What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Daxit Akbari said:   7 years ago
First My Strengths,

1. Leadership Skills - I have been as a leader of teams through out my life - examples. Cricket captain in my society, group leader in field work at kutchh, group leader of plastoleum team.

2. Honesty - In my day to day activities, I always follow the path of truth. I be honest to every person I met during the whole day except some conditions where truth may create problems.

3. Never Give Up- Work that I love, I never give up even at the time of facing difficult situations.

4. Taking Initiative & Positive Attitude & Generate New and Creative Ideas: There were many examples in my life that I have taken initiatives example - Doing the first fail experiment by my own at my home of converting waste plastic to fuel and many others.

5. Good Communication Skills: I can talk to any strange person very comfortably.

6. Presentation & Explanation Skills: I can explain difficult concepts easily by giving daily life examples. I have given large number of presentation in my 3 years of college. During my project, I was the one who have given presentation at 6 different competition and we have won 1st prize at every competition.

7. Enthusiastic to learn new things & Ready to take new responsibility: I see life as a "Profound Experience" so I always try to have different experience in life without any fear of failure. I always love to work for people so I take responsibility for masses.

8. Give more Output under pressure: In academics, from 8th standard till last year of engineering, I have work very well during the exam time without frustration. In cricket, I mostly go to bat when the most of the good batsmen are went to pavilion and our team is in very difficult situation. At that time I have many times played as M. S. Dhoni and win the matches.

9. Sharing and Social Service: I always see 1. 3 billion people as my family members. I am not a selfish person.

10. Respect for other person: I have never talked badly with any of my elders including my parents. Sometime I may be disagree with their decision then I try to conveines them gently without frustration.

11. Active Listener so A Good Learner: I have attended all the classes in my 16 years academic career with full concentration and most of the time I ask questions at the end of the class to clear my doubts.

12. Being Calm & Patience: I rarely become angry.

13. Playing Sports with full enthusiasm and involvement: ex. Cricket, badminton.

14. Habit of Winning: I academics as well as in sports.

15. Regularly do YOGA in morning: For better health and my spiritual growth.

16. Simple Lifestyle : Compare to today's young generation.

17. Public SPeaking: I CAN TAlk to large number of people without fear.

My Weaknesses.

1. Easily Trusting on People: I have some bad experience due to this habit, I was very near to kidnap by a drunk rixa driver when I first come to Ahmadabad by my own way.

2. Time Management: Due to this, I was late to man of the events during my life.

3. Perfection: I do not look for precision rather I look towards amount of work.

4. I can's say no to the people who need my help: Due to this some times I have to face difficulties as my own work delays.

5. Lack of Consistency: I drop the existing going work when I find something more interesting work.

Arjit said:   7 years ago
Personal Qualities:

All the time, I described myself as a perfectionist, passionate, technical minded,
goal oriented and I appreciate the traits of being ethical. Another quality that I possess is self-awareness. I am conscious about the degree of understanding and knowledge of who I am, including my skills, values, interest, behaviors and character. I have a firm confidence in myself and I am considered as a risk taker among my friends. I value curiosity and enthusiasm since those are crucial in finishing a mega project. Above all, I'm proud of myself for being a Godfearing person, that is why I have a strict principle in my life which is not to deceive, hurt, and act injustice to others in any kind of manner.


From my past experience dealing with matters, I realize I am a person who is highly adaptive
and learn quickly from the surrounding. I would love to say that my true strength is my mother. I get motivated when I think of her as she is my source of happiness and it gives me the feeling of being home. Besides, in term of executing a task, I prefer working smart instead of working hard, therefore I will think of a system that will not require me to repeat tedious job unnecessarily in getting the assignment done. In addition, my other strength is my eagerness and willingness to progress in life, I continuously browse for knowledge in the diverse field ranging from science, technology, philosophy, arts, history, town planning, medicine, latest research, and religion. To be conclusive, I respect knowledge so much.


When it comes to expressing opinions, I can be quite honest sometimes to a point that others feel a bit uncomfortable about it. However, I am trying my best to soften it down by socializing more often and trying to learn more on how to appear nice to others while still being myself. My other side of weakness is I don't build network a lot, therefore leaving me having only a few friends. The bright side of it is that only quality friends are left since I feel that I drain a lot of energy if I spending too much time with others doing any miscellaneous activity. That demonstrates the sometimes introvert part of me. Last but not least, I don't like to seem stupid/incompetent among my colleagues. That, however, represent my insecurities to others, so I try my best to do some research (the internet provide a plethora of information about almost everything) regarding the task I was given before I execute it.

Preety said:   7 years ago

-I am a very patient and calm person. Whenever a situation comes to me, I think about all the possible scenarios and outcomes and based on that I take the best possible decision. I stick to my decisions and take full responsibilities of the outcomes.

- I always try to learn something new from the people I meet and this helps me in becoming a better person.

- I a well-organized person. I try to do things on a priority basis so that I focused on what I need to do. This helps me in achieving my targets without many difficulties.

-I am very honest towards what I do.

-I am a self-dependent person. I always try to do my work on my own.

-I look at life very positively. I am a strong believer of the fact that whatever happens, happens for a good reason.

-I have good communication skills. I can talk to any strange person very comfortably.

-I am a very good listener.


-I am too helpful. I find it very difficult to say 'NO'. Sometimes it puts me in a tough situation.

-I am very detailed oriented person. I just want everything to be perfect and then I realize that I am losing on time. But in a way, this has helped in becoming a good performer under pressure.

-I feel nervous when it comes to public speaking. I get nervous when I need to give a presentation in front of many people.

-I don't feel comfortable in messy environment. I can't focus on my work until everything is organized.

