Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

HR Interview
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Riya said:   6 years ago
When I was a kid, my mom dad wants me to be a doctor, however, I did not listen to them and studied engineering but now I think it would be better if I listened to them. As it will be a great opportunity to serve the people.

Monika said:   6 years ago
According to me, Looking back to past doesn't gives a good result if we will not correct in presently.

Kajal said:   6 years ago
Everything that happens in our life has a cause be it good or bad. What is done is done. I would not change anything because good things have always encouraged me to do more good and my mistakes and failures have helped me improve myself.

Bandana chakraborty said:   6 years ago
Past gives me lessons to be stronger I had gained to build myself developed.

Darshan said:   6 years ago
I have done lots of mistakes in my life but I never look back to them. Because I knew that every new day is chance to change your life.

Sneha said:   7 years ago
I believe living in present and enjoy current moments because I can't erase my past and rewrite it. So I can gain experience to build myself.

Sunny said:   7 years ago
This is the actual age we have to gain knowledge and increase one's skill towards a particular field. If we are performing better at this stage, there could be various educational scholarships for everyone. So there would be a chance of earlier warnings right now.

Kailash Chandra padhiali said:   7 years ago
With due respect,

If I go to the past then I would like to correct my wrong decision. Which hurt me & friends teacher, parents.

Udayshankar said:   7 years ago
Wasting time in thinking of past and future, presence of mind in present make future automatically best.

Trupti Rupareliya said:   7 years ago
Looking in past is not changed our past but it changed our present and future. Today I am here from improving my past mistakes and now I'll challenging for it in future.

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