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Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

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Teek808 said:   2 years ago
The relationship is the smallest unit of measure: the subject being measured.

Grain is the smallest quantity possible of sand "A grain of sand".

A chip of broken glass is the smallest quantity possible.

A shred of wood is not the smallest possible quantity, you can have wood chips.

You can have less than a blade of grass eg. Half a blade of grass. Also not the smallest quantity possible.

Ezra said:   7 years ago
It should be blades: grass. A lot of individual salt grains make up salt; similarly, a lot of individual blades constitute grass. Also, if we consider chip: glass to be correct (as in, glass can be broken down to chips), then shred: wood would also be true since wood can be broken down to splinters/shreds and pottery to shards.

Lalith said:   1 decade ago
Shard is a broken piece of pottery and on the other hand shred is small amount of wood. So the words in A and B are related to each other respectively where blades are used to cut the grass but when we take a look at D you find no relation among chip and a glass as same as GRAIN:SALT. So D happens to be the answer.

Sneha said:   1 decade ago
In English usage, we say 'a grain of salt', 'a blade of grass' and 'a chip of glass'. These are the smallest quantities by which the salt and the glass can be described. Blade of grass can also be one of the answers but chip of glass is the most appropriate analogy to salt:grain.

Shilohu said:   9 years ago
Grain == Salt. Here they are comparing the characteristics of the two substances. If you smash the grain it has same format as salt (physical appearance like sand). Similarity when we smash the chip it seems like small glass pieces.

Rakesh said:   1 decade ago
Here GRAIN means "The smallest possible unit of anything" so, in the question the smallest unit of salt particle has been given.

Therefore the correct answer will be "B".

Shred means "A tiny or scarcely detectable amount".

Count grishnack said:   1 decade ago
No way it can be chip:glass. Shard is for brittle object hence a little relation with pottery, shred and wood no relation chip and glass no relation but blades of grass is there. It should have been blades of grass.

Ritesh said:   1 decade ago
Salt comprises of grains, i.e. salt is made up of grains, similarly, glass is formed by melting of small chips (beads).

Shred is kind of wooden fillings and shard is a broken piece of pottery, so obviously D.

Bartlee said:   1 decade ago
I agree of the choice D because if you examined the question GRAIN;SALT there is no relation both of the two. So chip:glass has no relation too. It is logic that choice D is the answer.

Karthick m said:   1 decade ago
HERE IS THE RELATION(the given answer is correct)

grains of salt and chips of glass

we refer tiny salt particles as SALT GRAINS and small pieces of glass as GLASS CHIPS

got it guys?

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