Satheesh said: (Sun, Mar 27, 2016 10:30:00 PM)    
In my experience, love marriage is a beautiful feeling between boy and girl and they mingle life long forever. Love is not a word its crazy moments in life. My view is who loves you more definitely you will give the whole life to her. My way is Love + arrange is great.

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Manoj said: (Sun, Mar 27, 2016 07:50:41 PM)    
As per my opinion both arranged and love marriages are good.

Come to love marriages the boy and girl knew each other and also know about those +'s and -'s. After that, they will be ready to marry.

In Arranged marriages the boy and girl know about each other after the marriage still they have a good understanding, support, trust on one on other.

Finally, there is no matter in love or arranged marriage main is a commitment among boy and girl. They will lead the happy life.

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Himabindu said: (Fri, Mar 25, 2016 06:45:55 PM)    
Hello friends,

My point of view I think to arrange marriage and love marriage both of same. In arrange marriage after marriage couples are sacrifices, adjustment, sad and happiness and even love marriage also.

When standing relationship both of them mutual understanding is required.

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Mohd Sajid said: (Wed, Mar 23, 2016 08:29:43 AM)    
Love marriage and arranged marriage both are right as like people we don't know what will happen after marriage thus we should do that as our family want to.

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Chudhary Zohaib Aksar said: (Sun, Mar 20, 2016 03:30:13 PM)    
I have decided that Arrange Marriage is better than Love marriage. Because I heard love is blind. So I think two blind peoples can't take a right decision.

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Mohit Garg said: (Sat, Mar 19, 2016 08:27:03 AM)    
Hello friends,

Love Marriages:- Both individuals know each other already and mutually decide to spend the whole life with each other. The couple is responsible for its choice and onus of the blame in future lies on the couple only and nobody else. The couple is aware of each other's likes and dislikes. Therefore, they will get along well. The couple can eradicate social evils like dowry with their mutual consent because they have the independence to take such decisions at their own level.

Arranged Marriages:- Arranged Marriage is not a contract between two individuals alone, but a confluence of two families. Two families involved in arranging marriages know each other very well and are compatible with each other. Because there are more people involved in arranging the marriage, the conflict between the couple will be effectively resolved or mitigated. A couple is guided by parents experience, whereas in love, marriage couple is unknown about the future complexities in life and lacks this experience.

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Sathees said: (Fri, Mar 18, 2016 09:52:48 PM)    
Hi friends.

In my point of view, arrange marriage is better than love marriage, because our parents are know who is the best partner and good one.

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Nilesh Chavan said: (Thu, Mar 17, 2016 01:11:39 PM)    
Hello Friends,

As per knowledge Arrange marriage is best for the happiness of the family and relatives, But nowadays every Boy and girl thinks there should be a person who will completely match for them.

There should be mutual understanding between couple and its not important that they are coupled by arrange or love marriage. If you have relationships before marriage and even your family supports from both way then you can make it Love comes arrange marriage.

If your love is true and you both are much more comfortable with each other then no one can stop you for marriage. But I think Love Marriage is the Best due to choice your own Mind is always better than others.

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Neethu said: (Wed, Mar 16, 2016 08:27:06 AM)    
In my point of view, arrange marriage is better than love marriage because sometimes we are not able to know which is good or bad, that time we depend upon our parents. So, they know to give us the best thing in our life.

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Kanaga said: (Tue, Mar 15, 2016 05:39:20 PM)    
In my point of view, arrange marriage is better than love marriage, why because in love marriage in the sense we knows everything about our life partner. There is no excitement, surprising, I think it doesn't make us happy after marriage, why because the thing what will happen in before marriage the same thing will be happening in after marriage it will become boring. If it is arranged means there will be excitement, wondering, surprise everything will happen. There is an expectation we are trying to impress everything will happen.

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Javid said: (Sun, Mar 13, 2016 09:55:15 PM)    
Hey friends,

According to me, marriage is excitement!, and people are being got married because they want to lead with partners. Our life is would be meaningless when we live alone. No matter whether love, marriage or arranged marriage, but there must be an equal understanding, sacrifice, and splendid way of knowing each other. We must get married when we settled up into our life financially as well as mentally. Therefore, both marriages are good after having all those commitments.

Thank you.

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Ria Chauhan said: (Sat, Mar 12, 2016 10:24:02 PM)    
Hello friends,

Our parents are the best decision makers in our lives. They will reach to a conclusion about our life partner after using all the experiences that they have gained all through their life.

Sometimes they may go wrong, but the statistics prove that there are many cases of failures in love marriage than in arrange marriage.

Marriage is not for only 2 people, but it is also a start of relation between two families. If the two families are in favour of the marriage, there will be a long life commitment between the partners. And everyone will be happy and that's what we all want in our lives.

