Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Maria said: (Fri, May 22, 2015 05:58:54 AM)    
I believe in love marriage but after reading some of these comments I'm really not sure, love is all good and well in the beginning but once you have issues in the relationship, you might not have the family support you need but at the same time you are with someone you know and want to be with but with arranged marriages you are stuck with someone you may not even know though you would have family support.

But now days people are also openly gay so marriage could also be complicated in it is arranged. Love marriage you marry for the right reasons, love. Arranged you often marry for money or status. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

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Aaaa said: (Thu, May 21, 2015 06:54:31 PM)    
I support both love and arrange marriage because at last its about the two individuals who have to spend rest of their lives together. In my opinion arrange marriages are much more challenging and risky.

Because in arrange marriages the individuals get very less time to understand each other and if after marriage they are not compatible then they have no choice to step out of it except for divorce which is not considered to be good the society.

On the other hand in love marriage you have an open choice to marry your lover or not.

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Manish Jain said: (Thu, May 21, 2015 06:02:19 PM)    
In an arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person. There is a sense and demand of spending more time with each other. Since the partners have never met before, in an arranged marriage, they care more about each others needs in most cases, love marriages force the couple to stay away from family. This leaves them with no choice but to tackle their own problems.

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Vishal said: (Thu, May 21, 2015 09:26:20 AM)    
Its all about understanding and also before marrying anyone we should ask question to our self day. Can I stay with her/him for next 40-50 years? One last thing. Sometimes in love its difficult to arrange everything. But in arrange its not difficult to love.


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Oks said: (Tue, May 19, 2015 06:14:04 PM)    
Hello everybody,

Personally, I feel the love marriage is better than arrange marriage because the couples already love each other. They have mutual understandings about each other so there will be less arguments between them. Every time they see each other, they will feel happiness. Most of you probably had a boyfriend or girlfriend at least once and you would understand how being able to love the person you want to would feel.

Since it's based on love, there will be understanding build out of love. Even if one person made some mistakes, their partner will overlook them. The results of this are happiness and peacefulness at home.

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Tanuhya said: (Sun, May 17, 2015 11:29:54 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view love and arranged marriages have equal importance. The only thing that everybody should think is that the belief that a couple should have on each of them. And a good understanding should be there between couple. I agree that in arranged marriages there is no enough time to understand each other but parent's are always supportive. In love marriages there is good understanding between couple.

But I don't totally agree that love marriages are better. There are failures in arranged and in love marriages. The only that everybody should think is that after marriage one should understand each other and one should have trust on their partners. That's enough to have good relationship between couple.

Finally I conclude saying that love and arranged marriages both are best the bond between couple depends on belief and understanding. So, friends think of this once.

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Siri said: (Sun, May 17, 2015 03:35:10 PM)    
Hi friends,

We are can't say in one word for which marriage is best. But I know both are best for me because love is same in two marriages but only difference is thinking perception and individual mind set. Any relationship is breakout means there lack of understanding. And ego is main problem for problem of love.

But one thing love marriage buildup with family support its very great love. Arranged marriage is fill up with family support when there is less problems because here fear and responsibility are more. This is my opinion.

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Shubham said: (Sat, May 16, 2015 02:46:45 PM)    
Hello guys,

I completely support both kind of marriage, weather love or arrange basically there are two people who are going to leave there rest of the life together helping each other, there with each other in there good times and bad times, only the basic difference is in love marriage the both love each other before marriage and in arrange marriage the start loving after marriage so what difference does it make.

In the end of the day they both have to love each other and stay together. I agree love marriage has many difficulties but in my opinion love with out difficulties is that true love. So guys keep loving nothing matter till the time you guys are happy with each other.

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Balram Gupta said: (Fri, May 15, 2015 09:44:17 AM)    
Hi friends,

I support both types of marriage both types their own fun in love marriage. We know each other very well and from this we can build good understanding. But arrange marriage there is one amazing thing that is the person whom we doesn't know and suddenly. She or he becomes life partner. So we have much things to share.

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Amaran said: (Thu, May 14, 2015 06:28:51 PM)    

For love is not the most important because it come and go. Arrange or love marriage is same you can't run away from problem that may occur some day. But something that make the happy marriage is that how the couple face the problem together all the problem that they face will make their love grow. So what I want to say is people will make a mistake one in their life.

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Simran said: (Wed, May 13, 2015 10:08:18 PM)    
Hi Simran here,

I support arrange marriage as we know the bride or the groom has been selected by parents for their children after due search and check. Even if their some problem arises (in case of girls) or their is some misunderstanding between the couple the parents re always there to support the girl.

But in case of love marriage, the unhappy parents want the girl to resolve her own issues for the parents sake I think the arrange marriage is the best option.

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Prashant said: (Tue, May 12, 2015 01:36:23 PM)    
Hi guys,

According to me, love marriage is best cause, in love marriage couple know each other very well. And they understand each other. But all of above every marriage depend on believe, if you believe on your partner then love marriage is best. Instead all of this, in arrange marriage has short time to understand each other, and many of terms like I don't like her/him or how is she/he looking.

But love marriage doesn't mean that you marry with your partner in a wrong way like marry with your partner in temple. You have to convince your parents and change love marriage in arrange. We know that parents doesn't allow for this but one time you have to say.

So lastly I want to say that love marriage is best it's my point of view.

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Akhi said: (Fri, May 8, 2015 09:25:53 PM)    
Hello everyone,

Love and affection is important thing in life. It doesn't matter whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage. Good understanding and perfect love is main theme.

Let me explain my view clearly.

In case of love marriage, its just became a fake and fault now a days. We really can't expect a true love now a days, very few are honest in love remaining all cases are just fake (love through social communications like Facebook and whats app, there are just shit) Love arranged marriages are happy marriages in my view because the couple have good understanding between themselves and they have capability to convey there parents.

In case of arranged marriage, parents wish is, that we should have great life. So they enquiry each and everyone before they confirm the marriage. In the same sense due to poor knowledge some couples ruin there life's, this is only because of there misunderstandings and mismatching of there opinions.

Finally what I WANT TO SAY IS LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING IS IMPORTANT whether it is a love or arranged.

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Tompok said: (Thu, May 7, 2015 07:07:18 AM)    
Hi everybody,

Love marriage and the arrange marriage are all the life's events. But there is some important points of different between them, in love marriage we can get the perfect love and one can spend his entire life happily as he/she is living with their lover for they made love each other for some period they have the chance to know each other. The aforementioned points are not found in arrange marriage for the arranging is done in a short period.

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Mohan said: (Wed, May 6, 2015 11:55:59 PM)    
Love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in arrange marriage couple having different thinking and there is no mutual understanding and the few months may be years are spent to knowing each other and today's busy lives no one has much time to know each other and love is blind so love is important feeling in every person life so friend we are fall in love.

