Why have you been out of work so long?

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Rajni Balpande said:   1 month ago
I was preparing myself to get selected by your company. I tired many job interviews because of my positive attitude.

Nandhini k said:   3 months ago
I was preparing for the competitive exam last 2 to 3 years. But my bad luck it goes to 2 to 3 marks missing. That's why I'm not working for so long.

Murmu said:   10 months ago
Well sir, I was preparing myself for the competitive exams. That's why I have been out of work for so long.

And nowadays the financial condition is my family is very poor. That's why I am trying to get a chance at your company. And help my family out of this condition.

Isha said:   1 year ago
Sir, I think everyone at some point in life wants to know what's more to life offer other than work, so I took some time off from work and explored and opened myself up to new experiences in life.

This indeed had made my perspective towards work and balance change dramatically and made me appreciate the opportunities I have in regards to work-life balance.

Devanshi Sharma said:   1 year ago
Because, I enrolled myself for some advanced personality development course with some freelance work.

Rakesh Dule said:   2 years ago
Due to common middle class family financial problems I was started my career with previous organisation and then to grow more need to move on. Thus opportunity whrere I am there.

Subhodeep Ghosh said:   2 years ago
Sir, as you know that the pandemic hits hard to all the field of work, and I belong to the hospitality industry where it hard the most. Therefore I lost my job, then after I had a search for many opportunities but not succeed but now I thought that from your company I could make a fresh start.

Haritha perepi said:   2 years ago
I am improving myself in my specialization and looking for better opportunities where I can grow job-wise and financial wise.

Kesava Gupta said:   2 years ago
I prepared competitive exams. Unfortunately, I am not getting. Every time it goes 4 or 5 marks. We have some financial problem now. So I decided to come for a job.

BINOD PATRA said:   2 years ago
Sir, job work and family depends on each. In that situation, I choose my family. But in the meanwhile I have done projects to college students like document preparation, examine the code etc. In the break, I have improved my confidence and communication levels. So, now am trying to better opportunity now.

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