Logical Reasoning - Statement and Assumption - Discussion

In each question below is given a statement followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions, decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement and choose your answer accordingly.


Statement: Items in big showrooms in main markets are costlier than similar items in small shops.


  1. Items in small shops are never reliable.
  2. Persons managing big showrooms are cheats.
  3. Maintenance of big showrooms is an expensive affair in itself; hence the prices are a little higher.

[A]. None is implicit
[B]. Only I is implicit
[C]. Only II is implicit
[D]. Only III is implicit
[E]. Either II or III is implicit

Answer: Option D


Clearly, only III defines the correct essence of the statement and hence is implicit.

Riya@Indiabix.Com said: (Oct 5, 2015)  
I don't agree how is this possible?

Items in small shops are sometimes not reliable.

Persons managing big showrooms sometimes do cheat us.

And yes the third one is correct. But there in fact should also be another option saying.

'All three impact'. Please explain if not.

And by the way 'Explanation' are you from this website or personal cause you are just copy/pasting their explanations. So please explain this.

Sravan Kumar said: (May 7, 2021)  
I and III are implicit.

Sravan Kumar said: (May 7, 2021)  
I think I and III are implicit.

Anomie said: (Jul 26, 2021)  
So, if option A was sometimes not reliable, then yeah I and III might be implicit. But no It is not always true that small shops items are never reliable.

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