That's the reason I support is arranged marriages over love marriages.

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Savitha said: (Mon, Mar 7, 2016 06:31:33 PM)    
Marriage is a sacred thing that bring together two individuals as two body and one soul. For some may prefer love marriage wherein one could find the partner by themselves and understand each other to proceed with marriage and others may go for arranged marriage which in turn is an arranged love as we call these-days. Considering both type of marriage, a marriage is bond between not only two individuals but also between two families, so whether arranged or love what matters the most is the understanding between both the partners and their families.

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Mayur Bhatt said: (Mon, Mar 7, 2016 05:46:09 PM)    
Arrange marriage is best.

Love marriage is better than arrange marriage because In love marriage both partner knows very well to each other and have well understanding.

Only both are enjoy in love marriage. Everybody enjoying arrange marriage.

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Sri said: (Thu, Mar 3, 2016 03:55:30 PM)    
Hi friends.

In my point of view both love and arranged marriage's are good in certain situation. Main point is mutual understanding between the couple. If you really love a girl, do convience your parents. Nowadays most of the love couple eloping far with intimating others it may lead bad.

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Harshit Sharma said: (Wed, Mar 2, 2016 01:30:58 AM)    
Arranged with love marriage is the best relationship because ashirwad with parents and mutual understanding with your partner. If you don't have a great mutual understanding with partners is broken relationship with a partner. If we don't have ashirwad of parents, they think we don't respect her or him.

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Paulsypaul said: (Sat, Feb 27, 2016 10:42:06 AM)    
Hi friends, in my point of view arranged marriage will be better than love marriage. Because love marriage itself means that both parties know each other well and they will have so many expectations about their life. If either of them fail to reach up to this standard problems will arise. If this was a marriage without the parent's consent they themselves have to suffer. So its better to go with an arranged marriage and I am sure that more people will be successful in getting adopted to new things with the support of family.

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Anu Joseph said: (Wed, Feb 24, 2016 08:36:23 PM)    
According to me both marriages depends on individuals. For some family and culture love marriage will not be an issue. We have to consider our parents before taking this kind of decisions.

If you are able to find a person who is perfect match for you then with the permission from parents you can think about marriage. Better understanding before marriage is good. I also support the love after marriage.

So friends life is yours and think before taking decisions. What ever may be the decisions you must be happy in future.

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Vimal Yadav said: (Mon, Feb 22, 2016 08:47:04 PM)    
I think arranged marriage will be better than love marriage. Because in love marriages, it may be affected by considering the caste of both couples.

Nowadays every family want make relation in same caste so it can be matter. It is not possible that falling in love is same caste cast means love is blind it happened.

Thank you.

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Joyson Js said: (Mon, Feb 22, 2016 02:48:43 PM)    
Hi friends I am Joyson.

I think Arranged marriage is best.

Family is very important in our life. In other word when you create understanding before love marriage if you developed understanding after arranged marriage I think so it's better for married life. Love marriage I like and best are arrange marriage because this is good way for me and my family.

Thank you friends.

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Lakshmi said: (Mon, Feb 22, 2016 02:06:59 PM)    
From my point getting married either love or arranged the life should need to be happy. I don't think that only love marriage is best or arranged marriage is best. In both the couples should be an understanding to each other.

In both marriages we should not hurt anyone. To lead a happy life both marriages are best but it is possible only there is mutual understanding between each other.

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Buvana said: (Sun, Feb 21, 2016 11:00:03 PM)    
According to me, it's better to know our parents thoughts about love marriage, like questioning them indirectly and watching their activities towards love marriage then proceeding with our decisions is the best way, because nowadays parents are not that much strict, life after everyone's marriage is really unpredictable so its not has to be considered before marriage.

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Sri said: (Sat, Feb 20, 2016 05:09:30 PM)    
According to me both love & arrange marriages are correct. Love come arranged marriage is better option because when falling in love both are understanding each other & mutual communication between them.

If we are love sincerely then don't fear about society fastly go and tell your love to your parents. If you choose the correct person then our parents also accepted then go to marriage. In case some problems occured you have to take your parents.

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Bala said: (Fri, Feb 19, 2016 09:45:00 PM)    
It's simple, you have 2 options.

1. Make your own way.

2. Follow the usual path.

It's upto you, your life. Love are arranged doesn't matter which suits to you. That only matters. But don't blame others i.e your parents.

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Thakur said: (Fri, Feb 19, 2016 04:09:22 PM)    
Family is very important in our life. But freedom, choice or love also one of important thing. If you are love with someone then you have to marry with them and if no then do whatever your family told. This is simple but when there is condition when you are in love and your family against with your decision at this time you both take time to manage your family and changing their mind.

