Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

HR Interview
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ADITI said:   1 decade ago
Our past is something which cannot be changed anymore. Ups and downs are part of life which help us keep going. I can only learn through past and try to avoid the same mistakes in future.

Neeraj said:   1 decade ago
Do not think about our past memories/experiences. Only think how to build full confidence to fulfill our better present and best future.

Gulam nabi said:   1 decade ago
I just want to learned from my past mistakes so I can improve my present & future.

Arindam said:   1 decade ago
I do not believe on looking back because our past can not decide our future what present does. Learning from past is good but when failure in past gives rise disappointment, it is good to forget it and try to build our future on present efforts.

Janiszu said:   1 decade ago
The present and the future we can improve only through mistakes made in the past. Therefore, you should occasionally look at the past, but we must remember that we do not change the past.

Mehak said:   1 decade ago
We should not hold on to past as past is past and nothing can be done but we should learn from one's mistakes and not repeat them in future and what of all is important that we should stay focused on our present as our future depends upon it. As it is well said there is no crying over the spilled milk.

Rahees Parakkal(BSB) said:   1 decade ago
I have completed my MBA with finance and marketing specialisation from BSB. I am is the one and only MBA graduate in my family and among my friends. So I have to do a lot for them and for my company also.

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