How could you have improved your career progress?

HR Interview
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Nalini said:   1 decade ago
Sir, Self analysis is the 1st requisite for improving career progress. So Every end of the day I will spend some time to explore myself. If I found something wrong what I did in that day I will never repeat it for next day and I will think about new ways to do any work. By this everyone will reach excellence one day.

Nick said:   1 year ago
By trust, confidence, activeness, and good communication.

According to me, carrier progress is the measurement of facing new challenges in our profession and successfully overcoming those challenges.

At this point of view, Knowledge, skills, experience, best decisions, and strong confidence.

Poustina Manju Margaret said:   4 years ago
I improved myself in my career a lot and got to know people and still learning on that front to analyse people behaviour. Each time it's different experience and learning on terms of skills, work, technology and people because jobs belonged to different domains everytime.

Naveen said:   10 years ago
I am quite happy with my career progress. I have improved my career progress by working with dedication, determination, honest. I think success will always depends on learning new things, so that it helps me to improve my technical skills and to implement in the projects.

Rajesh said:   9 years ago
I would improve my carrier with not only my hard work but smart work. Mistakes are the proof that you are trying. I learn from my mistakes and try to correct myself each and every day. Even during this interview I am learning things which will useful for my career.

D R TRIPATHY said:   10 years ago
First of all anyhow I try a little step forward into the work with great passion &zeal, then failure may follow but with strong perseverance & learning from the failure I progress further until success reaches doorstep. This is my key for career progress.

Rahul said:   6 years ago
I have improved my career through my hard work and I am learning new things always and that's a good habit.

If you have learn something new like learning a new language and new course related to your work That's really help you to improve your career.

Nagendrasingh said:   10 years ago
Yes sir, I have improve my career with join work in interested field & with self confidence, +ve positive, smart working& hard working, dedication, punctuation, honesty, & wish to learn new thing & etc are required. Thank you sir.

Amit said:   3 years ago
In order to enhance the career, I asked my colleagues about my strength and weaknesses, the areas where I need to improve more, and acquired more knowledge from my superiors. I worked on my weaknesses to convert into positive response.

Samrat De said:   4 years ago
According to me, carrier progress is the measurement of facing new challenges in our profession and successfully overcome those challenges. Also, try to strengthen my leadership quality and improving my professional creativity.

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