What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

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Shonali.. said:   7 years ago
Confidence is something that will help you to achieve something. Confidence is I can do this task.

But over confidence is I'm the one who will do this task.

Over confidence may lead to decrease your performance. Dreams will be only dreams. It won't come true.

Asfiya said:   7 years ago
Confidence is I am perfect in this field.

Over confidence is no one is perfect than me.

Neha A said:   7 years ago
With example I am explaining this.

Suppose we are working with a team, so According to me,

Confidence is yeah surely we can do this (speaking positively & calmly).


Overconfidence is only we can do this no other people can (speaking loudly i.e. in different tone or we can say rudely also).

This emotion given in brackets also matters while answering.

Gokulraj said:   7 years ago
For an example, A student is preparing for his exams from the beginning. He says that 'he surely score good marks in his examination' is Confidence. But if another student is preparing at last minute says that "he too scores good marks" is Over confidence.

Poornima said:   7 years ago
Confident people will be bold enough to do anything and even they encourage others.

Overconfident will also be bold but they feel that they are superior to others and they will discourage others.

N.SAI PRANATHI said:   7 years ago
Confidence = I can control myself.

Over Confidence = I am only one to control all self.

Ankush said:   7 years ago
Confidence - I can do this work. With regular working.

Over confidence- I can surely do this work. With no practice.

Guru said:   7 years ago
For example, confidence = I will be hired as employee in your reputed company as fresher.

Over confidence = I'll be hired as HR as fresher in your organisation.

Subrahmanyam Raju said:   7 years ago
Confidence : I can do this work is confidence.

Over confidence : But only I can do this work is over confidence.

Gopi said:   7 years ago
I will do this work it's a confident. No one can do this work, except myself is an over-confident.

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