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The point of contraflexure occurs in
cantilever beams
simply supported beams
overhanging beams
fixed beams
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Salahuddin said:   2 years ago
For a fixed beam there always exist points where BM changes sign.

But for an overhanging beam, it is not necessary that always a point of contra flexure occurs.

M GNANADEEP said:   3 years ago
A continuous beam is the right answer.

Syed mahroz said:   3 years ago
It also occurs in simply supported beam when concentrated moment act on centre.

S.B said:   4 years ago
It is a point in the bending moment diagram at which the bending moment changes its sign from negative to positive or vice versa. It occurs mainly in overhanging beam in which there is opposite magnitude moment acting on another side of overhanging part which makes the net moment to change its sign, by virtue of this the point of contraflexure came into picture. But it is not always in overhanging beam it can also occur in simply supported beam and fixed beams.

Mahesh said:   4 years ago
OHB, because supports not in ends that's why acting at OHB.

Silence said:   4 years ago
Point of contra-flexure can occur in overhanging and fixed beam both, then why overhanging is taken as the correct answer? why not both as correct answer?

N mukherjee said:   5 years ago
Is there any case of point of contraflexure in simply supported or cantilever beam?

Bhushan said:   6 years ago
C is correct. Other beams may not have point of contraflexure, but overhanging beam always does.

Vicky said:   6 years ago
It also occurs in simply supported beams.

Hitesh said:   6 years ago
Generally, point of contraflexure occurs in overhanging beams. But it also occurs in fixed beams in few cases. If both are mentioned in the ques, we must go with the overhanging one.

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