Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Nisha said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
Slowly marriage is losing its ground, because of affairs before marriage, fake dowry cases and post marital affairs. Soon time will come when no one will believe in marriage.

We are blindly following the western culture. If you see the culture of western countries like USA/UK/Germany, You will see at least 80% people take divorce once in life and goes for second marriage.

My choice will be ARRANGE marriage in some known and respected family.

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Pooja said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
We require three main things for successful marriage.

Commitment, honesty, respect.

If you can not give these things, do not destroy the life of other person.

Love is just temporary attraction between boy and girl, but if you are honest, respectful and committed towards your life partner no one break your marriage.

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Ankita said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
Both marriages are good. Not everyone met with true LOVE in their life. But based on things I have seen, I can say ARRANGE marriages are more successful than LOVE marriages.

Because most of LOVE affairs are just infatuation (attraction), LOVE marriage based on this does not survive for long period.

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Anjali Patel (From Lawana) said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
Love marriages are not based on rules of society so people getting married don't care for dowry or other social customs which may not be very good as per modern time.

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Rian Ahmed said: (Nov 29, 2016)  
As I think the Arranged marriage is better than the love marriage.

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Sanju Bishnoi said: (Nov 29, 2016)  
I think arrange marriage is best for you and your parents because in love marriage everything happens before marriage so every people not like this.

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Amit &Quot;Paraajit&Quot; said: (Nov 29, 2016)  
I agree with you @ Neha Gupta.

But tell me one thing. As you are saying what to do if someone fall in love before marriage the true love. But tell me what if the person you are in love with is a fraud may be he/she is playing with you. Answer me just one thing. What is the guaranty of love?

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Khushi Chopra said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
According to me, arranged marriages are far better than love marriages. Because our parents are our only wellwishers even more than we are of ourselves and if others give us a reason to cry then just they give us a reason to smile so we must respect their decision first. We must marry and person they choose and later fall in love with that person. In arranged marriages, there is more understanding, love n less trust issues. :).

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Preeti Maurya said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
I support to arrange marriage because in love there is no hesitation to talk to each other but in arranging there is a feeling of hesitation to talk to each other which makes the CUTE RELATIONSHIP.

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Shilpa said: (Nov 27, 2016)  
According to my own opinion love marriage and arrange marriage both are equal but the only thing is that our partner should be a good person. We should keep trust, mutual understanding, bonding.

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Shankar said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
It's your choice whether to marry a person with similar interests or opposite interests. I think love marriage is a better choice.

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Ejaj said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
Love and marriage To different things.

So I support Arrange Marriage.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
All we want from marriage is it doesn't have any expiry date. As we know in India, our custom is lifelong bonding between two person then it is a successful marriage. I can't choose one of them, both marriages are good. All we need in a marriage is better understanding between two persons then it's outcome will be definitely positive. So, it has nothing to do with love marriage or arrange marriage. There are many cases in. Which love marriage and arrange are successful and they are successful only because of better understanding between two people but if there won't be understanding then both marriages will be failure. Now coming to investigation of both the parties so it can be done in both cases as we you are doing love marriage then you must be knowing him/her from a long time and his/her parents too, if not then you should know about them fully, about their family values, education, occupation, religion, caste each and everything then only you should decide about marrying that person. Now investigating in arrange marriage can be done by asking from relatives, neighbors, common friends or dating before marriage, chats and knowing about likes, dislikes, morals, values, nature, occupation, education, everything about family then only you should think about marrying that person then its result will be positive. But as we know coin has two sides, so even after investigation of many years there can be something which we miss out or may be other side party hide something or lie about something then it may lead to failure. So a well known saying in Hindi is "The Fruit of marriage, the one who eats it shall suffer, the one who doesn\'t eat it shall also suffer". So we can conclude that chances of failure and good outcome have equality it depends on understanding and some adjustments.

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Indian said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
We are blindly following the western culture physical attractions, love affair before marriage is the main reason behind the increasing divorce cases in India.

Some stupid are telling we are modern generation we will do LOVE marriage. If this keeps happening no one believes in marriage. This thing already happening, people are afraid to get married, because of false dowry harassment cases/ Love affair after marriage.

Follow your own culture. Do not destroy Indian culture due to western culture (physical attractions/love affairs).

