What are your strengths and weaknesses?

HR Interview
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ZERARA AISSAM said:   7 years ago
My strengths:
I am a hard worker, I am a serious man, I have team spirit, I am dynamic, I have a creative mind and open mentality.

My weaknesses
I am a little bit senssitive and I want to do every thing pefectly.

Osman suleiman said:   7 years ago
Strength : I'm hardworking, determined and positively minded.

My weaknesses are I get nervous when ever a task is left for me. My second weakness is I'm quite in the first run of meeting the strange person.

SMAILIL Hakim said:   7 years ago
When I do something I don't finish until the work is done correctly, this is my strength.

And, I can't support shameless and no respect. I think these are my weaknesses.

Dhanvardhan said:   7 years ago
Strength :

I am honest, self-motivated, adaptive and hard work with my attitudes in my life.
I am dedicated towards my work and eager to learn new things.


I am not confident about my answer.
I will trust poor those can work.

Jahir Rayhan said:   7 years ago
Strength : I am honest, self -motivated, adaptive and hard working with positive attitudes in my life and career.

My weakness is first decision maker, believe anybody very quickly, can't relax until the work is done and can't debate.

ABHISHEK said:   7 years ago
Strength :

* Believe in myself.
* Hardworking.
* More dedicated towards my work.
* More reliable.
* Adaptable in any circumstances.
* Always willing to learn new things.
* Always give more preference to smart work.
* Always ready to take problems and try to give best solutions for that.

Weakness :

* Sensitive person.
* Easily trust to anyone.

Thangghaolen_Vaiphei said:   7 years ago
My strength is that I believe in myself.

No matter what consequences you face. Be urself and you can be the best as well as trust in God.

My weaknesses are that I always keep on postponing something that I have to do.

Sushmita Patel said:   7 years ago
My stengths are I am an optimistic person and a quick learner.

And weakness is I am a sensitive person.

Nahal said:   7 years ago
From my domain, I am a highly adaptable person.

And learn quickly from the environment. I prefer to work smartly instead of working hard, so I will think of a system that will not require me to repeat a tedious job unnecessarily in achieving the task. In addition, my strength is greed and the will to progress in life, I love the spirit of responsibility.


I do not like to fail or to repeat a work that I have already done,

Bhagwant Singh Kanda said:   7 years ago
Strength : Positive Attitude Honest, punctual, self-confident, good leadership, self-motivated, good delegate, trustworthy, good communication skill, Hard working, adaptive.

Weakness :

Over thinking sometimes.
Doing one thing at a time.

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