It can take 3 to 4 year may be 4+ but don't worry because your life partner with you. With any stage of your life. So be confident and take decision after all your family also Love you and Love is love it always win. The result is Love marriage is best.

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Harshit Sharma said: (Thu, Feb 18, 2016 07:56:02 PM)    
I think arranged marriage is better than love because many people have different culture and religion after some time in most of the cases it make a situation of divorce first we have to arrange marrige then make a love feeling in you and your partner's heart.

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Ram said: (Mon, Feb 15, 2016 07:09:05 PM)    
I think love with arranged marriage is the best for our life because supporting from our parents and mutual understanding with each other (when falling in love).

"Do love your life partner & love your parents".

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Vivek Kumar said: (Sat, Feb 13, 2016 07:23:25 PM)    
According to me it is very hard to say, what is good love or arranged marriage. I think it's totally depend on ourselves. If you love someone and you think you didn't do any crime don't be fear from society or other thing just go and tell your family.

Your family has rights to know about your life and after telling the truth your family will definitely support you. If you think arranged marriage is good then you should go for arrange marriage. Don't make it tough with hard definition or comments both is simple and lovely.

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Priyanga said: (Thu, Feb 11, 2016 07:06:08 PM)    
I think both conditions are waste. Whatever the parents give, cannot be fulfilled by any others and sorry for this.

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Rahul said: (Thu, Feb 11, 2016 05:55:54 PM)    
Guys in my opinion love marriage is the best gift that a family can give to their child, moreover it's the child who is going to live with the life partner. But in some families the decision of the child's marriage is wholly taken by the parents.

But parents fail to understand that they are not of our age. They argue bye saying that "Some years before we were also at your age". But they don't know that the time has changed drastically.

So guys at last I want to conclude that go ahead with your decision and finally your parents will also accept you if you will behave decently with them after marriage.

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Abdul said: (Thu, Feb 11, 2016 12:47:57 PM)    
If parents of some lovers refused their love. Lovers should married themselves without parents support. If any small problems come in their life after marriage they could not have the ability to solve the problem.

In arrange marriage parents gave some ideas to solve the problem so arrange marriage is the best one.

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Bindu said: (Thu, Feb 11, 2016 08:50:47 AM)    

According to me everything has two sides like a coin. One which is good and other is bad. So love marriage and arrange marriage both have some bad points and some good points like.

In love marriage both people knows each other very well and they love each other, they care each other, they have better understanding but somehow anything happens which leads to end up the relationship than you are only the person responsible for, in that case family support is not been given because it's your decision not the family's.

In arrange marriage, there two people don't know each other but they get marry due to their family reviews. But in that case they have much time to understand each other, love each other and come to know each of one's likes or dislikes. But if any case happened and they get separated than in that case you have your family support because they insist you to get marry.

So, I can't say that love marriage is good or a arrange marriage is good. Both have some Positive factors and some negative.

Thank you.

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Supritha said: (Tue, Feb 9, 2016 05:59:51 PM)    
Hi friend.

According to my knowledge love marriage is good. They both know them earlier. They understand each other very well. They can lead a beautiful life than arrange marriage.

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Kanhaiya said: (Tue, Feb 9, 2016 05:09:01 PM)    
I don't think who is good or bad in love or arrange marriage but I know the all people want to do some new is his/her own life that's like arranged marriage because arrange marriage give us a beautiful time to spend with our family and our friends.

Arrange marriage give us too many blesses and family support us forever..

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Ashutosh said: (Tue, Feb 9, 2016 10:19:48 AM)    
According to me love marriage is the thing which leads to a great life. In love marriage both of them understands each other feeling and choices as well. Occurred it will be hilarious if it is love cum arrange. If parents support us then it will the pleasant thing ever.

Afterall you are going to live together, you are going to get your life involved to each other so it should be your decision to choose whom you would like to spent your life with.

But when it comes to the parents, it is difficult to make them understand, try this best, after all they are parents, they love you and they don't ever want to see a little bit of sadness on your face, try you're best they will definitely understand you.

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Hansraj Purohit said: (Mon, Feb 8, 2016 12:54:04 AM)    
Arrange marriage is better than love marriage because in love we are clear about every things and arrange marriage we clear problem life time and understand each other lifetime.

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Bhumika said: (Sat, Feb 6, 2016 10:30:38 AM)    
Hi friends,

According to it does not matter either you do love marriage or arranged marriage. Marriage life depend on mutual understanding of two people and in arrange marriage both should give time to each other to understand.

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Beena said: (Fri, Feb 5, 2016 10:31:47 PM)    
Hello everyone.