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Ponam said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
People who say LOVE marriages are successful, please check the result of LOVE marriages in western countries USA/UK. Where divorce rate is as high as 80 %.

But for Indian marriage is lifetime commitment. So instead of following western culture follow your own culture.

When you are in LOVE affair, Person will always use his positive side to impress you, you can ask this question to yourself.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage over LOVE marriage in some known family because we can know the full background of that person.

In your love affair of 2 years, you can not know person' s background, because 70-80% cases person will pretend, will not show his actual face.

But if you person and his family from 5-10 year, you can think of LOVE marriage.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage over LOVE marriage in some known family.

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Pooja said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
New generation supporting LOVE marriages, and claiming LOVE marriage is successful. But the reality is totally opposite. In my friend circle itself, many Love marriages are failed.

I am not saying ARRANGE marriage are very good. But much better than LOVE marriages. Because your parents will always choose the better partner for you, after checking person's and his family background. Because many frauds happing in both LOVE and ARRANGE marriages.

So I will prefer Arrange marriage.

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Shrutika Solat said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
Whether you go for love or arrange marriage doesn't matter you should keep one thing in mind that relationship should be based on mutual understanding, respect, trust, and commitment.

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M.Karthikeyan said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
Love marriage is the best because the understanding between the two members should been good in this relation during loving period both know their characters fully it helps to after marriage both are involve I small fights because the fight makes the relationship between two members stronger and stronger fully one of the person either boy or girl apologies each other as a result relation should be been stronger I love marriage.

In arrange marriage in between the six months both boy and a girl are acting each other but I love marriage no.

Parents also support love marriage then arrange marriage.

But some parents only.

Because of in caste marriage.

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Vishnupriya said: (Nov 21, 2016)  
Arranged marriage is better. Because if we get any problems after marriage. Parents will support us.

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Nanda Thwal said: (Nov 20, 2016)  
In my own opinion arrange marriage is better then love marriage because in arrange marriage the bond between parents and son/daughter becomes more strong. In arrange marriage their is respect of each of one family member but in love marriage it is rare.

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Rameshwari Thorat said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
Love marriage is far better than arrange marriage. Don't think about the society thinks about ourself. If we have done the love marriage the people will say for 3-4 days. But in love marriage couple will be happy but in arrange marriage can't identify to that person. It will take a long time to identify him.

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Priya said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
Arrange Marriage is suitable for Indian culture because marriage is a lifetime commitment in India. I am sure your parents will always take better decision than you because they have seen the world, they have more experience than you. They will always choose the best partner for you after checking his/her background. So the chance of failure of Arrange marriages is very less as compare to LOVE marriages.

If you want to go for LOVE marriage it's your choice, In western countries (99% marriages are LOVE) 70% of LOVE marriages fails because of wrong decision at a younger age.

The love between boy and girl is just a natural attraction.

For a successful marriage, you need an honest and loyal partner. In your affair of the 1-2 year, you can not know person's actual face, because he/she will always show his possible side because he/she wants to impress you.

If you know some person from childhood or 4-5 year, that you may think about LOVE marriage.

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Vishwa said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
Love marriage is the best Because True love exists today also. If you both love each other, respect and are honest and you wanna Marry you can. Some are saying Arrange Marriage is suitable for Indian culture but it is not true if you both love each other you can Mary. Never give up.

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Sharmila said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
Love marriage is some what Risk But arrange marriage is not like that.

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Husain said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
I think Arrange marriage is something one should go for.

The main reason I think love marriage does not work very long is, The duo have already gone through all the ups & downs of life & they have hardly to share as they already know each other so well.

While in arrange marriage its like starting from fresh. Everything you always thought about your wife can be much more interesting.

Also, you can always come up with new surprises for your wife which will cheer her up. While in love marriage staying together after 1 or 2 years might be boring as hell.

I personally am a guy who is single & think that I will do a lot of adventure with my wife which will always keep us going.

After all this, I am sure of one thing that "Being a Boyfriend after becoming her Husband is lot better than becoming a husband after her Boyfriend!

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Pooja Balayan said: (Nov 14, 2016)  
According to me, Love marriage is very risky and arranged marriages is very good.

