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Steel containing upto 0.15% carbon, is known as

[A]. mild steel
[B]. dead mild steel
[C]. medium carbon steel
[D]. high carbon steel

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Udhayamech said: (Apr 4, 2016)  
Percentage of Carbon in various steel.

Mild steel up to 0.25%.
Medium carbon steel 0.25% to 0.45%.
High carbon steel 0.45% to 1.50%.

Rajesh said: (Jan 9, 2017)  
Answer should be mild steel.

Avinash Narayan said: (May 26, 2017)  
Dead mild steel is a type of mild steel having carbon up to 0.15%.

Since C% is specifically mentioned (up to 0.15%)So, calling it dead mild steel is more precise.

Sanjeev Yashiliya said: (Jun 5, 2017)  
Answer should be mild steel.

Sohan said: (Aug 21, 2018)  
Dead mild steel is 0.05 to 0.15% carbon.

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