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Jaspal said: (Wed, May 6, 2015 01:10:28 PM)    
Hi friends,

I believe in true love but we have to think practically as well, you know and understand your partner very well but after marriage how your partner will adjust in your family it is little bit difficult to say.

In today's world people believes in formality rather than actual love. If any person loves some one who is earning roughly 30k and owed a swift where as that person's parents agreed to their relation and want him/her to marry but they said we have seen a person who is earning 80k and owned accord so do you want to think once before getting married to your love. I am sure it will affect the relation somehow so where's that true love goes now.

Love is barely an attraction now where we like each others looks, financial status even people believes in doing parties more rather than knowing each other. Is this love, do not think so, love means to know a person A to Z. If you have 100% trust on your partner and you know he/she will not cheat you in future else it will ruin your life and you must know that your partner must respect your parents, you have to be neutral between your parents and partner. Then go for love marriage.

Where as for arrange marriages both family knows each other and parents also helps more your partner to adjust in family. If there will be any problem you have parents to support. Who wants you to marry immediately no one is putting pressure on you, you can take time to know each other in advance and then you can marry. We have seen many times that in love marriages couple mostly stay separately from parents as they don't want any restrictions on them which is basically not correct as your parents needs your love and support as well. But in arrange marriages may be this would not happen.

My preference is for arrange rather than love.

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Manpal Singh said: (Sun, May 3, 2015 11:25:25 PM)    
In my point of view love marriage because in marriage primary and basic thing is love rest things is secondary things, if your love is true marriage just a social fashion, in love marriage love possibility is more. Otherwise restructuring without marriage so basic things is love, and then marriage. Arrange is arrange just likes purchase things from market you you have not love you arranged which is artificial love. Arrange marriage do fool peoples. Society make peoples fool.

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Satveer Singh said: (Sat, May 2, 2015 03:55:57 PM)    
Its not as east question as seems but its too difficult. In the present era where love starts from 5th standard. How much understanding will be about each other? How much they can care? And how long they can continue there love unfortunately its only attraction? Attraction of figure, status, and position.

So in such case there marriage will not be effective, after passage a little time they bore from each other and in fact if I say it that these people are not eligible for marriage it could not b wrong but these days a new term has emerged that is love cum arranged marriage I totally in such marriage.

Because to do such marriage all demerits of love marriage hide and it only show merits of love and arrange marriage. Firstly where you recognize it and your parents also recognize it your love also fulfill. It just a guarantee that makes your life prosperous.

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Shilpi said: (Sat, May 2, 2015 01:37:09 AM)    
If family or community really supports arrange marriages then why they ask for dowry from same community girl why they didn't ask anything from inter-caste girl, this behaviour shows that they do arrange marriages just for the sake of showoff.

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Ajay said: (Wed, Apr 29, 2015 04:38:15 PM)    
Hi everyone.

From my point of view love marriage is much better than arrange marriage. As my friends said there is better understanding between couples and it goes long relationship.

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Sheffy said: (Tue, Apr 28, 2015 06:17:14 PM)    
Hi friends.

According to me love marriage is more preferable than arrange marriage as in love marriage you know your partner well there is mutual understanding between them in your relation period you have gone through almost all situation of life. So you know how to tackle with situation in future any thing goes wrong you will only be responsible you will not blame.

Anyone else for your condition and in arrange marriage is it a guarantee that the guy is real he what he pretends to you in your engagement time?what if he changes after marriage can you challenge about that? So love marriage with agreement of parents is what I prefer. And goes well in my point of view.

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Nandu said: (Fri, Apr 24, 2015 03:29:25 PM)    
Hi this is Nandu,

In my point of view no body's don't know about the love before movies are not came. By seeing the movies only every body addict the love. Now a days from 5th class onwards everybody fall in love. So is this the true love? But am not against the love.

My point is "Correct age+Correct time+Matured mind+With responsibility" to felt in love means its successful I think.

So I suppose the 80% arrange marriages 20% love marriages.

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Yogesh said: (Wed, Apr 22, 2015 11:20:17 PM)    
Hi friends.

According to me love marriage is better than arrange marriage but condition is that your family member should agree with you otherwise it's a same for us otherwise we have no right to tend against with our parents.

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Himansu Rath said: (Tue, Apr 21, 2015 07:22:33 AM)    
Hello friends. According to me arrange marriage is far better than love marriage. In case of love marriage family may not be support this. If some problem arise no one behind them. But in case of arrange marriage family members, relatives and friends all are engaged to find a bride or groom. It creates a lot of joy, funny & enjoyable moments.

Some friends said that their is less understanding between couples in arrange marriage. It is not true, parents members are more experienced and matured mind. They also take the opinion of their child before taking any decision. The marriage is not suddenly done, their must be one or two month gap between ring ceremony and marriage.

This is the enough time between bride and groom to know each other. If their is some problem occur then break the relationship and said to the family. In arrange marriage all the family members are very much happy, that's the main reason for me.

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Anisha said: (Fri, Apr 17, 2015 05:49:01 PM)    
I have already read many comments, many people supporting love marriage & some people are against of love marriage. I agree, that now a days many love marriages are not success. But in other side many arrange marriages are also unsuccessful.

It's totally depend upon our mutual understanding, Faith, patience etc. At last I am with marriage, It can be love or arrange. That doesn't matter for me.

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Akshara said: (Fri, Apr 17, 2015 01:46:48 PM)    
Hi everyone,

Well according to me marriage isn't just the bond between two people but between two families too. Also one can never claim the fact that in love marriages, partners are well understood and all that. Because looking practically, in love marriage just by knowing your partner for 2 years or maybe even 10 years might not really disclose all his/her traits. And since a long epic, we all have portrayed love marriage as a fantasy full of love and sweetness. Most of the lovers make dreams on how they would live their life happily, their children etc where practical stuffs are given least attention.

Specially for a girl who is married off to another house. This is the case when one decides to spend his/her entire life with another person irrespective of their families. Come on it was the family that made you stand on your on feet. I feel love cum arranged marriages are superb. Where you don't actually sow a seed of doubt or dissatisfaction in anybody's mind. As far as arranged marriages are concerned, no educated families would forced their son/daughter to marry somebody without their consent.

Broadly speaking, for failures in arranged marriages you get to blame your family unlike love marriages where in a narrow minded society like India, all blame is put on the one who opted for love Well, I do agree to the fact that arranged marriage offer less understanding but what's the hurry? its such a wonderful feelings where everyday offers you a better understanding of your partner unlike love marriage where there's nothing new.

Most of the love marriages fail because nobody actually dares to disclose his/her's darker side. More like before marriage full of attempts to please one's partner and post-marriage not necessarily so. If that's the case, then where exactly is the so called "LOVE"? However there are instances where love marriages have turned a 100% success provided all the above mentioned traits are disclosed and one is assured of all the negatives and weak points of his/her partner.

