How could you have improved your career progress?

HR Interview
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Praneeth.M said:   1 decade ago
Sir, I plan to improve my career progress each and every day. Even during this interview I am learning things which will be useful for my career. I learn from my mistakes and try to correct my self each and every day.

Sumanth said:   1 decade ago
Hard work and Dedication are two weapons of career. If we apply those at appropriate time then Definitely it turns as you wish your career.

Rajesh Chopra said:   9 years ago
There is only two key of success full life positive attitude (trust yourself), hard work/dedication towards your goal, result will come soon or later.

Sneha said:   7 years ago
I will improve my career with the help of my experience, technical skills and hard work.

Rekha said:   1 decade ago
Career progression can be improved with great dedication to the work & willingness to learn new things. Success will always depends on hard working & dedication to the work.

SHABBIR PASHA said:   7 years ago
I could improve my career with self-analysis to do better than the last one and prepare for new challenges and opportunities in my life.

Sham Singh said:   8 years ago
We could improve our career with self-analysis do better than last and prepare for new challenges and opportunity in the life.

Sachiv said:   5 years ago
By trust, confidence, activeness, good communication.

Chinnu said:   1 decade ago
1. By resolving weak points.
2. Personal interest to learn new things.
3 positive attitude towards work.
4 try to polish my skills.

Kailash Chandra padhiali said:   7 years ago
Nobody is perfect in the world all area. I am also among them. I have some weakness to me that continuously improve in that area. So I could improved my career.

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