Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Komal said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in love marriage you take your time to know a person in each and every aspect. You also have a backup option if you know anything wrong about your partner but in arrange marriage there is a high chance that you will be cheated. If you know anything wrong about your partner then there will be a long procedure to exit your marriage and also the whole society will involve in your personal matter.

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Sid said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
If you want something like mobile, clothes, car, etc. So you don't take advice your parents because you want good feature good looking and good product like mobile so you want good ram and good camera and good battery etc. So you don't take your parents choice. Sp how you can say your life partner choose your parents because you can change your mobile, car, bike etc. But life partner never.

So I think love marriage is better.

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Sid said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than the arranged marriage because in a love marriage don't have "dahej" problem but if we talk about arranged marriage so I think arranged marriage is a deal. Sometimes boys family do something wrong with girl for "dahej".

So I think love marriage is better.

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Dipak said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
Well! Hai, both are good but the matter is that where is your love exists I mean in which person you see that. Life is not going easy if you do arrange a marriage to leave your girlfriend. Because after your arrange marriage whenever you go to spend some time with your wife definitely it will not allow you to make a memorable time because in past you were there with you girlfriend, that is not your wife so this thing will never let you go ahead but it will happen when you has been love truly your girlfriend. I'm not saying only single place this happen it will come at all place Were you went in past. So how can you say that your arrange marriage will go easier than love marriage Ok and now I'm taking that answer which got a majority. That is parents support on arrange marriage ok. Let me say. How much time your parents solve your problem 1'2'3'4 is it or more time. A relationship can't stay when you have the problem again it's not compulsory that all-time couple gets to understand what their parents said. They will convince in front of parents but anyone saw what happens in the room. That's the question. And be practical parents will not live with us permanently so what you do after their death if the problem occurred. So divorce case is everywhere same. The fact is that it will get before in love marriage and in arranging it will need time but the conclusion will same. So relationship stays by love only, understanding each other and most importantly to respect each other. So no matter what you do love or arrange.

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Iqbal said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is better than love marriage. Because if you will do love marriage (in most of the cases) parents will not support you. You can't live without the bless of your parents. And it is very important that parent should very careful about the wishes of their (boys and daughter).

If any boy or girl says to parents about their wishes then the parent should accept it.

The output of love marriage always goes to divorce.

So before marriage parent should ask their children where they want to do marriage.

And Islam also accept the wishes of children because Islam give authority to the bride and groom to accept the invitation of marriage.

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Dipesh Neupane said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
As my view, love marriage is comfort than arrange marriage, in love marriage girls and boys knows each other very well, they already knows about their behaviour and they already started to respect each other, in every step they fulfil their hands hold even a dying time so I believe that love marriage is a beautiful part of spending long life.

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Asmit Patel said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
I support to love marriage. According to me, love marriage is better than arranged marriage because love marriage finishes dowrying system. We know that our family does not support our marriage but our family loves us they can't see sadness our face. After same days our family supports us. 'arranged marriage also good but love marriage is good '.

* I can proof that love marriage is better than arranged marriage

* 1- in love marriage boy everything knows about girl and girl everything knows about boy.

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Punyashree said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
It may be arranged or love marriage understanding between boy and girl is most important. If any problems arise in future between couples that parents won't help us or not, it's a matter of love between both of them. Love and understanding are good between them there is no matter of problems where it is love or arrange marriage.

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Kartik said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
I'm also sporting arrange marriage because our parents have much experience then US and then know very well how to solve problems between husband and wife so if you do love marriage they won't support you but if you do arrange marriage they will support you and help you out.

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American said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Love is the most beautiful thing that one can experience in their life. It is the most beautiful thing and also the most feared thing. Every minute before, you want that person to love you and after they love, you are scared every minute after that you might lose them. A love marriage shows devotion, loyalty, honesty. You can be true to yourself. This is why a love marriage is better.

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Virat said: (Oct 13, 2016)  
Love marriage is most better than. Arrange Marriage!

Because In arrange marriage. Husbands and wife take some time to understand each other. But in love marriage, we understand each other very properly.

So. "#Love_marriage_is_best_than #Arrange_Marriage".

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Shakti Shahi said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than arrange marriage because the family in understanding make parents happy.

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Karan Yadav said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is very best for us. Because in arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person. There is a sense and demand of spending more time with. BUT In a love marriage, before the marriage, the couple shares a very different level of understanding when tied to social obligations expected once married, are difficult to obey. So Arranged marriage is favour with it.

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Ravindra Patil said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
Marriage is an important thing in our life, after this, our life would turn into another mode, because of this identification of proper life partner is more important. So, I would say through love, understanding and then marriage is the best option rather than arrange marriage because he or she sacrifice their likes and accepting marriage because of family force without understanding their life partner.

Thank You.

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Basith said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Well, I appreciate you my dear friends for your valuable opinions, now may I add my points.

Marriage is a crucial decision in our life. If we get into a relationship and getting married without our parent's permission,

First, few years will be great, but if a problem arises with our partner it leads to ego, blaming each other even it will become a big issue, there is no one in between us to solve it, and it leads to misunderstandings and finally divorces. But if it is arranged marriage there are our parents for both of them to solve the issue except dowry issue. So it reduces the chance of divorce. I agree with those who said understanding before marriage is good. But you should take it in mind that 2-5 years of understanding is very small when to compare to lifelong understanding.

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Bhavani R said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
It may be Love marriage or Arrange marriage, Only thing matters is up to the person who cares about the girl/boy that means the only trust between them will matters. If the person really loves a Girl, He should go and speak to the Girl's family and with their permission, they can marry and enjoy the rest of the life with happiness.

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Aarthi said: (Oct 9, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

In arrange marriage, our life is happy but in love marriage our life is happy. But any problem in love marriage parents won't help us.