I would like to share my personal experience of arranged marriage. About 4 years ago I got married. Beyond my expectation I got my prince charming. He is very caring. He proved me wrong which I thought about arranged marriage.

I believed that how can two unknown person can fall in love. But after getting married. I came to know that there can be love, attraction between couple. I am blessed to have my husband and my 1 year old baby in my life.

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Jatan Lal Maurya said: (Wed, Feb 3, 2016 10:33:36 PM)    
Hi guys according to me the best way to spend our life without much issued, a person who wants to marry, the first thing is if he/ she convince his/ her family then life will become like heaven but the other thing is if he/she has not convince his or her family then life become hell.

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Charanya said: (Wed, Feb 3, 2016 02:28:40 PM)    
All of the comments are good that from their own point of view but the main fact is that either love marriage or arranged we have to stand on our legs to support it financially. Whether you are a millionaire or a paper. The next is mental disturbances should be avoided. And finally do not lose hope.

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Ganesh Laharpure said: (Wed, Feb 3, 2016 12:10:02 PM)    
Good morning.

According to me arrange marriage is better than love marriage because our parents love us more than other at childhood time. And they have there own expectations from us. So if they don't agree with our love marriage. So we can't have any right's to heart there fillings. For our sometimes love.

Thanks to all.

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Divya.A said: (Tue, Feb 2, 2016 10:41:42 PM)    
Hi. In my point of view, Arranged Marriage is good and better than the Love Marriage. According to me, marriage is the thing made in heaven. Someone prefers love marriage, but it leads to failure in life. After marriage, they fight each other or maybe live happy. But in arrange marriage, I agree that all of the both family Will be ever happy. And there is a special feel in arrange marriage. Whoever fall in love I request you to talk with your parents and then marry your lover it will be the happiest moment in your life and your family will be happy because parents are the first-ever. Best of luck. Be happy and get sad moment to be ever happy.

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Subhan said: (Tue, Feb 2, 2016 10:56:33 AM)    
Hai friends,

In my point view love marriage is best because it does not depend on caste, religion, etc. It is understanding of two persons with love and care and mutually good understanding between them.


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Akash Singh said: (Sun, Jan 31, 2016 11:06:05 PM)    
A arrange marriage today is just a business, how much money is exchanged. Well love marriage is real marriage. Love is a greatest thing on earth.

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Sandra Chandran said: (Fri, Jan 29, 2016 07:39:08 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view love with arranged marriage is good. In our society parents are not ready to accept love marriage, at first this situation has to change. Love with arrange is better for safety and long lasting married life.


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Neha said: (Wed, Jan 27, 2016 10:26:58 AM)    
Hi everyone,

Marriage is the important decision of every individual's life. In my opinion, both have their own pros and corns.

Arrange marriage is something where two people are unknown to each other, they need to spend time to know about each other's attitude, lifestyle choice. Arrange marriage has security that in case if anything happens in future they have moral support from their parents.

In love marriage the couple are well known to each other and aware about each other's habit, likes and dislikes with complete understanding. So managing here becomes easy. When it comes to long lasting survival it's only them who will be responsible for handling their relation with no moral support. As it was their decision to be together.

Thank you.

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Ashwini Durgad said: (Mon, Jan 25, 2016 10:26:03 PM)    
Hai everyone, according to me marriages are made in heaven whether its love marriage or arrange. Every relationship live stronger when there is mutual understanding love care and affection between two hearts.

The most important part of relationship is promises between two souls to live together Forever, success of the relationship is true feelings between two hearts whether it's love marriage are arrange.

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Biju said: (Mon, Jan 25, 2016 05:05:55 PM)    
Decisions should be personal. Not depend on family. It's not family getting into married relations. Talking, each other makes them know better. Love marriage will help them to build their world.

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Mann J said: (Sat, Jan 23, 2016 12:37:07 PM)    
Hi guys according to me love marriage is best because boy and girl are known clearly about himself. I think without love no life and with love relation will be successful. But in India all peoples are not good thought regarding love marriages and the parents are not allowed to choose the boy and girls.

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Rutu said: (Fri, Jan 22, 2016 11:01:21 PM)    
In my opinion, any day love marriages are better for the simple reason it's in the word itself. It's "love" marriage you love the person who you are going to marry. And well arranged on the other side is kind of like an "agreement" arrangement to love the person for your entire life!

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Pankaj Kumar said: (Fri, Jan 22, 2016 08:57:39 PM)    
Hello friends.

I think that love and arrange marriage both are good when you pursuing your relationship on a right track such as you both are support each other and you do something that make coordination better than best. Marriage is all about love, care, patience, and coordination.