Finally, according to me nobody can actually conclude that love marriage is better than arranged marriage or vice versa. Because its all the matter of fate and never in one's hand. Keep hope, pray for that one prince or princess with whom you could spend a "happily ever after" life. :) :) :).

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Ahmed said: (Mon, Apr 13, 2015 03:15:05 AM)    
In my point of view love marriage is Best than arrange. In love marriage you very well to know your partner. You share your feeling and sadness with your partner. I mean to say that mutual understanding is more.

But in arrange marriage, understanding is less. Love is everything and marriage is a bonding of two Souls or two person. And for any relationship, trust is more important.

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Asif Ali said: (Mon, Apr 13, 2015 12:47:07 AM)    
Hi I'm Asif according to me, love marriage far good as arrange marriage because in love marriage the both of couple known each others very well. And also known likes, dislikes, strength and weakness.

I think love marriage also have many benefits like,

1. Dowry: dowry is a very big curse of Indian culture. In love marriage. We protect of that curse.

2. Cost: In Indian culture the people are spend money in big amount (arrange marriage). But in love marriage the couples save their money for securing their future.

3. Time: In Indian wedding functions there are lot of Rasm Rivaz are done. Like mehndi, sangeet etc. In all of that we spend of their time. So I think that love marriage is better than arrange marriage.

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Rocky said: (Wed, Apr 8, 2015 07:56:18 PM)    
Marriage is a very big decision of every one's life and you should first know everything about each other after that go for marriage and these things are only possible in love marriage. Because in love marriage you have enough time and in arrange marriage you don't have the time and don't have the option to back step.

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Raja Pandu said: (Tue, Apr 7, 2015 02:34:57 PM)    
HI friends,

I am with the side of love marriage because the love is their life and a great bonding between two of them. The happiest movement in life is to love some one. Love is blind you can't see anything in it. 'LOVE IS THE LIFE '.

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Raj said: (Mon, Apr 6, 2015 04:17:38 PM)    
Hi friends I am Raj according to my point of view arrange marriage is far better than love marriage because before marriage we do the things what our partners like to impress but after marriage we forget these things.

It creates a family quarrel because our partner expect same things after marriage as the things before marriage.

Thank you.

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Saikat Kumar Dey said: (Sun, Apr 5, 2015 06:48:39 PM)    
In an arranged marriage, you would get little time to get to know your partner before marriage. It's only after marriage that you would get to know their true characters. They would serve as a mirror and you would get to feel emotions which you didn't even know that they existed. The only thing that would get you going is unconditional acceptance. If both the partners could keep an open mind and accept each other for what they are, they will enjoy a happy married life. If not, then it would get frustrating for both the partners.

In a love marriage, you are at an advantage. You and your partner have been together for sometime and you have mutual respect and understanding for each other. Moreover, you have accepted each other. That's why you have decided to marry each other right?

Now, the difference between either kind of marriage is the involvement of the family. As I have mentioned earlier, it's all about acceptance. If both families can accept each other for the happiness of their child, then the problem is solved. It's a win-win for everyone.

In either case, marriage is a contract between two persons to provide companionship for the short span of life that human beings enjoy. If two people want to be happy, they can be. The secret is knowing that you shouldn't bother about whether he/she is making you happy or how much he/she is giving to you; rather try to share the beautiful things that you have to offer. If both the partners could think like that, it wouldn't matter which kind of marriage they have been a part of. :-).

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Lekshmysankar said: (Sun, Apr 5, 2015 05:57:40 PM)    
Hi friends! I am in side of love marriage. Because, in love marriage we can understand our partners mind, what he/she likes, or dislikes, what's in his/her mind and many things. There is something good understanding between them. Love becomes arranged marriage. True Love Never Die. True Love Never ends. True Love still Live.

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Priyanka said: (Sun, Apr 5, 2015 10:57:48 AM)    
The nuptial knot is not a tether. If life is a book, then marriage is the most beautiful chapter of this book. First of all, marriage is a big responsibility. It is a big commitment. Now you are going to spend the remaining years of your life with your partner.

Start with arranging a marriage, your parents choose your life partner. In India the marriage is not the union of two people, but a coming together of two families. So they consider, wealth, education level, family background, social, economical status, similar values and so on.

Now you expect the guy/ girl to have the same understanding, trust, loyalty, compatibility as you have. If your expectation turns out to be a reality. You have a great deal. You got your dream-partner and now life is going to be more beautiful. But if your expectation doesn't meet up. Everything will start to ruin.

Now for marriage survival, you choose to compromise, but sooner or later your frustration would lead to a bad marital life. You live a life suffocation to keep your parents happy.

In a love marriage. It is important your love must be true not a mere attraction. Now you choose your partner. Both of you already have a good understanding, compatibility, trust, loyalty. You know about your partners likes dislikes, strength, weakness. You understand his/ her nature very well.

But love marriage also has some negative aspects. Actually, after the marriage thing gets changed and it's natural because now you are in a social bond. Your families are also involved in your relation.

Before marriage people behave positively in all conditions so when your negativity comes out, or we can say different behavior. It creates problems. Because your partner fell in love with old you, not the new one. So you should behave as whatever you are in reality, show your real nature.

Another thing is, when your family is involved in your life. So when you choose your soul mate, make sure he/she accepts not only but also your family. They respect your parents. These are the main reasons why the divorce rate is much bigger in love marriage.

For me, Arranged marriage comes with "uncertainty" but love, marriage comes with "surety".

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Kiru said: (Sun, Apr 5, 2015 08:40:22 AM)    
Alright, so I am going to support the arranged marriage side. First things first, let's get this information clear and sorted out. Not all arranged marriages are forced and actually today, most arranged marriages do not carry through without the permission from both sides.

Although there are still forced marriages in many parts of the world still happening today, the arranged marriage that I know of and support is the one which gets permission from both the bride and groom before carrying on with. A love marriage has a higher divorce rate than an arranged marriage, this can be confusing for some but the truth is this, love is very blinding to the eye.

Love is an indecisive feeling which can come and go, it's just too unreliable to take a hasty decision like marriage. There can be many reasons why a person may fall in love with one, but there are also many reasons why one would divorce another because of a love marriage. In a love marriage you already know so much about the person and because you know so much about them, you like them and decide it's only right to get married to them.

In an arranged marriage you might not have enough time to know about the person or you might not know the person at all, but you have the rest of your lives together and therefore enough time to get to know each other and better understand each others hearts. Although in an arranged marriage you didn't love the person completely, you can start loving them for the rest of your life.

In a love marriage you know way too much about the person that life starts to get boring, you knew each other so well when you loved each other that's why you decided to get married in the first place, but after marriage what else can you really know about them or in other cases do? That same person will start to get boring because there is nothing surprising about that person any more.