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Deepa Chaubey said: (Nov 13, 2016)  
In my opinion, Arrange marriage is better than Love marriage. I think happiness and respect of our parents in society is much more important than our love. Our parents love us since our childhood very selflessly and for that endless love if we have to sacrifice for our love then we should sacrifice. I would say that first try to convince your parents tell then about whom you love to let them meet that guy and after that if they think that your choice is good or everything in future will be good then do arrange marriage because now your parents with you and their blessings with you and then that marriage will never fail. Our parent is much experienced than us so we should never point finger on their decision. So according to me do love marriage but with your parent approval and convert it in arranging. :-).

That's all.

Thank you.

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Arshdeep said: (Nov 12, 2016)  
According to me, both are perfect. It's all depend on the fate and luck whom you are going to marry. Everyone is good in there on respective its just that there is need to understand each other and ignore the flaws. Love after marriage is more romantic plus the new generation is far different from the typical husband wives. They love each other make each other comfortable and understands much better irrespective they are short tempered. If they control there egos and anger they can be the good couple.

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Hitam said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
I think, arrange marriage is better because love is the think which is not going to happen with everyone. And also true love meets very rarely. Almost people can't understand it's true love or attraction only.

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Nitin said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
First, we need to understand that choosing love or arranged marriage is not always in our hand. One can feel so who gets into love. The only thing that matters is that how committed, understanding and trustworthy your future partner is. I have seen several arrange marriages also fail in my close circles and also seen several love marriages flourish well. When making a decision, you need to introspect and look inside you to find the reason why you want to go for love marriage with your chosen partners and if the answer is trust, faith, love, understanding, respect and ability to cope up social pressure in every thick and thin then you should go for it. If you find infatuation or mere attraction in your love partner then better go for arrange marriage.

No doubt, arrange marriage has social approval and support if your parents but finally your partner counts in your whole life to make it good or worse. So serious thought to me given up if an option comes for you. No one else can decide on your behalf.

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Yugal Kishor Meena Iit Delhi said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
According to my opinion arrange marriage is the better one then love marriage. Because nature gives us some rule wich is we have to follow then, If we will arrange marriage then that's effect go on our children, and our follower little guys. Then they will be thought to arrange marriage. May be they don't follow them parents.

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Arasada Ramya said: (Nov 7, 2016)  
All think about which marriage is good. But all bother about their society, not about themselves. Just think what is good for us. Does my life partner understands me or not. In love marriage, love is the main one where both understands their feelings nd go through their life. Whereas in arranged marriage money is d major part. Though girl gives more money there is no guarantee she is treated well or not. After arranged marriage, they feel like they missed the person who she/he loved. Sure I can say that after this marriage they think about their ex. So just think who is your correct understanding life partner. Dnt bother about parents neighbours or society.

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Neha Gupta said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
Most of the people are against of love marriage. I just wanted to ask one question to them that,

- What to do if one fall in love (true love) before marriage to someone as love is not in our control?

- Should he or she leave that guy after expanding some happy memories with him or her?

- Should he continue their relationship till their whole life?

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Kunal Aryan said: (Nov 4, 2016)  
Hello, everyone. According to my opinion, Arranged marriage is the best. Because in the arranged marriage we follow our culture and we get the support from our family whether boys or girls side. Most important things that we get the bless from our elders. Everyone is happy and they cheer so much. We know a different kind of culture. It has been seen that arrange marriage successful in every angle no fear of DIVORCE. In the Arrange marriage, we follow our INDIAN culture whereas In the Love marriage we follow WESTERN culture. In the love marriage the decision of only boy & girl Whereas in the Arrange marriage the decision of our parents he is the guide of my life.

That's all :).

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Surender Sheokand said: (Nov 3, 2016)  
In my point of view.

Arranged marriages are better than the love marriages because in arranged marriages we get the supports of our parents from both side boys and girls. After of all we love our wife after marriage and it is new challenges for us well understanding an unknown girl in a different environment.

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J Obaiah said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
As per my opinion, arranged marriage is the best one because in love marriage the lovers had already been enjoyed their feelings by watching movies, picnics, exhibitions etc. So that after marriage when they go to real life then that would not expect to enjoy as earlier, In arranged marriage, the couple would enjoy their feelings and life style from beginning.

So that, friends give the best preference to arranged marriage to overcome such type on numerous problems.

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Pooja said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Both depend on upon your understanding after marriage. Even if you are in LOVE with someone with 4-5 year you can not say marriage will be successful, because things change after marriage.