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Biju said: (Fri, Jan 22, 2016 10:58:34 AM)    

Marriage was found by God for our better living. It was meant for reproduction. Putting off fornication and adultery. In the sense we marry To reveal and fulfill Godly desires. You are free to choose your own partner nor go for family selection. In both don't go for selfish attitude. Go for God's attitude. For more understanding please read bible.

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Aks said: (Thu, Jan 21, 2016 08:57:41 AM)    
Arranged marriage today is just a business, how much money is exchanged. Well love marriage is real marriage. Love is the greatest thing on earth.

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Sree said: (Tue, Jan 19, 2016 08:21:56 PM)    
My opinion we should not support love marriages because in India most of the divorce are happening on love marriages only. I think there is no love between a girl and boy it's just an attraction between the two persons.

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Elfa said: (Sat, Jan 16, 2016 07:14:30 PM)    
Hello I am Elfa. For me love marriage is better than arranged marriage. In love marriage both couple knows each other and they love each other.

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Rohit said: (Thu, Jan 14, 2016 07:23:05 PM)    
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, love marriage is more effective than simple arranged one.

Because our whole life, whole future directly depends on our life partner.

Some people of old era thinks that love before marriage belongs to the characterless status for the boy/girl. They think that what the society will think about them, and what their relative think and mostly girls suffer more in this situation than boys.

This is nothing but a sort of dust in their minds.

But in this modern era relationships built on mutual understanding and trust which I think is much better in love marriages.

I am not totally against the arrange marriages as it can also be successful if some gap must be put in between engagement and marriage ceremony so that both can understand each other.

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Anup said: (Thu, Jan 14, 2016 01:11:35 PM)    
I do not know why most of the people likes love marriage. I agree the in love marriage both (boy & girl) know each other firstly both want to spent whole life with each other but most divorce case in India is only due to love marriage most of the couple who separated they do love marriage first and drastic sufferer is their children. A child do not know any thing but only suffers he do not know why their parents separated because first of all both (parents) know each other from childhood age. Both of them knows each other like and dislike things so after marriage they bore with each other that the main reason both irritated with each other and lastly divorce.

But in arrange marriage both don't know each other so after marriage firstly they want to know about each other and after time went on and as they know about each other age comes up to (35-40) and also child grows up so there is no time to fight and live their life up to end.

That's why arranged marriage is successful than love marriage.

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Ajin Antony said: (Mon, Jan 11, 2016 10:25:20 AM)    
Hey guys.

I support love marriage because in love marriage the both boy and girl knows each others faults and there negatives and positives so they can adjust each other they can continue a happy life till end but in arranged marriage only families are joined together but the couples they are forced to join together and there will be problems these guys have to face.

Love marriage is much better than arranged marriage. So please support love marriage. They will be planning a happy life till they both fall in love if they get together they will have a happily ever after life for sure.

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Prince Singh said: (Wed, Jan 6, 2016 08:14:05 AM)    
Hi guys.

According to my sense Love marriage is better because in love marriage boy and girl always understand each other Because LOVE is most beautiful feeling for couple life and In love marriage boys parents not demands dowry for girls side.

So I think Love marriage is only solution to remove Dowry system, Because Dowry system is big issue for our country, If all boys and girls going on Love marriage Dowry system is automatically remove. Dowry System is Nonsense behavior for demanded parents.

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Ranveer Sequeira said: (Tue, Jan 5, 2016 07:42:38 PM)    
The most convincing reason that proves arranged marriages is better than Love marriages would be Statistics! In most cases, couples who had an arranged marriage are more understanding towards each other.

For in an arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person. There is a sense and demand of spending more time with each other.

In a love marriage, before the marriage, the couple shares a very different level of understanding. This understanding when tied to social obligations expected once married, are difficult to obey.

It is easy to adjust with the partner in an arranged marriage as compared to love marriage. This is because in a love marriage things may often be taken for granted. Since the partners have never met before, in an arranged marriage, they care more about each others needs.

Arranged marriages help resolves domestic issues faster. There is a sense of fear of loosing the partner. For some unforeseen reason, the marriage does not work; there are many people who will support more.

In most cases, love marriages force the couple to stay away from family. This leaves them with no choice but to tackle their own problems.

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Pawan Pandey said: (Tue, Jan 5, 2016 06:57:02 PM)    
Hi friends.

According to my view love marriage is better than arrange marriage because if the couple's loved each other. There will most understanding each other and they solved problems together. In love marriage boy may love the girl and girl may love the boy after few days or month or years. But in arrange marriage boy and girls take some time for the understanding and they are not making good relationship.

