How many hours a week do you normally work?

HR Interview
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Subu said:   9 years ago
I'm ready to work 24/7 if you give a tea twice and three meal a day. I am enough with this.

Kinley Wangchuk said:   9 years ago
Being a teacher I work for almost 18 hours per week. Teaching requires tremendous determination and patience to work under any circumstances.

Kaviya said:   9 years ago
I will not count hours because there is no limit for my work. As per the demands of the work I complete the work quick and promote manner.

Rohith said:   9 years ago
I just work 1 hour in office per day so for 5 days I work 5 hours a day in office because I just consider my break time in office as working time because I have to waste my energy to do eating and talking apart from that I will be utilizing my energy to complete my task.

Pankaj said:   9 years ago
Sir I have not counted the time ever. For me completing the task more important than counting the hours. Some time I have to stretch my time to get the job done.

Rajiv Ranjan said:   9 years ago
I never count it, because getting the work finish is more important for me. Whenever situation demands we always stand for work.

Sunil P. Rao said:   9 years ago
According to me I never give the importance to working hours why because it shows that the employee is not interest to work. I would like to give the importance to completion of the work with in time.

Shriram said:   9 years ago
For me, I don't bother about the working hours. First of all, I will learn quickly, plan accordingly thereby I will complete the work with keen interest within the appropriate time because my goal is to finish the work successfully within the deadline, it doesn't a matter about the hours per week.

Joice George said:   9 years ago
Presently I work 42 hours a week. If the job demands to work in stretched hours occasionally I oblige for that. For me time is very valuable I would like to give time to my job as well as my family.

Arif said:   9 years ago
I normally works for 42 hours in a week but it totally depends on situation and circumstance of project deadline if the company needs more time of me then I eagerly wait for this type of moment because these are the moments where you show your really dedication towards company and your love of work.

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