What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?

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Hari said:   1 week ago
My toughest challenge was in the first year of my B.Com when I had to give a seminar in front of five hundred people at the college's annual function.

At the start, I was a little bit nervous, but later on, I finished it on a high note.

Sebastian Joseph said:   1 year ago
The digitization of the documentation process was a project I initiated and successfully completed in my previous organisation. At the time I was handling interview coordination, there were numerous documents that I had to manually scan and upload, which prolonged and time-consuming the process. All forms had to be filled out, including those for the interviewer. The manager appreciated my efforts, which made the interview documentation process simple and let the interviewers to perform the interview from any location thanks to everything being capitalised. This was the toughest challenge I ever faced.

E. Abinaya said:   2 years ago
During my B. Com Graduation, I had two exams in one day. In each exam, they follow the same type of framing timetable. So, I thought like that. Before 5 mins to enter into examination hall, I got to know that I studied for another subject. I got tensed, because this was my first time. I don't know, How to manage. I wrote whatever I understood and leave. Finally, I got pass marks. This situation taught me also. After that incident, I will recheck each and everything before going or doing anything.

Umesh bhatiya said:   2 years ago
The biggest challenge that I faced was that during my schooling I was in Hindi medium school after that I decided to do Engineering. So, I had to go with an English medium that situation was very tough for me.

Varsha said:   2 years ago
My toughest challenge in my work experience is that I was asked to handle a new technical domain part of my project. Although I was trained in the technology, it was quiet challenging to understand the requirements and confirm on the efforts its going to take. However, my manager was a nice person, he stood with me in initial days and give me extra days to sort things out. After few tasks I was rather becoming a expert and was able to help many who joined with me.

I feel Challenges make us strong and sound in technical skills.

Mansi garg said:   2 years ago
In starting, I attended the English medium school but due to a financial crisis, I had to go to the Hindi medium school. That situation was very tough for me.

Anunay said:   2 years ago
Learning new things is always a challenge for me. But with my sincere efforts, hard work I make them look easy and simpler. It is a better way to handle any challenge.

Fleek said:   2 years ago
Toughest Challenged faced by me is when I joined the new college. I was so nervous at times. Lots of blunders I made that time, I still remember it.

Parvej Alam said:   2 years ago
I believe challenges make us better. Once a time in my work, I faced a situation where I had to dispatch high volume of product orders on time in the absence of other staff members but there are manpower shortages and loading machinery breakdown at the time of loading. At that time, I learnt how to faced that situation and overcome it with abilities and a positive attitude towards my responsibilities.

Prithika P said:   2 years ago
I never face any kind of tough challenges in my life, yes I do faced many challenge which I overcome with abilities and positive attitude towards life, but I never find them difficult when I couldn't able to overcome. Challenge are the part of life, it depends on the person how we deal with it.

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