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Plants receive their nutrients mainly from

[A]. chlorophyll
[B]. atmosphere
[C]. light
[D]. soil

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Renu Rani said: (May 6, 2011)  

Ankita said: (May 21, 2011)  
In soil much more nutrients and water are there for plants.

Ramkrishan said: (May 23, 2011)  
In soil many microorganisms present. Microraganism play important role in providing nutrient for plants.

Sagarika Das said: (Sep 9, 2011)  
Plants recieve their nutrients from soil because soil consists of good nutrients wich help in the growth of the plant.

Nani said: (Oct 2, 2011)  
Roots receive its nutrients from soil and supply to the other parts of plant.

Shahnawaz Rana 8881490461 said: (Oct 30, 2011)  
Plants receve their nutrients from soil becouse soil has many component which required for plants. So soil is a best answer.

Kousiya said: (Nov 6, 2011)  
From the roots the water is entering into it. The roots are supplying water to all parts of the plant and so it is getting nutrients from the roots present in the soil.

Raj said: (Jan 21, 2012)  
Minerals are rich in soil.

Maryam said: (Jan 30, 2012)  
Plants receive nutrients from soil through roots then xylem or phloem transport it to all parts the of plant.

Abinaya said: (Feb 9, 2012)  
Plants syntkesis carbohydrate from sunlight. Carbohydrate provide carbon and hydrogen to plants. Ohygen will recived from atmosphere through respitation. Nitrogen, phosperous and potossiom is observed from soil through active and passive nutient uptake methods with the help of roots. Soil is the mein source for macro and micro nutrients. This may from natural soil or fertilizer application.

Rama said: (Feb 12, 2012)  
Soil is main source for the growth plants .It contains nutrient and minerals etc...

Tulisa said: (Feb 16, 2012)  
Plants recieve their nutrients mainly from soil because it is soil which contains humus, water and minerals for proper growth of the plant.There are also some useful microbes present in the soil.

Sam said: (Apr 6, 2012)  
Plants receives nutrients from soil xylem transfer these minerals to leaf, after respiration phloam transfer food to all parts of plant.

Shereen said: (Jun 15, 2012)  
There are some useful microbes present in the soil.

Rashka Bicir said: (Sep 17, 2012)  
Soil provides enough nutrients to plants through xylem vessel.

Desvic said: (Sep 18, 2012)  
Soil provide enough nutrient including water for plant.

Amul said: (Oct 22, 2012)  
In soil Nitrogen content and potassium content are more and the plants can get this contents easily from soil because of the roots which are present under the soil can take this nutrients along with the water present in the soil very easily.

Thirumal Reddy said: (Jan 1, 2013)  
The soil is consist the minorals,water,humas,

Titas Mahanandia said: (Feb 21, 2013)  
Soil is the reservoir of all the nutrients and water.

Sylvestre said: (Mar 11, 2013)  
In the soil there are minerals and water that are transported in plant through xylem and phloem.

Chhama said: (Mar 20, 2013)  
As all the macro and micro nutrients are present in the soil, plants with the help of roots are able to absorb the nutrients directly.

Onu said: (May 25, 2013)  
Soil is the main source for growing up plants.

Amrutha said: (Jun 14, 2013)  
Roots are the main source to take any necessary thing into its body. For example, plants observe water through roots. In that way the plants observe every essential nutrient from the roots as they lay in the soil.

G.Harini said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
Mainly more nutrients are available in soil because our has basically more nutrients. So many animals, plants, human beings lives in our country. Wastage of them also one type of nutrients to land. Mainly roots can take the nutrients for plants. It is under soil.

Manohar said: (Oct 28, 2013)  
There are 17 nutrients are essential for plant. Out of 3 (H, O, C) rest nutrients are taken by roots.

B.Jayasree said: (Dec 23, 2013)  
Plants receive more nutrients from the roots, they are in soil. In soil the micro organisms like rhizomes are present. They help to take nutrients to plants and plants also help to them by giving nutrients. This is also known as symbiosis.

Vaishu said: (Dec 28, 2013)  
In the soil, there are many minerals, ores, proteins, nutrients are present and they are necessary and sufficient for plant.

Haseeb Jhujh said: (Jan 11, 2014)  
Soil have water and other nutrients which are necessary for growth and rhizoid absorb these nutrients.

