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At a dinner party every two guests used a bowl of rice between them, every three guests used a bowl of dal between them and every four used a bowl of meat between them. There were altogether 65 dishes. How many guests were present at the party ?

[A]. 60
[B]. 65
[C]. 90
[D]. None of these

Answer: Option A


Thilo said: (Sep 10, 2011)  
They have said that 65 such dishes are there and how is it possible to add only these three dishes.

Abhishek said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
Dish means what here?
Is it dishes to eat or dish to serve?

Please clear.

Neha said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
Please explain somebody.

Chandan Pandey said: (Jan 5, 2016)  
They are saying about 65 dishes, how it is possible to take 3 dishes equal to 65?

Mido said: (Mar 4, 2016)  
Because, it says every two guest used one bowl, so we divided the number of each dish to get it.

Mido said: (Mar 4, 2016)  
So, x present the number of the guests because we have already the number of dishes 65, so we in the first dish every two used 1 dish that's means x divided by every 2 guest to has number of dish. The same with second and third dish. So, total of the party, the total dishes used equal number of guest so,

x\2 + x\3 + x\4 = 65.

Mathslover said: (Nov 7, 2016)  

For rice (1,2) (3,4) (5,6) (7,8) (9,10) (11,12) [total of 6 dishes].
For dal (1,2,3) (4,5,6) (7,8,9) (10,11,12) [total of 4 dishes].
For meat (1,2,3,4) (5,6,7,8) (9,10,11,12) [total of 3 dishes].
So 12 guests used 13 dishes,
So 13 dishes by 12 guests,
65 dishes by x guests,
13 : 12 :: 65 : x.
x = 60.

Cherry said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
There are total x people from them;
x/2 is rice,
x/3 is dal and,
x/4 is meat,

If we add them we get them and solve the equation we get the answer as 60.

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