Looking back on your last position, have you done your best work?

HR Interview
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Jitesh said:   2 years ago
I gave my best for my previous company, and I also got 5 ratings every month, it was showing my ability. And it's enough for me or my confidence.

GAURAV KR said:   3 years ago
Today my position is an Example of my past performance and I believe that hard work is the only way to succeed. And through hard work, we can achieve anything that we want in our life.

Poustina Manju Margaret said:   3 years ago
I'm contented with what I've done in my previous job. That's why started looking for new ideas and challenges that will sharpen my skills and brain.

Maniyar said:   3 years ago
Sure I have contributed my one hundred percent to my previous professional stint whilst learning new and unique skill sets.

Youcef boukricha said:   3 years ago
If I talk about my previous position I can say that I did my best, as a esult I have made my managers looks good.

Abhishek rathore said:   4 years ago
Well, I still believe something better needs to be done and this motivates me and keeps me going. I don't believe in doing best I believe in doing better. If I talk about my last postion, I am quite satisfied with it. The time I spent there was absolutely meaningful and I have learnt a lot of things from there which makes me absolutely suitable for the new job and accept new challenges and to learn as much as I can. Learning the most within the organisation has always been my prime objective and thus I feel I have done my best in my last position and hope to continue the same here.

Laxmi said:   5 years ago
Yeah, I have done my job perfectly where there were no quality analysts and as SME I have replaced process quality analysts place.

Rahul Dhivare said:   5 years ago
Good Morning,

Sir / Madam,

Very first I said that thanking for giving me such propinquity your reputed company.

About myself Rahul Dhivare Form Dhule District.

I have done Post Graduation North Maharashtra University Jalagon from 2016.

I have done Graduation North Maharashtra University Jalagon from 2012.

I have done HSC Nashik University since 2009.

I have done SSC Nashik University since 2007.

About my family members Four include me.

Father name is farm My moth is Housewife my sister is swing tailor.

My short-term dream I have to join reputed company.

Manoj said:   5 years ago
According to my last position, I usually appreciate from my Collegues and from my boss. May be it is not the best but according to me it is a goal for me.

Dannyboy said:   5 years ago
Over the course of the past five years, I have made an effort to develop my skills and experience in numerous different ways. I have matured as an individual and my experience of working with others "both colleagues and customers " has contributed a lot to my interpersonal skills. I am also better able to see the bigger picture and how my role relates to the overall goals of the organization. Having built up a broad range of experience, I am now much more productive in my role "and much better equipped to handle unusual or difficult situations. In terms of training, I have learned a range of new IT skills, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access. I have also undertaken an evening course in business administration which has helped to shape the way I work and has given a formal structure to many of the skills I was already developing on a practical basis. I am also now a qualified First Aider.

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