What are your strengths and weaknesses?

HR Interview
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SadiqShaik said:   7 years ago
I am good at learning, self-motivated, hard working nature, flexible, able to work as an individual and as well as in a group.

Expert in each step of implementation, capable of working under pressure situation.

Chirag said:   7 years ago
Strengths :
I am Positive thinker.
I am team player.
I am having good communications skill these help me to interact, anyone.

I can't say no to anyone when they ask for any type help.
I trust people too easily.
I am fast decision maker.

Mr.issue said:   7 years ago
Strength : I take things lightly because it can have an impact on the decision & Good Listener.
weakness : Sometimes, I think too much for a common problem.

Nageswararao said:   7 years ago
Good communication skills
I interact with new persons.
Any risk take the positively.

Week ness: No any weekness my self.

Mayank Madhav said:   7 years ago
My strengths are that I am a team player and dedicated to the work.
I have also been a quick learner and I grasp things really quickly.
I always try to find an easy solution and I am time bounded at the same time.
My shortcomings are that being of soft nature I trust anyone very easily.
And I even fail to predict the wrong intentions of wrong people towards me.

Ravichandra s said:   7 years ago
Strengths :

- Always look towards meeting challenges and finding a solution.
- Probably my ability to deal with people.
- I'm pretty easy going.
- I usually don't get upset easily.

Weekness :

- I don't believe things soon and think a lot about it and be last in making decisions.
- Workaholic.
- I focus one thing at a time.

Maimuna said:   7 years ago
Strengths : I am punctual towards my work. Where, if I am given a task I will complete it within a given time.

My weakness: I focus one thing at a time.

Rajat Saklani said:   7 years ago

Sense of humor.
Positive attitude.
Always look towards meeting challenges and finding a solution.

Workaholic &Opinionated.

Jitz Parakh said:   7 years ago
1.My Knowledge

1. Easily trust
2.Over thinking

RAM GITE said:   7 years ago
My Strength:

1. I am a Good learner, I always interested to learning a new method.

2. My second strength is patience, because I am cool, in corporate sector patience is must require.

My Weakness:

When I found any weaknesses I work on it. Because I am a learner.

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