So our life is better in arrange marriage.

Love marriage is very difficult.

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Shivam Kumar said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
I support arrange marriage because love marriage is few period and arrange marriage is lifetime any problem full responsibility parent because this is arranged marriage but love marriage is not supported family and relative thank you, friend.

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Ramachandra said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
Yes, as you said love is the that grows with time. So is the thing in love marriages. But it starts a bit earlier. In love marriages, people understand themselves from years long so that they know every bit of each other. As a case, love develops deep in them. I didn't say arranged marriages don't have love but that's not for sure. Its a sure thing that love prevails in love marriages. So I vote for LOVE marriages.

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Akash Alan said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
Support for this topic will depend on the situation, If couple wants to marry then nobody should feel problem with that. The must factor for this is that to spend a happy marry life it is required to understand each other feelings I am not saying it does not happen in arrange marriage but that take time sometimes it is not good for a relationship. So if two decision of marriage should be done after understanding the feelings of partner which is more possible in love marriage.

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Hameedullah said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
I prefer a combination of both.

Marriage is one of the biggest issues of life which lasts till the end of life so in order to select our life partner we must take care of the following points.

We must select our partner by our own choice and whenever we are satisfied from his/her behaviours, manners, honesty, beauty and ideas then we could Interduce him/her to our family in order to take decision for a better life.

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Rakesh Ahirwar said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is very best for us. Because this is very good for my family so I favour with it.

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Pooja Thakur said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
The person who are claiming that LOVE marriage is better, Please tell me how many LOVE affairs get converted into LOVE marriages. Not more than 10-15% cases. Remaining 80% people are afraid to get in a relationship again. That destroy the ARRANGE marriages also.

So please do not support LOVE marriages (Western culture) in India. Otherwise, after 10 years you will see 50-60% divorce cases in India, as in western countries.

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Smriti Chouhan said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
I think Love Marriages are better than Arranged Marriages. I can put many points in favor of love marriages. The main thing is which I want to say that love and affection is very crucial thing to bind any relation and today each and every relation depends on expectations. In these expectations mostly people expect financial security, comfortable living status, and the most important thing is independence in relationship. If I clarify the term "Independence in Relationship" that is a comfortable space in between any relation. In traditional marriage systems it seems that sometimes a person has to confine in the relationship at anyway but If we choose love marriage option then we can understand the person's feelings and his or her expectations towards for upcoming relations before the marriage so it gives more help for choosing the better option.

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Pooja said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
I agree that in LOVE marriage you may get a person which is 100% compatible with you by LUCK. But this possibility is 20%. Not everyone in LOVE affair is serious about marriage. And 70-80% OF LOVE marriage are failure in INDIA because they are based on Attraction and beauty of the person.

ARRANGE also failure due to dowry issue.

So I will prefer marriage in some KNOWN family. LOVE is thing thats grows with time.

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Neha said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
LOVE does not exist nowadays. Out of 100 % LOVE affair just 10-15% thing about Marriage. Remaining just want to satisfy their physical needs or Time pass. So you can not say LOVE marriage is good.

In ARRANGE Marriage dowry problems there,

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage in some good family or the good person. LOVE is thing that grows with time.

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Nisha said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
LOVE is natural feeling between girl and boy that grows as so spend time with each other. SO it does not matter LOVE or ARRANGE MARRIAGE.

The main thing is to be with right person and family. Because this is INDIA and you have to Live with the family of BOY. Do not go blind due to LOVE (attraction), listen to your parents also they want to see you, Happy.

So I would prefer to marry in some Known good family instead of LOVE and ARRANGE marriage.

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Pooja said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
The main thing is to be with the right person, whether it is arranged or LOVE marriage.

But what I have seen is LOVE marriage is the biggest failure as compared to ARRANGE marriage, except few dowry cases in ARRANGE Marriage.

If you are not sure about LOVE marriage to go with ARRANGE marriage, parents always want best for their children. Nowadays ARRANGE marriages are not forced marriages, you have a lot of time to understand each other before marriage.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage as true LOVE is very very rare nowadays. Maximum people in LOVE affairs just want to satisfy their physical needs.

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Pranjal said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
First of all, Marriage is very important social institution. Everybody wants to have good match. I favour in love marriage because my parents also did love marriage. There is a Good understanding with each other in love marriage. They aware of each other Like and Dislike. Therefore they will get along well.

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Jaydeep Singh said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
According to me, arrange marriage is better because the people do not think about our life and they think, love is great I do not say that love is not great but the people who know love they are great because some people has become great from love but many people are doing love for physical attraction.

So I think, arrange marriage for Indian culture and love marriage is good for women who understand love.

Thank You.

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Syed Fahad said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Love marriage is just an agreement made between both boy and girl. But arrange marriage is an attraction between both husband and wife. Love marriage is only for a period of time. But arranged marriage is for the lifetime. Please, I would like to request you all is stop doing love marriage. It's all deals in court but arranged marriage deals with family.

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Sarah said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
In case of love and arranged I choose love marriage. In my family, my parents say that love marriages end in a divorce. So it's a simple logic that from my childhood onwards I am hearing the same so because of this after doing a love marriage if I get into a simple fight with my partner then I will think of what my parents said and will feel like arranged marriage is better.

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Gaurav said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
Love marriage:
I am supporting to love marriage.
As my side love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Because love marriage finishes dowrying system, rich and poor to remove their his far. I know your family is not supporting you for love marriage but your family loves you they can't see sadness on your face.
You make understand your family. And after that your family support you.

Arrange marriage is also good but love marriage is good.
1. In love marriage boy everything knows about girl and girl everything knows about boy
2. But in arrange marriage, couple doesn't know anything about each other.
3. In arrange marriage, family forces them.
4. But in love marriage, only couple select to each other. They are free.

