How could you have improved your career progress?

HR Interview
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Ashish jalit said:   1 decade ago
To improve carrier, self confidence, +ve attitude, smart working, hardworking, dedication, punctuation, honesty and wish to learn new thing are required. And I have those points so because of that I could have improved myself.

AMIRREZA said:   5 years ago
I am happy with where I am.

You know I guess I have always done my best. Because this is my motto and always try to do my best so that I do not ever regret anything better.

So I can say I am not happy with my career.

Harshika said:   1 decade ago
I have improved my career progress by working with perfection always since I used to do a large amount of work with perfection and dedication. I am always ready to keep myself acquainted with good knowledge and values.

Girdhari Manaha said:   9 years ago
To improve the carrier we learnt every mistake and we face the challenge in organization and do not thief the eyes when an organization need over contribution. Make always over self a good employee for an organization.

Praneeth.M said:   1 decade ago
Sir, I plan to improve my career progress each and every day. Even during this interview I am learning things which will be useful for my career. I learn from my mistakes and try to correct my self each and every day.

Kasturkant Dhangapure said:   5 years ago
I believe on Kaizen work.

Continuous improvement in yourself or in the process is called Kaizen.

You have learned new things in continue manners. Also, improve by mistakes and by with helping your senior colleagues.

DIBAKAR MAITY said:   8 years ago
Improvement is a continuous process that never ends. I'm taking all necessary steps with determination and dedication to criticize myself. I will improve my career with determination, attitude and full of confidence.

Sunil said:   8 years ago
I believe in hardworking, dedication, always try to complete my work in given time all these are my parameter to improve and I follow them. Also I have followed in my past and 100% will follow in my future.

Jyoti deshwal said:   1 decade ago
With full determination to ready always to learn new things without any excuses and also being an initiative to leave the extra confidence and always judge yourself in a day that what did you learn today?

Ruchika gupta said:   1 decade ago
Career progress are depend on our work profile. If I am ready to take different different challenges, learn new skills and ability to accept target, so automatically my career progress would be improve.

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