Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

HR Interview
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Prasad said:   6 years ago
My past experience is very sad. I felt up and down. I did a lot of mistakes. That past experience brings a lot of lesson to me. But past is past we can't change it.

Example:In childhood, if we fell down. Our mother will catch our finger. This is also one lesson for every human being.

Eashwar Rathod said:   6 years ago
If I get to change something from my past, I would definitely opt to up-skill myself by attending various training sessions for latest softwares/technologies. I would like to make myself a niche above the others so that I would be employable.

Shashi said:   6 years ago
Learning from our past mistakes is the great achievement.

Usha said:   6 years ago
I don't look back, whatever happened in the past is happened. I will focus on my present career growth and move forward to achieve success.

Vinod said:   6 years ago
Actually, it doesn't matter to do that the difference changes because who did the happened best and who happening gonna better so my past was best for me and I did try to be the best always and I'll try always the best.

Abhishek rathore said:   6 years ago
If somehow I become lucky to get a chance to do something differently. I would change the pattern I have followed while pursuing schooling as I was not aware of the available opportunities that point of time. Instead of following the traditional way of being a graduate I would rather set a gaol and have followed the path that leads to the goal. This way I think might have already achieved the milestones that are yet to be achieved and likely to take around 3-4 years from now.

Khalid said:   5 years ago
By looking back at the life, we can analyse our past mistake and by implementing the lesson learnt from those mistakes in the present can definitely lead to the better future.

Ram said:   5 years ago
Whatever goes on our life maybe it is good or bad we accept it good things will encourage and mistakes helped to improve yourself.

Asad said:   5 years ago
To be honest I will do the specific task in the same way that I already have done. Because my principal is to analyze a task with my own judgement before starting it and in my case it worked surprisingly though sometimes it took time but got the expected result ultimately.

Aniket Sawalkar said:   5 years ago
Looking back. I know that have done many tips of mistakes. But every mistake teach me a lots of thing. Now I can only said that. I had taken an English medium after the 10th standard. And it's no one had done in my school. My batch. This is different for me.

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