What are your strengths and weaknesses?

HR Interview
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Dilshad(ladla) said:   6 years ago
Strengths: I am hard worker I always keep trying until my goal not achieved.

And I also helps others for achieving his goal.

Weakness: I love to help others.

Raj said:   6 years ago
My strength - I am good in professional atmosphere, I just developed very soon.

Weakness is - I am quite emotional person and I trust the people very soon.

Subha.s said:   6 years ago
Strength: I can do anything.

Weakness: time wasting.

Rohansingh said:   6 years ago
My Strength are -

I am self motivated and I always keep trying untill my Goals are not achieved.

I am a good team player and motivated others to achieve their goals.

Everyone has weakness I am emotional and very talkative.

Saanwar singh said:   6 years ago
Good morning sir.

Strengths:- I am very hard work and I am very good team leader, I am interested in learning new things for my work, positive attitude.

Weaknesses:- I trust easily and I can not say something to everyone.

Vinay said:   6 years ago
Strength: merge with people very easily and I'm a good team player.

Weakness: trust the people very easily and I'm overcoming by being more practical.

Jignesha said:   6 years ago
My strengths:

Efficiency of work, Good listener.

My weaknesses:

Easily trust people, I do not believe in gossiping, Talkative.

JENNIVA said:   6 years ago
Strengths: I was born positive.

I always take risk because there is a reward.

Weakness: I'm sarcastic.

Shimdip said:   6 years ago
My strength are my parents who work very hard for me. So I want to do the same for them. And about weakness, all people have weakness even I have but I didn't find it still.

V sai krishna said:   6 years ago
My strengths:.

Adaptable to the environment in which I am working.

Ready to accept my mistakes and soon I will try my best to correct my mistakes.

My weakness.

I am less talkative and little bit emotional.

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