Have you considered starting your own business?

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Adarsh VR said:   9 months ago
Yes, sir.

I have the idea to start my own company but I do not have any experience to start a company I work with your company and I can get the experience and I will start in the city.

Thanks sir.

Manish said:   10 months ago
Yes!, I considered starting my own business like I considered opening a tuition academy in my home City as there is a lack of tutors in my village and students are going 6km away from their homes to study tuition.

Shakthi shetty said:   1 year ago
To be very honest, currently, I don't have any idea about that. Because starting your own business must have a plan knowledge idea and more importantly budget. So I am just a fresher now. In future it might be.

Anusha said:   2 years ago
No sir, But I think some plans about future technologies. I would improve here in our company.

Ramandeep kaur said:   2 years ago
To be honest.

No, I don't have any plan to set up my own business sir.

I want to work for your organisation.

Kely said:   2 years ago
I highly appreciate the skills it takes to be entrepreneur, and to a huge extent even like to learn them through daily experiences at my work place (being an intrapreneur). Though starting a business on my own would need finance, a competitive eage and a business modal like no other in the current nish market I will execute the deliberation in. Though again if I ever have the supporting environment for growth I will like to see my self develop my idea for the betterment of the future waiting me.

Chukka venkata krishna said:   3 years ago
I haven't thought about it, first I build my career on the best platform then I have learned and experience it.

Bala krishnan D said:   3 years ago
No sir, because my working company is my own company. Profit or loss I will treat is as my own company sir.

Nissymolthomas said:   3 years ago
Don't have any idea about starting the company because I work along with where I join in the 1st company I work for my best and achieve a good position in that company and I also increased the growth of the company.

Anjali said:   3 years ago
Honestly No, I don't have any plan to start my own business. I am more focused on building my career with your company and I believe this company would give me a suitable job.

Thank you.

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