So try to find the partner whether LOVE or ARRANGED, who are ready for commitment and little bit of compromise.

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Kalai said: (Nov 1, 2016)  
In My Point of View,

Love Marriage is Good. But I didn't Say wrong about Arrange Marriage.

In Love Marriage, Understanding level is better. They didn't want a dowry which likes Money, Jewels, etc. They want Only Love as their Dowry. Most of Love Marriage Got Succeed but That love didn't Display to the world because of Media. They display only the person one who tease the girl or who tease the boy. Media want only their Channel rate only. Peoples also came back to that news. All Parents Fear about love marriage and hate that. So only Love marriage Is Fails in India.

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Kunal Deurekhkar said: (Oct 29, 2016)  
According to me, in this world true love doesn't exists.

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Shahnawaz said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
Love marriage or arranged marriage, it depends on our luck.

It depends upon you, that how much importance you give to your husband/wife. How you react each other? Either arranged or love marriage, how we will react each other, we will find that type of effects,

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Syeda Mariya said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
According to my point of view, marriage is an empty box. In that box, the couple needs to put few things such as trust, understanding, love, communication, respect, friendship. These things can make a life happier. In arrange marriage we come across happiness joy n full support of families. First thing is we don't come across taunts here. In society, you lead a respectful life as mostly society discourages love marriage. In arranging, you can feel love after marriage but in love marriage already you had come across the feeling of love so the love period will be less after marriage.

Arrange marriage is happier marriage so one individual has to prefer to arrange rather than love marriage.

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Ajit Singh said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
The topic is that love marriage vs arrange marriage then I will go to arrange marriage because love marriage is the end of love but arrange marriage is beginning of love. In arrange marriage we haven't to more struggle to marriage its total responsible of our parents.

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Sidanj said: (Oct 26, 2016)  
I says love marriage will makes our life more beautiful when both sides of parents accepted. Try to convince parents first then take choice.

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Farhan Khan said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
My point of view, love marriage not successful in life without parents permission because my parents is best.

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Ajay said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

We are discussing the topic of love marriage and arrange marriage.

According to my point of view, love marriage and arrange marriage both will be at the same level if we understand our partners feeling and we take the decision to talk with each other.

If we sacrifice our choices not at all but at many levels that would be bearable to both of us.

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Meenaxi said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
Love marriage may break caste, community and religion barriers. Love marriage is better than arrange.

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Nikha said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is best for our society.

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Nikhat Shah said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
In my point of view, Love marriage not successful in life without parents permission.

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Abishna said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is good one for all youngsters because the lack of decision making skills. So arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

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Sunil Seth said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Hiii arrange marriage is better than love marriage. In arrange marriage, your parent fully supported you I know we don't know each other you and your partner but in such cases the main thing both system most important of couples trust commitments, understanding, behaviour, and emotional touches my parents also did arrange marriage there are better understanding each other in love marriage you knows everything about the girls, and knows everything about the boys. We can see in western culture 99% love marriage but up to 5 year finishes the marriage and show the divorce system let one more thing in love marriage finishes the dowry system so according to me arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

Thank you.

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Anish Sethiya said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
I prefer to arrange marriage, it is better than love marriage because when we see our Indian society.

If one community girl/boy is in love with another community girl/boy then people try teases or humiliate their parents. And people also say that we will kick you out from our community.

So I think it will very shameful situation to our parents.


I want to say who prefer to do love marriage that your parents are doing love from your childhood till now but you are making a relationship of 20 days with any girl/boy and you forgot all the lovable memories with your parents and take decision self and ignore them parents to choose your life partner. So your parents will more sharp and experienced to choose someone for you.

Their self-decisions.

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Faizan said: (Oct 22, 2016)  
Arrange marriage gets success in most of the time. But love marriage doesn't. In arrange marriage the decision of selection of partner. In the hand of the whole family member and they want to know the family background of the second family. And then they select the partner. But in love marriage, the decision of family members does not matter if they like or not. Because both of guys love each other very much and they do marriage either they get permission or not. At of this I wanna say only arrange marriage get successful in every time. Because both couples understand each other.

