Why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

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Hari said:   6 days ago
At this stage of my career, my primary focus has been on building a strong foundation of skills and gaining valuable experience. I believe that taking the time to thoroughly understand my field and develop my expertise will enable me to make more significant contributions in the long run. While salary is important, I prioritize opportunities that offer professional growth, learning, and alignment with my career goals. I'm confident that as I continue to grow and demonstrate my capabilities, the financial rewards will follow.

SKG said:   5 months ago
Sir, this money doesn't matter much to me. First of all, I want to learn new skills and gain hands-on experience which will help me surely to get a lot of money in the future.

Neelofar said:   7 months ago
I want to gain more knowledge and experience because if you get good skills and knowledge then you can earn good money. Without skill, you can not earn a good amount.

Maris said:   10 months ago
Because I am in the learning process. So, I am focusing on it and I want to improve myself so I don't expect much salary. I will accept as the company needs.

Hanumantappa hosakatti said:   1 year ago
I am investing myself to earn more knowledge and knowledge will create my earnings.

Khadim Ali aabdi said:   2 years ago
Once you get knowledge and skill, you can create more opportunities.

So first of aim to get good knowledge and skill for a particular field.

Amit Sahoo said:   2 years ago
At this level of life, I am not giving importance to money more than the development of skills.

Deepti said:   2 years ago
Because I am not enough experienced to get a handsome salary at this point of time in my career. Once, I get hired by your company to gain experience in a particular field there, I can start learning and growing professionally and financially.

Pandian p said:   2 years ago
I think This is the initial stage for everyone. In this stage, we have to focus on gaining knowledge from various sources that is very important to everyone. If I have More knowledge in a particular field, I can also gain more money. Each and everyone thinks like this.

Venkatesh said:   3 years ago
Sir, money is important for life but not more than your skills & knowledge because money can be stolen but your skills & knowledge can't be stolen by anyone, anyhow.

If you have skills & knowledge then you can create more opportunity to earn much money. So first skills & knowledge is more important.

Thank you.

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