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Directions to Solve

Read the below passage carefully and answer the questions:

The government of an island nation is in the process of deciding how to spend its limited income. It has $7 million left in its budget and eight programs to choose among. There is no provision in the constitution to have a surplus, and each program has requested the minimum amount they need; in other words, no program may be partially funded. The programs and their funding requests are:

* Hurricane preparedness: $2.5 million
* Harbor improvements: $1 million
* School music program: $0.5 million
* Senate office building remodeling: $1.5 million
* Agricultural subsidy program: $2 million
* National radio: $0.5 million
* Small business loan program: $3 million
* International airport: $4 million

If the legislature decides to fund the agricultural subsidy program, national radio, and the small business loan program, the only other single program that can be funded is
hurricane preparedness.
harbor improvements.
school music program.
senate office building remodeling.
international airport.
Answer: Option
The total of the three programs (2 million + 0.5 million + 3 million) is 5.5 million. That leaves 1.5 million (7 million - 5.5 million), and the only single program needing that amount is the senate office building remodeling.
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Karan said:   3 years ago

Have to use all the money so no surplus to be made means no saving. So option D is correct.

Pratik said:   6 years ago
All options that cost lost than 1.5 million should be correct!

It is Clearly stated in the question, that it is not needed to save $$, but no mention of needing to use all the $$!

KUSH GOPALAM said:   8 years ago
Three program ($2 + $0.5 + $3) = $5.5.

So $1.5 is remaining &only option D is correct. Beacuse a/c to question only one program can be promoted.

Devyani said:   8 years ago
Excellent explanation.

Tejas said:   8 years ago
Option D is correct but option B or C is also correct as they require less than 1.5 million. Also, there is no mention of using the whole remaining money.

Suja said:   9 years ago
How we choose option D?

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