Love marriage is better to my opinion.

Thank's a lot.

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Neha said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
LOVE between Boy and girl is nothing, but just an attraction.

For Successful marriage you need commitment and compromise, respect and honesty towards life partner.

If you are ready with above thing only than go for marriage.

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Madhavilatha said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
Hi to all.

A topic between love marriages and arranged marriages right someone says love marriages and more than says arranged marriages all guys you think all arranged marriages are properly done with a pure love for each other? No, they don't have pure love, they must have an agreement right!
I am telling arranged marriages are not good I am talking it's all are done with agreement in this love Marriages also all are not having true love in these days all are attracted each other and they make name LOVE it's not love attraction only so what ever the perfect love comes to you is life it's like a haven and also in arranged marriages.

In my opinion, anyone to marry love with arranged to our life it's like a heaven.

Then I suppose love with arranged marriage.

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Siddarth said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Whatever its is even if it is LOVE or ARRANGED; TRUST, UNDERSTANDING and COMMITMENT is what drives towards a successful marriage.

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Tanu said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
In today's LOVE affairs 90 % of people just want to satisfy their physical needs.

So I will prefer to arrange marriage is some known family.

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Pooja said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Nowadays, both LOVE and ARRANGE Marriages are risky. I have seen around me maximum LOVE marriages are the failure because people treat physical attraction as LOVE and that is temporary.

So, the better choice is to marry in some known family whether LOVE or ARRANGED Marriage.

True LOVE is the commitment, compromise, respect, honesty towards your life partner.

So by seeing the failure of LOVE marriages you will prefer Arrange Marriage.

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Srinu said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Be true, loving & caring. Both are good.

Ask yourself how loyal, loving & caring you then get to the conclusion whether arrange marriage is good or love marriage.

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Vijayjeyakumar said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
In my point of view, I support arrange marriage because it gives satisfaction for us and also for our relatives, most importantly for our parents. Parents know how to do marriage for their children, I'm sure they will try their best to do it. I also accept that many arrange marriage also end up with divorce but it is less than love marriage because they lack in decision-making skills.

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Ydj said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Hey, everyone, I am Yash.

Girl if don't raise her voice for her love so who can she raise her voice for persecution which gifted her by husband & other relatives after arranged marriage.

I think about human every boy/girl even once in life fall in love with some1, success or not its depend on conditions.

As I think arrange marriage is arrangement of 2 broken heart & which heart how to fail to express the feeling of love toward lover or family.

Love marriage makes heaven if fall in love by flow & manage it with maturity.

Arrange marriage is like quite be good for those how to think that. Adjustment is best for us. Love marriage is best for those how to think that. Make everything for us.

Love marriage is best ever by heart by passion by us.

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Sheshu said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Some point of view arranged marriages are good and some point of view love marriages are good but arranged marriages have more responsibilities when compared to love marriages, before the marriage parents think 1-100 times which is good and which is bad, but here before the marriage interaction between the couples is may be very less, that's why you don't know the behavior of your life partner, after marriage sometimes it creates a problem, but whenever understanding between the people is strong it's not a problem,

Conclusion: whenever understanding between the peoples is strong it's not a problem, either arranged marriage or love marriage.

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Anaya said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
As far as my view is concerned, I think to arrange marriage is the best. By arrange marriage everyone is happy especially Our parents. In marriage, love comes with time but that love arises after analyzing your partner's merit and demerits both. So I support arrange marriage.

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Sri said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is best for our youth. Because our parents also satisfied for their choice. If there is any problem arise in the couple they will convince easily. But the couple wanted one year gap for after the engagement. In that gap, they want to know each other.

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Ankita said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
For INDIAN Culture ARRANGE marriage is best, LOVE is thing that happens with time when you get to know each other. But there should be at least 1-year gap before ARRANGE Marriage so that you can understand each other.

IN India LOVE marriages are biggest failure as compared to other countries, because we are trying to copy the western culture and we are not perfect in that.

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Karthik Prabha said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is good one for all youngster because the lack of decision making skills.

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Pooja said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Marriage is about adjustment, commitment and compromise.

People who are supporting LOVE marriages please see the success rate, you can take examples of western countries, 80% of Marriages do of surviving more than 5 years.

When people are in LOVE (attracted) towards someone they can not see his good and bad things. A person will only show his positive side to you and hide his negative side in most of the cases. Life after marriage is totally different because 70-80% of LOVE marriages person hides their negative side. Hence divorce cases are more in LOVE marriages.

If you know some person from 5-6 year then you can go for LOVE marriage. If you are in the relationship with someone for 1-2 year, never go for LOVE marriage, you will regret after marriage.

I will prefer ARRANGE marriage but only in known family.

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Inneth Maki said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Hi, everyone.

My point of view about love marriage and arranged marriage is that nowadays almost the whole population of Vanuatu are engaged in love marriage. Because it is the main decision that is made by both girl and boy.

So I prefer to choose LOVE MARRIAGE.

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Sneha said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
True LOVE is very very rare Nowadays. I have seen fraud/cheat cases in both LOVE and ARRANGE marriages.

So girls better do Marriage in some known family whether LOVE or ARRANGED.

Because for girls, Marriage is very big decision.

According to me, ARRANGE marriage is better than LOVE marriage. LOVE is just feeling between boy and girl, which can happen after Marriage also.

SO for Indian culture, ARRANGE marriage is better.

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Avinash Shukla said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
In my think love marriage are not suffer long.

Because a person will do the marriage from love bases than most of the chances divorce.

In arrange marriage person get together and then marriage from this base of relation are suffer longer time.

But nowadays the ratio of love marriages are increasing.

But more Indian prefer to arrange marriage.