While in an arranged marriage, your learning something new about your partner everyday. In an arranged marriage you have the full satisfaction from both sides of the family, making your parents proud. I feel as if an arranged marriage has more commitment and a valuable purpose to marriage because it was obviously a thought out decision before proceeding on with marriage. In an arranged marriage all sides had a careful and well though out decision before actually marrying, therefore divorce rates are obviously way lower because both sides agreed upon taking the decision.

In an love marriage, possibly only the two people could get affected by a divorce, but with an arranged marriage both sides of the family and everyone who decided for the arranged marriage could get affected, so the bride and groom would hesitate to upset both sides of the family with a divorce.

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Vipul said: (Sun, Apr 5, 2015 01:42:43 AM)    
I think love marriage is better than arrange marriage. In love marriage, couple fell a something which is implement by heart.

In arrange marriage, couple should happy, but they don't feel something. They are trying to happy their parents or family.

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Bharu said: (Sat, Apr 4, 2015 05:51:54 PM)    
Hi friends.

In my point of view arranged marriage is better than love marriage because now a days we see so many people fall in love. They are in the attraction stage they are don't think about their life. They are only loving for time pass. At that time they are don't think about their family also. So after marriage they faced so many problem. No body will help them.

But if we are choosing arranged marriage if any problem will comes our parents will help us to you in love marriages we are already love before marriage because they are not. But in arranged they are love after marriage and they start our new life.

So in my point of view arranged marriage is better than love marriage.

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Zandu Singh said: (Thu, Apr 2, 2015 12:32:13 AM)    
In my opinion love marriages are the best as we know the person very nicely while in arrange marriages we don't know the person to whom we are going to marry. We cannot spend our whole life with a person we just met.

In arrange marriages our parents select a person with whom we have to spend our whole life, so its our decision, we have spend our whole life with him/her, parents don't have to. So conclusion is love marriages are much better than arranged marriages.

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Pawan Yadav said: (Wed, Apr 1, 2015 10:06:01 PM)    
In my point of view arrange marriage is better than love marriage. But we talk about our life-partner behavior (character and attitude) in modern era. First of all we know that we like to anyone by its name, look, body figure, position.

But after sometime we don't control our self and falling in love. Here need to understand both and control to make physical relationship. And time to keep patience's and seek someone who is in your cast. It is possible only if we have patience then you heavily attract with each other.

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Rajash Kumar said: (Mon, Mar 30, 2015 07:54:25 PM)    
Love marriage is far better than arranged marriage because in love marriage boy and girl they know each other very well understanding between than is much better than a arranged marriage couple and they know each other likes and dislikes.

So they would take their decision sharply than a arranged marriage couple they could do their family planing according than but in arranged marriage where to unknown person meet together so how can they adjust themselves in their life.

So I think love marriage is batter than arranged marriage.

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Sumit Jains said: (Mon, Mar 30, 2015 07:44:58 PM)    
Hello friend, I am in favour of love marriage. In my point of views love marriages is more successful than arrange marriage. In love marriage, we know our partners very well, we both know about the nature, behaviour, likes, dislikes, which helps after the marriage.

The compatibility with your partner becomes the best when you opt for love marriage whereas complications arise in case of arranged marriages due to ego problems and many other things.

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Birgora said: (Mon, Mar 30, 2015 07:44:06 PM)    
Love marriage is better than arranged marriage because the person whose love he knows her very well and between than before marriage all discussion about marriage are going but sometime arranged marriage is not good for family members because the family members thinks about his lover not good and sometime not accept his lover so I think so arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

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Rajesh Kumar said: (Mon, Mar 30, 2015 01:31:24 PM)    
Love marriage is far better than arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is sound like arrange the function with whole family and tie the band between boy and girl how can the live their life without knowing each other before marriage and they would expand 2-3 year in knowing to each other means they would misery their 2-3 year.

And then they get to start their life but in love marriage boy and girl know each other very well and their understanding is much better so they would live their life the way they want so love marriage is much better than arranged marriage. Guys what you think.

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Aaradhya said: (Sun, Mar 29, 2015 10:19:39 PM)    
I'm Aaradhya. I think both the types of marriages are good. Its the matter of thinking. In arrange marriage we do not spend time with our partners thinking that he or she will not understand me. But in love marriage since we know our partner very well and hence spend more time with that person.

So if we would like to give equal preferences to arranged partner also as love partner, marriage will be smoothly going.

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Onion said: (Thu, Mar 26, 2015 05:33:42 PM)    
I see lots of comments that say arranged love is better than love marriage. Arranged marriage is between 2 families. Yes, but its not the family who supposed to get married or love each other. Its between the girl and the boy! Not the whole family. And love marriage is way much better than arranged. Just sharing my opinion.

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Sunil Nair said: (Wed, Mar 25, 2015 11:45:21 PM)    
Of course arranged marriage. Because they started loving after marriage. If love marriage they already loved before marriage and they can't love after marriage (they will love, but for a time being because the mentality of boy and girl are same).

They may be thinking that I know very well about him/her he/she was dating with him before me. Might be he/she is still having affair with him/her. May be they are perfect but in some occasion that doubt will always be in their bottom of their heart. That will become as cancer.

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Mizan said: (Wed, Mar 25, 2015 09:38:59 PM)    
Hi friend. I am Mizan.

In my point of view arranged marriages is better then love marriage because I seen many couple do love marriage but there not happy. So love is just attraction today truly love in world. So I like arrange marriage is better then better love marriage your parents support. So good love marriage.

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Ateeb said: (Wed, Mar 25, 2015 09:20:30 PM)    
First of all, marriage is a big deal. You spend 30+ years with your partner. Marriage requires understanding, trust, loyalty and love to run long. Starting with arranged marriage:- Now, your parents decide your life partner. If you are lucky you get a chance to meet up and assess the person, if not it can't be helped. Now parents consider wealth, education, family background, character of the guy/girl.

Now you expect the guy/girl to have same level of understanding, trust, loyalty as you have. If your expectations turn out to be reality. Viola, you had a great deal. But if your expectations does not meet up, you choose to compromise and sooner or later your frustration would lead to a bad marital life. And if the person is of just opposite thoughts your life turns out to be hell.

Talking about love marriage:- Your love must be true not an attraction. You have a better understanding, naturally since you are taking your relationship to marriage. What actually happens after marriage, you get changed and its natural since earlier you were trying to get him/her married to you and now you are done, so your attention to your partners feeling changes a bit. But your partner fell in love with old you not the new one. So you should try to remain the way you earlier were. If not clashes are bound to happen.

Since you have same mental levels, so you can tackle this problem easily. But if not, you both with mutual agreement seek for divorce, that's why divorce rate is much higher in love marriages than arranged marriages. You can get away here as it was your choice to marry the person but you will have to live a life of suffocation in arrange marriages to keep your parents happy. Basically the root cause of this only problem in love marriage is that you change your ways. Please try to remain same.