Arranged marriage is a costly marriage but love marriage is short court marriage. At the time life is very fast so people don't want to engage in arrange marriage every people like short court marriage who don't want to loss the importance time. In love marriage good relation between the husband and wife. So according to my view love marriage is successful.

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Isaac said: (Sun, Jan 3, 2016 11:44:59 AM)    
In my point of view, Love marriages are best than arrange marriages because if the couple's loved each other there will most understanding between them and they both will not love each other first girl may love the boy or boy may love the girl and after few days or months or years they will accept each other in the meanwhile of their proposals they will see and observe their love, care or can they understand themselves in future or not. So that they'll be great understandings without any discrimination and domination between them and they'll be successful in their life.

But in the case of arranged marriage, in these days 98% of Girls and boys are having their boy are girl fends each other and they may have history behind. So if a boy got arranged marriage how come he know the care, behavior, history of that particular girl?

No he does not about that girl particularly till he experience the domination and discrimination after his marriage and so they can't be happy each other and there life will be spoiled. So I conclude that love marriages are Better than arranged marriages.

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Anu said: (Sun, Jan 3, 2016 02:43:10 AM)    
Hi everyone,

The topic is all about marriage and the forever relationship between the husband and wife. We can see the society with love marriages and arrange marriages and especially now-a-days society is with 70% of love cum arrange marriages and 30% with arrange marriages. In love marriages people want to know the persons nature before the marriage and gets married them with the Self affection towards them.

Where in the arrange marriages parents will take care of each and every point of the person before gets marriage and make the girl and boy to engage with each other to known each other well before marriage and then marriages them. Some marriages may fail it does not mean our choice is wrong it is all about not understanding each other. When marriage is done as a bond forever their should be a mutual understanding and helping each other to flow a sweet and affectionate married life.

Yes it's true, each of them as to support themselves to come out of the situations and settle soon. But these days we can see many are divorcing for simple reasons we will laugh at them when their explains why they are in divorce. Some may go with the worse situations to choose the divorce those are reasonable to take divorce but do not for the simple thing. Because "Marriages are made in heaven" it's really not a simple relation to break as you like it has some magical love and affection between the Girl and the boy.

Conclusion: Either it is a love marriage or a arrange marriage relationship must be strong by helping each other to live life long.

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Jessy said: (Fri, Jan 1, 2016 01:02:55 PM)    
It doesn't depend upon whether it was arranged or not but rather on how two people understand each other.

"Arranged marriages may seem awry to some, but you only realize when you have undergone or seen cases in which love marriages don't quite prove to be the best way out.

"Parents want the best for their child; when it comes to choosing someone you want to spend your life with, you can actually give benefit of the doubt to your parents.

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Ayon Sarkar said: (Fri, Jan 1, 2016 10:43:20 AM)    
I don't think love marriage is actually love marriage anymore. Even though there may be love between the two, but still you need to arrange a plenty before getting married, a good job, family settlement, and much more. Its love cum arrange marriage right now.

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Sri said: (Wed, Dec 30, 2015 12:38:07 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view love arranged marriage is better thing. Why because in present situation every boy and girl have girl friend and boy friend. The persons who have true love between them better to ask their parents and marry each other. If parents are refuse your love try to make belief on your love to your parents.

Now a days parents also think about their children's love and accept their choices. If you don't have dare to discuss about your love with your parents better to do arranged marriage. That's better than leave your lover alone. Just adjust with your parents decision. If you have luck and fate surly you will be happy with arranged marriage.

One small suggestion guys if you have love story before marriage please don't remember his or her after married with other person just give up the past. Because don't deceive your partner and you should devote your life to your partner then only your marriage life would be successful with true love. Why because your love is an intangible asset to your partner.

Thank you.

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Jayani said: (Sun, Dec 27, 2015 05:52:43 AM)    
Hello all of you!

In my point of view marriage is very successful when we met the right person. Sometimes it may be more difficult to choose one. But however we met the right person we will able to live with him or her with happy mood.

In Asia there are so many arrange marriages than love marriages and also divorce rate is more less than love. I think it works may be due to children financial & social issues. In arrange marriages parents have more responsible to look after couple than love. According to me Arrange marriages are more successful than love. But before they marry they must have a good understand about themselves thoroughly.

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Kamini said: (Fri, Dec 25, 2015 11:22:00 AM)    
Love marriage and arranged marriage similarities, true color of the couple will come out only after marriage.

Lovers: Hidden information, only after marriage both of them will come to know. The result of marriage is infatuation or love or self motivation?

Arranged marriage: Till marriage parents words will be the best, if money plays role then after marriage one spouse will easily find the other not fit to them in terms of beauty, qualification i.e., education, job, dressing sense. Don't the same is known at the time of finalizing the marriage? When the boy/girl applies for divorce it is the same parents whom they fight with. Why don't they fight before marriage? This problem is found with lovers too.