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Gaurav Patel said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
In my point of view, Love marriage is better than the arrange marriage. Because in arrange marriage there may be understanding or respect with each other but certainly there is not love, it may happen with some time or may not. But in love marriage couple end up with marriage because there are love and understanding between them. So my point is one should not compromise his/her present in order to secure the better future.

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Dhaval said: (Sep 18, 2016)  
People think that someone who has done a love marriage is a dude, while others engaged in an arranged marriage are fools. Let's assume that it's true. But if it's so, then how in the hell can the people who love each other, can get separated just because they weren't able to adjust with each other in their married life, and they thought afterwards that it was not a love, just the greatest mistake of their life. If "true love"do exist in between them then they will withstand all the circumstances that came in their life, rather than giving up for stupid lame excuses. I m not against love marriages, but they should also think practically, they should not leave their loved ones, but before marriage, they should prepare themselves well enough -both financially and responsibly, for all sort of problems.

Only one sentence as a tip: if a boy is in true love with his girlfriend, he will make himself perfect in terms of his financial condition and commitment, but if he isn't in true love he will be just in a hurry to get married, so that he will get a permanent licence legalised by our Indian society to satisfy his physical greed on bed, a and that's where the "true face" of his " fake love" comes into existence. Finally, the marriage will get collapsed brutally. Endpoint: the 2 lovers will be called as " true haters, rather than true lovers". I'm not saying that love marriage is disgusting, but most of the times it's not durable. This situation might even occur in a arranged marriage but it's quite rare. But to be very frank, I must say that if we will get the list of the top 10 successful marriages of all times, and even of the current generation - " no doubt, all of them would be love marriages for sure".

Love is a feeling that can even be ignited after marriage, so whether arranged or love, it's in our hand, how to make a marriage " a beautiful journey of our life that will confirm lifelong without any accident".

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Nisha said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
LOVE between boy and girl is nothing but physical attraction (scientifically proved).

True LOVE is respect, commitment, compromise, honesty.

For INDIAN marriage is the very important decision of life (its lifetime commitment). So we also have to take advice from our parents also.

If you want to follow western culture it's your choice (80 % of LOVE marriages do not survive more than 5 years).

In the case of LOVE marriages, people are not ready for comprise and they start fighting on small things, they are just blinded by LOVE, but the real world is totally different.

But in the case of Arrange marriage people are ready for compromise and commitment, hence arrange marriage is more successful.

SO I will prefer ARRANGE Marriage, not old fashion forced marriages.

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Manoranjan Singh said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

According to me, I think being loved or arranged its really doesn't matters, the things which matters is your mutual understandings, emotional attachments, ability to solve conflicts, your atitude, your behaviour with your partner. And the happiness in this will always depends on how you manage the situation and how easily you tackled it with love and care. And this leads a happy life.

So for both are depends on fundamentals of bondings.

But I prefer to arrange.

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Surjeet Kumar Panda said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
Hello to all. Firstly you don't compare love vs arrange marriage because this 2 life changing words are very dangerous than poison, I am personally saying that there is nothing failure rate at all; we all are follow the ancient thing both are good just we have to compromise each other. Love and arrange marriage always good.

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Ashu said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
Whatever people say it is the fact that ARRANGE Marriage is more successful than LOVE Marriages.

For Any Kind of marriage to be successful you need commitment and compromise.

I have seen around my circle itself LOVE marriage is a very big failure, for Live example, you can take the example of USA where 99 % Marriages are LOVE marriages and 80% marriages end up in divorce in a time of 5 years.

LOVE Marriage is riskier than ARRANGE Marriage.

So, I will Prefer ARRANGE Marriage.

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Vinita said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
Hello Everyone,

According to my point of view, there is no difference between love marriage and arrange marriage all we need to understand is loyalty, compromises, commitments towards out partner.

It may be possible that after arranging marriage both will understand each other and also possible that both will not understand.

Whether it is love or a arrange it depends on one's behavior, loyalty towards their partner if all these things are there then it will be a successful marriage.

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Sharry Wahla said: (Sep 13, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

According to my point of view, arrange marriage is better than love marriage. As we all know it an important decision of life. So we have to take advice from our parents also. They have their experience of life. Parents never want to spoil their children life.

Moreover, we can see in the majority of love marriages people started fighting and they blame each other. It happens just because of a wrong decision which they took. Because that time they were attracted toward each other and they just think about their physical attractions. When they started surviving in a real world they start fighting.

To epitomize, I think arranged marriages are better than love marriages.

Thank you all.

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Krutika said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
According to my opinion, arrange marriage is better because it is done with the approval of our parents. As our parents have scarifies their whole life in taking our care they have given importance to our need and wishes. So we should not cheat them.

The ratio of successful love marriage is very less as compared to arrange marriage. When two unknown persons unite together they try to understand each others feeling & emotion.

While in arrange marriage they both know each other since long so no kind of attraction is there in between them as that of arrange marriage so they are more successful.

Some times disputes may occur so they solve with the help of family members means we can share them. Whereas in love marriage this is not possible because no one is happy with the decision so there is no one to support us if parents support love marriage then its good but if not it brings a tough moment in our life.

Thus I conclude by saying that every coin has its two sides good or bad. It is according to us how we inculcate in our life.

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Nishu said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
Peoples who are claiming love marriage is best, please see the facts of LOVE marriage in western countries, where 99% marriages are LOVE marriage, and 80% end up in divorce in 5 years. Because people treat physical attraction as LOVE.

People are not ready financially, mentally they are just get blinded due to LOVE, Their eyes open after marriage and they end up in divorce.

For Any Kind of marriage to be successful you need commitment and compromise.

I am not against LOVE marriages some LOVE marriages are very successful.

But Arrange marriage much better because the person is financially and mentally ready for marriage, not just blinded due to LOVE.

TRUE LOVE is respect, honesty toward your life partner.