Conclusion:- Love marriage is better. Arranged marriage comes with an "uncertainty" but love marriage comes with a "surety".

I have not made any assumptions like your parents are against love marriage and you are making your parents sad. I have talked in a generalised way.

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Arka said: (Tue, Mar 24, 2015 11:05:10 PM)    
Hi all.

According to me, if we see globally Indian marriage system is very powerful in which most of marriages are arranged and in western countries most are love marriages which are not that much relayed. I have seen most of love marriages not ended that much happily not because of only lack of family support but also the misunderstandings between them.

Even some reports are saying that most of the divorcees are love marriages. In love marriages most of cases it is not love it is attraction because of that they are becoming failure. Arranged love marriages will be better.

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Poonam said: (Tue, Mar 24, 2015 10:45:21 PM)    
Hey its poonam.

In my point of view arrange marriage is best. Because it plays a vital role of two families. Its not a marriage between two people. Its about between two families with most of trust, loyalty baseline.

So that's my point of view.

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Saddam Hussain said: (Tue, Mar 24, 2015 02:04:40 PM)    
To the best of my knowledge that love marriage is better then arrange marriage because I have seen many person who has got arrange marriage but not success.

At the first time arrange marriage go to easy but after same time argue start to each other because couple having different think and think dose not mach to each other these due in the love marriage. Partner knows very well about each other.

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Mansi Parihar said: (Sat, Mar 21, 2015 10:29:43 PM)    

As per my point of view love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in arrange marriage couple having different thinking and there is no mutual understanding and the few months may be years are spent to knowing each other and today's busy lives no one has much time to know each other.

But in love marriage there is a great understanding b/w the couple and a happy married life understanding is the great thing and it will workout you know very well each other and have already a plan for your bright future how you will compromise with each other but in arrange marriage you have much expectation and hope what you want.

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Prakash Sagar said: (Sat, Mar 21, 2015 10:22:26 AM)    
Love marriage is better than arranged ones, if the love is true and not a mere infatuation. There is mutual understanding between the partners so life is easy going. However in arrange marriages you relay on a hope that your partner is what you want. I saw many people have posted that we should go with our parents choice as they are more experienced.

I think its a piece of shit, how can parents tell who is better they neither know your lover nor the one they want you to marry. Moreover everybody has got one life and they should go for what they want. I think we Indian must broaden our views, parents disown their child in many cases if they go for love marriage, is this the love of parents, if some parents do that, they are just selfish.

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Ankit Srivastav said: (Thu, Mar 19, 2015 10:12:39 PM)    
Hi everyone. I am Ankit Srivastav. Went through all your views. I appreciate both the sides for their views.

What is think is love marriage is certainly a better option as here you know the person from well before. So there is a great understanding between the two. And endless love. But what about the parents. If your lover has equal respect for you and your parents. Then probably its the best thing. But if not then its very hard to go alone without family support in the long run.

The next thing which is quite commonly seen in today's time. Frequent break ups, patch ups, loosing of interest, unable to give time. Its fine within relationship but not after marriage. Because after marriage great responsibility comes on your shoulder. So you need from everyone friends, wife, parents, family. In love marriage its hard to keep everyone happy. But if you can keep its better than arrange marriage.

Next comes arrange marriage. Everyone will be happy. You'll get both sides of family support. Partner will respect you. There nothing about loosing interest. Life will be smooth going loving and knowing your partner. But what if the guy or the gal turns out to be other way round. Then the life will be worst than hell. So at last friends I would suggest.

If you want to do love marriage then. Judge your partner. In terms of love. Respect for you and your family. Understanding. And also convince your parents about the guy or the gal you have chosen is right. And have a happy successful love marriage.

But if you want arrange marriage. Then try to know about the person by talking, meeting and exchanging views which you think is necessary. And have a very wonderful and exciting arrange marriage.


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Surya Bannu said: (Thu, Mar 19, 2015 03:33:49 PM)    
Hai I'm Surya.

Love marriage vs arranged marriages fine this topic can run good debate.

But, in my point of view love marriage is a little better than arranged marriages. As in love marriages we have choice to select your life partner who is having the character we like, the care want. But whereas in arranged marriages we didn't know our partners character likes, dislikes etc. Which reasons in future make certain problems and fighting in future.

The only one main thing that separates these two is understanding. In love marriages it is plenty. Whereas in arranged it can be seen very sparsely and that life's are seen as happily. But inner voice of theirs comes with some bitterness. But one main thing is all love stories are not happy as due to lack of parents support.

Finally this is not a question it is a thing of both sides of a coin. Which one is great means we can't say!:-)

Thank you. Yours lovingly>>Surya.

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Hema said: (Wed, Mar 18, 2015 07:51:58 PM)    
Hi friends.

Love is a precious feeling that is caused without any conditions. For marriage the most needed is understanding. In love marriages we first understand each other and then commit to marriage. But in arranged we first get married then there may be or may not be understanding between the two. Most people commit to arranged marriages because of their parents happiness.

If before marriage love didn't happen then there is a 99% probability that both will be happy. But if love happens before marriage and parents will not accept it then their life would be hell after marriage, neither can't be happy with the married person nor can't forget the loved one. In my opinion it is not correct to fight against parents for a lover.

Parents always do only what is good for us. Everyone will know before whether their parents will accept love marriage or not. If they will accept then they will be the most luckiest persons. But if you know that your parents in no case accepts love marriage then it is better to control our feelings over the person at the beginning itself rather than when it reaches a peak stage. Even if we are not satisfied with our life it is important to keep our parents happy.

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Balaji said: (Wed, Mar 18, 2015 12:39:58 AM)    
Marriage is a sacred bond which not only involves the couple but also the two families of the bride and the bridegroom respectively. Be it arrange marriage or love marriage, marriage is nothing different for both.

Love marriage vs arrange marriage is just a question prevalent in minds of married couples who are not satisfied or are scared to live with an unknown partner for whole life.

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Mir Sarang said: (Wed, Mar 18, 2015 12:39:28 AM)    

I support Love Marriage because Love bring a lot of happiness in life and every person will fall in love once in life, In Love you already knows the character of your partner as well as His/Her Habits, Nature, Likes, Dislikes, Goodness, Bad thinks and better knows each and every thing about your prophesy, Love is the key of Happy Life.

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Nikhil Srivastav said: (Tue, Mar 17, 2015 10:10:55 PM)    
Hi I am Nikhil srivastav from kolkata, I would like to go with my parents obviously they are everything for me and trust them. They will do their best to find perfect soul mate for me. According to some survey I came to know that mostly separation happen in love marriage.