So as to stop dowry people were going for love marriage so that they can choose a life partner who will love his/her character. Current generation youngster and their parents are very smart with love cum arranged marriage where they don't fail to get dowry.

In my circle love marriage, girl spend for marriage where as the boy's family came as a usual arranged marriage boy side parents enter with nothing and leave the mandapam with the girl along with her gifts (which is not a dowry in the current trend).

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Koushal said: (Thu, Dec 24, 2015 01:33:27 AM)    
Hello friends.

According to love marriages is good because two people know each other very well their likes dislikes how they are little fights happens in every relation but they never break their relation that's only happen with the help of love.

And in arranged marriage people don't know each other they only know when they got married and its take time to know each other.

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Roja said: (Wed, Dec 23, 2015 01:20:15 AM)    
This is Roja Eswaran.

In my point of view. Love marriage is the best thing when compared to the arranged marriage. Say for an example just for buying a new dress we will be going for the familiar shop. And if we tend to go to doctor we will be going to the one who is more familiar with us. Marriage is the most important part in our life. This is the thing which helps us to choose the partner whom we gonna to spend our remaining part of life.

So the person who is gonna to share with our life must know about our self to the greater extent. Only with the love marriages we will be getting this opportunity. And love come arranged marriage is extraordinarily superb. Love marriages are best forever.

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Navneet Kr said: (Tue, Dec 22, 2015 12:40:50 PM)    
I just want to say that love marriage should me there and our society should grow up these things because the main concern is people are backbiting to each other for their lives and love. If anyone who likes to someone then according to my point of view there should be no any complications. Its not like a ruddy attire that they have to use for minute a while.

They know each other very well with their conscience. But it should be in a healthy way means if they are already in a relationship then they have to represent themselves with a quite and respect in front of their genesis and should be convince them as they are they are their originator so definitely they will listen them at the end of the moment.

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Siddhant said: (Fri, Dec 18, 2015 06:30:10 PM)    
Friends if we see statics the number of divorces is greater in LOVE MARRIAGE than in arrange marriage. Those who say love marriage is better because we came to know about each others, friends when we are in love we are not in position to judge the opposite person.

In love marriage people are attracted just by physical and some what mental looks. We see in arrange marriage we have knowledge about ones family and many other things, so chances of success in arrange marriages are high.

Problem arise when people live under one roof this happens in love marriage, as we were not in position to judge, as we say LOVE IS BLIND. So arrange marriages be preferred.

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Mukesh Kumar said: (Fri, Dec 18, 2015 01:05:00 PM)    
I just want to say that arranged marriage is kind of legal rape because people get married without knowing each other where there is no feelings no love I think this is such a big crime, so before marriage parents must know what their children really want.

Rate this:   +20   -32

Prashant Rastogi said: (Fri, Dec 18, 2015 12:36:36 PM)    
Arrange marriage and love marriage both can only be successful when you meet a right person. Respect is also the most important factor if you cannot respect each other no matter how much you love, one day the relation will end up like hell.

Love Marriage: Love marriages should happen within 2 years of relation only, when it stretches more than conflicts occurs, while we are in love who don't see the understanding level initially later on we came to know yes we have understanding issues (if any) If understanding level are on the same track than go for love marriage. In physically involved during relation. Marriage altogether is a different stage of life be it a arrange or love if understanding fails its end of a that relation.

Arrange Marriages : In this marriage you don't get that much time to know each other its just, kundli matching, both family agree, both couple like each just with talk of few minutes of few days, its also true it took some time to know a person sometimes its took a lifetime to know a person so again it depends. What I believe arrange marriage is a gamble, if you found the right life partner you won, if you marry to wrong person you only lose no one else.

The conclusions is for both marriages.

1. Understanding.
2. Respect.
3. Support.
4. Trust.

These all 4 can make any marriage successful.

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Pavan said: (Wed, Dec 16, 2015 10:24:30 PM)    
Hi friends.

In my point of view love with arranged in best. If we goes against our parents then nobody in the world whose more believable than parents. If we stuck any problem than only our parents whose take care of ours there is nobody expect parents whose care ours.

Conclusion is that do love marriage if parents are agree otherwise don't go against to your parents because parents is like ours god.

Thanks to all.

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Savari said: (Wed, Dec 16, 2015 09:23:42 AM)    
According to me, it is in the hands of the couples. Love plays vital role in marriage. If they love each other there will not be any problem. And also money plays vital role. Because of money only many family divided.

Rate this:   +3   -6

Anita said: (Sun, Dec 13, 2015 12:00:38 AM)    
Love marriage is really blessed but I feel It's gonna be very heart paining at fights ESP for true lovers.