I will prefer ARRANGE marriage over LOVE marriage.

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Mouli said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
Well in my case I would say love do exist. I got married to my love with whom I was committed past 8 years that too in a long distance relationship. We have faced lot of things together in terms of career and family Issues. We tried convincing our families it took 2 years to convince them but after that, we got married in a beautiful way with the blessings of Bhagwan Ji and both the families. I would also mention that we have faced an extremely tensed situation when our families got involved. We had extreme fights also but lastly we didn't leave each other and fulfill our commitments. My in-laws are awesome they accepted me whole heartedly and touch wood I can sum up saying I m happily married to the love of my life.

So, from my view, Love marriage is best.

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Rankjith said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
I have been chosen to go with arranged marriage because there is more chance of successful marriage let take it from our parent view,

If they have been chosen a girl/boy for us, they will definitely know his/her background and parents of opposite party.

They could make a better life their son/daughter and, Even if you fail in a relationship your parents are always with you remember they are the most supportive for us.

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Siddhant Rai said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
Where it is written that arrange marry will successful and love marriage is unsuccessful. If a man or woman is not loyal then is it guaranteed that after arrange marriage she will become loyal with that person and will not break his trust. First thing is that marriage is all depend on trust, care, understanding the respect that we have to give to our mates.

Surveys say that 80% arrange is successful and 10-20% love marriage is successful I just want to say how much percent there is love marriage in India and in that unsuccessful marriage. How much percent societies, parents respect and accept their marriage? After love marriage, most of the people of society behave that the couples had done something so terrible that they disrespect them. Love marriage is also one kind of marriage they also want same respect and acceptance from other society it is not like that love marriage has their own world and there is no effect of society on them. I am not saying that arrange marriage is wrong it is also right just want to say that after marriage the whole life has to spend with them so it is up to us to accept or reject them. I also heard that in nowadays that in arrange marriage boy and girl accept them and then marry just want to say if that happens then why they oppose love marriage and also if in arrange marriage parents force to marry then is it OK and who says in arrange marriage boy and girls takes decision, yes it happens in some arrange marriage but not in all so it correct to forcibly marry right?

Arrange and love marry are same but in arrange marriage parents decide and in love marriage we decide. Just we have to support be committed, respect and understand our wife/husband. And it is not that there is no divorce and all in arrange marriage we all heard the worst case after arrange marriage so no marriage is wrong or right and we can't say love marriage is unsuccessful because marriage is not a person which is wrong but conditions and people make love marriage wrong. If we respect and be committed and understand and society supports same as they support arrange marriage then surely love marriage is also the best option. So we have to improve our thought.

Sorry if anybody was hurt by my comment I don't want to hurt anyone and their feeling but if I hurt then I am sorry from my heart.

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Amrutha said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages.

Arrange marriage is better because it provides fall in love after the marriage that is super feeling. So both have curious to know each behavior and likes but in love marriage before they know all about each other periodically attraction, infatuation, crush will be reduced then quarrel happens also divorce makes in love marriage. If it is true love how you know don't know he flirts after marriage n run away then how you face parents so much trouble already the God put someone in our life don't be panic.

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Pushpanjali said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

According to me, marriages are tie up of two soles with the bond of love, respect, trust, security etc. A marriage will be successfull if you have the above things in your relationship whether it is love or arrange. Now coming towards love or arrange, in both cases love or arrange for marriage first of all we have to choose a partner. In love, we ourself in arrange they are chosen by our parents. In love, we have more time to understand our partner than arrange marriage, but with a condition that in love marriage you have an option to quit if the condition is getting worse but this doesn't mean that you choose and quit, but in arrange marriage after a limit time or in better case after 2 or 3 rejection you have to choose one and get married. So if after that you face any problem you have only option to compromise because there are family and society pressure. So there are less divorce rate, whereas in love marriage if the youngesters didn't find their match with maturity and only on the basic of money, look etc. Then at a time they became unable to handle their relationship and get divorced, here divorce rate are high because there are no family or society pressure. As many people have pointed out the divorce rate very aggressively so I want to tell them that if in love marriage divorce rate is high then in arrange marriage death rate due to dowery can't be ignored. And another big problem comes in arrange marriage is for girls as they are not on their feet and they are tought by their parents that after marriage the house of her husband and his family is everything for her they can't return to their parental home, so hey suffer the most in any type of problem. So I think divorce is better option than to suffer. So if you will chhose your partner wisely and with maturity surely it will last forever whether it is love or arrange.


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Nisha said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
LOVE marriage is the biggest failure because young generation treats physical attraction as LOVE. A genuine case of a LOVE affair is very less around 20%. Remaining 80% just want to satisfy their physical needs, once that over LOVE affair is over.

That's why People are afraid of LOVE marriages and opting for ARRANGE marriages, and they are more successful than LOVE marriages because people are ready for commitment, compromise. That's why ARRANGE marriage success rate is 80%.

Marriage is a very big responsibility which requires commitment, compromise.

So nowadays ARRANGE marriage is better.

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Raton Roy said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
As my point of view, love marriage is better than the arranged marriage because in love marriage there is nothing any caste discrimination, dowry problems, any feelings about rich or poor. Fair or unfair etc. There is only trust, care, like the handle, belief, mutual understanding etc. Which are generally absent in arranged marriage. It happens really you just think about it how could it.

Possible within a short period of time like 2 months or maximum 6 months. It impossible to know about an unknown person. Then misunderstanding, divorce, disturbances in married life so many problems will arise. That's why love marriage should be 1st choice for both the girls and boys.

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Ankit Raj said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
I think love marriage is not success long life because 90% young do love to see their beauty. And not see their behaviour. So I can say that arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

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Gowtham said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
According to me, the difference between the love marriage and arrange marriage is, in love marriage the couple will jumps down in to the well by opening their eyes. But in case of arrange marriage the couple jumps down in to the well by closing their eyes. But even arrange marriage will get some support from parents. So from my view, arrange marriage is better one.

