What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

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Kamna singh said:   5 days ago
Confidence means I trust and believe in myself that I can do this work on time.

Overconfidence is something like no one else can do this work without me I am the only person who can do it.

Abhi said:   4 weeks ago
There is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence.

Confidence is self-belief, which says, "I can do this work" but Overconfidence underestimates others and says, "Only, I can do this work. ".

Aishwarya said:   2 months ago
Confidence means a positive self-believe I can do it well.
Overconfidence means I can only do this no one can do this except me.

Lavanya said:   2 months ago
Hello sir, Mam.

If someone assigned some work to me, then, I can do it is "Confidence", which is self belief and positive minded.

And only I can do it is "Over Confidence", which is a negative thought.

Ambika Negi said:   3 months ago
Confidence is positive self-belief like If I can do that work, I simply say yes and I will do my best.

On the other hand, overconfidence is just when we think no one can do this better than me and don't want to see the fact that we can fail.

Nandu said:   4 months ago
In my point of view, confidence is self-belief and positive attitude towards anything that comes to me.

Overconfidence is nothing but a hostile behavior to ourselves and it also effects others because of us.

KANADURU MUNI SEKHAR said:   4 months ago
Confidence means the way to approach your goals.

Over-Confidence means overthinking my mind like no one can do this except me.

Jay said:   4 months ago
Confidence is something when you have trust in yourself and you make sure the task will be done.

Overconfidence means when you overvalue yourself and consider others not equal to you.

Ganjikunta Vasanthi said:   4 months ago
Confidence means a self-belief that I can do it and to be ready for everything with that attitude and hope.

Overconfidence is excessive self-assurance means, they believe that they are more talented, and skilled than they are.

Chevula Prathisha said:   4 months ago
Yes, I put effort and I take it as seriously and I get it this is belief and confidence.

It's a simple thing no one can do this I am the only one and I only can solve this issue its an overconfidence.

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