How many hours a week do you normally work?

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Rahul said:   8 years ago
During the week, I normally work for a time duration which is enough for me to complete the task at hand. I do not like to keep a tab on how many hours I have spent in office but rather I like to focus on my productivity and efficiency which would ultimately result in a better growth chart for the organization. So, in my opinion, working hours is merely a number which holds no significance what so ever if the work at hand is incomplete or is not up to the mark.

Arun said:   7 years ago
If I am paid for 40 hours in the office, that's what I will put in. This is in addition to the approximately 1.5 hours in a commute that I do on behalf of the company and that I am not paid for. I value my family and personal time, and will never want to be part of a team that doesn't. Ideally, we all should be working only 30 hour weeks. We waste too much time at work doing nothing at all while our lives pass us by.

Riya Maurya said:   3 years ago
Basically, it depends on its importance. If any work is needed to be complete urgently then hours may be increased otherwise, my normal working hours in the office are 7 hours a day or 42 hours in a week excluding Sunday. It doesn't matter how much time you work in a week, the thing only matters is that how neat and perfectly you complete your job.

Soumyajit Pal said:   3 years ago
As an IT support Engineer, there were no such time limit for my work, for reference, I was always complete my assign work within time, but as per emergency or some extra activity like branch shifted to other branch on Saturday or schedule a traning activity on Sunday, I have stretch my working hours too.

Vaishali said:   6 years ago

Time is important for me, but when my work comes I look more towards finishing my work efficiently and completely rather looking to how many hours I worked and then it's okay even if it takes more time than usual, but there'll be the true satisfaction of completing the whole work successfully.

Arif said:   9 years ago
I normally works for 42 hours in a week but it totally depends on situation and circumstance of project deadline if the company needs more time of me then I eagerly wait for this type of moment because these are the moments where you show your really dedication towards company and your love of work.

Shriram said:   9 years ago
For me, I don't bother about the working hours. First of all, I will learn quickly, plan accordingly thereby I will complete the work with keen interest within the appropriate time because my goal is to finish the work successfully within the deadline, it doesn't a matter about the hours per week.

Purushothaman said:   9 years ago
In my last job usually I worked 40 hour per week, as per the company norms I will work may it will be 8 or 10 hrs or even more but I will complete all my allocated task with in the time limit and I will never work beyond that, because a good worker can't took more time than the targeted one.

SHABBIR PASHA said:   7 years ago
Work is worship. I work according to my work requirements. If I have more work then my first priority os to complete my work within my shift hours. All depends on my work. If my company needs me to do more work definitely I will, because it's my goal and duty to improve company status.

Maniyar said:   4 years ago
Firstly, I will work for the time stipulated by the organisation, secondly, I will be readily available to complete additional tasks allotted to me by investing additional hours to the stipulated time and lastly, hours wouldn't bother me if I have to complete an assigned project/work.

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