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Shaby said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
As-Salamualikum well, I'm just 18 years old so don't think so I'm that much mature enough to put myself in this type of deep discussions so I just wanna say that yes. I agree with this statement that arranged marriage is more success full than the love marriage because the key of success is that. They start the relationship or a family after marriage so the kind of understanding which they have is very different they take the things in a very different manner like never before because its there first time and they have to make this work so everything is new for bother of them and you know what the best part is they are so committed to their relations that there is no one to distract you or no one to make pressure. Like why? are you spending time with her and all these kind of thing as compared to relationship or love marriage there is a difference between in lot many ways? And you know what I wanna say that there are lot many things which is important to know us like in which direction we want to take our relationship because we aren't serious then the consequences which we gotta fell is very tough to handle later on because of this things many people went under depression and etc etc few of them remain forever burn soul so I suggest all of you who so ever is reading these places take your relationship seriously because later on when you will face some these sort of problems then at least you know how to handle the things and yes its 'PLEASURE' sharing the thoughts with you all.

Thank you all of you.

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Komal said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in love marriage you take your time to know a person in each and every aspect. You also have a backup option if you know anything wrong about your partner but in arrange marriage there is a high chance that you will be cheated. If you know anything wrong about your partner then there will be a long procedure to exit your marriage and also the whole society will involve in your personal matter.

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Sid said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
If you want something like mobile, clothes, car, etc. So you don't take advice your parents because you want good feature good looking and good product like mobile so you want good ram and good camera and good battery etc. So you don't take your parents choice. Sp how you can say your life partner choose your parents because you can change your mobile, car, bike etc. But life partner never.

So I think love marriage is better.

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Sid said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than the arranged marriage because in a love marriage don't have "dahej" problem but if we talk about arranged marriage so I think arranged marriage is a deal. Sometimes boys family do something wrong with girl for "dahej".

So I think love marriage is better.

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Dipak said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
Well! Hai, both are good but the matter is that where is your love exists I mean in which person you see that. Life is not going easy if you do arrange a marriage to leave your girlfriend. Because after your arrange marriage whenever you go to spend some time with your wife definitely it will not allow you to make a memorable time because in past you were there with you girlfriend, that is not your wife so this thing will never let you go ahead but it will happen when you has been love truly your girlfriend. I'm not saying only single place this happen it will come at all place Were you went in past. So how can you say that your arrange marriage will go easier than love marriage Ok and now I'm taking that answer which got a majority. That is parents support on arrange marriage ok. Let me say. How much time your parents solve your problem 1'2'3'4 is it or more time. A relationship can't stay when you have the problem again it's not compulsory that all-time couple gets to understand what their parents said. They will convince in front of parents but anyone saw what happens in the room. That's the question. And be practical parents will not live with us permanently so what you do after their death if the problem occurred. So divorce case is everywhere same. The fact is that it will get before in love marriage and in arranging it will need time but the conclusion will same. So relationship stays by love only, understanding each other and most importantly to respect each other. So no matter what you do love or arrange.

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Iqbal said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is better than love marriage. Because if you will do love marriage (in most of the cases) parents will not support you. You can't live without the bless of your parents. And it is very important that parent should very careful about the wishes of their (boys and daughter).

If any boy or girl says to parents about their wishes then the parent should accept it.

The output of love marriage always goes to divorce.

So before marriage parent should ask their children where they want to do marriage.

And Islam also accept the wishes of children because Islam give authority to the bride and groom to accept the invitation of marriage.

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Dipesh Neupane said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
As my view, love marriage is comfort than arrange marriage, in love marriage girls and boys knows each other very well, they already knows about their behaviour and they already started to respect each other, in every step they fulfil their hands hold even a dying time so I believe that love marriage is a beautiful part of spending long life.

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Asmit Patel said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
I support to love marriage. According to me, love marriage is better than arranged marriage because love marriage finishes dowrying system. We know that our family does not support our marriage but our family loves us they can't see sadness our face. After same days our family supports us. 'arranged marriage also good but love marriage is good '.

* I can proof that love marriage is better than arranged marriage

* 1- in love marriage boy everything knows about girl and girl everything knows about boy.

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Punyashree said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
It may be arranged or love marriage understanding between boy and girl is most important. If any problems arise in future between couples that parents won't help us or not, it's a matter of love between both of them. Love and understanding are good between them there is no matter of problems where it is love or arrange marriage.

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Kartik said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
I'm also sporting arrange marriage because our parents have much experience then US and then know very well how to solve problems between husband and wife so if you do love marriage they won't support you but if you do arrange marriage they will support you and help you out.