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Rekha said: (Tue, Mar 17, 2015 08:48:35 PM)    
Hi I am Rekha.

I think that arrange marriage is better because two family accept each other and if you go with love marriage family do not accept you and you two are alone there no one help you in your argument but if it is arrange all family make your mind that give him/her time.

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Mukti said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 11:27:31 PM)    
Well I think love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in love marriage you know the likes, dislikes, nature of your partner and I think the best part of love marriage is that you are going to spend your entire life with that person whose love is never going to end for you and your love is never going to end for him.

Well this is my opinion about love marriage however I haven't find my partner but hope so I will find him soon because love definitely happens once in a life time so don't forget to fall in love.

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Ashish said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 07:12:38 PM)    
Hello friends,

Love marriage is very popular these days. Our ancestor still don't like love marriages but youth believe love marriage is much better than arranged marriage because before getting married couple knows each other very well. They have a good understanding that's why they decide to get married.

Understanding is very important in any relation to keep the train on track. As we know these days everybody is short tempered and no body tolerates its better to marry with whom we knows very well and we understand very well.

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Teju said: (Sun, Mar 8, 2015 03:40:28 PM)    
What our Indian culture says to do a arrange marriage. Which is decided by elder peoples in our family. Who have more experience than us. So I think arrange marriage is best. A marriage having family support from the both side of boy as well as girl.

And what is the love even small children saws in TV and says I love you to him/her which is not love. They think we fall in love so decided to do marriage and within few moths they realize that this is not love. So I think arrange marriage is best.

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Shraddha said: (Sat, Mar 7, 2015 06:40:56 PM)    
Hi guys this is Shraddha. According to me both the marriages are best if our life partners are trust-able, lovable and caring. Still if I would get chance to choose between my love and my parents choice I will definitely choose my love.

Its not that I am opposing my parents its just that when I truly and someone truly loves me then its fairly better to choose him. If you both really have good understanding love care between both of you then their is no problem in choosing your love. So I support love marriage.

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Priyaah said: (Sat, Mar 7, 2015 01:05:50 PM)    
Hi am Priyaah,

I Would Like to say my feel about Love & Arrange marriage.

Love marriage is really better when they loves starts & ends with true hearts.

Arrange Marriage starts with respect & chance to get neither love nor affection.

So love comes arrange marriage is really good because love & respect starts from "True Hearts".

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Priya said: (Sat, Mar 7, 2015 10:16:57 AM)    
According to me love comes arranged marriage best. Because love is the powerful medicine to cure misunderstanding and recovers from the feelings illness. Love comes arranged marriage we are getting the family support too without family support we can't lead a life at present situation. So prepare for happy with love and understanding with marriage.

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Steffy said: (Fri, Mar 6, 2015 10:35:53 PM)    
In my point of view both marriage are same. But, we married only knowing person at least three or four years familiarity. That is better way to successful in marriage life.

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Karan said: (Fri, Mar 6, 2015 06:04:11 PM)    

Arrange and love marriage is different from each other. In arrange marriage couple will get good respect and family support and according to the Indian tradition arrange marriage will get much prestige.

And coming to the love point in most cases in love marriage couple will proud them self. Because they marry with there beloved. But after one or tow years latter they heart to each other. Because within them understanding point will be decline day by day.

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Sravan said: (Tue, Mar 3, 2015 10:19:02 PM)    
Hi friends.

I would like to tell one think in arrange or love marriage both the people need to understand each other and then they will get ready to marry.

Coming to love marriage boy and girl have lot of understand each other compare to arrange marriages. In arrange marriages less time to understand each other. And I support love come arrange marriages are very good.

Parents need to support it and girl and boy need bring love matter to their parents. And coming to divorce point in arrange marriages is less because if their is any problem between couple their family people will help to solve that problems. But in love marriages parents will not support because of their ego.

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Svi said: (Mon, Mar 2, 2015 10:18:55 AM)    
I think love marriage is better than arrange now because there was a time when girl were not educated they had not right to take her decisions own but now time changed girls are educated now and they can choose their life partner. And love marriage is that relation which start from love and love never be wrong.

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Meghna said: (Sun, Mar 1, 2015 05:32:48 PM)    
Hello everyone.

In my opinion both arranged & love marriages have their own merits and demerits but yes it is said that arrange marriages are like agarbatti. They burn slowly but burn for a long period of time & love marriages are like candles they burn brightly but for a short period of time. This can be true in most of the cases.

I think it depends may be on person or situation it really should be love cum arranged marriage it looks like a new term by which I actually mean to say that love marriage should be there by everyone's support & arranged marriage should be there with the couple's full support by heart so that in both cases no one can blame anyone for any achievement after all everyone in our family matters for us.


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Pradeep said: (Sat, Feb 28, 2015 09:47:11 PM)    
In my view arrange marriage is more better. Because in love marriage, lovers do many promises and plan their future accordingly, but in real life after marriage they find difficulties to fulfill their promises and relationship starts fading.

In arranged one, couples have no such demands. They really understand their situations and plan accordingly.

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Sudhanshu Sekhar said: (Sat, Feb 28, 2015 08:21:49 PM)    
According to mine love marriage is better than the arranged marriages because in love they know what he/her partners does like and doesn't like things etc so they can easily understand to each other so they are happy in their future.

Coming to arranged marriages I saw most of the couples lives terrible life they're life because they don't know about he/her partners so they always silence in their relationship so finally my conclusion is true love never ends.

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Raveena said: (Wed, Feb 25, 2015 11:47:57 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view love marriage is spreading around the youngsters which makes them to segregate from their parents, friends and especially studies. There is an age limit for voting and marriage. But, for love there is no age limit. There can be sayings like "love is blind", " love is life". But the reality is that it does not suit for real life.

In 2 states book Chetan Bhagat will be explaining about the love like these :

"A Boy loves a Girl and a girl loves a boy, they get married, but in India the boy's family should like the girl, the girl's family should like a boy, the boy's family should like the girl's family, the girl's family should like the boy's family". This is cent percent true. The real love will go through all these process and come out with flying colors. But, now the word PATIENCE is not in the youngster's dictionary.

The mother who carries you for 10 months, the father who travels along with you know what to be done to you in future. They care for you always than the guy or a girl you get impressed.

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Shashikumar Mn said: (Wed, Feb 25, 2015 07:09:10 PM)    
Arranged marriage gives happiness to people like relations, parents, etc. But love marriage gives happiness to only true lovers like Laila Majnu.

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Dhinesh said: (Wed, Feb 25, 2015 03:13:49 PM)    
Hi am Dhinesh,

Some peoples things that dowry is drawback for arrange marriage. But in my point of view dowry is important because its our culture.

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Gaurav said: (Wed, Feb 25, 2015 12:34:00 AM)    
I think arrange marriage is good because your parents who always cares for your desire, your will. Never deceive you. They will definitely take your opinion about the girl who is selected for you. So I don't love marriage is good.

