Would you lie for the company?

HR Interview
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Gaurav singh said:   4 years ago
It totally depends upon the situation. If lying is the last option to tackle the situation for my company I have to do it but only if it is the last, otherwise I will use my creativity to deal with the situation because in life we always have the second option. We just need to find it and make it count.

Shivali sharma said:   5 years ago
No sir, I wouldn't lie for the company, because if I can lie for the company then I can lie to the company.

Babulal bairwa said:   5 years ago
Sir, it depends on the situation at that moment. But as I know from my childhood that any lie can't hide for more time and it leads to another so I'll try to manage without lying.

Anshu Raj said:   3 years ago
It depends on situation, when lie is necessary for any work for create positive impact, Then I will try it.

Sharvari said:   3 years ago
It depends on the situation, if the purpose is good and can create positive impact on my company's growth then I can lie, otherwise I won't.

SUMIT KUMAR said:   4 years ago
Yes if a company wants me to lie I would lie in some of the cases but first I will make sure that it won't harm anyone in any circumstances.

Sankalp said:   5 years ago
If I have confidential information or data with me of our company, I have to lie to keep it safe from other people, and I don't lie about unnecessary things!

Rahul J Rao said:   7 years ago
No. I won't lie. Because one lie leads us to say to say another one. But instead, it will be better to find another solution.

Divyanshi kasodania said:   3 years ago
Yes, if my lie can make a good and positive impact on majority of people and company. Lord krishna who is god of satya, karam, dharam and vachana had also lied in situations which can cause a good impact on others, then who am I just a human!

So, I will definitely lie in such situations.

Pettem Srikanth said:   2 years ago
Definitely no, because I believe that convincing or explaining the situation is an optimal solution instead of lying. Lying can decline the company's reputation. No one can hide the fact too long when they know the truth our company may lose the trust. And we should remember trust is most expensive and can't be purchasable.

Thank you sir/mam for asking.

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