Aftab Khan said:   7 months ago
One of my greatest professional strengths is my adept problem-solving ability. I have a keen eye for details, which allows me to anticipate potential issues and proactively address them. My thought process enables me to approach challenges strategically and efficiently. Alongside this, my strong understanding of various situations equips me to handle diverse scenarios effectively. I'm a deep thinker, constantly driven by curiosity, especially when encountering unfamiliar concepts. This, coupled with my excellent communication skills, not only enables me to interact effectively with individuals but also empowers me to convey ideas clearly and collaboratively within teams.

"I recognize that my introverted nature sometimes presents challenges in establishing immediate connections, especially with new acquaintances. Additionally, I'm prone to anxiety when faced with tasks that are entirely new to me, which leads me to overthink. However, my problem-solving skills and thought process help me manage these weaknesses. I'm actively working on becoming more socially comfortable and seeking opportunities that push me outside my comfort zone, which enables me to overcome these challenges. ".

Manvendra Singh said:   7 years ago

*Quick learner
*Good team player
*Friendly by nature which helps me in maintaining good and healthy relationship
*Dedicated towards my work
*Strong faith and Belief over my abilities
*Pay a lot of attention on details.
*Provide complete dedication in a very organised manner.
*Positive attitude.
*Trust worthy.
*Honest person.
*Open Minded.
*Optimistic .
*Easily Adaptable to different environment.
*Lot of confidence in my own Hardwork.
*Goal Oriented.
*Active in work.
*Once I take any work I complete it.
*Passionate about learning new ways.
*Love to initiate in planning and organizing events.
*Love challenges in work.
* Capable of working under pressure.
* Always welcome the suggestions which can be helpful in achieving my goal.


*Seek perfection while doing work which is not possible sometime.
*I find it difficult to say no who ask for help.
*I am workaholic-If I am into my work , I never bother about time because I wantmy work to be finishedas soon as possible.

Ketan said:   3 years ago
MY strengths:

Problem solver: I am quite good at solving customer issues, problems, complaints, it never bore me and I feel good while doing this.

I am a good listener, it gives me the ability to learn and solve customer issues.

I have the quality of Decision making, I can take decisions in a tough situations if there is no one available to help while handling tough issues in live customer services.


While working with the service desk it is necessary to be a multitasker so you can handle customer issues and find out solutions at the same time.

Team leader:
In professional life we work in teams, we listen to team leaders, teammates SO WE CAN achieve team goals as well improve individually.

Positive attitude: ability thinks positively in every situation if it is related to professional life or personal life.


If I am doing something new I get nervous.

To overcoming this, I am trying to learn and focus on that specific part only so nervousness will reduce.

Luqman said:   7 years ago
All the time, I consider myself as someone meticulous, perfectionist and have eyes for details. I enjoy studying things I am doing since I am not comfortable looking stupid/incompetence among my colleagues. Two elements I value forever in my life are curiosity and enthusiasm as those are crucial in executing a mega project that requires perfections.

My friends and family always thought me as someone who appreciates critical thinking thus making me being honest with my opinion, too honest and straight-forward that sometimes it made others feeling uncomfortable with that kind of style, I am aware of that but I am currently improving it by learning through quite a number of videos about being soft and nice in socializing.

The second weakness I have is I get quite workaholic sometimes to a point I'm willing to spend hours doing something I like (technical stuff). Regarding that matters, other people might think I have no life but its okay since I'm just comfortable with it.

Mari said:   7 years ago
Strengths :-.

1. Fitness: As a soldier I realized fitness is most important. I do regular run and physical exercise early morning. It helps for overall development of my physical and mental fitness. It helps me to concentrate on my work for the day and gives self-satisfaction. Also develops sports skill.

2. Flexibility:- I adapt to any kind of environment in my profession and be ready to extend my service which demands individual as well as team work approach. I put sincere efforts to learn it quickly and try to accomplish it before time. It builds up my capabilities.

Weakness :-.

1. I realized I am lack in spoken English which often leads to poor communication with my seniors/colleagues. I make constant effort and practice to improve it.

2. Though I learned to adapt to the new environment over my service, it leaves bit of emotional/uncomfortable when I miss the loved one from there after transfers & leave. It comes with strong convincing effort at both sides.

Chandan Pandya said:   6 years ago
Strength: I just don't let things set themselves out. I don't wait for the right time thinking if there is a problem, there will be a solution. No solution comes on its own. To reflect on this, I would draw an example from the career change effort I made after working three years in contact centre environment. I just realised that I have just ventured into something I didn't know of but never remained unreasonably hopeful that I will get the job I am looking for. I knew Looking for such a role will necessarily involve running the whole course. In this process. I realised that my strength is in fact something I cannot do without.

My weakness, I have observed is, though I am receptive of feedback critical or constructive, I often feel if such a feedback was even required. I need to be more careful of this. I assume that if I better understand that all feedback comes with appreciation and are usually balanced will help me better accept them.

Richa said:   2 years ago
I feel my strength is my quick learning attitude I love learning new things and I consider this as my biggest strength because it helps me to become a better version of myself, I always give my best to complete the task. Also, I am very comfortable working with different groups of people I can get gelled with everyone very easily which helps me to adjust to a new environment.

I think I do concentrate on one thing at a time and that's why it becomes a bit difficult to handle other things at the same time for me so I decided to become multitask. Also. I love to do things in a proper manner I like to organize things but sometimes I spent excessive time doing things, so I am working on managing my time while organizing things. Also if someone asks me for help I cannot say no to them and I end up doing more work so I want to change that habit so I can complete my work first and then if I left some time I can utilize it to help others.

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