In arrange marriage, a person also get time to decide. And even no more about each other and their family as well.

In arrange marriage both the couple get the support of their families. Even entire family celebrates the occasion. Their parents can also solve the misunderstanding between them. As well as they can advise and suggest notion.

Finally as per my concern. I will say arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

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Smitha said: (Tue, Feb 24, 2015 08:03:35 PM)    
I am confused. All love marriages are not successful same goes for arranged marriages too. As long as each partners are honest and understanding everything is good. Sometimes people start thinking differently.

One will wonder does he love me the same? And the other side wonders does he love me or is it all responsibility and obligations? Then there are ego issues in both cases. Basically everything depends on people.

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Jesun said: (Mon, Feb 23, 2015 03:14:52 AM)    
Some great discussions going on in this forum. In my opinion, you should do a thorough background check on your potential mate whether your family parents brought the proposal or whether you know the person for a long time. Don't be naive and simple minded. I think that arranged marriages are safer for girls in India because most of the time during love there can be sexual contact.

Now especially in a traditional country like India, where once you are used you are looked as used good, It is better that you seek the help of your parents or cousins before proceeding to find your life partner. Boys can do whatever they want (including former affairs) , but at time of marriage most want to marry a virgin bride. Now with more women empowerment in our country, there are also girls who can walk similar to boys before marriage. Even some people can lie that they did not have any affairs. As a girl, I value my parents opinion more than any boy who can come up to me and say "I love you. " Don't just break your future on the basis of somebody saying he or she loves you.

Please choose wisely, just concerned so many kids are being orphans now a days with increasing divorce rates just because mom/dad did not think wisely before marriage. Love is a 2 sided weapon. It can be a disease or used for the good of the society. Now a word regarding inter caste marriages. If somebody had thought about their kids, they would not choose their partner outside of their community. Studies show that marriages work in the long run if partners are similar in education, wealth, beauty, compatibility and spiritual beliefs. If you think your in love with a person, please let your parents/friends know about it.

I have seen many people end up in trouble because they end in trouble. Now when somebody ends in trouble, they tend to go to their parents. Just remember, no body can love you sacrificially like your parents, siblings or family.

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Priya said: (Sat, Feb 21, 2015 08:54:51 PM)    
Hi friends am Priya.

I can't say that love marriage is good or arrange as per my knowledge both marriages are similar because now a days both marriages are getting divorced yeah but not all.

In love marriage before their marriage they will be happy because they show only their best side. But they can be happy after marriage too as they know somewhat at-least about each other.

Coming to arrange marriage yeah now a days they are giving time to about each other after they have been engaged. Every relation based on love and trust on each other.

Last point a relation will be going good even if they don't understood each other but a relation will be collapsed if there are misunderstandings between them.

Thanks for spending your valuable time on reading my views.

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Vivek said: (Thu, Feb 19, 2015 10:16:25 PM)    
Hi Friends,

I am Vivek and according to me love and arrange marriages both are best at their own but now a days a new trend is going on love cum arrange which is very best option for getting marriage because marriage is not all about two people but its about the families and their respect so in my view both are good if the couple and their family members agrees.

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Kunwar Prashant said: (Thu, Feb 19, 2015 08:27:16 PM)    
I would like to explain some facts about both love marriage and arranged marriage. Love marriage is the term used primarily in south India, Pakistan and Srilanka to describe a marriage deviates from arranged marriage but there is no any clear definition of love marriage.

Arranged marriage is a traditional type of marriage which is filled with ritual and celebration that continues for several days. Now there is big misconception that in arranged marriage couple don't know each other but its not true in arranged marriage there is also willingness of both partners is important.

According to the definition of vivah in Hinduism. I think the way to get married is not important but the understanding of value relationship and love is more important. Love and marriage is inseparable, without love, marriage has no meaning, love is the basis of each relationship.

The unrealistic expectations to your partner can spoil your relation, relations made on the basis of true love has no unrealistic expectations but they want to fulfill all the dreams of there partner without expecting anything from him. Anyone of the marriage can accepted if we truly realize the Love.

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Deepika said: (Wed, Feb 18, 2015 08:47:55 PM)    
Hi friends,

According to me both love and arranged marriages are best. Whatever whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage understanding between wife and husband should be strong. So to me it may comes from love cum arranged or arranged cum love marriages.

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Lokesh said: (Wed, Feb 18, 2015 11:49:06 AM)    
Hello Friends,

My self Lokesh bansal. I would like to share my point of views about love marriage and arrange marriage.

My point of views about love marriage and arrange marriage are, I think both marriage are best in India. But, I will give first preference to love marriage. And I go first with the love marriage. And it is possible that, love marriage can be converted into arrange marriage but, most of parents do not think that, love marriage can be converted into arrange marriage.

They just think only about the Samaj and people, they do not think about there child's and there future. That, they only think about what is cast of girls & boys. Why is it so. Why do not think about there children. If girls & boys do love to each other. So why parents do agree with them. I know very well, marriage is not a joke. So why parents do not think about there children.

Do you know friends, why do not success the love marriage because, the parents do not agree. And they always think about the cast. I don't know. Why parents are against in inter cast marriage. In out of 100% to 90% parents are against the love marriage by inter cast marriage.

Thanks Friends that all are point of views, I have to share.

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Avni said: (Tue, Feb 17, 2015 05:55:06 PM)    
In my opinion both types can be successful if there is love and respect towards each other. And if a person loves someone its not just because of attraction.

There are people who fall in love with people whom they have known since years. So attraction might be a reason for some people but not for all. In fact in arranged marriages people look for good looks more than in a loved marriage. And not all parents are perfect and will think only for their child's benefits.

There are so many parents who simply say no to loved marriage because they feel there name will get spoiled in the community and for keeping their so called izzat intact they wouldn't mind marrying off their children to any person whose family is respectable but they don't know anything about that person's past. If one doesn't have a gf/bf and is of the age of marrying then only their parents should interfere and look for someone suitable for them.

But if they love someone they have every right to marry them. Of course the parents also have the right to enquire about that person and make their opinion but ultimately the decision should be in the person's hand who is supposed to get married.

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Zain Usmani said: (Tue, Feb 17, 2015 01:01:08 PM)    
He said speak your mind. OK then listen what is in my mind.

Yeah I'm fall-in love with one girl and I respect her even I don't know he is mine or not.

Yeah I have read all view here some are good about love marriage and some are totally against.

But just one thing I want to know about arrange marriage I mean how can we get married with that person we didn't know about her past and even she doesn't know about my past. Yeah I know people do arrange marriage but maybe before arrange marriage they fall in love and breakup. Its happens.

