Why have you had so many jobs?

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Kelly said:   9 years ago
When I was young and dreaming of what I wanted to do when I grew up, depending on my most current interest, my answer would constantly change. The mailman had a cool job because he got to be outside walking around and talking to people; I wanted to be a mailman. Being a soldier allowed you to travel to so many interesting places and experience various cultures; I wanted to be in the military. People are always laughing and having fun in a bar; I wanted to be a bartender. As an adult, I have worked in each of these professions and determined that they were not what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. What I did take from these jobs was a keen sense of what I desired most about each of them and what kind of career would be a perfect fit.

1) I love working outside as opposed to being trapped in an office

2) I love seeing new places and meeting new people

3) I love being in a position where I am constantly busy. For me, being a UPS delivery driver would be an ideal career as it incorporates the three virtues I desire most.

Pkm said:   9 years ago
After my B.Com I started my career in 2011 as assistant HR with a payment as low as 4000 per month, every one wants to do job in a MNC, I got one and accepted the same, better job content, better salary (4 times what I was getting) , this MNC had transferred me project where once has to go to work in 6.30 am and come back by 11 pm night, not possible to continue the same, after working for 2 years in that MNC, I changed again and joined my current organization.

I learned so many things in my domain through these changes transition period of mine. Now I am seeking opportunity in your company because currently I am working on third party contract (misguided by consultant recruiter) with no job to, nothing to learn, for that reason I was trying to change to the job from the last 4 months so that I can utilize my skills and contribute to organizations goal, What I want is a meaningful association with a growing organization where I can also grow over the time.

Sree said:   5 years ago
I had worked with 3 companies. First, I got the job through my college placement and I was really happy about the job but very dissatified with the salary offered by the company. Soon after I got a better career in abroad with high salary stake. After a long period, I had some family issues at home and eventually I need to come back to home for solving that problem but unfortunately I couldnt go back to work. Then I search a job in the hometown itself. In a short of time, I got a job at hometown which wasnt a full time job but on a contract base for a period of one year. Now the contract has been finished and looking for a full time job in the same field of work that I was in the last company.

Kushal said:   9 years ago
When you feed a man who is hungry for last few days he will eat without caring who is looking at him. For him Food is the only need in life at present. Like wise I'm an hungry man. This hunger is for staying on top, accepting new challenges and try different things.

Without trying a thing no one can guarantee that was waste. If Edison would not have tried 1000 times then we would have waited for another few more years for light to brighten us. There are people who will say 1000 wasted days. I'm a sort of person who will say he did learn how NOT to do in that 1000 days. Finally we have a product. Effort never fails.

Peter said:   9 years ago
I have had many jobs because I try to learn as much as I can at each company and I want to find a work environment that's suitable to me and can support me financially. I left my second company because I felt the pay does not justify my work load there. I left my second company because of poor management and they did not pay us for two months.

I left the third company because the work environment is not appropriate for me. I left the last company because they had crazy over time and they did not pay our OT for two months. As my experience grows, I am able to find a suitable work environment.

Anju said:   10 years ago
In My Total experience of 11 Years. I have been in current organization from last 5 years and Six months. In Earlier years I worked as consultant as CA demands you should have good exposure and experience in different areas to understand both Direct and Indirect taxation, to know the end to end process and to understand the Road map of Manufacturing/ Service/ Product based industry.

So these earlier frequent changes in my job develop confidence and strong knowledge. Now I want to join your organization in order to deliver my best quality results and knowledge to the project.

Chintaamani P Desaei said:   7 years ago
Firstly I am not a person who will keep on hopping from one company to other just for the sake of money. However, money is equally important to survive. I always like to be challenged. In past, I have had an opportunity to work with some of the reputed companies but my expected growth reached a ceiling due to lack of sufficient growth opportunities. But I strongly think now I have anchored my ship at the right harbor considering the career growth prospects coupled with monetary benefits as mentioned in your job profile & on your website.

John said:   8 years ago
I have worked several jobs locations during the last 7 years resection do to the job market. I feel this has given me a wide range of knowledge preparing me for this position. I have taken jobs in the past with commutes of up to 4 and 5 hours just to keep family a float and pay my bills until a job would open up closer.

I have also had jobs loose contracts and close their doors putting me without work. I have work now, I'm not looking for a job, I'm looking for a long term carrier I can grow with the company doing what I like doing.

Prakash said:   8 years ago
End of one thing is start of another with fresh learning and bigger place to explore. My last company was an excellent company to work with, but end of the everyone wants to see that his career rising from low to high.

My last company was big but this company is bigger and also for me this would be my final destination because I think this company is suitable for my skill set, best paymaster and most importantly people are stable in this company.

Mohamed ismail said:   8 years ago
Job temporary job, so when I finish my contract it is time to find more work. The job was started, and was not withdrawn their product in as much revenue as they had hoped, and the company went through some substantial layoffs.

And, finally, post was a vision that I simply can't agree with, and decided that the time had come to find the employer goals that I believe in.

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