Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

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Hanumantappa hosakatti said:   2 months ago
I am investing myself to earn more knowledge and knowledge will create my earnings.

Khadim Ali aabdi said:   4 months ago
Once you get knowledge and skill, you can create more opportunities.

So first of aim to get good knowledge and skill for a particular field.

Amit Sahoo said:   10 months ago
At this level of life, I am not giving importance to money more than the development of skills.

Deepti said:   11 months ago
Because I am not enough experienced to get a handsome salary at this point of time in my career. Once, I get hired by your company to gain experience in a particular field there, I can start learning and growing professionally and financially.

Pandian p said:   12 months ago
I think This is the initial stage for everyone. In this stage, we have to focus on gaining knowledge from various sources that is very important to everyone. If I have More knowledge in a particular field, I can also gain more money. Each and everyone thinks like this.

Venkatesh said:   1 year ago
Sir, money is important for life but not more than your skills & knowledge because money can be stolen but your skills & knowledge can't be stolen by anyone, anyhow.

If you have skills & knowledge then you can create more opportunity to earn much money. So first skills & knowledge is more important.

Thank you.

Talib said:   1 year ago
As far as money is concerned it's very important for everyone. Nowadays, no money no life.

Malhar said:   2 years ago
Yes, Money is most important in life. If I don't have any knowledge and skills. Money will not come. Because this industry goes on knowledge. If I have a good knowledge and skills. Then money will come automatically. So, first, I believe in knowledge and skills.

Ayush Garg said:   3 years ago
Learn before you earn. Learning is an important aspect of anyone's career and that is true for me too. I believe that learning the right technologies will give me a better shot at earning well in life. Money is an important factor in life but not the only factor. With ample knowledge, I will be able to command better money in life!

Poustina Manju Margaret said:   3 years ago
When someone needs a job badly or someone is focused on learning skills and become experts. Only under these two circumstances would anyone least bothered about the high salary. So to me, this was the situation always shuffling here and there.

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