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American said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Love is the most beautiful thing that one can experience in their life. It is the most beautiful thing and also the most feared thing. Every minute before, you want that person to love you and after they love, you are scared every minute after that you might lose them. A love marriage shows devotion, loyalty, honesty. You can be true to yourself. This is why a love marriage is better.

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Virat said: (Oct 13, 2016)  
Love marriage is most better than. Arrange Marriage!

Because In arrange marriage. Husbands and wife take some time to understand each other. But in love marriage, we understand each other very properly.

So. "#Love_marriage_is_best_than #Arrange_Marriage".

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Shakti Shahi said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
Love marriage is better than arrange marriage because the family in understanding make parents happy.

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Karan Yadav said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is very best for us. Because in arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person. There is a sense and demand of spending more time with. BUT In a love marriage, before the marriage, the couple shares a very different level of understanding when tied to social obligations expected once married, are difficult to obey. So Arranged marriage is favour with it.

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Ravindra Patil said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
Marriage is an important thing in our life, after this, our life would turn into another mode, because of this identification of proper life partner is more important. So, I would say through love, understanding and then marriage is the best option rather than arrange marriage because he or she sacrifice their likes and accepting marriage because of family force without understanding their life partner.

Thank You.

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Basith said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Well, I appreciate you my dear friends for your valuable opinions, now may I add my points.

Marriage is a crucial decision in our life. If we get into a relationship and getting married without our parent's permission,

First, few years will be great, but if a problem arises with our partner it leads to ego, blaming each other even it will become a big issue, there is no one in between us to solve it, and it leads to misunderstandings and finally divorces. But if it is arranged marriage there are our parents for both of them to solve the issue except dowry issue. So it reduces the chance of divorce. I agree with those who said understanding before marriage is good. But you should take it in mind that 2-5 years of understanding is very small when to compare to lifelong understanding.

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Bhavani R said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
It may be Love marriage or Arrange marriage, Only thing matters is up to the person who cares about the girl/boy that means the only trust between them will matters. If the person really loves a Girl, He should go and speak to the Girl's family and with their permission, they can marry and enjoy the rest of the life with happiness.

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Aarthi said: (Oct 9, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

In arrange marriage, our life is happy but in love marriage our life is happy. But any problem in love marriage parents won't help us.

So our life is better in arrange marriage.

Love marriage is very difficult.

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Shivam Kumar said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
I support arrange marriage because love marriage is few period and arrange marriage is lifetime any problem full responsibility parent because this is arranged marriage but love marriage is not supported family and relative thank you, friend.

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Ramachandra said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
Yes, as you said love is the that grows with time. So is the thing in love marriages. But it starts a bit earlier. In love marriages, people understand themselves from years long so that they know every bit of each other. As a case, love develops deep in them. I didn't say arranged marriages don't have love but that's not for sure. Its a sure thing that love prevails in love marriages. So I vote for LOVE marriages.

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Akash Alan said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
Support for this topic will depend on the situation, If couple wants to marry then nobody should feel problem with that. The must factor for this is that to spend a happy marry life it is required to understand each other feelings I am not saying it does not happen in arrange marriage but that take time sometimes it is not good for a relationship. So if two decision of marriage should be done after understanding the feelings of partner which is more possible in love marriage.

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Hameedullah said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
I prefer a combination of both.

Marriage is one of the biggest issues of life which lasts till the end of life so in order to select our life partner we must take care of the following points.

We must select our partner by our own choice and whenever we are satisfied from his/her behaviours, manners, honesty, beauty and ideas then we could Interduce him/her to our family in order to take decision for a better life.

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Rakesh Ahirwar said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is very best for us. Because this is very good for my family so I favour with it.

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Pooja Thakur said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
The person who are claiming that LOVE marriage is better, Please tell me how many LOVE affairs get converted into LOVE marriages. Not more than 10-15% cases. Remaining 80% people are afraid to get in a relationship again. That destroy the ARRANGE marriages also.

So please do not support LOVE marriages (Western culture) in India. Otherwise, after 10 years you will see 50-60% divorce cases in India, as in western countries.

