How many hours a week do you normally work?

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Piyush said:   9 years ago
Sir how can I say? It is depend on company norms and condition but I can work till I tired because I think tired mind and tired body can't work better.

Ashish said:   9 years ago
As per the company norms. But if there is any business requirement, I will stretch to complete that particular task within the given deadline.

Anymous said:   9 years ago
As per the law I can work for 42 hrs a week but I am ready to stretch if paid twice the amount on hourly basis.

Ajay Kumar said:   9 years ago
As per the central government rules every person can be work minimum 42 hours so I can work 42 hours a week.

Sneha said:   9 years ago
I work for a regular 9 hour shift for 5 days a week and weekend holidays which amounts to 45 hour/week. However if there is a requirement of OT (Overtime) I am flexible to work for an extra 4-5/week.

Arsheed mir said:   9 years ago
Sir I can work for so many hours as per company norms. But it needs rest to feel better to work again next day with fresh and full strength.

Jeevi said:   9 years ago
Sir I am not working for time pass and moreover I am not at all bothered about time I will do my level best in time and I am very obliged to work sir.

Thank you.

Mohamed ismail said:   9 years ago
I work 60 hours in week and I can make more than that.

Ubayadulla said:   9 years ago
I have worked depends upon my company tasks, If there is more tasks I take more time for finishing this tasks.

Sudar said:   9 years ago
I am working depends upon the company task they can get more work I can work with it. It is best opportunity for improve my knowledge.

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