Verbal Reasoning - Direction Sense Test

Each of the following questions is based on the following information:
  1. 8-trees → mango, guava, papaya, pomegranate, lemon, banana, raspberry and apple are in two rows 4 in each facing North and South.
  2. Lemon is between mango and apple but just opposite to guava.
  3. Banana is at one end of a line and is just next in the right of guava or either banana tree is just after guava tree.
  4. Raspberry tree which at one end of a line, is just diagonally opposite to mango tree.

Which of the following statements is definitely true?

A. Papaya tree is just near to apple tree.
B. Apple tree is just next to lemon tree.
C. Raspberry tree is either left to Pomegranate or after.
D. Pomegranate tree is diagonally opposite to banana tree.

Answer: Option B



Which tree is just opposite to raspberry tree?

A. Papaya
B. Pomegranate
C. Papaya or Pomegranate
D. Data is inadequate

Answer: Option C



Which tree is just opposite to banana tree?

A. Mango
B. Pomegranate
C. Papaya
D. Data is inadequate

Answer: Option A