Verbal Reasoning - Direction Sense Test

Dev, Kumar, Nilesh, Ankur and Pintu are standing facing to the North in a playground such as given below:
  1. Kumar is at 40 m to the right of Ankur.
  2. Dev is are 60 m in the south of Kumar.
  3. Nilesh is at a distance of 25 m in the west of Ankur.
  4. Pintu is at a distance of 90 m in the North of Dev.

Which one is in the North-East of the person who is to the left of Kumar?

A. Dev
B. Nilesh
C. Ankur
D. Pintu

Answer: Option D


Ankur is in the left of Kumar. Hence Pintu is in North-East of Ankur.


If a boy starting from Nilesh, met to Ankur and then to Kumar and after this he to Dev and then to Pintu and whole the time he walked in a straight line, then how much total distance did he cover?

A. 215 m
B. 155 m
C. 245 m
D. 185 m

Answer: Option A


Required distance = 25 m + 40 m + 60 m + 90 m

Required distance = 215 m