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Smriti Chouhan said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
I think Love Marriages are better than Arranged Marriages. I can put many points in favor of love marriages. The main thing is which I want to say that love and affection is very crucial thing to bind any relation and today each and every relation depends on expectations. In these expectations mostly people expect financial security, comfortable living status, and the most important thing is independence in relationship. If I clarify the term "Independence in Relationship" that is a comfortable space in between any relation. In traditional marriage systems it seems that sometimes a person has to confine in the relationship at anyway but If we choose love marriage option then we can understand the person's feelings and his or her expectations towards for upcoming relations before the marriage so it gives more help for choosing the better option.

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Pooja said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
I agree that in LOVE marriage you may get a person which is 100% compatible with you by LUCK. But this possibility is 20%. Not everyone in LOVE affair is serious about marriage. And 70-80% OF LOVE marriage are failure in INDIA because they are based on Attraction and beauty of the person.

ARRANGE also failure due to dowry issue.

So I will prefer marriage in some KNOWN family. LOVE is thing thats grows with time.

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Neha said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
LOVE does not exist nowadays. Out of 100 % LOVE affair just 10-15% thing about Marriage. Remaining just want to satisfy their physical needs or Time pass. So you can not say LOVE marriage is good.

In ARRANGE Marriage dowry problems there,

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage in some good family or the good person. LOVE is thing that grows with time.

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Nisha said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
LOVE is natural feeling between girl and boy that grows as so spend time with each other. SO it does not matter LOVE or ARRANGE MARRIAGE.

The main thing is to be with right person and family. Because this is INDIA and you have to Live with the family of BOY. Do not go blind due to LOVE (attraction), listen to your parents also they want to see you, Happy.

So I would prefer to marry in some Known good family instead of LOVE and ARRANGE marriage.

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Pooja said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
The main thing is to be with the right person, whether it is arranged or LOVE marriage.

But what I have seen is LOVE marriage is the biggest failure as compared to ARRANGE marriage, except few dowry cases in ARRANGE Marriage.

If you are not sure about LOVE marriage to go with ARRANGE marriage, parents always want best for their children. Nowadays ARRANGE marriages are not forced marriages, you have a lot of time to understand each other before marriage.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage as true LOVE is very very rare nowadays. Maximum people in LOVE affairs just want to satisfy their physical needs.

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Pranjal said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
First of all, Marriage is very important social institution. Everybody wants to have good match. I favour in love marriage because my parents also did love marriage. There is a Good understanding with each other in love marriage. They aware of each other Like and Dislike. Therefore they will get along well.

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Jaydeep Singh said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
According to me, arrange marriage is better because the people do not think about our life and they think, love is great I do not say that love is not great but the people who know love they are great because some people has become great from love but many people are doing love for physical attraction.

So I think, arrange marriage for Indian culture and love marriage is good for women who understand love.

Thank You.

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Syed Fahad said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Love marriage is just an agreement made between both boy and girl. But arrange marriage is an attraction between both husband and wife. Love marriage is only for a period of time. But arranged marriage is for the lifetime. Please, I would like to request you all is stop doing love marriage. It's all deals in court but arranged marriage deals with family.

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Sarah said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
In case of love and arranged I choose love marriage. In my family, my parents say that love marriages end in a divorce. So it's a simple logic that from my childhood onwards I am hearing the same so because of this after doing a love marriage if I get into a simple fight with my partner then I will think of what my parents said and will feel like arranged marriage is better.

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Gaurav said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
Love marriage:
I am supporting to love marriage.
As my side love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Because love marriage finishes dowrying system, rich and poor to remove their his far. I know your family is not supporting you for love marriage but your family loves you they can't see sadness on your face.
You make understand your family. And after that your family support you.

Arrange marriage is also good but love marriage is good.
1. In love marriage boy everything knows about girl and girl everything knows about boy
2. But in arrange marriage, couple doesn't know anything about each other.
3. In arrange marriage, family forces them.
4. But in love marriage, only couple select to each other. They are free.

Love marriage is better to my opinion.

Thank's a lot.

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Neha said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
LOVE between Boy and girl is nothing, but just an attraction.

For Successful marriage you need commitment and compromise, respect and honesty towards life partner.

If you are ready with above thing only than go for marriage.

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Madhavilatha said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
Hi to all.

