Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

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Shubhangi K. Sewatkar said:   7 years ago
Because, I am not money minded person, I prefer future growth, job satisfaction and happy family life. I am career oriented person and I believe that if career is on right track, money can come automatically.

Nisarga said:   5 years ago
At the beginning of a career, gaining knowledge, skills, experience and learning new technologies are more important, rather than earning more money.

The experience will increase the possibility of making more money, in the future path of career.

Sayali said:   8 years ago
At this stage of my career I want to gather all knowledge and develop skills as much as possible to me. Because money in the pocket will not save my life from sinking in the sea but my skill of swimming will definitely save me.

Ccharanjeet Singh said:   7 years ago
Well, sir, money does play a crucial role in a person life but not more than personal skills and knowledge. As one can find that money can be taken or even stolen but not your skills, so I first want to develop my skills and knowledge so that money should follow me rather I follow it.

Gyana abit said:   8 years ago
Today I am in front you because of my knowledge not for money. I think skills and knowledge will create opportunities to earn much money. So I am focusing on skills and knowledge.

Alka said:   9 years ago
It is true that we all get motivated by Perk's and incentives but at this stage of life gaining knowledge and experience is my first priority. If I get these two then money automatically comes to me.

Ayush Garg said:   4 years ago
Learn before you earn. Learning is an important aspect of anyone's career and that is true for me too. I believe that learning the right technologies will give me a better shot at earning well in life. Money is an important factor in life but not the only factor. With ample knowledge, I will be able to command better money in life!

Sidharth said:   8 years ago
Well, sir, I would like to quote a proverb in this regard, it is "Never run after success, run after wisdom & success will run after you".

Indira Gandhi said:   8 years ago
Money is not a constraint to me. But knowledge is something which can be learned from anyone in this world and knowledge to me is more important than money. When I have the knowledge, then money will automatically follow.

Venkatesh said:   3 years ago
Sir, money is important for life but not more than your skills & knowledge because money can be stolen but your skills & knowledge can't be stolen by anyone, anyhow.

If you have skills & knowledge then you can create more opportunity to earn much money. So first skills & knowledge is more important.

Thank you.

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