In my mind. In ARRANGE MARRIAGE you can he Happy if you doesn't share your past with your wife. And your wife doesn't share her past with you. Simply its call OK MOVE ON. Now we are married. Its call ARRANGE MARRIAGE.

But in love marriage as Vipul said in love marriage the understanding is already built between a couple you know your partner and you trust him or her.

Love marriage is better then arrange marriage in my way.

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Rnu said: (Sun, Feb 15, 2015 10:25:48 PM)    
Hello friends.

According to my view both marriages have their own value. In India there is a tradition of arrange marriage but love marriage is helpful in modern India. Because when we do love marriage with any girl we does not saw her cast. Therefore IT help to remove casteism system from India. Also love marriage help to terminate dowry system from India. But we can not forget our tradition. We must terminate these evil from India by aware people of our society. Overall both are good only people should be aware.

Thank you.

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Madhu said: (Sat, Feb 14, 2015 07:48:42 AM)    
Love marriage is only of attraction but arranged marriage is of attraction with love. After marriage they will be happy each other and they will have responsibilities, for the responsibilities and love towards their kids some couples are not divorce.

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Raman Dhaliwal said: (Fri, Feb 13, 2015 07:18:39 PM)    
According to me arrange marriage better than love marriage. Because our parents are our god. They do not consider about their children. And children do not know about good and bad. As we know that love is blind than how we believe in blind relation.

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Niranjan Meena said: (Wed, Feb 11, 2015 07:03:15 PM)    
I think love marriage is better than arrange marriage because at this time in India dowry system in arrange marriage and this is not a marriage who love each other this is compromise between family. Bride take some money, car and other item for marriage with a girl. So if we want to remove dowry system than love marriage is good.

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Anuj Garg said: (Wed, Feb 11, 2015 04:52:22 AM)    
I can say both are same but main thing is that how we treat each other because we know each other only and after we live together under one roof. By living under one roof we can know best and the worst part of HE/SHE because we always present our good part when we are in love.

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Pooja Gupta said: (Tue, Feb 10, 2015 07:40:03 PM)    
Hi friend.

I think love marriage is better then arrange marriage. The main reason is that the couple is more comfortable with love marriage as compared to the arrange marriage. They know a lot about each other & get enough time to decide if they want to be together or not.

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Shailesh said: (Mon, Feb 9, 2015 12:35:54 AM)    
Hello dear friends,

As per my opinion arrange marriage is much better than love marriage.

People generally fall in love at the age of 15 to 25. They have an average experience of interpreting their world is 15 year or more. These 15 years is 1/5th of their life. They are unknown for the experiences what is happening the near future. Most of people said that "LOVE IS BLIND". How one can trust the blind relationship.

Generally people argue that the in love marriage they know each other very well as compare to arrange marriage. There is whole life after marriage to know each others like or dislike. Love is nothing like a attraction towards each other when the attraction is over then the love is also over.

Marriage is a turning point in the life of individual. From this point one is turning towards the responsibility. It is very necessary to starts a new life from this point. Also I want to included that people argue that love marriage is break the barrier of dowry, caste and freedom to women.

People can also remove the dowry system in arrange marriage and also freedom to women after giving them priority in her course of action in a acceptable means. Our parents know us till our birth. They know what we like or not. They have much experience about the persons behavior because they meet more people then us.

Our parents is our GOD. What they do they do for our better. So people must go with their parents never against them.

And there is whole life to fall in love. Why you take tension of these things so earlier it is your parents responsibility to find a partner for you. After marriage you can start loving each other and this will acceptable by every one and make a perfect example of perfect family.

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Anonymous said: (Sun, Feb 8, 2015 04:39:47 PM)    
In my Opinion.

Love marriage or Arranged marriage, Both are meant to marry someone, the process of marrying is different.

Love marriage : India doesn't have love marriage system, It is something which was modified version of "dating" with Indian tradition and customs. So this is Indian style of dating. In love marriages, people choose, discuss about each other, know each other's likes and dislikes. Strength and weakness and future plans. Simply " test drive " with a tag line "love". If it works move forward or else go for another test drive. Simply objectification of humans. In 21st century, we are mostly materialistic, So better to go with love marriages. We take care because we love. It's CHOICE.

Arranged marriage: Arranged marriages are ancient traditions in India. Every one stereotype's Arranged marriages as objectification of "Men". Basically in arranged marriage families make decision based on bride and grooms family background, fortune and etc. If everything matches they get married. They get Husband/wife just like we get birth or death naturally without our notice like destiny. However she/he is, we have to take care and love because He/She is our partner. Here they don't "test drive" partner's, we have to believe blindly based on "brand" (parents) It's DESTINY.

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Sandeep said: (Sun, Feb 8, 2015 02:29:07 PM)    
After listening to all the views in my opinion true love is more important rather its a love marriage or a arranged marriage. They should have POSITIVE ATTITUDE and respect for each other. Love can happen at any stage of life.

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Rahul K said: (Sun, Feb 8, 2015 09:05:26 AM)    
Love marriage is better only if they are matured and they know each other from a long time.

Here comes a arranged marriage it is better when they are immature. And if they wanted to go on a train even they don't know where to get down.

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Deepika said: (Fri, Feb 6, 2015 12:30:29 PM)    
Hi I am Deepika.

In my point of view love marriage is best.

In arranged marriage we don't know anything about our life partner and we don't know what is gonna happen in future. We need parents support if we are in love we must wait for our parents support so that our life will be so beautiful.

So I prefer everyone go with love marriages.

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Lakshmi Narayana said: (Fri, Feb 6, 2015 11:27:38 AM)    

I support both love and arranged marriages. There are many people happy in their life by love and arranged marriages. But in my views I support arranged marriages because either boys or girls are in love because he/she has wealth. After completion of marriage he/she makes them to transfer their whole wealth and killing them and going to other states and settle with others. I am not saying that all are not like that but mostly of the people are doing like that.

In arranged marriages there are understanding nature in their lives.



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Prasanth Telanakula said: (Tue, Feb 3, 2015 10:53:25 AM)    
Hi friends,

I want to share my views about love vs arrange.

I do support love marriage, in present situations of culture and activities I go with love marriage, in busy and competitive life we have to get a understanding wife, who thinks about us. There is no difference in love or arrange marriage. We do spent time after marriage to understanding in arrange marriage, in love marriage it is visa-verse. If everyone understand it India will be free from all religious beliefs.


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Prakash Thakur said: (Fri, Jan 30, 2015 08:02:17 PM)    
Hi everyone.

I would like to share my story with all of you.

I love a girl and she love me indeed but their family thinks that arrange marriage is more successful than love marriage. All I want to do is to change their mentality and I want them to know me. All we want to do is break the tradition of arrange marriage and should be free to follow our heart to write our own destiny. I don't want to ruin my life with someone who is almost stranger to me. Although I trust my family but I will not let them decide which girl is good for me and which one is not.

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