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Charmi said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Love marriages are a very good thing but carefully guys your parents will not hear of your decision.

If your parents agree then a good thing do marriage.

Also, arrange marriage is good but take the time to understand to each other after marriage.

But in this scenario couples are not given sometimes for relation.

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Chetan Sanjay Nehere said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Love or arranged, it is important to do it with the support of your parent's, relatives and society.

Everyone's view should be considered & no one should be left behind for our relation. If everyone supports you that's the right time and right person to get marry.

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Shivani said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
Please do not compare attraction with LOVE.

TRUE LOVE (base of successful marriage) is trust, commitment, honesty, give each other lots of room, compromise, forgive and forget, Do not try to change each other, loyalty.

These things are not present in LOVE affairs because people treat attraction as LOVE. That's why LOVE Marriage failure rate is very high. People get blind due to LOVE and not able to see anything except this, their eyes open after marriage and hence divorce rate is as high as 80%.

In ARRANGE Marriage these things are present at least 70-80% cases. So success rate of ARRANGE MARRIAGE is very high.

If you are not ready for commitment, compromise, do not marry, otherwise, you will destroy the life of two people.

The main thing in the failure of marriage is that people are not ready to compromise due to their ego.

That's why ARRANGE MARRIAGE are more Successful than LOVE Marriages.

So I will go For ARRANGE MARRIAGE because I am old fashion.

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Nisha Sharma said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
People who are claiming that LOVE marriage is better, that is not actual LOVE that is just attraction happens at a young age. Not all people are serious about marriage after LOVE affairs, hardly 10-20 % are serious about marriage. Remaining 80 % just want a physical relationship.

You can know someone's like/dislike in 6 month time also, the main thing required for successful marriage is a commitment, trust, honesty, compromise.

Nowadays arrange marriage are not like old fashion forced marriage, you have enough time before marriage to understand each other, at least 1 year.

So, NO difference between LOVE and ARRANGE marriage.

The main thing is to be with the right person it does not better LOVE or ARRANGE Marriage.

But I am completely against LOVE marriages, Because nowadays TRUE LOVE is very rare, everything is about a physical relationship.

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Mr. Subodh said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
In my opinion, love marriage is beating option because of they both know to each other, they manage how to live life, they even know their likes dislikes what they want everything they know. "commitment " they already discuss about their life even they discuss about their parent's life. They will free to take their decision.

But in arrange marriage the girls don't gets chance to decide.

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Saranya said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
My opinion is both marriages equally likes and dislikes. Increases love and care both of trust each other. The secret of life adjustment and commitment. Either it will be a love or arrange marriages who makes real our life fully filled with happiness.

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Rasmhi said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
First tell me what is LOVE?

TRUE LOVE is Honesty, Respect, Loyalty towards your life partner, which is almost zero in LOVE affairs. 3-4 out of 100 love affair is genuine.

I will tell you one thing people who are doing ARRANGED marriages at least 60 % belongs from good family background, and their parents had taught them how to behave with your life partner after marriage, That's why ARRANGE marriage are very very successful(at least 60-70% are very successful).

In LOVE marriage this percentage is around 10%.

If you need live examples, in USA 99% marriages are LOVE marriage and 80% are a failure, its truth.

Indian are following a western culture that's why divorce cases and rape cases are increasing in INDIA.

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Shilpi said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
TRUE LOVE does not exist nowadays, everything is about money and etc, and I have seen many cases in my circle with 80% of LOVE marriage are failed.

True LOVE is very rare 5 %. 4-5 cases out of 100.

So, girls think 1000 times before getting into a relationship with some random guy. Always do marriage in the known family.

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Shilpa said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
In my opinion, arranged marriages are more successful than love marriage. When a parent finds guys for her daughter, he will always choose the best for her. We might something take wrong decision for our life so we are not the best persons to choose. Few ages before, there would be some two to three cases of love marriages and the word divorce was never heard but nowadays it has become a common thing. By this, we can understand how successful is a love marriage.

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Pooja Thakur said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
TRUE LOVE does not exist Nowadays, everything is about money and physical attraction, and I have seen many cases in my circle. 80% of LOVE marriage are failed.

True LOVE is very rare (5/100).

So, girls think 1000 times before getting into a relationship with some random guy. Always do marriage in the known family.

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Ankita said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
People are saying LOVE marriage is very good, But truth is that LOVE does not exist nowadays its very rare.

Todays LOVE is all about MONEY and physical attraction.

So I do not believe in LOVE marriage at all.

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Ankit Suman Sharma said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
What I saw in life make me feel that the arranged marriage are more successful than the love marriage. But according to my personal thinking love marriages may be more fruitful than arrange marriages, because it is very important to know our partner whom we want to spend the whole life with, which is not possible many times in arranging marriages. In love marriage, we met people first met as a friend and get time and opportunity to know like and dislike of his/her. But in arrange marriage most of the time we don't come across the others idea effectively and the life becomes boredom also many times a lifetime contract.

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Himanshi said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
I think arranged marriage is better than love marriage. Nowadays no true love exists basically I love you word become a mathematical equation where I love is constant and you is variable.

I think our parents choose the best person for us. Nowadays Love only for a physical relationship.

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Nisha said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
To all whether you are doing LOVE or ARRANGED MARRIAGE do in a known family. Nowadays there are many cases of harassment in both LOVE and ARRANGE Marriages.

LOVE marriage is very very risky nowadays. My one of a friend had LOVE marriage 1 year back, after marriage her husband asked for DOWRY of 15 lakhs. She was in a huge depression and finally she suicided.

