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A condenser of refrigeration system rejects heat at the rate of 120 kW, while its compressor consumes a power of 30 kW. The coefficient of performance of the system will be
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Pratheesh said:   4 years ago
The Answer should be 3.

Amaan Sayyed said:   4 years ago
120/30=4 this is the right answer.

Vinay BEL said:   4 years ago
120 - 30 = 90.
Cop=90/30=3 => answer.

Kajal Patil said:   4 years ago
3 is the correct Answer.

Swapnil Shelke said:   4 years ago
I also agree with the answer 3 as here COP of the refrigeration system is asked clearly here REFRIGERATING EFFECT is 90 and work input 30.

S Kamran said:   5 years ago
Answer will be 3..

120kw is heat rejected(not R.E)by the condenser that heat is the sum of Refrigeration effect(R.E)& The heat added by compressor work.. & COP= R.E/Work Input. So the final answer will be COP=(120-30)/30=3.

Swagat said:   5 years ago
COP = (120-30)/30.
= 3.

Zeeshan said:   5 years ago
Point to ponder is whether the COP of the heat pump is asked or COP of the Refrigeration system. The question doesn't define the fact categorically. Assuming heat pump answer is 4, of we assume COP of refrigeration system then given answer is wrong and it must be 3.

Vishnu said:   6 years ago
The answer is 3.

Here 120 is the heat rejected to the atmosphere, not the heat absorbed from the refrigerated space.

120 - 30 is the heat absorbed from the refigerated space.
The Work input is 30.

Vishnu p said:   6 years ago
Answer will be 3 because here 120 is heat rejected not heat extracted.

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