Would you lie for the company?

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Shruthi swarup said:   6 years ago
This another question that pits two values against one another, in this case loyalty against integrity.

BEST ANSWER: Try to avoid choosing between two values, giving a positive statement which covers all bases instead.

Example: "I would never do anything to hurt the company.

If aggressively pressed to choose between two competing values, always choose personal integrity. It is the most prized of all values.

Sir frankly speaking I never want to lie for a company sir because it will damage the company\'s reputation and I think the company will not expect me to lie because the company always want me to be honest sir and just I want to be honest to the customers because our company and ourselves are relying on the customers sir.

It totally depend on the situation, If customer ask me that your company had this/that kind of facility or not, and customer is having good deal for my company which make bigger profits so I lie him that we are working for it and ask my seniors to give concern on this type of facility and make my company to fulfill the customer requirements. Outside this limitations I'll never lie because no one can hide the truth.

I don't think such kind of problem arise in this leading company. Instead of going for lie we should think about other best alternative. If I will lie it will impact the goodwill and this lie leads to other hundreds of lies. Honesty is right solution to all problems.

It totally depends on the situation, if my one lie will be beneficial for 10 peoples and don't hurt any personal ego or prestige only then I can otherwise I will Never lie. Because Lie cannot remain hidden for long time. It may be caught.

Sir, It depends on the situation. Usually I do not prefer to lie because getting success based on lie would never be call success. But if my lie is for the benefit of the company and I know that majority of people would not get affected with this then I can lie.

Jeff said:   7 years ago
I bet everyone lies for their company. When someone asks you how long it will take to complete a project for them, you lie and tell them it will take longer. This is because the nature of projects can change and so you lie to give yourself some leeway.

It depends on the nature of the lie and the consequences. Obviously, you shouldn't lie which will incriminate the company or be fraudulent, but there are lots of small and insignificant lies which are worth telling because they ultimately can make you more professional. If you promise you can get something done by X, but something comes up, surely it's better to say you can get it done by Y, thus giving yourself a bit more time?

Abhinav said:   5 years ago

This is a very typical situation and a testing one also. My decision would be that I will not lie although I love this company and I love my part of the job but I cannot trade with my principles for the job I have from the beginning of my life build these principles it took me half of my life to establish personality such that I have it in me that I do not play anytime in life whatever the situation might be. Super it becomes very difficult for me to break these rules in my life although I will do anything else which might help the company. I hope you understand my problem as you have understood me before in the past on many occasions.

Akshay singh said:   6 years ago
See lying is not a action which needs a reaction its common people lie whenever they faces a dilemma to come out with so I can lie to solve the problems which don't have further existence after solution and not such place where a company can suffer from great cause and it also depends on the product sometimes people doesn't believe in truth also such as you see in front of the pack of cigarette its mention smoking causes cancer but then also people smoke with style but at last we cannot ignore this fact that lying symbolises a bad action.

Vishal Kondal said:   3 years ago
Well, I don't think there is any reason to lie to the customer at first place considering if you are selling or settling any dispute with the customer, also they would be notified by the services they got offered and that would reflect on the monthly bill. Ultimately, that would put a negative impression on the customer and might lead him/her switching services if false promises are made.

Hence, I strongly believe, be honest with whatever services we offer to the customer.

Pole Star said:   6 years ago
Lie. Every person tell lies in one way or other in day to day life. But the lie is harmful or not depends on the severity of lie. So, first of all, I will analyze whether the lie can harm someone not only me but also others. If not then next thing I will see whether the lie is worth lieing or not i.e whether the work can be done without lying or not. After analyzing I will take a wise decision whether to lie or not.

Rajesh singh said:   7 years ago
Yes, definitely. Because my first duty is to accept every decision of my company whether it's about lying or anything. In support of this, I would like to say that if a soldier can kill his enemy without his personal enmity so why we can't say lie for our job. All we have to prove is our honesty for the company. After all, we can't take the responsibility of the whole world. So the best thing is doing our own work.

Maurya said:   4 years ago
Sir, according to ethics lie is not lie unless and until it give positive result. Most of time lie can be worse situation for company. Lie also can most dangerous for long term goal of company. So most probably I will say no, if lie helps the company to achieve new height without hampering it's reputation, reliability and also helps majority of people then I will not hesitate to go ahead and tell lie.

Harshita agarwal said:   6 years ago

It will depend on the situation if my lie does not affect anyone including company than I will.

But sir firstly, I would like to avoid the lie because one lie leads to many lies and I will be harmful for the company reputation.

As long as I am in accordance with company and legal guidelines, I would do what is best for the company and try to effectively resolve any issues that may arise.

Naushaba Khatoon said:   7 years ago
No. I'm a Muslim and Islam prohibits lies. If I speak lie, then people will badmouth on our religion that Muslims are liars and won't believe us. So, I can't put my religion on stake for my company.

But I won't let any situation arise where I need to say lie for my company if at all it becomes mandatory then I will find any right solution to cope up with the problem rather than speaking lies.

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