There are many such cases in LOVE marriages.REAL LOVE does not exist. So stay away from LOVE marriages.

At least ARRANGE Marriages done in the known family are successful.

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Anshika said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
From my point of view, both the love and the arrange marriage will only be successful if both the person are honest and trustworthy to each other and if both gives equal respect to each other.

A marriage is a beautiful bond that is created by god. It's a changing point of every person's life. A pure relationship which was sometimes broken by dowry or some misunderstanding or by any other complications.

In arranged marriage, your parents simply choose your life partner and in love marriage you choose your life partner by yourself. But both requires HONEST, RESPECT, TRUTH, ASSURANCE.

Whether it is love or arranged, a marriage will only be successful if both the person become loyal to each other.

Thank You.

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Neha said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
It's not just about love marriage or arrange marriage. It's only thing required for a successful companionship is "trust". True lovers do exist. Though rare.

Not necessarily all arrange marriages come with a tag of being successful even they don't have a tag. So for me better knowing your partner is important either love or arranged.

Rate this: +25 -5

Naga Kamesh said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
Hai friends. I've observed your ideas. Friends let me tell you one thing. People say 80% of love marriages are getting divorced. Why you can't say 20% of love marriages are successful. It seems like many of you are negative minded. Well, I support love marriages. Because it is the only way one can get a complete understanding on another. So that he/she is true, loyal, respectful, critic, funny to their partner. Another point is love is not a lust. It is a great feeling. Love gives the courage. So whether it is intercaste or anything you can convince the parents and you can say that he/she is the right (not perfect) partner of mine. Your parents also feel relaxed because you already found a partner. So there are no more worries. Thank you.

Rate this: +15 -65

Pankaj said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Nowadays before ARRANGE MARRIAGE you have enough time to understand each other. So technically there is no difference between LOVE and ARRANGE Marriage.

Todays LOVE is about physical attraction, that's the main reason of the failure of marriage whether LOVE or ARRANGED Marriage.

If TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT is the base of marriage any kind of marriage will be successful.

Rate this: +82 -6

Nisha said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Some people is saying that do not do ARRANGE MARRIAGE with the person choose by your parents because they will die one day and go for LOVE marriage.

See the mindset of MODERN GENERATION, Today's LOVE is only for a physical attraction.

According to me, LOVE is trust and honesty with your life partner, whether it is LOVE or ARRANGE MARRIAGE.

Rate this: +56 -6

Sunil said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Modern generation thinks that they have been with some person for 2 years, so this is LOVE. This is just an attraction and this is natural. Are you 100% sure that person is not pretending in front of you?

He is real, No 80% of person do not show their actual face because they want to impress you.

True LOVE is Trust, Honesty, Respect.

It does not matter LOVE or ARRANGE MARRIAGE.

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Arun said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Some people are saying that LOVE marriage is very good because you know likes/dislikes with each other .

Nowadays you have at least 1 year for arranging a marriage before marriage you will know with each other, so there is no difference.


MODERN Generation definition of love : Only physical attraction

TRUE LOVE Is respect, trust, it does not matter whether LOVE or ARRANGE Marriage.

Some people are telling that in LOVE marriage people are very compatible with each other. But it's not true.

Rate this: +40 -2

Prashant said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Some people are saying ARRANGE marriage people stay together because of social pressure its true, because marriage is all about ARRANGEMENT, COMMITMENT, TRUST. If you do not have social pressure, we will see 60-70% divorce cases.

Today LOVE is about physical factors only, See around you how many LOVE Marriage is successful.

Because there is no social pressure in case of LOVE marriage hence 80% Love marriage are fail.

Rate this: +39 -7

Ravidu said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than Arranged marriage definitely there is no argument about it! Arranged marriages in India becomes successful due to social and cultural pressure, however the times of such pressure of society has come to slowly die since men and women have started to stand up for their rights to choose, those who say arranged marriages are great are the people who are either lazy to get a partner or simply spineless.

And with the right understanding and the commitment I think love marriage could be very successful even if it out of religion or caste or the boundaries what matter is the commitment to understand to work things out, Love can really win when you become humble enough to understand, however when it comes to two religions it is important to accept each other's faith and respect and make sure the children's religions are decided. Love should be used as an element of strength in a relationship that the key to the success of many interracial and inter-religious success marriages.

And people who show stats saying that arranged marriage is successful are saying the truth but the truth behind that fact is that religious pressure and cultural pressure forces men and women to be together however in case of love marriages since society demotes them they are highly demotivated and end up losing hope on each other, which is the sad reality.

Rate this: +9 -69

Yash said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
I have seen some of the answers here and most of the people here seem to be like having no mind of their own. So let me clear something up first.

Yes, parents are important. They give us everything. They give us our childhood. However, as you progress in life, you become wise enough to decide what's suitable for you. That's the whole point of growing up. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT A PERSON WHO SAYS THEY'RE GOING TO GO WITH THEIR PARENTS' DECISION OF ARRANGE MARRIAGE. Why? Simple. Because you're refusing to stand up for yourself. You're refusing to speak up for your right to be happy, just so that you don't offend them. In other words, you're a coward. You don't respect yourself. Living your life means you have to be brave enough to make certain choices which may do you good but others may not be pleased. It's a part of growing up.

Also, consider this, your parents won't live forever. Eventually, they'll die and then you'll be stuck with the life partner they chose for you. What if that person turns out to be the wrong one? Obviously, in the majority of cases of arrange marriage, people don't know each other. They get married, they sleep together and then have a child. In most cases, there's no love. How would there be? You don't know the simplest things about your partner. You don't know what they like, you don't know what they dislike etc. People stick together just because of societal pressure so many times. My mother is a prime example of this.

And then, in the end, you end up hating yourself for not having the guts to speak up. Regret is all that's left.

