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Directions to Solve
Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

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Susmita said:   1 decade ago
What the relation in chip and glass?

Chandni said:   1 decade ago
Please explain me this problem.

Sai said:   1 decade ago
Can i know the relation between the chip and glass?

Ajay said:   1 decade ago
Grain and salt are opposite terms, they sound no meaning while comparing. Similarly chip and glass.

Rakesh said:   1 decade ago
Here GRAIN means "The smallest possible unit of anything" so, in the question the smallest unit of salt particle has been given.

Therefore the correct answer will be "B".

Shred means "A tiny or scarcely detectable amount".

Lalith said:   1 decade ago
Shard is a broken piece of pottery and on the other hand shred is small amount of wood. So the words in A and B are related to each other respectively where blades are used to cut the grass but when we take a look at D you find no relation among chip and a glass as same as GRAIN:SALT. So D happens to be the answer.

Gowthami said:   1 decade ago
Yes lalith is true.

Vinoth said:   1 decade ago
So. You guys say that grain and salt has no relation, so the ans is chip and glass which also has no relation. ?!

Solanki said:   1 decade ago
I don't understand. Grain is an unit of salt as we say "salt grain". Similarly we say "blades of grass". But then shred of pottery and chip of glass is also true. I am confused.

Janani said:   1 decade ago
What is chip and glass?

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