Looking back on your last position, have you done your best work?

HR Interview
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Saood said:   1 decade ago
Though, I always try to do my best everywhere but yes, I did fantastic job in my last company and for that I was given my awards and recognition.

Ravi kiran said:   1 decade ago
My awards and rewards are indicating that I did best in my last position.

Ayman said:   1 decade ago
I have to make efforts to my job only but also for myself.

Gaurav said:   1 decade ago
Everyone knows that nobody is perfect as their is always a scope for improvement. Though I don't get any reward for my work done in my previous job but I am sure I was given my 100 % and my satisfaction is more valuable to me.

Umabahdur said:   1 decade ago
I have worked in two types of feilds 1st is of teaching in which I have learnt many things 2nd a counseller's job which made me learn to build my confidence. So I always gave my hundred percent and I was satisfied n learnt many things.

Aditi said:   1 decade ago
I have worked for two different profile, started working as a fresher. I didnt received any kind of training, from very first day had been put in a project. within next 6 month i was part 3-4 project, started interecting with client, making some decision making docs.As well as in my current job am giving my 100%. Whatevr task is given,have always delivered on time with maximum perfection.

Shalu said:   1 decade ago
In my last company I have given my cent percent for the betterment of the organisation as well as polished my career skills like Office administration, communication skills, coordination skills. I am proud that I could gain and improve my personnel skills and positive attitude towards career advancement.

Nagendra said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I have been the best employee throughout. I am proud to say that I have won Rewards and certifications couple of times from the clients and the management for being the best employee.

Vivian said:   1 decade ago
In my last job, I did jobs of the three people and I received the pay of one, but I did it and I'm very proud of me.

Bushra said:   1 decade ago
I have worked for two different profiles in my current organisation.Started as a fresher consistensously performed well n won star perfrmer bonus in my team.As in my current position as QA i did received any slight kind of a training only rest of I am doing at my own level of learning and m giving my 100%.

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