Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

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Karan singh said:   9 years ago
I have started this job just after graduation of my engineering, as experience speaks, I found relevant to work with low pay-scale for getting knowledge of this field. I think knowledge is more superior than money. Once I get good experience & knowledge, I can make good money in future.

Mohammad sarfaraz said:   9 years ago

Earning money is not a big deal we can do it by many ways but getting talented in work is more important for me. We ought to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge and enjoy what we do before money.

I also wish to earn money but more than this first of all I like to prefer fruitful relations and happy life. After getting those things at this stage, getting more money is not a matter at all.

Alka said:   9 years ago
It is true that we all get motivated by Perk's and incentives but at this stage of life gaining knowledge and experience is my first priority. If I get these two then money automatically comes to me.

Reddy said:   9 years ago
Money is not constrain to me, if I learn step by step, I can't go for 10 steps in one time.

Mandakini said:   9 years ago
This is time for gain knowledge and experience, make money is a not a big deal, if we have experience money definitely follows you.

Dev said:   9 years ago
As you start earning money, age doesn't required that how much you should earn in what age, the expired, knowledge & talent. If you earn this three thing with positive behaviour than you will flow in money automatically.

Saikat Sinha Roy said:   9 years ago
I am happy with whatever money I am earning but that does not mean I don't want more. Yes there is no end of more what I very very honestly feel is that, be happy with the present and dream big for future.

Vikas said:   9 years ago
Main thing is that you should go to that field which you like, later money comes on it's own for your hard work and dedication. This makes you feel happy and also changes the environment of the work.

Joice george said:   9 years ago
Earning money is not a big deal we can do it by many ways but getting talented in career is more important for me. If we have Knowledge and experience its like we are having all time money. First we should get knowledge and experience then money automatically follows.

S Kumar said:   9 years ago
Sometimes earning doesn't matter, because learning makes you perfect that's why I always prefer to learn instead of earning.

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