Have you considered starting your own business?

HR Interview
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BRIJBHAN KUMAR said:   7 years ago
First of all, I want to say something sir. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Brijbhan Kumar, I am from Bihar. And I was born in Gopalganj, Bihar, 1994. In my childhood, I was very naughty. When I was five years old than my father and I went to DAV Public Gopalganj, he admitted me. And There all my teacher used to love me during my nursery education. After that, I take admission in BBN College Bhathua. I had passed out 10th class in since 2010 and I have secured 63% marks in 10th class. And I have also secured 64% marks in 12th class. At last, I would like to thank you, sir.

Shruthi swarup said:   6 years ago
The following two responses are both examples of effective answers to this question.

I haven't considered opening a business because I think my skills are best suited to a career in human resources. I know that a position with an established employer will let me focus on developing those skills and eventually reaching my goal of becoming an HR manager.

Opening a business wouldn't be a good fit for me because I do my best work in stable jobs with well-defined responsibilities. I also enjoy working in positions that let me learn from my co-workers and managers.

Saroj said:   6 years ago

As of my thinking and understanding starting own business is too difficult, because for it we need lot of experience, patience, support of family as well money. After starting own Business sometimes it take too much time to settle in life, because it depends on market price and environment. So I am not going to start my own business.

Whatever ideas I have I want to apply in that organisation where I am working.

If someone in my family going to start business I can help them financially as well as technically, but I will not start my own business.

Kely said:   1 year ago
I highly appreciate the skills it takes to be entrepreneur, and to a huge extent even like to learn them through daily experiences at my work place (being an intrapreneur). Though starting a business on my own would need finance, a competitive eage and a business modal like no other in the current nish market I will execute the deliberation in. Though again if I ever have the supporting environment for growth I will like to see my self develop my idea for the betterment of the future waiting me.

Royale Aaron said:   3 years ago
Yes, I have had in mind the thought to start a business as every other person would possibly think of, but they may be constrained by others and lack resources.

Any person who is productive should always have something in mind, that means is a reliable person who can use the business mind to make the company grow. I would like to implore my business planning style to see if it will spark the company's business growth.

Ankita Saha said:   7 years ago
As of now, I haven't because I feel I am too inexperienced and lacking in investment, to think of starting and working on my own business.

As a fresher, I would rather want to gather practical knowledge and experience while working for your firm. And while working in your firm I want to work on myself as well in terms of my skills and knowledge which will help me in building up my own business if I ever wish to.

Amr Hassan said:   5 years ago
Well, no I haven't considered that yet because this is not the right time to think of something like this. First, I still want to learn more and more. Also, if I become successful in my career and achieve my long-term goals like becoming the CFO in a big company maybe it'll be better to remain as a part of something big that I helped grow instead of starting something from the scratch.

Sriram said:   6 years ago
Without proper experience, any venture has high odds of ending in failure, unless you get support from others who have experience to compensate for yours. If I would have had that experienced support, I might have done so. But since you see me here, you know I didn't.

Else you might have directly seen me in Economic Times after 10 years as a leader of a successful company.

Aravind said:   6 years ago
First of all, I need to adopt to business conditions and I should gain knowledge about business technics etc., then I should require capital (money) for establishing a business. Then working for two to five years under a company that gives me knowledge about marketing and in the same way i'll be earning. So, this earning might be helpful in investing to establish a company.

Satyanarayan Mahapatro said:   7 years ago

I belongs to a middle class family, wherein my (Late) father was a businessman and that time I turned 23 years. In a small age taken the responsibilities of my family.

From childhood, I have a dream to make my own business but in light of the above situation, first I need to fill the basic requirements, as far as the skills concerned, that's the reason I am here.

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