Why have you been out of work so long?

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Punit Kumar said:   4 years ago
Friends I have read many of the answers given here. Sharing my real-life situation and reasons for leaving and trying to make a comeback in IT.

Answer: I was out of work or say the IT industry for both personal and professional reasons, though both were interrelated. Since the beginning of my career in IT, I always wanted to try something of my own. I worked in IT to raise capital but wasn't sure when to take the next step. Then 2. 5 years ago, I was in the middle of a situation where my grandmother was living alone in my hometown and as she is in her 80's she doesn't want to leave the hometown and live with us in Bangalore. This is when I decided to go to my hometown to take care of her and also trying out something of my own. I started a stockbroker office with one of my cousin and made a decent profit for a living.

Now, my dad is retired and has come to take care of my grandmother and with time I have also realized that to grow in career there is nothing better for me than the IT industry and so I am here again in search of a job.

Friends do tell if I can go ahead with the honest reason? I will be attending interviews soon. Your likes and dislikes will be sufficient for me for a review.

Dawn said:   7 years ago
While I was working, I found myself battling with the decision of whether I should specialise or generalise; this lead to a lot of confusion for me as I was in an industry that success is rewarded more if you are a generalist and yet my strong points where in me specialising and hence my achievements were overlooked. For a person who has entered the industry straight from graduate school, it was frustrating to watch people for much fewer achievements achieve the success you were working hard for with such ease.

I ended up have depression problem that affected my work output; to me, at that time, taking time off work to nurse myself to health seem like the most rational choice.

I have used the time off to find my foundation and motivation so that I would be able to handle such situations more effectively as I grow in my career. I believe now I'm a more mature adult and I am able to view a situation from the correct lenses. I am now ready to go back to the corporate world.

Sabiha said:   5 years ago
Sir, I have worked in 2 companies but on there, There is no Career growth & Salary which helps me survive and my family.

After that, I had some personal issues with my family, so that I got disturbed.

My father has been retired, And financial issues, my home get running from a pension.

Right now, I used to take tuition to some primary kids, Because there was No opportunity which I had got.

But right Now, m waiting for a Big opportunity, and I thought that that's a golden chance to join and be a part of your company, & here learning & carrier growth both are there.

I would to join the reputed company as like yours if you get a chance to work with you.

I am not going to disappoint you.

I want to support my family And, I should see my family As happy.

Thank you.

R Suraj Kumar said:   5 years ago
I tried for internal postings within my organisation for the position that I was interested, but unfortunately could not the find right ones and also felt the need to re-skill myself by pursuing a full-fledged course which is why I applied for XYZ University and pursued the ABC course which was very rigorous with a continuous evaluation system and we needed to be on our toes to meet all the weekend deadlines hence I had to quit my current job.

Also, there were certain client regulations which we had to adhere to since it was an ODC (Offshore Development Centre) and hence I had to take this tough call between my job and pursuing a full-fledged program.

Tanmoy said:   7 years ago
From the very 1st day of my engineering, it was my target to get a central govt job because it not only gives one an enriched social responsibility but also it gives him a national as well as international recognition.

After passing out from college I joined ABC company for gathering field knowledge and some finance to boost my preparation.

Yes I may take govt job preparation during my job and I tried also, but sometimes I felt that my job was hampering due to my preparation. Which was violating my professional ethics?

For this reason, I left my previous job and took preparation for 1.5 years.

Rahulkumar Rathod said:   6 years ago
It is a true story :.

I was diagnosed for an inguinal hernia and had to be operated after which I was not allowed to work in night shifts nor even could sit in the same position for long time.

Just after that, I had been operated for fissure as well and consequently I did not join any organization.

However, I did not stop earning as I kept myself busy in giving coaching classes to my society kids.

And my doctor has confirmed that I am fit and fine and can work in night shifts as well, I am heading up again.

Kavin kumar said:   6 years ago
To be honest after getting out from college in 2016 I have attend three interviews but I was not able to get through. My parents wanted me to get into banking sector as most of my relatives are in banking. But I know that's not my field. Due to my parents compulsion I have joined a banking training institute where I have wasted four months. At last I just told my father that I Don't belong to banking sector and I wanted to get into technical field. And I am here right now.

Daniel R. said:   7 years ago
I took a short break to spend more time for my hobbies (for awhile) and to continue improving my skills as well. However I was looking for a job with interesting and exciting topics, where I can learn something new and where I can really contribute.

So I have now found this position which sounds very varied and very exciting according to the tasks. This position gives me the opportunity to use my commercial and technical skills from my education and my previous jobs.

Anil said:   5 years ago
Yes sir, I will let you know actually I used to teaching due to financial problems of my family but while teaching that money was not enough to solve the problem then after 2years I joined an MNC company to get experience and earning money. Almost my problem was settled while working job. I did job for 1year now my expand education is totally matching for this job recruitment and I want to be a part of your company growth and I will do my level best.

Neil said:   6 years ago
Sir I tried to get a job. But I was never given a chance to get a walk in for an interview. But because of my hope and positive attitude I never gave up and kept trying. I am really glad and appreciate that you gave me that opportunity and if I get a platform to prove myself I can be an effective resource to your organization. If I fail to do that, the same hope and positive attitude will give me a boost to work more hard and prove myself.

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