A topic between love marriages and arranged marriages right someone says love marriages and more than says arranged marriages all guys you think all arranged marriages are properly done with a pure love for each other? No, they don't have pure love, they must have an agreement right!
I am telling arranged marriages are not good I am talking it's all are done with agreement in this love Marriages also all are not having true love in these days all are attracted each other and they make name LOVE it's not love attraction only so what ever the perfect love comes to you is life it's like a haven and also in arranged marriages.

In my opinion, anyone to marry love with arranged to our life it's like a heaven.

Then I suppose love with arranged marriage.

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Siddarth said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Whatever its is even if it is LOVE or ARRANGED; TRUST, UNDERSTANDING and COMMITMENT is what drives towards a successful marriage.

Rate this: +86 -7

Tanu said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
In today's LOVE affairs 90 % of people just want to satisfy their physical needs.

So I will prefer to arrange marriage is some known family.

Rate this: +54 -20

Pooja said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Nowadays, both LOVE and ARRANGE Marriages are risky. I have seen around me maximum LOVE marriages are the failure because people treat physical attraction as LOVE and that is temporary.

So, the better choice is to marry in some known family whether LOVE or ARRANGED Marriage.

True LOVE is the commitment, compromise, respect, honesty towards your life partner.

So by seeing the failure of LOVE marriages you will prefer Arrange Marriage.

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Srinu said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Be true, loving & caring. Both are good.

Ask yourself how loyal, loving & caring you then get to the conclusion whether arrange marriage is good or love marriage.

Rate this: +23 -2

Vijayjeyakumar said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
In my point of view, I support arrange marriage because it gives satisfaction for us and also for our relatives, most importantly for our parents. Parents know how to do marriage for their children, I'm sure they will try their best to do it. I also accept that many arrange marriage also end up with divorce but it is less than love marriage because they lack in decision-making skills.

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Ydj said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Hey, everyone, I am Yash.

Girl if don't raise her voice for her love so who can she raise her voice for persecution which gifted her by husband & other relatives after arranged marriage.

I think about human every boy/girl even once in life fall in love with some1, success or not its depend on conditions.

As I think arrange marriage is arrangement of 2 broken heart & which heart how to fail to express the feeling of love toward lover or family.

Love marriage makes heaven if fall in love by flow & manage it with maturity.

Arrange marriage is like quite be good for those how to think that. Adjustment is best for us. Love marriage is best for those how to think that. Make everything for us.

Love marriage is best ever by heart by passion by us.

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Sheshu said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Some point of view arranged marriages are good and some point of view love marriages are good but arranged marriages have more responsibilities when compared to love marriages, before the marriage parents think 1-100 times which is good and which is bad, but here before the marriage interaction between the couples is may be very less, that's why you don't know the behavior of your life partner, after marriage sometimes it creates a problem, but whenever understanding between the people is strong it's not a problem,

Conclusion: whenever understanding between the peoples is strong it's not a problem, either arranged marriage or love marriage.

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Anaya said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
As far as my view is concerned, I think to arrange marriage is the best. By arrange marriage everyone is happy especially Our parents. In marriage, love comes with time but that love arises after analyzing your partner's merit and demerits both. So I support arrange marriage.

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Sri said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is best for our youth. Because our parents also satisfied for their choice. If there is any problem arise in the couple they will convince easily. But the couple wanted one year gap for after the engagement. In that gap, they want to know each other.

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Ankita said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
For INDIAN Culture ARRANGE marriage is best, LOVE is thing that happens with time when you get to know each other. But there should be at least 1-year gap before ARRANGE Marriage so that you can understand each other.

IN India LOVE marriages are biggest failure as compared to other countries, because we are trying to copy the western culture and we are not perfect in that.

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Karthik Prabha said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
Arrange marriage is good one for all youngster because the lack of decision making skills.

Rate this: +82 -15

Pooja said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Marriage is about adjustment, commitment and compromise.

People who are supporting LOVE marriages please see the success rate, you can take examples of western countries, 80% of Marriages do of surviving more than 5 years.

When people are in LOVE (attracted) towards someone they can not see his good and bad things. A person will only show his positive side to you and hide his negative side in most of the cases. Life after marriage is totally different because 70-80% of LOVE marriages person hides their negative side. Hence divorce cases are more in LOVE marriages.

If you know some person from 5-6 year then you can go for LOVE marriage. If you are in the relationship with someone for 1-2 year, never go for LOVE marriage, you will regret after marriage.

I will prefer ARRANGE marriage but only in known family.

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Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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