Whereas in arranged marriage there is no mind wrecking emotions even if there are fights. Because they both aren't in love with each other truly.

Rate this:   +10   -1

Umi said: (Thu, Dec 10, 2015 10:21:27 AM)    
Actually our society is undergoing a transition phase in which present generation people preferred love marriages over arrange marriages. I am also in a favor of love marriages. But whether it is love or arrange both needs commitment, adjustments and understanding of each others thought.

Obviously knowing each other properly before marriage helps in being compatible even after marriage which is very important as they are going to be part of new families on both sides. One will become more expressive and open by the time but knowing each others nature, behavior, likes, dislikes prior marriage definitely helps starting a good married life together. I think love marriages can be proved helpful in curbing the problem of cast-ism in our society.

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Chetan Chauhan said: (Wed, Dec 9, 2015 08:55:58 AM)    
Marriage is a very important social institution. Every individual wants to have a perfect match, but the criteria for choosing the partner is different.

My point of view love marriage is best:

1) Both individuals know each other already and mutually decide to spend the whole life with each other.

2) Couple is responsible for its choice and onus of the blame in future lies on the couple only and nobody else.

3) Couple is aware of each other's likes and dislikes. Therefore they will get along well.

4) The culture of the extravagant spending too can be curbed by the understanding between the couple.

5) They have mutual understanding.

Rate this:   +19   -7

Jai said: (Tue, Dec 8, 2015 11:07:57 PM)    
Hi this is Jai.

Marriage are fixed in Heaven, "Love and care your wife as a lover" your whole life became more happy. This is the only solution for a happy and healthy life.

Rate this:   +10   -8

Krishna Sai said: (Tue, Dec 8, 2015 07:21:16 PM)    
Here it is not about love or arranged. It depends on mind set of couples. Even arranged marriages people are not happy but pretend to be happy because of their parents and never talk to each other if fought on any topic/issue. Lovers will patch up soon even after a big fight.

Now a days in Arranged marriages, couple are cheating each others by having affairs with ex or others. In love, couple know each other and then they get married so there are less changes of affairs.

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Krishna Sai said: (Tue, Dec 8, 2015 07:16:34 PM)    
Hi All,

Getting married to loved one is very difficult. Love married Couple are more expressive than the arranged married couple.

True love is always better then arranged love. In arranged you are not you. You will adjust and compromise with conditions. In love you don't have obstacles and give importance to only loved one than others.

True Love is one rarest magic happens in life time to very few and if that happen they never forget through out the life.

Rate this:   +12   -0

Siddique Ahmed said: (Sun, Dec 6, 2015 01:01:57 AM)    
My point of view, love marriage is better than arrange marriage because of that in love marriage we choice e yourself we now our future better we both are now our feeling form long times therefore love marriage is best marry for a person.

Rate this:   +16   -7

Grishma Akhand said: (Sat, Dec 5, 2015 09:51:17 AM)    
According to me, the marriage is arranged or love doesn't matter. It depend on that two people who want spent there life with each other.

Rate this:   +11   -4

Mohini Pandey said: (Fri, Dec 4, 2015 08:16:31 PM)    
I think arranged marriage is better because our parents choose our spouse extremely carefully. They will make sure it is someone who matches our own belief and values to ensure compatibility. How can we hurt our parents for sometime relationship as compare to our long time relationship with our parents.

Rate this:   +37   -14

Shahzad Hawari said: (Fri, Dec 4, 2015 07:40:34 PM)    

Good evening all of you my dear.

If we are talk about love marriage in my opinion the combination of two heart is called love and as you know that a boy and girl know very well in his student life than they also want to marry with each other is called love marriage.

But, In arrange marriage you don't know how is she but again you have to married with her because somebody don't want broke heart his parents I think that it is good because you find fully freedom and help of your family exiting in love netter no anybody help you that's all.

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Dilshiii said: (Fri, Dec 4, 2015 05:44:02 PM)    
Hello friends I think love marriage is better. Because it is a kind of precaution. Why I am saying like this is, through love affairs we can select the best person according to our thoughts and our life style. We can leave if he is not the person with the expected qualities. In arranged marriage no option can be seen like this. It' s kind of entering to a strange nature rather than a familiar nature like in love marriages. So love marriage can be recommended.

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Manoj Vaishnav said: (Wed, Dec 2, 2015 10:36:06 AM)    
Good morning.

I think arranged marriage is best grater than love marriage. Because it is choice our parents. We know that before married parents told we that are happy in this case after than our choice that we accepted or we did not accepted. In this case we happy and our family happy.

So arrange marriage is best.

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