Jyothi V said: (Feb 7, 2014)  
Plants get nitrogen like minerals from soil.

Mushtaq said: (Mar 10, 2014)  
Soil, plants get nutrients from soil through roots.

Shamim said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
14, types of nutrients. Plant gets from the soil (except O, H and C).

Shweta Soni said: (May 25, 2014)  
Plants have the base of birth from soil so they have originally grown due to available nutrients in soil that's why soil is the main nutrient supplier to the plants and other sources like light, temp, and chlorophyll are the helping hands of plants to grow.

D.D. Singh said: (Jun 9, 2014)  
Because nitrogen which is an important mineral is available in the soil in the form of nitric acid.

Sunilrawat said: (Jun 25, 2014)  
Soil have water and other nutrients which are necessary for growth and there are easily available form other natural sources.

Abhishek said: (Sep 19, 2014)  
The plants get more nutrients from the soil as there is water and minerals.

Sweety said: (Jan 14, 2015)  
The soil have more nutrients.

Gayathri said: (Jan 25, 2015)  
Plant gets all the nutrients from soil.

Krishan said: (Feb 25, 2015)  
Soil is a mixture of minerals, organic matter (humus), air and water.

Pss Nithyanand said: (Mar 4, 2015)  
Soil is giving nutrition to plant soil is mixture of minerals organic matter, humus layer can be found.

Najaf Younas Wahla said: (May 24, 2015)  
Soil contain all necessary nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. So soil is the most beneficial way to get nutrients for plant.

Stephanie said: (Jun 17, 2015)  
Because minerals are in soil.

Krishna said: (Jul 1, 2015)  
Soil is so important for plants root because root can hold and suck the water so its became easier for the growth of the plant.

Shalini said: (Aug 3, 2015)  
Plants are the child and roots are the parents, we are depend and lovable to our parent that way plants are lovable to roots, that roots so much of respect to the soil.

So plants are receiving nutrients from only the source of soil (this is also a CHAIN process. Soil (nutrient) ->root->steam->leaf (observe) ->photosynthesis process they get their food.

Pat said: (Oct 24, 2015)  
Plant receive nutrient from the soil through the root.

Amit Kumar. said: (Dec 21, 2015)  
Because of the roots of the plants are in the soil so as there are many nutrients, minerals, and many useful ingredients are available in the soil. We know that they are very useful for the growth of a plant.

Hemlataverma said: (Apr 2, 2016)  
Plants receive their nutrients from mineral, sunlight, CO2, temperature. These 4 components are very essential but the soil is one of the main component for the development of plants.

Ananta said: (Apr 16, 2016)  
Plants receive the minerals and the nutrients from the soil because the plant and the soil are in direct contact with the root hair which has the capacity to absorb the necessary minerals, water, and nutrients from the soil.

All the other are not in the direct contact with the plant.

Jennifer O Ify said: (Jun 4, 2016)  
What are the functions of the light?

Wazanga Punga said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
Plants mainly receive minerals from the cell, this is done by the root hair cell which does this through active transport.

P.Subasree. said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
In soil, NIF genes help to keep more nitrogen-nitrogen which is the best source for soil so the soil is important for plants.

Saikul said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
Because minerals are in soil.

Ravi Berry said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
Plants receive the nutrients mainly from the soil through their roots and from the air (mainly consisting of nitrogen and oxygen) through their leaves.

Anonyms said: (Jan 11, 2017)  
Transpiration is the main cause for this.

Aashiya said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
Plants receive the nutrients from the soil.

Nwala Joy said: (Mar 14, 2017)  
I thought it is sunlight.

Ogunmola Ibrahim said: (May 1, 2017)  
Plants gets their food from soil through the process of photosynthesis.

Ankita said: (Apr 11, 2018)  
Soil is the answer because plants recieves nutrients and minerals from the soil which help in their growth and development.

Gideon said: (May 28, 2018)  
Plants acquire nutrients from the soil because it was their roots are situated and nutrients for example water, humus, etc are all in soil.

Antar Hantal said: (Oct 15, 2018)  
The plant observes through the roots, dissolved nutrients, groundwater help in their growth and development.

Suganya said: (Dec 5, 2019)  
What is this?

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