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At the neutral axis of a beam, the shear stress is
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Harsh said:   3 years ago
I agree with you @Amit Choudhary.

Pratik said:   3 years ago
The Answer should be Zero as on the neutral axis radius will be zero so shear stress will also be zero.

JAYDIP PARMAR said:   3 years ago
I think C is the right answer.

Kunal said:   3 years ago
Maximum is the right answer.

Mahesh RP said:   4 years ago
Why max is measured from the top or bottom fibre. Shear stress is max. At the centre and min. At the top and bottom fibre.

Abbas Ali said:   4 years ago
Answer should be None.

Only in pure bending stress or something else alone(Centrod = N.A). It is generally told so it may not always the case.

Correct answer D.None.

Niraj said:   5 years ago
At neutral axis, there is no stress of any kind. Then how maximum?

Arjun biswas said:   5 years ago
Shear stress = F/2I (d^2/4-y^2) where, F= shear force, I= moment of inertia, d= depth of beam, y= distance from the neutral axis.

So, the maximum shear stress occurs at the neutral axis and is zero at both the top and bottom surface of the beam.

Anantha said:   5 years ago
Shear stress is zero in neutral axis and B.M is maximum are called as neutral axis.

Anoms said:   5 years ago
Shear stress is zero at centre and maximum at outermost fibre/ edge.

Answer : A.

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