Why have you had so many jobs?

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Shefali said:   1 decade ago
Actually I left my first job because of salary and I left my second job because they force me to do marketing which I didn't want to do as I already told them that I want a desk job.

Siva said:   1 decade ago
Although I had chance to learn different skills and knowledge that experience gave me a potential to handle in any situation with independently and it brings special values and confidence to me.

SuBBu said:   1 decade ago
I don't see them as many jobs. I see them as many steps that I have climbed up and standing potentially capable infront of you with all those stepping experiences.

Ebi said:   10 years ago
I use to move out of station a lot in my current company, since I had married recently and I want to take care of my family too. Thats why I am looking for a job which does not involves out of station visits.

Gustav said:   10 years ago
Well, personally I don't see them as jobs, as I see them as steps as I climbed to a more mature and professional person, to become more responsible and efficient linchpin of the working class. Life is growth and education is a continuous process. Indeed with the knowledge acquired from the past will be enhanced and be useful at present.

Mohit singh said:   10 years ago
Because changes makes a man perfect and by this I am able to do learn how to handle the problem in different environment and how to solve it and it makes me to increase my skills and ability which I use in your organization to give my best.

Khushi said:   10 years ago
Yes I agree that I had so many jobs, but I must say that nobody is perfect in this world, everybody keeps learning new thinks from where he/she can, same I did? if the next company offering me something new and if they don't have any problem then why with me, because I got a chance to learn to something new.

Thank you.

Anju said:   10 years ago
In My Total experience of 11 Years. I have been in current organization from last 5 years and Six months. In Earlier years I worked as consultant as CA demands you should have good exposure and experience in different areas to understand both Direct and Indirect taxation, to know the end to end process and to understand the Road map of Manufacturing/ Service/ Product based industry.

So these earlier frequent changes in my job develop confidence and strong knowledge. Now I want to join your organization in order to deliver my best quality results and knowledge to the project.

Lakshman singh said:   9 years ago
I have total experience 7 years in different three companies currently I have been completed 5 years in this company so today my experience have been different areas of best of my knowledge and we have able best working and I had no.of jobs.

Tyler said:   9 years ago
Much of my past including working in volatile markets. The economy was unstable at the time and I fell victim to it. Aside from that any move that I made was career advancing and allowed me to grow professionally.

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