However, I won't bash arrange marriages entirely, because plenty of them are also successful. Still like I said, in a traditional Indian society, the majority of arranged marriage couples stay together just because of the societal pressure and ostracization of windows. There's no denying it.

Love marriages on the other hand, by the definition of love of the current generation, are bound to failures. Physical attraction and popularity are considered the chief factors to marry someone by many immature and unwise youngsters. The mistake lust for love, hence it doesn't work.

To summarize it, what people need to do is to set their priorities and speak up for their rights. Trying to keep everyone around you happy only ends up with you being the saddest one. So, take a stand.

Rate this: +16 -82

Prashant said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Both ARRANGE and LOVE Marriage are risky nowadays. In my friend circle, most of my friends had love marriages, out of 50% are divorced in the 4-5 year after marriage.

Now-a-days LOVE is about physical factors

Same case with Arrange marriage, Dowry is main cause of failure in ARRANGE marriage.

Better Choice is to be SINGLE.

Rate this: +54 -10

Nisha said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Modern generation answer LOVE (attraction/lust) marriage is better because you know each other's likes/dislikes.

Likes/dislikes are not a base for marriage TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT is the base of marriage, whether it is LOVE or ARRANGE marriage.

We cannot say which one is better LOVE or ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

In the US 99 % of marriages are LOVE marriages and 80% people take divorce in a 5-7 year, the same case in INDIA 80% love marriage are a failure.

ARRANGE marriage is also failure due to dowry issue.

SO better choice is that marry in a relative circle, whether LOVE or ARRANGED.

Rate this: +37 -5

Prabhakar Sarvepalli said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Hey guys, most of you people are sticky on only one side of the discussion. Let me figure out PROBLEMS (not advantages) with both kind of marriages.

Love Marriage:

Frankly speaking most of we guys about 70% in this modern era, doesn't know how to choose the correct partner by expressing LOVE.

Definitely, most of us start loving, by perceiving physical factors of the partner. You have to realize on this point.

Say straight from your heart, the above point is wrong, you never. Many cases, first love starts from persons physical attractions.

Why we people are thinking like that. Here is the challenge let me pose you. Look your surroundings and friends, and observe boys are discussing girls - hey I have got my girlfriend who is so beautiful,

And from girls side - hey he so beautiful and from a rich background, 75% of statements are you getting like this. NO DOUBT on this point.

It is hard to find people who are getting love with the partners who doesn't look fair. I am not saying this is VALID in all the cases, but in all major cases this is the actual situation, keep on discussing the topic will not yet to complete, let me wrap up this.

Final conclusion over the Love marriage : Girls don't fell in love if you fell don't leave and betray boys. Most of the boys are wandering as mad because of LOVE FAILURE. For you girls, this situation will never happen.


The first and foremost point here I am bringing is WHY parents are searching for partners to their boy/girl from their own caste or religion.

It is hard to arrange marriages who mix up two religions by making a marriage. An example can you people spot out a Hindu family can make a marriage with a Muslim, never. This kind of STEREOTYPES should be popped out from our mindsets.

And the second one, why parents from girls side have to give money for boys side. Is marriage is a business proposal that you have to fix up it within COFEEDAY.

Keep on saying the points will go on, let me wrap up this.

Final conclusion: if you find arranged marriages that are never asking DOWRY, you can proceed. Else don't be stuck on this side.

Hope you all get the clarity.

Rate this: +18 -7

Pooja said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Modern generation answer LOVE (attraction/lust) marriage is better because you know each other's likes/dislikes.

Likes/dislikes are not a base for marriage TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT is the base of marriage, whether it is LOVE or ARRANGE marriage.

Some people are saying that if your parents are not ready run away with your lover. For 1-2 year of the relationship, you will break your 25-year relationship. Peoples who can break the 25-year relationship with parents, how they can be loyal to their life partner?

Do not hurt your parents, they always try to do best for their children.

You can know each other likes/dislikes after marriage also, marriage is about adjustment, commitment.

Nowadays LOVE is about the physical ability.

So I do not believe in LOVE marriage.

I will do marriage where my parents will decide because they are my life.

Rate this: +55 -7

Akash said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
In my opinion, marriage is a stage where a new life begins, we should remember one thing, people must know about the two marriage, if you choose an arranged marriage, you are not bothered about any girl/boy around you for love or any physical attraction, you should see him /her as a friend, when your marriage comes your parents will decide and take a decision and find a partner for you, so you are happy for the marriage, but after the marriage he /she show the real face to you, maybe it is good or bad, you don't know what kind of a partner you have got, maybe you are not happy with him/her, love exist only when your partner feels you happy and respect and behavior, if this is not getting from him /her you are in a big trouble, that is the problem of arrange marriage, but if you choose love marriage, you and you are loved will know each other, there will create a happiness and respect, behavior, should be trustful for each other, only a loved couple know's the real feel of love, let me say it some kind of MADNESS, it only ends when you marry, At the time when your parents are searching for a partner, you must tell them you find a perfect partner, and he/she is better for you, and also tell them, you will be always happy when you marry your loved partner, this is my opinion about marriage.

Rate this: +16 -12

Ayushi said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
In my view love as well as arrange marriages both are equally good provided you move ahead in your life with a complete sense of trust and faith on your partner. In my view couples who move ahead on the path of love, marriages should firstly let their parents know about their decision and should move ahead only after their blessings, because blessings of parents are very important for a happy married life.

Rate this: +31 -2

Arun Mano said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
I support for love marriage.

Somehow after marriage the girl leaves her home and joins the groom family where they spend rest of their lives. If they had loved each other the girl can feel the grooms home as hers and be happy.

In love marriage you know the person and what he is capable of. If you love someone and your family says no. Please don't worry about them go on continue to marry your loved one. They are your family and they will accept after they see both of you spend your lives happily.

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Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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