How could you have improved your career progress?

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Devendra asati said:   1 decade ago
Sir career progress depends on our interest to learn new things by exploring and also working for any MNC company gives a simple way to make career better because according to me definitely a good company follows a best frame work to reach their customer satisfaction, so that every employee of that company follows the companies guidelines, from that he learns a good experience to make his carrier progress.

Deepshikha said:   10 years ago
I think till now I am quite satisfied with my career, I wanted to do B-Tech in chemical Eng and then secure job in a reputed institution like yours, for which this is an effort as well. And meanwhile I am pursuing M-Tech, which I think would be helpful in future prospects, as there is no harm in having the support of a higher degree.

Shrey mathuria said:   10 years ago
If you have checked my resume, I am pursuing coaching for struts 2.0 and hibernate. This is because to upgrade myself. I have worked on jsp, servlet, enough on javascript and now I should have some extra knowledge other than I am working on.

This could be helpful in my present company or in the next. I have also prepared for OCJP 2-3 months before but I haven't appeared for exam as I have my friends who had appeared it, scored 96 marks and knows nothing in java. As they had predefined dumps with them which are easily available. So, I thought spending around Rs 9000 is of no worth if it proves nothing.

Nick said:   4 months ago
By trust, confidence, activeness, and good communication.

According to me, carrier progress is the measurement of facing new challenges in our profession and successfully overcoming those challenges.

At this point of view, Knowledge, skills, experience, best decisions, and strong confidence.

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