What are your strengths and weaknesses?

HR Interview
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Andersson said:   5 years ago

First of all, I believe that one of my strengths are "patience" since it's necessary to tolerate people, as we all are different we have to "listen attentively" and "respect" any opinion, I have the ability to "controlled my own emotions" and moments of stress, even if we all are emotional we cannot let our emotions to control us.

My weaknesses are anxiety and frustration when I feel that I have been working so hard for something but nothing happens makes me think that I wasted my time.

Samuel nkabinde said:   6 years ago

- Self-motivated.
- Self-confident.
- Positive mind/ attitude.
- Good leadership.
- Good communication skills.


- Can't say no to people asking for help.
- Cant relax until the work is done.
- Trust people easy.
- Talk too much.
- Cant debate.

Preety said:   6 years ago

-I am a very patient and calm person. Whenever a situation comes to me, I think about all the possible scenarios and outcomes and based on that I take the best possible decision. I stick to my decisions and take full responsibilities of the outcomes.

- I always try to learn something new from the people I meet and this helps me in becoming a better person.

- I a well-organized person. I try to do things on a priority basis so that I focused on what I need to do. This helps me in achieving my targets without many difficulties.

-I am very honest towards what I do.

-I am a self-dependent person. I always try to do my work on my own.

-I look at life very positively. I am a strong believer of the fact that whatever happens, happens for a good reason.

-I have good communication skills. I can talk to any strange person very comfortably.

-I am a very good listener.


-I am too helpful. I find it very difficult to say 'NO'. Sometimes it puts me in a tough situation.

-I am very detailed oriented person. I just want everything to be perfect and then I realize that I am losing on time. But in a way, this has helped in becoming a good performer under pressure.

-I feel nervous when it comes to public speaking. I get nervous when I need to give a presentation in front of many people.

-I don't feel comfortable in messy environment. I can't focus on my work until everything is organized.

Ganesh said:   4 years ago
Strength's:- I like to take initiatives and I have good leadership skills.

Weakness:- I am not comfortable until I finished my work in given period of time.

Sia said:   6 months ago
Well my Strengths. are:

1. I am a self-motivated, well-disciplined, interactive person and can socialize with people with a great sense of adaptability.

2. I can enjoy my own company and focus on self-growth.

And weakness is sometimes I overthink and feel an inferiority complex but to tackle that I have started meditation instead of sharing this with others I work more in order to remove this completely.

Esthar Faya said:   11 months ago

-> I'm a Self-motivated and hardworking person.
-> Also I am a good listener and a disciplined person.
-> I'm adaptable to work in any environment And I consider myself a focused person.
-> I don't get discouraged when something doesn't work out, but I look for solutions. I can easily learn and understand new technical and non-technical concepts.


-> I need to reduce my nervousness in facing new people, I am too sensitive and sometimes a small thing can hurt me a lot.
-> I can't sleep till I complete my work properly, sometimes it affects my health as well.

Satyam Gupta said:   1 year ago
My Strengths is I'm a self-motivated person and have positive attitude, I'm never afraid of any situation and conditions and I accept any challenges, I'm a team player and a quick learner.

My weaknesses are:-.

1. I never feel relax and in comfort zone until and unless I'll Complete the task assign to me.

2. I overthink before doing any task because I wanted to done task perfectly without any mistake.

Prajna Poramita Sahoo said:   1 year ago
Strength: I am a self-motivated person and I am very optimistic in every situation. I believe everything happens for a reason. So even when there are a lot of negative effects, I look for that one positive side.

Weakness: I just can't keep anything half-done. If some work is pending, I just go on working on it and that sometimes affect my other work routine.

Reem said:   6 months ago
My strength is I am a quick learner, self-disciplined and punctual person. I always complete my work accurately and before deadlines.

Also, my strengths are knowing my weaknesses and working to improve them.

One of my weaknesses is public speaking, I am very comfortable when I do small meeting with my team but when I present an idea to large group I feel nervous I am working on to improve this skill by attending courses and practicing more presentations.

Pratik Pund said:   2 years ago
My strength and weakness are the same.

I do not feel comfortable until I get what I want.

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